The Beach

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The Beach

Outside it was a perfect late summer’s day. Mark looked out the window at the sun glinting on the water, the perfect baby-blue sky and the light wispy clouds, and groaned inwardly. His leave was over for this summer and the prospect was for a long, difficult business year ahead. It had never really struck him until recently, that retirement mightn’t be such a bad option after all, but it was a long way away. He turned back to the computer screen and tried to summon some level of focus for the task at hand.

The work made a little more enjoyable with classical music playing on the radio and he had become absorbed in what he was doing when a message window popped up from his screen. It was from Catherine.

“Hi Mark, I had an appointment this afternoon but it’s been cancelled, which means I can take an extra long lunch. Can you get away? xxx”

Mark had just about finished the job he was doing, he was owed some time and it was a beautiful sunny day. What could be better than spending an afternoon with Catherine?

He replied to her message.

“Sounds great Cathy! 12:30 in the usual place?”

Almost instantly a response came back.

“Goody! I’ll get a drink and something to eat. See you soon!”

It was fortunate that he had nearly finished the document on the computer, because the prospect of a lunch time meeting with Catherine usually started him daydreaming very naughty thoughts.

A short time later, after the document had been finished and emailed to the client, Mark logged off his computer, grabbed his wallet and keys and headed out the door. He took the lift to the carpark, started the car and made his way into the traffic. A few minutes later he pulled up at their usual meeting place and turned the engine off. Catherine wasn’t there yet, he must have slightly misjudged his timing.

Mark turned the radio on and reached down to switch it to the classical music station. The car was filled with the gentle sound of strings and he settled back in his seat, slightly excited with anticipation. He wondered where they might go – it would depend on how long Catherine had free. He glanced in the rear view mirror and saw Catherine walking up the street.

Catherine usually wore smart jeans to work but today she had a beautiful floral summer dress on, basically white with large red and yellow flowers. The hem swished around her legs as she walked, and she had flat sandals on her feet. She carried a light cloth bag over her shoulder.

Mark opened the door as she reached the car, and she got in. He noticed her bare legs as she settled into the seat, and his heart rate increased a little as the lovely dress bunched up around her thighs. She smiled at him and he drank in the sight of her smiling face. Her hair had been cut in the last couple of days and hug stylishly around her neck, and her lips shone with soft pink, glossy lipstick.

“This is a pleasant surprise!” he said, as she put her bag on the floor and clipped the seat belt into place.

“How long do you have?”

“It is, isn’t it?” she replied. “Oh, it doesn’t matter when I get back today. Can we go to the beach?”

“Why not?!” he smiled and put the indicator on to pull into the traffic. Catherine put her hand on his leg.

It had been a while since they had seen each other so they had plenty to talk about so they chatted while Mark negotiated the way out of the city. Before too long he was able to accelerate to the speed limit and he flicked on the cruise control.

Mark glanced across at Catherine’s legs with the material of her dress still up around her thighs.

“I really like you wearing a dress.” he said as he moved his hand to her leg, cool from the air conditioning.

“I thought you’d like it” she replied, smiling “and since it’s such a lovely summer day I thought I’d take advantage of it.”

“Ha!” Mark exclaimed “I’d like to take advantage of it too!” He moved his hand a little further up Catherine’s leg.

“Only if you were allowed…” she said, cheekily.

Mark moved his hand away again.

“Oh, am I not allowed?” he asked, with mock innocence.

“You’ll have to find out, won’t you?”

Mark smiled and kept his eyes on the road, but he moved his hand back to Catherine’s leg and slid it up under the material of her dress.

“Is that OK?” he asked?

“Ok so far” she laughed.

Mark drew circles on the bare skin of Catherine’s thigh with the tips of his fingers and stroked her leg with the palm of his hand. Gradually his hand moved a bit further up her leg and he rested it there for a while and concentrated on the road. Catherine’s hand was also moving, lightly stroking Mark’s leg through his trousers. He was enjoying her soft touch as he drove.

Mark started tickling Catherine’s leg again and slowly moved his hand further up under her dress until it was resting against the soft cotton of her knickers. He smiled to himself.

“Still OK?” he asked, jokingly.

“Hmmm, I guess…” she responded with fake seriousness.

“Oh, too far?” he bahis firmaları answered, playing along and moving his hand away.

“Well, it’s not going to do you much good, is it?”

“Maybe not. It’s still exciting though.” He moved his hand back and traced the tips of his fingers over the skin on Catherine’s inner thigh and the front of her knickers. Catherine responded by moving her legs apart, and Mark’s fingers slipped down the front of her pants into the warm, moist space between her legs. He ran his fingers over the softness of the cotton and the firmness of her body and applied a little pressure.

“Mmmm, that’s nice,” Catherine sighed, “but I think you should stop.”

“Oh, OK.” He was a little puzzled. “Had enough?” He moved his hand away again.

Catherine glanced at him from under her hair and smiled. She moved in her seat, lifting herself up from the leather. She moved both her hands up under her dress, hooked her fingers into the sides of her knickers and slowly pulled them down her legs and over her feet, taking care not to get them tangled in her sandals. When they were off she folded them and put them on Mark’s lap. She settled back into her seat and moved her legs apart again.

“There you are. That might help!”

Mark laughed.

“You’re so naughty! You always surprise me, I love it!!” And he moved his hand back between Catherine’s legs. His fingers brushed up and down over her pubic hair and then moved lower to where it was warm and moist. Mark glanced across at Catherine and she gave him a delightfully sexy smile, inviting him to continue. He smiled back and returned his eyes to the road but his fingers continued their exploration. He touched her labia and ran his finger up and down between them. Catherine was wet, very wet, and she opened to him easily. She slipped a little forward in her seat so that it was easier for him to reach, and the movement pushed the tip of his finger into her wet, warm, tight vagina. Mark squirmed in his seat a little, trying to find a comfortable position for the growing erection in his pants.

“Ooh you feel good!” he said, and she could hear the excitement in his voice.

Sitting there beside him, with the traffic going past, her dress pulled right up and his finger inside her was thrilling for Catherine. She knew that drivers of trucks or buses might be able to see how she was sitting and what was happening but she loved the naughty feeling that she might be on display. She wanted Mark to keep going.

“It feels good for me too, but my clit is feeling a bit lonely!”

Mark laughed and moved his finger from Catherine’s wet vagina. He traced up between her lips and found her hard little clitoris. He drew circles around the head with the tip of his finger.

“Mmmm, I like that!” she moaned.

They were coming to the end of the highway and the road became more winding. Mark had to use both hands on the wheel so he moved his left hand away from Catherine and concentrated on the road again.

“Hold that thought Cathy,” he said “we might be able to get back to it later.”

Catherine was disappointed. Being fingered in semi-public like that was turning her on.

“Oh, just when I was getting into it too!” she smiled.

She didn’t bother pulling her dress down, and she turned her focus to the road too.

They didn’t say anything for a while and it was another few kilometres down the road before Catherine spoke.

“I’m still turned on you know” she said, looking across and smiling at Mark.

She moved her hand up and down his leg, stroking it through the fabric of his trousers. Her fingers tickled inside his thigh and she gradually moved up until her hand was covering his crotch. His erection had subsided since he stopped fingering her, but her touch was enough to get him hard again. She squeezed her hand.

“Having any effect?” she asked, cheekily.

“You always have an effect on me!” He kept his attention on the road, guiding the car through the sweeping corners.

Catherine could feel Mark’s penis getting hard under her hand and enjoyed the feeling as its length and girth increased in response to her touch. She gripped it through his trousers and slowly rubbed it up and down with her hand. His cock felt so hard and she daydreamed about where she would like to have it. Mark loved the hard feeling of his erection and Catherine’s hand gently stroking it, but he didn’t take his attention from his driving.

Catherine kept feeling, squeezing and stroking Mark’s cock all the way to their destination. For a while she slipped her other hand between her own legs, gently and slowly rubbing her clitoris, keeping herself aroused. Mark glanced across and watched the slow movement of her hand under her dress. He loved how open Catherine was about enjoying and exploring her own sexuality and sharing it with him.

It didn’t take long before they arrived at the parking area for the beach. Being a weekday there weren’t many cars there, just a station wagon and an old VW Kombi, both with surfboards on the roof.

Catherine kaçak iddaa pulled her dress down and got out of the car, taking her bag with her. Mark got out his side and pressed the button on the key to lock the doors. He smiled as he put Catherine’s folded knickers in his pocket.

The beach was hidden from their view but they could hear the sound of waves crashing on the sand. A stiff, salty sea breeze ruffled their hair and wheeling seagulls above added their noise to the scene. They both took a deep breath of the sea air before Mark took Catherine’s hand and they started to walk along the path, through the dunes and the sea grass tufts to the beach.

It was a picture postcard-perfect day of blue sky, white clouds, green water and round crashing waves. The long white crescent of sand shone in the sun and stretched into the distance on the left of where the path met the beach. On the right the beach ran out at the foot of a rounded, grassy hill that was capped by a top-knot of stunted trees. A path headed up to the top of the hill from the scrub behind the end of the beach.

Catherine pointed to the top of the hill.

“That looks like a good spot for a picnic! Nice outlook and the trees will give some shade from the sun.”

They set out along the beach, hand in hand, eventually finding the start of the path to the hill. The walk to the top of the hill wasn’t long or strenuous, so they found themselves at the top after only ten minutes of walking.

The top of the hill provided a fabulous view out over the ocean and a few scattered islands close to the shore. In the far distance the sail of a yacht could be seen silhouetted against the sky and further around the coast there was a straggly collection of holiday cottages. But the top of the hill was all theirs – a natural little viewing platform with a copse of trees on three sides of an open grassy area. Down on the beach the surfers were catching the break around the point at the other end. Catherine and Mark wouldn’t be disturbed.

Catherine took a ground sheet out of her bag and spread it on the grass. She sat down with her arms hugging her knees and looked out at the view. Mark sat beside her and put his arm across her shoulders.

“What a perfect place to spend an afternoon.” she said.

Mark looked at her, with her eyes sparkling, the breeze ruffling her hair and the skirt of her summer dress wrapped around her legs, tantalising as it moved gently in the breeze. She looked beautiful and he told her so. Catherine turned her head to him, closed her eyes and kissed him. Their tongues played lazily in each others’ mouths and they both felt their arousal return. Catherine moved her hand to the side of Mark’s face as they kissed, then ran it down his neck and across his chest. Her fingers traced across his nipple and he felt his hard penis twitch. She reached down to his waist and pulled his shirt out from inside his belt, then moved her hand up his stomach and chest until her finger tips found his nipple. She pinched it and tickled it with her fingertips. He moaned into her mouth.

Mark’s hand was stroking Catherine’s soft, bare arm. His fingers teased the skin on her shoulder and then he moved his hand to her right breast, small and firm under her dress. He cupped her breast and moved his thumb across her nipple.

“I want everything today.” she sighed. “Everything, anything. Whatever you want, don’t ask.”

Mark moved away from Catherine and lowered her down until she was lying on the ground. He reached for her bag and put it under her head as a pillow, then he reached down to the hem of her dress and slowly moved it up her legs. She lifted herself up a little so that the dress would move past her bum. Her knickers were now in Mark’s pocket so she was naked from the waist down. Her knees were raised and he gently spread them apart, moved between them and leaned down to kiss her most intimate places.

Catherine relaxed her legs and put her hands under her buttocks to raise herself up to him. Mark moved further down between her legs and separated her folds with his tongue, taking his time, relishing the sensation. He licked her deeply, tasting her arousal, then the tip of his tongue found her clitoris and he settled to pleasure her, flicking the tip of his tongue over her hard bud.

Catherine closed her eyes and sighed. She felt her entire body relax and she lost herself to Mark’s tongue between her legs. She didn’t focus on the detail, not really noticing if he moved from her clitoris to lick her deeply inside, whether he was sucking her rather than licking her clitoris or when he slipped his fingers inside and massaged her. She fell into a suspended trancelike dream of warmth, wetness and sexual pleasure. She trusted him and he knew what turned her on. She was highly aroused, extremely wet and she didn’t want him to stop.

It was similar for Mark. He was lost in Catherine, in the intimacy of pleasuring her with his tongue and fingers. His eyes were shut and he licked, and sucked, and fingered her. But he also kaçak bahis knew that she wouldn’t come like this, so after many, many minutes he stopped and knelt up again, stretching his back.

Catherine opened her eyes, almost like awaking from a deep sleep.

“That was sooo good” she said but then wriggled a little to wake herself up, flashing her eyes at him.

“So what’s next?”

Mark looked down at her, at her nakedness and the dress around her waist. He saw the dreamy sex-look on her face and smiled, but didn’t say anything. He quickly undid his belt and Catherine watched as he took off his trousers and underpants. He moved to straddle her, shuffling up her body until his hard cock was pointing up in front of her face.

“Oh, I like this bit!” she whispered and kissed the head of his penis.

Mark moved forward a little and Catherine opened her mouth, allowing the head of his cock to enter. She loved the feeling of the firm head of his penis in her mouth. She sucked on it, ran her tongue around it and then looked up at his face. As her eyes met his he pushed forward and watched as the smooth shaft of his cock disappeared into her mouth. Catherine felt her mouth fill with his cock and it pushed towards the back of her throat. She relaxed and breathed and waited. He paused and she sucked him and moved her tongue around him, then he slowly withdrew. Catherine moved her hand to hold the shaft of Mark’s cock and she went to work on the head, sucking it into her mouth, licking the shaft and teasing him with her tongue. Mark watched her face as she sucked and he enjoyed her enthusiasm, but then he took over again and started to thrust into her mouth again. Catherine looked up at him, holding his gaze as he slowly and carefully fucked her mouth.

“Hmmm, I’d love to come in your mouth” he groaned. “But not today…”

Mark withdrew his wet, hard cock from Catherine’s mouth and moved back down to kneel between her legs again. He bent down over her and kissed her passionately and she pushed her tongue deep into his mouth.

Mark reached down and put his arms behind Catherine’s knees, lifting her bum and pulling her towards him. She moved her hand down between her legs, found his hard cock and rubbed the head between her labia to spread her wetness over him. She thrilled at the touch of his cock against her and waited for the moment when he would fill her.

Mark paused, relishing the feeling of his hardness against her warm, soft wetness, but then he thrust hard and deep into her open, willing body. Catherine gasped as she felt him enter her and a wave of pleasure washed over her. Mark paused for a moment and then withdrew so that he was just at her entrance again and then he pushed urgently and deeply back into her. Again, Catherine gasped as she felt the flush of penetration but then she was overcome by a glorious sense of fullness as his cock opened and filled the depth of her vagina. He withdrew again, and she waited in anticipation of his next thrust.

“Oooh, fuck me. Fuck me hard” she murmured.

Mark was overtaken by an urgent desire and he began a frantic rhythm of thrusting hard, fast and deep into Catherine’s petite, delicate body. He was consumed, fucking, fucking, fucking her as hard as he could. His eyes were shut and his legs drove his hard cock powerfully into her. His pelvis crashed into hers, sending spasms of pleasure through her. Every thrust pushed the air from her lungs and she clung to him with her legs open, wrapped around his back, her eyes open watching as he used her body. She wanted to be taken, to be used for sex, to be fucked and fucked and fucked. She didn’t want it to stop and neither did Mark, and he thrust into her as the perspiration built up on his skin.

After several minutes he opened his eyes, realizing that she was still there. He collapsed on top of her, panting hard, sweating in the heat.

“Wow! That was intense! Did you come?” she panted.

Mark was still breathing heavily from the exertion.

“I… dunno… what… came over me… then. Are you OK? Sorry about that!” he gasped.

“Oh, I loved it!” she glowed. “Don’t apologise. Is there more?”

He pushed himself up with his arms and looked down at her. He was still hard and deep inside her. She glowed with a sheen of sweat and she had a strange, calm-but-excited look on her face. He recognized it as her I-love-having-sex look.

“Oh, yes there’s more!” he laughed. “I haven’t quite finished with you yet!”

“Goody!” was all she said.

Mark leaned back and carefully slipped out of Catherine’s soaking vagina, mindful that withdrawal was also a special feeling for her. He breathed deeply and wiped a bead of sweat from his brow.

“Roll over on your front” he instructed.

Catherine’s legs were stiff from being held up, wide apart in the air. She stretched them out and then rolled over. She started to get up on her knees but Mark pushed her bum back down.

“Soon but not yet” he said gently.

He pushed Catherine’s legs apart and she spread them wide. She was lying flat on her stomach with her arms folded under her shoulders. She waited in breathless anticipation as to what he would do next. She had told him not to ask but she knew what she wanted him to do.

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