The Best Daddy in the World

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The early morning sun was coming through the shades of our small motel room. The satisfied hangover of total sexual release left me so languid and lazy that I didn’t even want to open my eyes.

I could smell the perfume of her body and hear her soft, even breathing. My face was nestled closely against her bare back, her soft hair tossed over mine, my hand draped over her small, firm tit under the sheet. As my fingers moved idly over her boobs and across her nipples, she sighed in contentment and cuddled closer. “Like halves of a grapefruit,” I mused, and then froze in terror.

It wasn’t just a wet dream? Had I really come off in my daughter’s mouth? Did I really fuck her? My feeling of horror increased. In the darkness of night, had I really fucked my own sweet little Cupcake, my own twenty-four-year-old daughter? My laziness turned into ice-cold sweat.

I’m a senior barrister and my daughter is a law student. She’s a bit of a rebel and a bit of a swot, and she was eager to get back to campus, friends and books after her holidays. After our day-long drive she was up for some late-night cable television on the room’s big-screen TV, but I was exhausted. By sheer willpower I stayed up with her until ten, then gave her a good-night peck on the cheek and pulled the sheet over my head. I think I was asleep before my head hit the cheap, overstuffed motel pillow.

I don’t know what time it was but I remember dreaming about the sensation of smooth, sensitive feminine hands, a wet tongue, and then hot lips around my erect cock. My body was responding all by itself. It was far more vivid than any wet dream that I ever experienced before. It didn’t take long before I exploded, my body pumping out stream after stream of hot cum.

I dreamed I heard a soft swallowing sound and then of a warm, nude female body sliding into bed next to me.

In my dream, I reached out to her and she responded eagerly. I passed my hands over her breasts, so small and firm, over her body, tall, thin, fit and lanky, just like my daughter’s. I moved my hand down to her thin brush, and across the lips of her incredibly wet pussy. I was hard again, and I dreamed I pressed my erect cock against her leg.

All in a dream, I rubbed my index finger against my dream-lover’s rock-hard clit, and she almost immediately began to spasm in orgasmic pleasure. Driven by instinct and pure animal lust, I rolled over onto my hands and knees, put my face to her pussy, and furiously licked her clit while she continued to moan and spasm.

“Fuck me now!” my dream lover whispered.

In my dreams, I plunged my aching cock up to the hilt into her hot pussy. We fucked and fucked like animals until we exploded together. She gasped and softly moaned, “I’m cumming!” and shook again in total orgasm, just as my cock throbbed, emptying more shots of hot semen into my imaginary lover’s waiting womb.

I think the sheer intensity of pleasure knocked me out cold. I don’t remember anything else until I woke up with the morning light. I was holding my own pretty young twenty-something daughter’s bronze body naked in my arms! Damn! How did she get in the bed? What the hell had I done? How would I apologize? Would she ever speak to me again? Would I be disbarred? Would she file charges against me? Oh, shit, shit, shit!

Slowly and languidly, my sweet little girl, totally naked, rolled over to face me under the sheets and planted a warm kiss directly on my lips. Definitely not a daughterly kiss. A lover’s kiss. “Good morning, Daddy!” she whispered softly and amorously in my ear. Cold with fear, I pulled my hands away from her and shrank back from her warm body.

“I’m so sorry, Cupcake. It just happened. Please forgive me. I couldn’t help it!” I whispered to her, not daring to meet her eyes.

“Forgive you for what?” she asked. “For last night? Daddy, it was nothing. At long last we finally fucked. And I loved it!” She cuddled against me and planted another kiss on my lips, even slower and more sensual. “I’m sorry, Daddy,” she whispered. “I know I’m not supposed to use that kind of language in your presence. But the fact is that you and I had sexual intercourse last night right here in this bed. You were sort of out of it, but you were still awesome, and we went all the way. We did the nasty. It was so fine!”

“But baby, how could it happen?” I pleaded. “I thought it was a wet dream!”

“Daddy,” she told me, “Last semester in Classics, we read the legend of Myrrha and Cyniras, all about how this young girl has a torrid sexual affair with her own dad, it was so cool! You should read it! It always stuck in my mind and since then I’ve always hoped I could do something like that that with you.”

She smiled and brushed a butterfly kiss on my lips. Then she continued, “In Criminal Law they’re making us do case studies based on Gerber’s Rule: “In close enough quarters, any normal man and woman will always become intimate.” In jurisprudence it’s something that a lawyer doesn’t even have to prove, something that’s automatically bahis firmaları accepted by all parties as a given, absent proof to the contrary.”

“Ooof,” I said. “Lawyer-noises!”

“And then,” she said with a grin, “after all that, last night after you fell asleep I was watching this incredibly sexy movie on the triple-X channel. It was about this petite little eighteen-year-old Korean kid and her hot American step-dad. They were stuck for a weekend a motel room with only one bed. It was super explicit. I wish you could have stayed up so we could cuddle up and watch it together.”

“Oh Daddy, I watched every moment of it. By the end of the movie I was unbelievably horny, uh, you know, down there, and my whole body, was really sexually aroused, especially my, ah, genitals; my clitoris and my vagina. I needed to do something, anything, Daddy.”

My daughter sighed, and went on. “You were fast asleep an arm’s length away. We were all alone, so close to each other. After I turned off the TV I couldn’t hear anything except your breathing. I could smell your man-smell and in the moonlight through the curtain I saw your giant erection sticking up under the sheet.”

“Daddy, I have needs too,” my daughter whispered, “and I just couldn’t fight them any longer. Nature took its course, and we mated. Gerber’s Rule. We were two mammals in heat, that’s all. No big deal. It was something we just needed to do, Daddy. I think you needed it pretty badly too, didn’t you?”

“That’s not the point,” I told her. “Baby, you’re my little daughter and I’m your own father. No big deal? That was incest! I could go to prison for what I did!” I buried my face in the pillow.

“Daddy, I’m a woman and you’re a man. Totally a man. To you I’ll always be your little girl, but we’re grownups now,” she whispered. “Back when I ran Track and Field, you know how many girls on the track team told me about sexual stuff they did with their dads or their brothers? At least half of them. Some of them even bragged about it! And those are only the ones who admitted it. The other half were lesbians, and a bunch of them told me how they had played sexually with their mom or their sisters.”

“Have you ever thought about it, Daddy?” she asked me. “How many people in the world will have some kind of sex today? Two billion? Four billion? And of those thousands of millions, how many dads will be pumping between their daughters’ legs, just like you did with me? Hundreds! I bet it’s thousands, or tens of thousands!”

“Daddy, How many respectable professional moms, right here in this city, do you suppose are driving to work at this moment with a smile on their faces and their own son’s cum, sorry, semen, in their bodies? How many brothers are up early together, locked in their rooms? What do you think they’re planning to do?”

She smiled even more broadly and whispered, “How many sisters are starting the day right now with their hands down each other’s pyjamas? Why do you think my sister Jillian and I always lock our bedroom door in the morning when we’re both home at the same time?”

I raised my eyebrows, but then recalled my own long-forgotten, sticky explorations with my brother Billy in his bunk-bed long ago, and smiled.

“It’s like speeding,” she told me. Some time or another during their lives, everybody does it. No exceptions!”

“Oh, and don’t let anyone get religious about it!” she frowned. “Is there any father in the world who, when he walks by the bathroom and hears his grown-up daughter showering, hasn’t ever visualized her naked? Has there ever been a dad, no matter how saintly, who hasn’t looked at his daughter or brand-new daughter-in-law at the altar and imagined her fucking, oops, having sexual intercourse with her new husband?”

“Daddy, has there ever been an adult daughter who doesn’t sneak a peek at her father’s crotch and wonder how big it is? And doesn’t the book say that if you lust after someone, you’ve already fucked, ah, committed adultery with them? And don’t even get me started about Oedipus! If they arrested every father and daughter in this country who have shared body fluids, they couldn’t build enough prisons, or find enough judges who haven’t done it themselves!”

“Wow,” I told her. “Guilty as charged! I sure didn’t waste my money sending you to law college.”

We heard the bed creaking in the next room. My daughter pointed toward the wall and told me, “Even the old couple next door having plain vanilla, missionary position ‘good morning’ sex is having incest, don’t you know? Aren’t husband and wife ‘family,’ closest ‘next of kin’ under the law?”

She laughed. “It’s like gay sex. Back in the day, everyone thought it was ugly and horrid and monstrous. Now gay guys are getting married in court every day in long white wedding dresses.”

“Think about it,” she mused, gazing into my eyes, “Daddy, I wish so much I had the guts to make a move before. But when I finally gathered up the courage to pull down the sheet, when I first touched your penis last night, did kaçak iddaa the sky fall on us? Did lightning strike me? When you gave me your daddy-sperm I swallowed every drop, did the ecology collapse? After you fucked me, aaah… after we had sexual intercourse, did the sun refuse to shine this morning? Did I turn into a poplar tree, like Myrrha? Daddy, we haven’t even hurt the tiniest blade of grass anywhere in the world by what we did.”

“But baby,” I whispered. “We broke the law.”

“Sure, technically,” she shrugged, “just like we broke the law when you were doing 140 kph on that empty stretch of Highway Two. If the RCMP knocks on the door right now, just tell them that I overpowered you and raped you. Hell, I’m half an inch taller than you, twenty years younger than you, and in way better shape. But don’t worry, Daddy. Nobody will ever know but us.” She put her finger to my lips.

Her finger smelled like sex, and I opened my lips and licked it sensuously. With her other hand she was exploring my balls and my already stiffening cock under the sheet.

“But Cupcake… you, I…didn’t use protection. What if…?” I asked her.

“Daddy, don’t worry,” she whispered. “I went on the pill a couple of weeks ago, hoping, hoping this would eventually happen. I hope it’s working already, but even if not, incest isn’t the big hairy monster it’s made out to be, not even genetically. Everybody knows Prince Charles is Queen Victoria’s inbred kid on both sides. And the worst that happened to him is that he’s ugly! Even if you and I did make a baby last night, I bet he or she will be both smart and beautiful.”

I considered the possibilities. The very thought that cute little girl with “my eyes” might now be pregnant with my, our baby, left my head swimming. “This is unreal,” I sighed.

“Daddy, it’s for real,” my daughter whispered seductively. “Face it: we had sex. Right now I’ve got your cum… oh, sorry, Daddy; your semen, in my tummy and in my vagina, and that’s exactly what I wanted. After all, it’s the very same sperm that made me twenty-four years and nine months ago. It’s a natural instinct: my body was hungering for a refresher dose, a booster shot of the same stuff from which it came.”

Her eyes sparkled seductively as she continued to touch and rub my now fully erect penis. “Daddy, could you touch my boobs, oh sorry, my breasts?”

Holding my breath, I lifted my hands and cupped my daughter’s small, firm titties in my two hands, as I had wanted so badly to do for so long.

“I’m glad you could find them under the sheet,” she quipped. “It’s a problem a lot of us girls at University have: T.T.” she whispered. I looked at her quizzically, and she laughed. “T.T.? Tiny Titties!” she explained.

“Baby, they’re perfect,” I breathed, kissing one small, dark nipple and then the other.

She sighed in pleasure and said, “I saw you staring at them last night, Daddy, before you went to bed. When I bent over and kissed you good night I gave you a good look, and you were looking right down my shirt. Girls notice. You said we shouldn’t ever keep secrets. Be honest: did you have sexy thoughts about me before now?”

Still caressing her beautiful little boobs, I took a deep breath and confessed. “Cupcake, I’ve wanted you, wanted to do this, since you turned 18. But ever since Mum left I was determined to give you and Jillian a normal upbringing. So I didn’t dare let myself think about it, so I did my level best to control my feelings.”

“I know, Daddy, and you succeeded. You’re a hero. All the time we were growing up you never ever touched us or ogled us or did anything else wrong. When I got bigger you were even too shy to hug me close. You’re the best daddy in the whole world! And now it’s time for me to thank you in the best way I can.”

She kissed me again and our tongues fought with each other in passion.

The barrier had fallen. The dark, horrible monster that had held me hostage for so many years was out in the open. I felt free to confess all. The idea that for the first time in my life I was sharing hot pillow-talk with my own beautiful daughter excited me even more.

“Cupcake, you’re my fantasy,” I sighed to her.

“Daddy, do you ever jack off, oh sorry, masturbate yourself, thinking about me?” she softly asked.

“Yes, Cupcake,” I confessed, “a lot. Remember when you used to wear a training bra?”

“Daddy, I wore training bras until I was nineteen, when I graduated to a size ‘A.’ Like I said, it’s a T.T. problem.” she giggled.

“Well, baby, when I found your brand new A-cup bra in the wash, do you know what I did? I masturbated into it and ejaculated my sperm into both of the cups before I tossed it in for washing.” I blushed.

“Daddy, did you do it more than once?” she asked.

“All the time, baby. In fact I sometimes still masturbate in laundry room with your bras and panties when you’re staying at home and I’m doing the wash.”

“I wondered what all those stains were,” she smiled. “I thought it was kaçak bahis hard water, when it was really hard cock…. sorry, my daddy’s hard penis!”

She lightly jacked my swollen cock and then moved her fingers down to her own wet pussy. I heard a rhythmic squishing sound as she moved her hand. “To think I had your daddy-semen right there on my boobs and by my pussy, and didn’t even know it!” she mused. “If only I’d have known…If only you’d have told me.”

She gazed into my eyes and grinned with pleasure as she continued to slowly caress herself between her legs.

Then she whispered, “You know, you were always my fantasy lover too, Daddy, since as long as I can remember. You never dated after Mum left, and late at night sometimes I hear your bed rocking. Is that you, playing with yourself?”

I nodded, and she continued whispering. “I heard you call my name when you were cumming, sorry, having a climax. Were you thinking about me when you called my name?”

I nodded again.

“Exactly what did you imagine about me when you played with yourself?” she teased.

Drawing a deep breath, I told her, “I fantasize about you sitting on my lap, and about me putting my hand on your breasts outside your tee-shirt, and then feeling you under your shirt, under your bra. And, and maybe, erh, pulling down the zip on your jeans, putting my fingers in, and fooling with you between your legs until you climax.”

“Oh God, why didn’t you tell me?” she sighed. “Daddy, I’d have done that with you in a minute, if you would have just asked.”

“I was scared shitless of my own feelings toward you,” I admitted to her. “I was worried you’d scream, or get grossed out that I was making a pass at my own daughter. I was scared that you’d accuse me of being a pervert and call the cops.”

“Daddy,” she sighed, squeezing my cock lightly. “When I was seventeen, that’s exactly what I would have done. But I’m grown up now. We’re both single, neither of us have time for dating, and you have needs just like I do. Remember last year when I came back from University, that night before I went to bed? I bent down, gave you a good look down my nightdress and told you, ‘If you ever want something, anything from me, just ask.'”

“Oh, don’t I remember!” I told her. “I nearly had to tie myself to the chesterfield to keep from grabbing you then and there.”

“Daddy, that day, didn’t you hear me playing with myself after I went to bed?” she asked.

“With my ear pressed hard against your bedroom door, and my hand on my penis,” I admitted. “Cupcake, sometimes I listen to you when you use the bathroom too. Last night when we got in the room you forgot to shut the bathroom door, and I could hear you making pee-pee. It was so loud and clear, and it was all I could do not to walk up to the door and look in…”

She brought her lips near my ear and whispered, “Daddy, I know. I spread my legs wide and made it as loud as I could, just so you could hear it better. Last night I left the door open on purpose. When a girl, a woman, does that, you can be sure it’s always on purpose. I held back my pee all afternoon, and I was looking for some excuse to call you in to watch me, but then I chickened out. I was hoping so much that you’d just walk in the door and take me and make love to me… Oh Daddy, please play with my puss… play with my genitals.”

I reached down between her legs and with my forefinger gently explored my daughter’s pussy, the secret folds that I had fantasized about for so long. Last year I had a quick glimpse of her pussy from across the pool when her little green bikini bottom slipped down, and I wondered if that was on purpose, too. Now her pussy hair felt fine, silky and sparse under my fingers. Reaching down, I felt my daughter’s wet, rock-hard clit protruding out from between her fine, delicate cunt lips.

“It’s so big,” I whispered in surprise.

Between gasps she responded. “It should be–I inherited it from you, Daddy!”

She brushed her fingers over the tip of my thick, eight-inch tool, picked up some of my pre-cum, pushed my finger aside and rubbed it onto her own big clit. “Daddy, I’m going to masturbate myself right now. Every time I play with myself,” she told me, “I dream it’s your fingers down there.”

As she pleasured her own clit, I moved my finger lower, pausing to caress my little girl’s private pee-hole and then pushing two fingers into her tight, wet pussy.

“Milk, milk, lemonade; turn the corner and a baby’s made!” she giggled to me. “It’s a jump-rope rhyme we used to have when I was in grade five. Daddy, I need your penis in my vagina. Now. Please!”

This time, I was in control. My head was as clear as my lust, and it was my conscious decision. Getting up, I tossed the sheet back and feasted my eyes on my daughter as a young woman: firm, petite breasts, long, sensitive fingers teasing her own nipple and clit, narrow waist, feminine hips.

I moved over her and she brought both of her hands up to her boobs. After teasing my daughter’s clitoris with the head of my cock, I gently eased my erection all the way into her sopping pussy, and together we started once again the age old dance of love. “We’re fucking, baby,” I told her out loud.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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