The Black Corset Ch. 03

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I visited Sharon again a couple of weeks later and we had a very nice afternoon pleasuring each other. While I was licking her pussy, Sharon would tell me about she and her son, David. It seems that I had started a fire than neither Sharon or David wanted to put out. David came home every weekend now and he and his mother had sex whenever possible. Sharon told me how much she loved her son’s hard cock either in her pussy or mouth. This made me even hotter and had me thinking of my own son, Kevin. As I licked Sharon’s pussy, I was fingering my pussy furiously, imagining my son’s hard cock plunging in and out of my hot pussy.

As Sharon and I lay in each other’s arms cooling off from our heated encounter, Sharon again told me to invite Kevin over one weekend. I could see the mischief in her eyes and felt a knot in my stomach. Do I dare invite Kevin over? I knew I wanted to, but was unsure if I should.

I had been playing a sort of private game with Kevin for some time now. The game was to try and give my son an erection. Usually on the mornings he was home from college, I would get up early to make his breakfast. His daddy and sister were notorious late sleepers, so usually it was just me and Kevin. I would wear a thin cotton nightie, with nothing else on underneath. I would take care to sit Kevin at our breakfast table facing the kitchen window. Then I would make several trips back and forth, preparing food, setting the table, getting coffee and such, and knowing that the light from the window would shine through the thin gown, and treat Kevin to a revealing silhouette of my large breasts. Then when I could see that he was uncomfortable from his erection, I would find some excuse to get him to stand up, to help me with something, or to reach something on a high shelf. I delighted in his embarrassment and lusted after the large bulge in his jeans.

One morning my husband had gotten up early to play golf, and Lisa had spent the night with a friend. It was just Kevin and me in the house. I put on a black silk baby doll nightie, and looked at myself in the mirror. The nightie was so thin my nipples were clearly visible, and I knew I could never wear just this to fix Kevin’s breakfast! I wanted to, so very much, but I was sure Kevin would turn and run from the house! Instead I put on my black silk robe, and tied it loosely at the waist. That morning as I prepared Kevin’s breakfast, he couldn’t take his eyes off of me. My robe was pulled open in the front enough to reveal a generous cleavage, and barely covered my hard nipples. With my back to Kevin, I jutted out my chest, and was able to uncover my breasts completely. When I turned around to pour Kevin coffee, he nearly dropped his fork! The robe pulled back, my breasts covered by only the thinnest black nylon, I knew he could clearly see my breasts, my hard nipples pointing right at him. I pretended not to notice, but I am sure my hand shook slightly as I poured his coffee.

I sat down and ate my breakfast and tried to act natural, while Kevin tried to not stare. By the time breakfast was over I was in such a state of arousal I had to do something about it! I told Kevin I was still tired and needed a short nap, and went upstairs to my room. I intentionally left my door open just a crack, then sat at my dressing table. I didn’t have to wait long, before I saw a shadow at the door, and I knew Kevin was watching me.

On the way into my bedroom I had shed the robe and was sitting at my dressing table in just my black baby doll, and black silk thong panties. I stood slowly and stretched. As I stretched I turned so Kevin could see my jutting breasts, then I walked around my bedroom pretending to be looking for something. I know my face was flushed from the excitement and my pulse pounded in my head, but what was I going to do? I walked over to my bed and undid the front of my nightie and let my top fall to the floor. Then I hooked my thumbs in my panties and pulled them slowly down my hips. Bending over I removed them completely.

Turning slowly around, facing the door, I sat on my bed. I tossed my long bahis firmaları blond hair back and cupped both my breasts. They felt heavy with desire and I caressed them the way a lover would. Then I lay back on my bed, but did not get under the covers. Instead I lay on top, and began to caress my body. I was on fire and needed release. When my fingers found my soaking wet pussy, all I could do was lay back and enjoy the ride! Knowing my son was watching me was making me more aroused than I had ever been in my life. My left hand cupped and rubbed my breasts, pulling and twisting my nipples, while the fingers on my right hand slid up and down my slit, rubbing my swollen clit. I was breathing hard and moaning softly.

I imagined my son, stripped naked outside my door, his cock throbbing with desire for me. In my mind’s eye, he slowly opens my door, and walks softly into the bed room to stand next to the bed. I imagine him stroking his cock, while watching his mother finger her own pussy, her breasts heaving in desire. I imagine opening my eyes and staring at my son’s cock. As I begin to come I moan, ‘Fuck me. Please fuck me…’ As I buck my hips in the ecstasy of my orgasm, I moan again, ‘Yes, yes, fuck me…Kevin! Fuck your mother!’

The silence is deafening! My face is now flushed with shame. Did I moan loud enough for Kevin to hear? Hopefully if he did, my speech was so slurred with lust, that he wouldn’t have understood what I said! I sat up and looked at the door. His shadow was gone. I put on my robe and gently opened my door. I looked down the hall towards Kevin’s room, his door shut tightly. As I started to close my door, I glanced down and there on the carpet was a glob of cum! There too on the wall!. I scooped it up on my finger and opening my robe to bare my breasts, I rubbed my son’s cum on my hard nipple. Another scoop for my other nipple. Walking back to my bed, I smiled as I sucked my son’s cum from my finger. I left his cum on my nipples until I showered for bed that night!

Kevin acted like nothing was different, so I could only assume he had not heard my mumbled plea for him to fuck me! Things remained the same at our household until one Saturday morning when Sharon called.

‘Kevin,’I asked. ‘Do you have any plans for today?’

Kevin looked sheepishly at me, as if he was afraid to say no, like I would have some horrible chore for him to do.

‘No Mom, not really.’ He responded slowly.

‘I was wondering if you would like to go with me to visit a friend?’ Kevin arched his eyes in surprise.

‘I have this friend Sharon, and she has invited us to come over this afternoon to go swimming and relax in the sun.’ I could see Kevin considering.

‘You’ll have fun. Sharon’s son will be there. He’s a year ahead of you in school, and I think he is majoring in marine biology or something like that.’

When we arrived at Sharon’s she was in a beach robe and led us into her backyard. Her pool was small but quit cosy, and her backyard was surrounded by privacy fence. A good thing too, because when Sharon took off her robe she was wearing the skimpiest bikini I had ever seen! It consisted of two tiny green triangles which barely covered her nipples, and a tiny triangle for her pussy. It was so small, I am sure she had to be completely shaved! Kevin and I both gasped!

Don’t be so prudish! This is the latest in mico kini’s. When Sharon saw my modest one piece swim suit, she said, ‘That will never do. We are all adults here.’ Sharon then sexily pushed out her sizable chest at Kevin while running her hands down her sides.

‘Wouldn’t you like to see your mom in a bikini like this?’

Kevin blushed and said, ‘Yeah…I think that would be hot!’

‘Kevin!’ I stammered. ‘I would be nearly naked!’

Kevin blushed but said, ‘You’ve got the body for it Mom.’ Kevin turned even deeper red.

Sharon introduced Kevin to David, then smiling, she led me away by the hand to her bedroom. Once inside she shut the door and said, ‘Wow, your son is a hunk! We are definitely going to have to get him to join our little kaçak iddaa group.’ With that she pressed her lips to mine and didn’t remove them until I was naked. She pushed me gently onto her bed, then walked away to the bathroom. She returned quickly with a razor and some shaving cream. I acted in mock surprise as she spread lather onto my pussy. Quickly she had me completely bald, and after wiping away the residual cream with a warm wash cloth, she bent quickly to my pussy and began licking me furiously! Just as she was really getting me going, she abruptly stopped.

‘That’s enough for now, Baby Doll. Let’s go give our son’s erections!’

I was embarrassed when I walked out onto the patio. Kevin’s admiring whistle made me giggle like a school girl. For the first hour or so, Sharon and I talked and drank Margarita’s. I was afraid to try the pool, I was having enough trouble keeping my nipples covered just sitting there.

‘Come on into the water Mom!’ Kevin shouted. ‘Yeah!’ Shout David. ‘You need to get wet!’

I was thinking I was already wet, just admiring those two young men in their swim suits. With much reluctance Sharon and I braved the cool water. David dove into the water and came up between my legs. I screamed as he stood up, with me precariously balanced on his shoulders. I laughed as Kevin did the same with Sharon. Then David and Kevin walked slowly towards each other, and from the glint in Sharon’s eye, I knew they were up to no good.

I tried to keep Sharon away, but she was grabbing at my hands, trying to pull me off into the water. I fought back, then Sharon made a quick grab and my top was flung to the side of the pool. I screamed and covered my breasts, but soon found myself grabbing at Sharon trying to pull her top off! Kevin was getting some very up close looks at his mother’s bare breasts. When we had each fallen into the water several times, we all decided it was time to exit the pool and rest. Sharon and I were both topless as we climbed out of the pool. Walking around the pool we looked for but could not find our tops.

‘Okay Guys, what did you do with them?’ I asked, my hands on my hips, my breasts still dripping water. They just laughed and said they liked us better this way. Sharon and I shrugged our shoulders and sat on loungers, drying off in the sun.

David sat next to his mom, and began to rub sun tan oil on her chest. Kevin was watching intently as David caressed each breast, rubbing them with oil. Kevin swallowed hard and looked questioningly at me.

‘Come on Kevin, let’s go inside and get some drinks.’

In the kitchen I got two cups and filled them with Margarita’s for Sharon and me, and two cups for soda for Kevin and David. I put the drinks on a tray and handed it to Kevin. Then I leaned back against the counter.

‘Are you okay?’

‘Yeah, Mom. I’m great.’

‘You okay with me topless in front of you and the others?’

‘Well, yeah…if you are.’

I glanced down at Kevin’s crotch, his erection obvious. ‘Okay, but you can’t ever tell anyone about this. No one…ever.’

‘No way Mom. No way.’ And then he smiled and I reached up and touched his face.

‘Okay, let’s go have some fun.’

I walked slightly behind Kevin as we headed out to the patio. Kevin stopped at the patio door, and I caught up and started to open the door for him, when I saw what he was looking at.

David was laying on the lounger, completely naked. Sharon was kneeling beside him, her face in his lap, her mouth sliding up and down her son’s hard cock.

We stood there for a moment watching, then I turned to Kevin and said, ‘Does that repulse you? Gross you out? To see a woman doing that with her son?’

Kevin swallowed hard, ‘Nuh…no. I think it is hot.’

‘Yeah?’ I asked. I leaned back against the wall, and began to caress my breasts. ‘You think it is okay for a mother and son to…do that?’

This time Kevin could only nod his head as he watched me squeezing my breasts.

‘Would you like it if…we did that?’

‘Kevin’s eyes nearly popped out of his head kaçak bahis and he couldn’t speak, only nod his head vigorously.

I took him by the hand and led him into the living room to the sofa. I smiled at him and then I knelt down in front of him, pulling his swim suit down over his very hard cock. Gently I caressed his erection and cupped his balls.

‘Umm, very nice. I have been wanting to do this for a long time.’ With that I had him sit down, then I scooted between his legs, taking his cock in one hand I rubbed it across both of my breasts. When I bent down and took my son into my mouth Kevin moaned loudly.

‘Oh, god, yes Mom. Suck me. Suck my dick. I have dreamed of this for so long!’

‘Really,? I asked as his cock popped from my mouth. ‘You have been dreaming of me sucking you off?’

‘Oh god, yes Mom. You are so sexy, so hot!’

‘Umm, do you masturbate thinking of me?’

I smiled knowing men hate to admit they masturbate.

‘Yes, Momma. I do.’

Taking his cock out of my mouth again, I said, ‘Tell me. Tell me what you think about when you masturbate.’

‘This,’ he said. ‘Seeing you naked.’

‘That’s it? Just seeing me naked? ‘No. Other stuff.’

‘Like what?’ I toyed with him. ‘Do you imagine me coming into your bedroom, naked?’


‘And are you naked too?’

‘Yes, Momma.

‘And do I suck your cock?’

‘Yes, Momma, yes!’

Kevin began bucking his hips and I felt his cock throb in my mouth. I sucked him harder and faster and Kevin blasted the back of my throat with his cum! It was so much I could hardly swallow it all. Several drops escaped my mouth and dribbled onto my breasts. When Kevin was expended I sat back and rubbed his cum on my breasts. I then told him I had smeared his cum on my breasts before. I told him about the other week, when he watched me masturbate. Then I leaned forward and kissed him quickly on the lips. Then I stood up and walked into the bathroom to clean up. Sharon and David walked into the living room as I was again between Kevin’s legs, washing his cock with a warm wash cloth. They didn’t say anything, just smiled knowingly.

David sat on a love seat and Sharon got between his legs and began to suck her son’s cock. The combination of the warm wash cloth, my ministrations to his cock, and watching Sharon sucking her son, Kevin’s cock was soon at full erection.

‘Tell me Kevin, what other things did you imagine us doing?’

‘Kevin blushed. I took his erect cock and placed it between my breasts. I slowly masturbated his cock with my breasts.

‘Did you ever imagine this?’

‘Um…well, yes. Um huh.’

Smiling I asked my son, ‘What else?’

Kevin looked over at Sharon and David, ‘That,’ he said.

I glanced over my shoulder to see Sharon straddling her son, guiding his cock to her pussy. We could hear her sigh as she impaled herself on its entire length.

‘Oh,’ I said in mock shock. Then kissing Kevin again on the lips I stood and straddled his lap, and sitting down I took his cock deep into my pussy. I put my arms around his head and pulled his face to my breasts. Kevin’s hands came up and cupped both my breasts and he pulled first one nipple then the other into his mouth. I was riding my son’s cock and loving it!

Kevin grabbed me by the buttocks and rolled me over onto my back. I felt my Baby’s weight as he pressed his chest into my breasts and ground his pelvis against mine. I gasped for air as he began fucking me harder and faster. I screamed out his name as I came, and his cock erupted inside my pussy. Kevin then began to kiss me lightly on the lips.

That evening as we drove home, I knew things would never be the same again. I was unsure of how to act. Sharon explained she and David had gone through the same thing. In the end, they were still mother and son. They loved each other and it was just an incidental thing, that they also enjoyed fucking each other.

That evening I crept to my son’s room. I gently opened the door, and saw Kevin laying on his bed by the light of his bedside lamp. He was naked and stroking his hard cock. I stepped inside and closed the door. Stripping off my night gown I said, ‘Doesn’t that thing ever stay soft?’

‘Not around you, Mom’

‘Um, lucky me.’

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