The Blue Life Ch. 08: Facing Nick

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This is a work of fiction. All characters are 18+ years old. This chapter doesn’t involve a lot of climactic sex, but there is major and plot development in this one. So, if you’re looking for quick wank-material, this isn’t your chapter. This story also contains themes of Incest, BDSM, Dominance and submission, and bisexuality. If those subjects are a turn off, just move on to another story. If you have read all seven previous chapters, thank you very much. Favorites, Comments and Ratings are appreciated.


It had been a day of firsts and big changes. Let’s recap, because I like to do that.

My mother and I have been in an incestuous relationship for, let me think, nine months. About six months? When do you start counting? Should I start counting from when I first started fantasizing about my mother? That was nine or ten years ago, just after puberty hit. I went through a phase when I hit puberty, and maybe I never outgrew it. I wasn’t fixated on only my Mom. I just noticed that she was lovely. And I would sometimes imagine Mom when I would think about women. It wasn’t always Mom. Sometimes it was Fiona Apple, or Gabrielle Reece, or Tamika Smith (7th Grade Science, Math and especially Gym Class. She had dark skin, big eyes and big teeth, and a great smile. And I had a huge crush. And her family moved to Denver when we were in 9th Grade. I kissed her at the HoliDaze Dance in 9th Grade. It was clumsy, awkward and perfect. Her breath smelled like spearmint gum. And then she moved away. And I haven’t seen her in 6 or 7 years.)

Sorry. My point is, I have sex with my mother. I’m in love with my mother. Now, I’m obsessed with my mother. And even though I’ve had this fantasy for a long time, the last nine years of my life have not been solely dedicated to having sex with my mother. That’s just the last nine months or so. It started just a few weeks after my Twenty-First Birthday. Long story short, my mother and I began corresponding online about nine months ago. It was never perfectly innocent, because we started chatting in a BDSM open chat room. I didn’t know that was one of my mother’s fantasies. But it quickly became one of mine. We ended up flirting and sexting and so much more. I ended up becoming Mom’s online confidante, her best friend, Life Coach, and sexual Dominant, her Master. There was a progression there. It was a rapid progression, sure. But it’s not like I just woke up one morning with my mother promising to be my personal fuck-toy, slut and submissive for life. I just feel blessed that happened. But, things continue to change, and change rapidly it seems.

This has been a big day. You see, a little more than three months ago, my mother and I revealed our relationship to my father. My parent’s marriage had been falling apart for years. My mother’s sexual frustration and a general lack of intimacy from my father had slowly broken her spirit. That’s why she was online, flirting in chat rooms. That’s another reason she became my submissive. But, three months ago, I decided we couldn’t continue our affair behind Dad’s back. So, we came clean. And instead of me getting kicked out of the house, or Mom and Dad getting divorced (two results that I had considered might happen), I ended up with my father as my sexual submissive as well!

Now, my father is part of my incestuous relationship! That’s great. But it’s also taken some getting used to. I had not spent years sexually fantasizing about my Dad. I had not spent much time at all fantasizing about gay sex or even being bisexual. So, being sexually involved with my Dad has been more about establishing dominance, at least in my mind. I have enjoyed directing scenes involving him and and mother. My mother loved the feeling of being overwhelmed sexually. She could cum just from having both Dad and me suckling and loving her both her breasts simultaneously. And she seemed to really get excited when we would double-team her, having her fuck one of of us while she had to concentrate on pleasing the other with her mouth. We’ve even sandwiched Mom a couple of times, with me in her pussy and Dad’s thinner cock invading her backdoor! That actually happened the first night Red became our submissive. That’s how I often think of my Mom and Dad, as “Blue” and “Red,” their sexual submissive nicknames.

So, things had progressed slowly, relatively slowly, sexually between my father and I. Partly, I think I’m a little hung up about “Gay Sex.” I had to get past the notion that enjoying having my Dad pleasure my cock might make me seem less “manly,” and thus less “dominant.” Yeah, it’s a kind of homophobia, I guess. But, also, my Dad has been in an abusive sexual relationship with his older brother, my Uncle Nick, for more than 25 years. Dad made it clear that he wouldn’t fuck me, because he promised all that to Nick. Well, that was fine with me. Because I didn’t feel any deep need to fuck my Dad, well, not like I do with Mom. But, as the weeks went on, I realized that my father’s bahis firmaları relationship with my Uncle was not healthy. That my Uncle Nick had been seriously emotionally and physically abusing my Dad for decades.

The capper came with meeting Jillian. Jillian is a lovely, refined, beautiful woman. She’s also my father! My mother thinks Dad has Dissociative Identity Disorder, what used to be called Multiple Personalities. I had no experience with it, until I met Jillian. I thought Jillian was just my Dad role playing. He’s actually very good at that. Maybe too good. But Jillian isn’t a game. She isn’t just my Dad’s way of cross-dressing. Turns out, Jillian is a woman (a completely separate personality) who has been protecting my Dad from his brother Nick’s sexual abuse and torture for about two decades.

My mother and I met Jillian last night. That was a shock and a revelation. Now, it was a revelation to me, because suddenly I saw my father as very attractive, and very sexually desirable. I didn’t really consciously know that Jillian was another person. But, just the fact that she was dressed like a woman allowed me to get past some of my homophobia and suck her cock. That’s a strange thing to say. But it was very sexy. It just felt right. I didn’t really understand what was going on or how I felt about it. So that’s all I did with Jillian before kissing her and Mom goodnight and heading up to my bedroom.

Mom stayed up with Jillian. They made love a couple times. My mother liked it. Jillian liked it. But they both found the experience very confusing. My mother ended up waking me up in the middle of the night. And I ended up disciplining her with a spanking, and then lovingly butt-fucking her. That was another first for me, anal sex! Oh, Mom and I had explored ass-play, rimming, fingers, toys and butt-plugs. I thought it was part of her sexual training and submission, learning how to derive sexual pleasure from every part of her body, and getting past thinking that any pleasure was too kinky or perverse to at least be tried. Turns out, my mother loves having her ass played with, and especially anal sex. And so she started bugging me very early on to take her ass, to butt-fuck her. But, I had put it off. I was worried that my cock was too big. I was also worried that because I had no experience actually having my cock in anyone’s ass, my inexperience and naivete would make me seem less manly, and less dominant. I’m not always the most confident Dom. As it turned out, I didn’t have to worry that much. It was all very romantic. Very sexy. Very pleasurable. And my mother loved being able to take my “anal virginity,” at least one form of it.

So this morning, I woke up to Dad thinking that Mom and I hate him. He had this confused notion that we are disgusted with Jillian, and can’t stand to be around him. It’s not like that. Mom loves Jillian. And, I think I have crush on her. I would actually like to take Jillian out on a few dates. I’m not going to pretend that just because Dad is my sexual submissive, Jillian is too! I’ve promised my mother, I’m not going to try to dominate Jillian. I just want to get to know her better. I know. It’s a very strange situation.

So in a day of firsts, we had met my Dad’s alternate personality, “Jillian.” Then I sucked Jillian’s delightful, delicious, graceful and sexy girlie-cock, and she came in my mouth. I had kissed my Dad’s cock before. I had made him lick my balls and take me in his mouth. But, neither of us had cum in the other’s mouth. I sort of thought that I didn’t want to come across like another “Uncle Nick.” And it wasn’t something that had really turned me on. At least not until the last eighteen hours.

Then my mother had taken my cock in her ass for the first time! God, my Mom has such a great ass, full and round and tight! And being buried balls deep in her back door is simply amazing! She had been having anal sex with my Dad for weeks, a few times sandwiched between me and my father. A few other times when she dominated him, and demanded that he fuck her ass. Because, she was also my father’s sexual Dominant, his Mistress and his “Mommy.”

So, my Dad and I got into a fight over Jillian, his other personality. I had told him that I wanted to date her. And he said that was impossible, because she was Nick’s girlfriend. I had exploded. Because both Mom and I had promised Jillian that she would never have to see Nick again! And I realized that for that to happen, my Dad would probably never get to see his brother again!

So, what ended up happening was Mom got so mad at Dad that she decided to go Medieval on Dad’s ass with some serious Bondage and Discipline! And then, when I realized that she would be confronting Dad about Jillian and Nick, I offered her my submission, just to make sure Dad knew who was the ultimate Dominant in the House. I didn’t want Dad to look to me for pity or any sort of reprieve. I needed Dad to know, Mom is the BOSS! That might have been a mistake. It was kaçak iddaa certainly a hasty decision on my part. But my mother took my submission very seriously.

Mom had told Dad that he was going to get his ass fucked! I didn’t realize that she was talking literally. But, I think Mom was thinking that was something that Dad reserved to Nick alone. And that there would be no more of that. Mom was going to get Dad to agree to let Jillian have some freedom, including freedom from Nick. And she was going to demand that Dad give up Nick altogether.

That all went pretty well. As well as a very dark BDSM scene can go that includes costumes, bondage, and severe punishments. My father ended up claiming he would give Jillian several nights a week, as well as the vacation time he used to spend with Uncle Nick. He claimed that he would give up seeing Uncle Nick, but that Nick held some emotional control over my Dad. Dad has trouble standing up to him. He finds it nearly impossible.

My Dad ended up getting his ass fucked with his own cock! Actually it is a perfect replica of Dad’s erect penis, made out of silicone. Mistress Blue (my Mom) used it in a harness to ream Dad’s ass, while she instructed Dad to take his own son’s cock in his mouth, and have me cum down his throat. That was another first for me. I didn’t realize that my father had always been willing to suck me off. But he is very passive, and was waiting for me to tell him to do that. My mother actually gets very turned on by seeing my father and I sexually pleasing each other. So, now that I’m my mother’s sexual submissive, I guess that will be happening more. I don’t know.

So we sat on the couch, me and Dad, buck naked, flanking my mother, who had on a black leather corset. We sat holding hands, enjoying the afterglow of our orgasms. Then it occurred to me. I asked, “Mom, did you cum?”

My mother smiled and said, “I have come many times, just not this time. I was too busy fucking Red and making sure you were taken care of, Pony-Boy.”

“We can take care of you right now, Mommy,” my father offered.

“A woman cannot live on sex alone. Occasionally, there must be eggs, toast and coffee.”

“Scrambled or over medium?” I asked.

“Andrew, would you like some eggs? Bobby, I don’t have to ask you. You’re always hungry after sex. I’ll make us some brunch. We’ve got a lot more to do, and it won’t be good to do it on an empty stomach. Pony-boy, put your sweat pants back on, but not your shirt. I like looking at your chest, but your cock will be too distracting. And you can break down the dining room dungeon. Baby Boy, I want you to gather up the sex things and put them on our bed. Don’t arrange them. I will do that later. I have a system. Put my robe and Pony-Boy’s thong there, and Mommy’s panties over there in the laundry hamper. There’s another red thong just like Pony-Boy’s in the Suitcase on the bed. You can put that on. That’s for you, Sweetie. Oh, and then bring me my Pink, short robe. Oh, and go in my top drawer and pick out a pair of panties that you might like to bring with you to work on Monday, I’ll put those on too.”

“You can relax on the couch, Mom,” I said, “I can make the eggs.”

“You are my sexual submissive, Bobby. Not my personal servant. Besides, I make better eggs than you.”

I laughed. “You’ll have to teach me your secrets, Mom.”

My mother got up from the couch. “OK. Scoot you two!”

I went and untied a set of restraints we had used to bind my Dad to the dining room table. They were four Velcro cuffs with D-rings. And I had used cotton rope to tie the cuffs to legs of the table. Dad hadn’t struggled in the cuffs, so the knots weren’t pulled too tight. So they weren’t that hard to undo. I untied the ropes from the cuffs, but decided they were a good length for future use. So I lined them up and trimmed the longer ones do they would be a matching length. I’m a bit fussy about stuff like that. I threw the excess away, and wrapped the four ropes together. I put the cuffs back in the nightstand drawer where my Mom keeps them, along with a few toys and lube. I set the rope on the nightstand, because I wasn’t sure where Mom would want it.

My Dad had three pairs of panties on Mom’s dresser. One was a see-through, red, lace thong. It came high on Mom’s hips, extending her legs. The material barely covers her pussy in the front, and there’s no coverage in the back, just a string. Mom calls this style of panties, “butt-floss.” Another was a navy blue pair of cotton, full coverage briefs. These were the style that Mom used to wear all the time before her submission. I find them too conservative, but Dad was reverently touching them. The third pair were ones I had not seen before. The were very high-waisted, retro-styled, black with pink polka dots and pink bows down the front. There were also black lace panels in the front, making a “V,” just above the crotch. The panties had four attached garters.

“Are you trying to decide, Dad?”

“Yes. kaçak bahis I didn’t know Marjorie had so many styles and colors now. I got out three very different ones,” my Dad said.

“Well, the red ones are barely there. You can see mom’s pussy lips through the material. And you can easily pull the material aside if you need to eat her out or fuck her fast.”

“You’ve done that?”

“Yes, Dad.” I put an arm around his shoulder. “You will too, if you want that.”

“I don’t know.”

“Sure you do. You just have to show interest. Mom is eager. Well, the red ones are sexy. And they’re about the same shade of red as the thong you’re wearing now. Mom might see that as romantic, especially if you mention it. By the way, nice thong, Dad.”

“Thanks, but I think Mistress is making me wear it to remind me I’m submissive.”

“Well, then we’re in the same boat, Red.”

My dad looked at me. “You get to wear pants.”

“Because your ass is finer than mine, Red.” I grinned. “And I wore a barbarian warrior costume all morning.”

“You really looked good in that. Very…uhm…sexy. With the hood, you were scary. But I can see why Marjorie likes that on you. And I couldn’t believe those boots on your mother!”

“Outta this world. They’re so hot! We need to hurry up. Why the cotton panties, Dad? They’re kinda boring.”

“Marjorie looks so good in these. Plus, the cotton holds her scent better, and it feels the best when I-you know.”

I knew. But I needed Dad to say it. I looked at his blankly. “What, Dad?”

“When I do what your mother was saying-that thing?”

I looked at my father. “Spit it out, Red.”

“I steal your mother’s panties. I sniff them. And I masturbate with them. The cotton ones smell the best and feel really good on my wiener.” He whispered all this like it was a dirty secret someone might hear through the walls. And he actually used the word, “wiener.” Argh!

I held up the third pair, the high-waisted, Fifties-styled, retro-burlesque pair. “I haven’t seen these before. Mom was probably saving them for a special occasion.”

“Then we had better put them back.”

I grabbed them from my Dad. “Feel how silky smooth the backside of these are.” I rubbed them on his chest. “And today is a special occasion! I gave our Mistress my submission. We’ve met Jillian last night. And we’re going to call Nick!”

“Oh no! What are we going to tell Nicky?”

“We’re going to tell him that your vacations together are over.”

“He’ll be angry.” Dad was visibly worried, shaking a little.

“And he can’t ever hurt you again, Dad. I promise.”

My father took a deep breath. He was starting to sweat. It felt like he was going to panic.

“Go take those to Mom. Imagine how good they will look on her now, and how good they will smell on Monday.”

Dad took the retro panties and the short pink robe and walked out of the bedroom. I put the other panties back in the drawer and followed him.

Mom was in the kitchen. She must have scrambled up eight or nine eggs. There was also microwave sausage patties.

She said, “Oh good, you brought me my robe.”

“I also brought you these beautiful, special, panties, Mommy. I thought that because this is a special day, you might wear them for me.” Dad was nervous as he handed her the panties.

My mother took them. “Thank you, Andrew. That’s sweet. Bobby, help me off with this leather corset. They are cinched and tied in the back and a buckle at the back of my neck. Let me suck in. There! Yes! I can breathe again!”

I laughed and undid the buckle for the halter of the corset. Mom set it on the floor she was completely naked and gorgeous. The corset had left white and red impressions on my mother’s torso. The corset was off, but the ghost of the corset was still on her body. I thought that was incredibly sexy. I think nearly anything Mom does or wears is sexy! She took the panties and robe and said, “Excuse me, gentlemen.” She walked around the corner of the fridge. We could hear her, but not see her. “There are some things that should remain a mystery,” she said, “A woman jumping, squirming and adjusting herself in her control top panties is one of them.”

I laughed. “Mom, you work out too much to need control top panties!”

“I know. But it’s a look. You’ll get to see, eventually. Glamour doesn’t always come easy,” she said. Mom came from around the side of the fridge. She already had on the short pink robe, wrapped and belted. We could not see what the panties looked liked. My mother looked at Dad. “Foxxy, you’ll be eating on the floor. Do you want the tail, collar, or both?”

I didn’t know what was going on.

“Just the collar, Mistress.”

My mother got a dog collar with brass studs down from a kitchen cabinet. She put it around my father’s neck and buckled it. She kept her arms around his neck, stepped in close and gave him an extended, passionate kiss. It lasted at least thirty seconds, which seems like an awkward eternity, when you’re looking in from the outside like I was. She finished by saying, “I just love my Foxxy Puppy.” Then she beeped his nose and Dad dropped to the floor.

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