The Barstool

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This one is one of my most loved and most memorable dates. I met this one guy at a party, Diego, he was a little older than me, hipster beard, dark eyes, robust muscular body, kind of hot. He told me he owned a bar in one of the waterfront districts. I felt the hots for him, and naturally he was very attracted to me. So after the party we exchanged numbers.

He called me up the next day and invited to see him at his bar. I instantly had a plan that I would tease and seduce him that night. So I wore a red short dress that I had back then, with spaghetti thin straps and a low neck. It was kind of a slutty look for me, it was revealing the cleavage of my tits, and on top of that I decided to go braless and no panties.

I came to the bar an hour before he was closing. I sat at the bar while he worked behind the bar getting everyone beer and stuff. He made me a drink and we just chatted. He made plans for us to go hang out at a club later that night. He looked very busy and serious at his work and the way he handled himself with customers made him look very confident and very respectful. He was kind of hot, and I sat there on my barstool watching him and inadvertently biting my lip. I decided to send him some signals to try to distract him. I leaned lower to reveal more of my tits and propped them up with my arm. I pouted my lips as I listened to his stories and gave him fuck-me glances. I didn’t know if he was getting it.

Soon after the last call the customers started leaving and finally when the bar was empty bahis firmaları he was ready to close. He closed the register and got the lights. Then walked over to me and asked me if I wanted another drink before heading out. I said I was fine but didn’t move. I was sitting up on the barstool fumbling with the hem of my short dress and giving him my mystery smile. He probably read my mind because he moved in closer and put his lips on mine. It was a slow and long kiss, soft, quiet but full of great passion and energy.

The Spanish guitar music was still playing softly, the street lights shone through the tall windows of the dark bar, it was a very romantic setting. So what followed next was only natural and completely broke his plans for the night—his kissing was growing stronger and deeper, I started moaning quietly. His fingers ran through my hair and moved to my neck. He broke the kiss and his lips followed there. This gave me goosebumps, I basically shuddered from his touch. He found the right button to push. I could feel my nipples harden and poke through the fabric of my dress…his hands kept moving further down my body, he brushed past my shoulder catching one of the straps of my dress and pulling it down. Then his hand brushed against my right boob and the nipple as if by accident and continued to my hips. I didn’t mind.

He buried his face in my hair and his hand was caressing my butt. I instinctively stuck my behind out as if giving him more ground to cover and a better reach. As I did that my dress drew kaçak iddaa upwards. He probably felt the fabric move because his fingers started crawling to the hemline and my thighs…the dress was no longer stopping him as he reached under it. As he went in further to grope my buttcheeks his hand pulled the dress along revealing mor e of my nudity. It didn’t take him long to realize that I had no underwear on. If it wasn’t obvious to him already an hour earlier when I had my boobs resting on the bar in front of him and my dress hugging my butt just a little too tightly…

I sat there with my legs now fully exposed and the top of my dress hanging solely on the tip of my now erect nipples. The kissing left me gasping for air and the feel of his warm hands on my naked butt made my pussy tingle. At one point he looked me straight in the eye and with one quick and kinda rough motion pulled the top of my dress down. Ahh! I gasped surprised. My boobs jumped up like jelly with those nipples sticking up. He took a long moment to enjoy this naked view, I stared back at him with my curious eyes and mouth open from this unexpected move and my nipples staring back at him.

Before long his tongue was circling my areola and my nipple. His hands continued to explore my warm ass, running his fingers down my crack deeper and deeper. I felt how he paused when his fingertips ran over my firm butthole. His mouth sucked away at my tits arousing me to the point that I couldn’t breathe well. This went on for about 10 minutes and I began to realize kaçak bahis that my juices were already making the barstool very slippery. I stopped my moaning turned my back on him and lifted my ass slightly. His hands froze on my naked ass cheeks where the dress was now completely wrapped around my waist. He looked up at me trying to read this move, and I glanced over my shoulder to confirm the next step…Take me…

At this phrase his pants dropped almost automatically and his penis jumped out of his underwear. He checked the wetness of my pussy rubbing his fingers gently between my pussy lips… the juices were enough to lube the tip of his throbbing cock. He was whispering, “My cock is so hungry…so hungry for you babe…” He pointed it at my opening and I moved my ass to meet him. I felt my pussy wrap around his cock as he plunged it deep inside. There I sat on the bar stool with my ass out as he was doing me from behind…

It was such a powerful romantic moment that I had never experienced before…his sexy voice his strong hands.. the dark of the bar, and the dimmed light… The music added to the charm. We didn’t just fuck and I didn’t just feel his cock in my vagina. I felt his soul reach into mine…somehow we connected on a different level. My head was dizzy with pleasure I moaned like a woman who forgot how to speak. The barstool and his grip were the only thing that held me together. I felt like I was ready to melt in the orgasm…

Ever since then I keep comparing all my dates and all my fucking with that night. The barstool became my favorite position that taught me how to get g-spot orgasm. I even bought myself a barstool to keep at my apartment for those moments when I wanted to recreate that night…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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