The Best Massage Ever

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You had never had a massage before, but you decided after being stressed for so long you needed one. Checking out the phone book, you found a masseuse and made the appointment.

My office was independent out of my house, so there are no other clients waiting. I had turned the downstairs of my house into my work office. Decorated comfortably with overstuffed furniture, colors all in earth tones. Lots of plants. Decorator mirrors on the walls and of course coffee or tea.

I met you at the door, and was surprised to see that I had seen you around town. In the grocery store, at the gas station, the farm store. You were very nervous as you had never had a massage before, so I made you a cup of tea and we talked for a minute. I led you back to the massage room. Nice comfy heated massage table, music. I tell you that I will be back in a minute, if you could please take your clothes off, and get under the sheet.

You take off everything, and lay on your back on the table covered by only the sheet. I come back in and choose an oil…I think lavender would be good for canlı bahis şirketleri you, calming. I begin by oiling my hands and sliding them under your neck and work on your upper back and neck. Damn, I think to myself, I thought you were sexy with your clothes on, but you are really something without them.

We chat for a while, and I could tell you were getting more relaxed. I start to work on the front of your chest. Running my hands over your chest gets me hotter than I have been in a long time. I glance up and notice that you are just a bit aroused yourself. I take a chance, and slide the sheet down a bit. A bit more oil and I move to the side of the table and work on your chest a bit more…concentrating on your now hard nipples. A slight movement tells me you like this..and so does the bulge in the sheet. Damn you’re hot. I slide the sheet all the way off exposing your rock hard cock. It is so hard for me not to touch you, but I get a bit more oil, and work down your thighs. My hands are strong, but still soft from so many years of giving massages. I work your canlı kaçak iddaa thighs with both hands.

I think I heard a small moan come from you…I take my hands and slide them up and under your hips. As I caress your hips, I lower my head and take your hard cock in my mouth. Oh God you are so hard, and taste so good. You are dripping juice like crazy. I suck hard to get every drop of your love juice. You moan “oh yes baby, deeper” as you thrust your hips to me. Your hands hold me to you. As I lick and suck you I get a bit more oil and rub your swollen balls. I stand up and take my clothes off…lean over you to kiss you deeply then straddle you on the table.

You slide so easily into me. Your hardness makes me moan with such pleasure. You grab both of my breasts while I lift myself up and down on your hot cock. You tell me to turn around, so I do. I take you back in my mouth and you slowly start to lick my very hard and wet clit. Oh man, that feels so good. Before long you have 2 strong fingers in my hot pussy, finger fucking me hard as you lick and suck. “Oh canlı kaçak bahis god you are going to make me cum soon!” “Go for it baby” you tell me. As I have you deep in my mouth, grabbing and tugging on your balls, you send me over the edge, my body shaking. As I cum you fill my throat with a hot load, bucking hard and yelling “fuck yes, oh fuck!!”

Sliding off you, you stand up and kiss me deeply, tongues entwined and our bodies sliding together from all of the oil. You hold me for a moment, kissing again. I can feel you getting hard again. You lift me and carry me to the waiting room, lay my on the overstuffed couch and nuzzle and kiss my lavender oiled breasts. Tugging on my already hard and sensitive nipples, you have me moaning again. I can see us in the mirror across from the couch. You lift my legs back, and slowly entering me. I can see your hard cock sliding in. This time we fuck long and slow. You fill me with your hardness over and over. You watch as I finger my hard clit as you thrust ever so slowly. You look over at the mirror and smile, what a sexy picture we make. Before long, you begin to pound into me harder and harder, just before you cum, you pull out and stroke yourself to orgasm and cum all over my clit as I bring myself to orgasm. I just think you might need another massage in the near future…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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