The Betrayal of Carrie Ch. 2

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Carrie sped down the boulevard, half listening to the radio, thinking about what was happening. Suddenly, a thought sprang in her mind, interrupting her reverie. She pulled over onto the shoulder of the road, fishing out the address Tony had given her. For some reason, at the time he had given it to her, she couldn’t figure out why is looked so familiar to her. Staring at the scrap of paper in utter horror, she realized why it was so familiar. It was written on the stationary that Frank kept in his office! At first, she tried to convince herself that he might have picked it up at the house, but she knew that Frank never kept it in the house, complaining that Carrie wasted it. Plus she remembered that Tony pulled the paper out of his pocket.

“Son-of-a-bitch!” Carrie hissed, smacking her steering wheel. Narrowing her eyes, she thought for a moment. When she is calm, she isn’t as vindictive, but when enraged, Carrie is down right vicious, and it’s in those moments of rage, that Carrie thinks with the utmost calculating clarity. An evil sneer forms momentarily on her sweet lips as she revs the car, heading to her rendezvous point with Tony. Soon everyone was going to realize not to fuck with her.

As she pulled up in front of the house, Tony stood there, smiling, unaware of Carrie’s plans.

“Hey there! Glad you found this place with no problems. Do you have a lot of bags?” Tony asked as he stepped forward, hugging Carrie as she got out of the car. Carrie let him wrap his arms around her body before she pressed the barrel of her nickel plated 9mm to his abdomen.

“Listen to me and listen to me good, motherfucker,” she hissed in his ear, “I don’t know what kind of games your playing, but you’re fucking with the wrong bitch. Don’t move a muscle, I am a crack shot, not to mention a black belt which means either way, I will hurt you. Do what I say, and you make walk away here healthy. Fuck up and I won’t hesitate to bury your no good ass in the desert. Nod if you understand?”

“C-Carrie what are you talking about?” he asked nervously. A sinking feeling of dread washed over him as he realized she knew about the set-up.

“Don’t play games with me Tony” she said, pushing him away, aiming the gun at his chest, “Go get my bags from out of the trunk and take them in the house” she ordered, pushing the remote control button for the trunk, “You have three minutes, so I suggest you hurry.” She nudged him into motion with the barrel of the gun. Opening the passenger door, keeping an eye on him, Carrie reached in and pulled out the portable monitor. Following Tony inside the house, she waited from him to drop the bags before she hit him over the head with the butt of her gun.

“W-what h-happened?” Tony stammered as he came to. Trying to focus, he saw Carrie sitting on the floor in front of him, pointing the gun up at him. He tried to leap out of the chair, only to come to the realization that Carrie had done a thorough job tying him down with rope and handcuffs.

“What the hell are you doing Carrie?”

“Better question, what the hell are you doing Tony?”

“Carrie I don’t know what you think I’ve done, but I didn’t do anything to you but try to be a friend and this is how you repay me?”

“Funny you should mention the word ‘pay’. See while you were napping, I went through your bahis firmaları wallet. Wanna guess what I found?” She paused for a moment, relishing the look of dread washing over his handsome face. “I found a deposit slip from the bank for a check written in the amount of twenty-five thousand dollars. Did a little calling around to some friends that I have and found out something else equally interesting. Wanna know what I found out?”

Again she paused, watching Tony lick his dry lips. “I found out that my darling husband paid you that money. Now this is where things may take a turn for the worse for you. See I don’t know what Frank is paying you to do and this is where my friend comes in to play,” she cocked her gun “You tell us what we want to know and I’ll do my best to keep my friend from becoming your chest’s best friend. Understand?”

“You’re crazy! I don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about!” he screamed. Carrie jumped up, smacking him across the face with the gun.

“Wrong answer Tony. Try again. Why did Frank pay you?” she asked, jabbing the gun in his chest.

“He wants you gone Carrie.” he whispered, licking the corner of his lip, tasting blood.

“Gone as in divorced or gone as in dead?”

“Preferably, dead. If that couldn’t be done, then he wanted me to seduce you so he could divorce you and keep his money. You have an adultery clause in your prenuptial. If cheat, you walk away with nothing.”

It took Carrie a minute to digest what he said to her.

“So Frank is that far gone that he wants me dead?”


“And he hired you to do it?”



“I was suppose to fuck you and afterwards, strangle you. Easier to place the blame on a jilted lover and draws attention from the grieving widow.”

“All because he doesn’t want me to have his money.” she laughed bitterly, “Funny thing is, that prenuptial clause cuts both ways. He cheats, he loses half of everything that he has.”

“He knows that, that’s why he wants you dead. If proved that both of you cheated, then the agreement is null and void, leaving the judge to decided everything.” Tony quickly said, trying to think of a way to get out of this situation. Frank never told him that Carrie could be the cold and calculating, let alone armed and apparently dangerous.

“Listen Carrie, the house is wired, he doesn’t know. You can let me go, I already got the money, I can disappear and never bother you again. You’ll have your proof of him cheating and no one has to get hurt.”

Carrie scarcely heard a word Tony said. She was swimming in that familiar pool of rage that had gotten her into so much trouble as a child. Images of her setting the house on fire, with her dad’s mistress trapped inside flashed in her mind. Acquitted, besides who would have convicted a seven year old for playing with matches. Although she was in therapy for years, the rage never left her….

“Oh Tony, we are going to have so much fun…”


“Oh Frank you have decorated the house beautifully.” Trish cooed.

“Oh my dear, I can’t take the credit for that. That would have to go to Carol. Chalk it up to one of those rare moments of maturity and taste that she has.” he laughed as he poured her a glass of white wine.

“Oh you are such a naughty boy Frank. Getting kaçak iddaa me all drunk so you can take advantage of me.” she laughed, mockingly wagging her finger at him.

Frank watched the blonde trophy wife of his best friend Alan. He knew from the moment he met Trish that he was going to fuck her. He had fucked every girl Alan every dated and never felt a moment of remorse. He knew something about Alan that even his dear Trish didn’t know. Alan was bisexual, but preferred to screw young boys. He knew because he had caught Alan once in the act with a young delivery boy. Alan promised to let Frank have the women in his life in exchange for his silence. But Trish was the only problem, see Alan loved Trish, but slowly but surely was growing to hate both Trish and Frank.

“Frank darling what are you thinking about?” Trish asked, slowly stripping off her expensive clothes, snapping Frank back into reality.

“Nothing that fucking that sweet body of yours won’t make me forget,” he said, grabbing her by her slim waist, pulling her down on his raging hard-on.

“Ooohhhh Frank…I simply adore it when you use dirty words….”she moaned feeling her pussy stretch to accommodated his width.

“Shut up bitch and ride my cock!” he hissed, grabbing her hair, yanking her head back.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” she chanted, “Talk dirty to me!”

“You’re my white cock slut, aren’t you, you dirty whore?”

“Oh my goodness! Yes! Yes! I’m your dirty whore! Your white slut!”

Frank pounded inside her cunt for a few more minutes before throwing her off his lap. Grabbing her hair, he jerked his cock in her face, smacking her cheeks with his member, wiping her juices on her face.

“Here it comes you dirty white whore!!” Frank yelled, spraying her face with his cum.


Carrie clicked the monitor off, turning around looking at Tony.

“See I have both their asses now. Frank loses and Trish loses too. Her husband will get a copy of this and then he’ll divorce her ass too. So all things considered, I win.”

“Yes Carrie you win. So can you please let me go? I’m begging you Carrie not to do this!”

The sound of his begging echoed through her mind.

‘Please Carrie, put the matches down. I won’t tell your daddy. Please Carrie, be a good girl. I’m begging you!’ She saw that image again in her minds eye of when she threw the match that started the fire, killing her dad’s whore.

“You think it’s over? You think you can do this and just get away with it don’t you? Don’t you?” she screamed, “You’re just like that bitch Esmeralda, aren’t you? You think you can just come between me and my daddy, I mean Frank. But I got news for you, ain’t happen then and it ain’t gonna happen now!”

Tony stared at her, listening to her as she rambled on and on about someone named Esmeralda, confusing her father with Frank. Tony wondered if Frank knew his wife was this unstable.

“Carrie listen to me. I won’t tell your dad that you did this. I’ll tell him you were a good girl.” he said, picking up on her ramblings of being daddy’s good girl.

“You’ll do what?” she asked, “You’re gonna tell my daddy that I was a good girl?” she asked, her voice lapsing into a childish tone.

“Yes, you’re a good girl. Now be a good girl and untie me.”

“No. Not yet.” her voice returning to kaçak bahis normal, “See, you were paid to fuck me and you’re gonna fuck me now.”

Tony was absolutely bewildered. One moment she was lost in childhood memories, speaking as if she was still a child, the next she’s talking like her usual self, wanting to have sex. Carrie placed the gun on the table, walking over towards him, slowly stripping off her dress. She was completely nude underneath and despite what she had done and her mental state, Tony couldn’t help to be aroused by her. Her smooth brown sugar breasts stood proudly, capped with deep brown nipples, her smooth belly decorated with a thin gold chain, her neatly trimmed bush of soft black curls, glistening with arousal as her deliciously pink labia peeping through.

“Do you want me Tony?” she asked, her voice thick with desire as her hands slowly moved up her body, cupping her breasts. “Do you want to sample all that I have to offer? All this things that Frank has neglected? C’mon Tony, don’t you want to fuck me?”

Tony looked at her, refusing to speak, for he knew his mouth would betray him. Looking down, he knew his body already had. Noticing the growing bulge, she didn’t need him to say anything. She knelt down, unbuttoning his jeans, freeing his cock.

“Very nice Tony.” she purred, straddling his cock, brushing her wet curls teasingly against the head, making him suck the air between his clenched teeth. Slowly she slid down his turgid cock, inching it inside her starved cunt. Tony moaned as her tight pussy clutched his cock. Turning his head, he captured her nipples between his teeth, sucking and licking growing buds. Feeling his teeth against her sensitive nipples, she increased the tempo of her strokes. Selfishly, she rode him, intent on her own pleasure. Before she knew it, she was climaxing on his cock, riding the waves hard, hurrying the pleasure coursing through her body. She felt his cock swell inside her throbbing pussy. Quickly she rose up off his cock, leaving it swaying in the wind.

“Oh fuck! Carrie I’m right there! Finish what you started!” he groaned, feeling his come burning inside his balls, begging for release.

‘Finish what you started, Carrie.’ Finish what you started…’ Her mother’s voice whispered in her ear. Turing around, she picked up the gun, aiming it at his head.

“C-Carrie what are you doing??” he cried as she cocked the gun.

“Yes Mother.” she whispered, her eyes glazed over as she pulled the trigger. Tony’s head snapped back, his eyes frozen in horror as the bullet blew the back of his head out. Carrie looked at him, not really seeing the bloody mess. Seeing the flames lick at Esmeralda’s alcohol soaked body. No one ever knew that Carrie’s mother had poured bottle after bottle of Vodka on her, as she begged for her life. ‘Finish what you started, Carrie.’ her mother instructed, handing her the matches….

Carrie giggled as she watched semen dribble out of his deflating cock.

“I guess what they say is true. Death is the ultimate orgasm. What do you think, Tony?” she laughed, staring into his dilated pupils.

Gathering up her things and a few items, she left the house, blowing a sweet kiss to Tony.

Getting in her car, turning the radio, she drove back home….

“Oh Frank darling…Carrie is coming home!” she sang….


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