The Bet 06: A Little Lovin’

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The trio had slept the rest of the day away and woke in Sarah’s sunlit room. Since it was her day to choose, Sarah was in better spirits. She snuggled closer to her snoring brother, looking for warmth in the chilly room. As she shifted closer, she felt a hand slowly caressing her thigh. Warm breath tickled her bare shoulder as a groggy, deep voice whispered to her.

“Sleep good?”

“Wonderfully,” she mumbled glancing over her shoulder to the lazy grin belonging to her cousin, Drew. He rolled closer to her and she felt something rub against her lower lips. She bit her lip as Drew moved his hips gently, his cock causing a pleasing friction as it moved between her legs. “Is that all you boys think of?”

“First thing in the morning, baby,” he kissed her shoulder. “Now, open up.”

Sarah raised her leg and planted her foot between her brother’s legs. Drew pressed his chest against her back as the hand on her thigh followed the curve to the place between her legs. With little guidance, he slipped into her pussy and earned himself a sweet moan. The thrusts were gentler than they were yesterday. Slow methodical motions of his finger on her clit brought another moan from the woman.

“Still so fucking gorgeous,” Drew mumbled as he kissed his way from her shoulder blade to her ear. “I hear today you get to choose what we do.”

“We,” she stuttered with a moan.

“I’ve got a few hours before I need to leave,” his breath was hot on her skin. “Thought I could stick around for breakfast. I only got a tiny taste yesterday, and I’m hungry for more.”

His expert fingers were causing a buildup she didn’t think was possible with the subtle fucking. The cock buried in her wasn’t on some mission to conquer her and it felt pleasing. No rushing or need. Just a simple, loving gesture.

“I was planning for a day off,” she moaned. Her hand slipped over his. Not for control, but just to feel him as he played with her.

“John doesn’t have to know.” She didn’t have to look at him to know he was grinning at the prospect of having her all to himself again. Biting her lip, her body bahis firmaları arched making her grind against him. Drew groaned into her ear as her slick walls tightened around him. Too soon. It was too soon, she thought to herself. “We could wake him if you want. He’s primed and ready to go too.”

For the first time this morning, her eyes drifted down her brother’s naked body. Sure enough. Standing a full mast, the beautiful monster that started all of this greeted her. Drew moved a little faster as he thrust into her from behind. If he woke up, they would fall back into the chaos from yesterday and she would never get any peace and quiet.

“Don’t you dare,” she sighed. Drew leaned over and kissed her cheek. He knew that she was still worn out from the fuck fest he had missed by mere minutes. After she passed out in their arms, John told their cousin how they had spent the morning. The vibrator eliciting sweet torture at the hands of her brother as they watched her personally made video. Then the christening of the living room that soon followed.

Drew watched his cousin from over shoulder as her lips parted and her eyes disappeared behind her eyelids. How she managed to get into trouble the way she did was still baffling. This was the girl who prefers reading at family parties and would go to the mall to hang around the arcade instead of shopping. She kept mostly to herself unless she was around people she knew.

Now, Sarah was rolling her hips looking for some release. The sweet moans replaced the snide comments and snarky responses. Watching her wiggle, Drew moved his finger faster. He had meant it when he said it was her day. This wakeup call was purely about her. She deserved a more loving approach to start her day. Not ruthless and demanding.

“Faster,” she panted. The soft hand covering his, began guiding his ministrations. Applying more pressure, he heard her gasp and felt her tense. Her pussy clenched around him and just from the look of ecstasy on her face he felt his own release coming.

“Sarah,” he moaned, as his thrust a bit faster again. She nodded her head kaçak iddaa slowly. That one sign was enough for him to move his hand from her clit to her hip. He didn’t dare move her and only used her body for leverage to reach the level she was coming down from.

John’s eyes opened slightly as to glance at the pair beside him. Sarah wore a dazed expression as Drew nipped at her neck. A sliver of jealousy came over him as the bed shook the littlest bit. He knew better than to think his cousin would leave before they got up, but being woken to find them screwing was a little much.

Slipping off the bed, John left the pair to take a shower and find his lonely release. There was finally a pussy in his own home he could use in place of his hand and his cousin was currently filling it. Selfish ass.

Drew withdrew from Sarah after catching his breath. “I think he’s mad.”

“I’ll make it up to him later,” Sarah waved her hand in the air before turning to face her cousin. She kissed him softly on the lips. “Thank you.”

“Any time,” he kissed her back then got to his own feet. Scratching the back of his head he looked lost.

“Lose something?”

“My clothes.”

“John’s room,” she sighed as she gathered a pillow under her head. He turned, beaming at her.

“Right. Thanks.” He left the room with the same cocky stride her brother had two days ago.

The rest of the day was spent doing what Sarah wanted to do. Her and John were camped out on the couch watching movies. Real ones that weren’t rated anything higher the PG-13. For the first time in a long time, Sarah was completely satisfied. She was curled up beside her brother with his arm around her as they watched.

It had taken her twenty minutes of groveling and promises of all sorts of make-up sex later. John was still annoyed with his cousin and wore a sour face all day. With their parents coming home at some point the next day, there wouldn’t be another chance for a while. They would have to pick just the right times when the house would be empty.

Sarah’s bed felt empty later that night. She tossed and turned kaçak bahis all night trying to find some comfort. Getting up, she found herself outside of John’s room. She knocked softly; afraid he’d be asleep already. A groggy reply and she slipped into his room. Tip toeing to his bed, she stood awkwardly.

“I can’t sleep,” she mumbled. John shifted and lifted the blanket for her to climb under. Laying down, she smiled to herself. His strong arm wrapped around her and pulled her closer. With a heavy sigh, he drifted back asleep. The simple warmth his body provided was enough to drag her into the same deep sleep.

Sarah woke first. At some point during the night, John had let go of her and rolled to his back. A bulge under the blankets made her smile. Carefully, she crawled under the blanket and pulled down his boxers. Her lips wrapped around his morning wood and the pre-cum coating her tongue made her moan. She eased him further into her mouth before slowly retreating.

It was the only thing she could think to do to start making up the previous day to him. Blindly, she found his balls and cupped them in her hand. She fondled them as she bobbed her head up and down on the big cock in her mouth. She moaned again when she felt fingers grabbing the back of her head.

The hand coaxed her lower and faster. His hips bucked and a groan filled the room. John had thought it was dream until he saw the blankets move around him. She had apologized repeatedly to him between the endless movies, but swore it was a sex free day after Drew had left.

When she came into his room last night, he wasn’t in the mood to try and get her to change her mind. This though was a wonderful surprise. Not to mention a huge risk. Their parents were due back in the next few hours. Yet, here she was giving him a blowjob to make up for everything. He could feel the familiar tightness in his balls as she continued toying with him as he forced her movements.

“Shit, Sarah.” He hissed as he reached the brink. The saltiness coating her mouth was quickly swallowed and her tongue went to work cleaning him when his hand fell to his side. She threw back the covers, slipped off the bed and pranced back to her own room to get ready for the day. They both had classes to attend and they couldn’t risk anything slowing down their morning.

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