The Barnet Sisters Ch. 03

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It was slightly after daylight as Judy and Trudy Barnet slipped through the gate into their mom’s backyard. Judy grinned as she saw the swimsuit Mike had on the afternoon before, laying next to the pool. Trudy giggled softly and nudged her sister. “Mom’s bikini is in the pool.”

“It looks like our plan worked,” Judy whispered in reply.

“Mike’s SUV is gone. I wonder what that means?” Trudy asked.

“Maybe he wanted to be gone before the neighbors realized he had spent the night here.”

“Is he that nice a guy?” Trudy asked with a grin. “He’s a walking dick in more ways than one.”

Judy frowned and then grinned. “We could swing by his place and ask him.”

Trudy giggled. “I hope he took a shower. I’d hate to get surprised with a mom flavored dick.”

“Ewww!” Judy said and giggled. “She probably tastes like us.”

Trudy groaned and took her sister’s arm, heading toward the gate. “Yeah, a vintage version.”


Gale Barnet woke slowly and sighed as she rolled over on her back. She felt wonderful in both mind and spirit. Great sex always made her feel that way. The young man was… well… young but he acted older. He was also sweet and caring. His note was the perfect end to their affair.

She grinned and opened her eyes. “The end my ass,” she whispered. A moment later, she made a sound halfway between a laugh and a giggle as she remembered his tongue teasing her asshole. “Be careful what you wish for,” she added as she stretched her arms over her head and her toes as far down, as they would go. She rolled side to side feeling her body loosening up.

With a deep sigh, she sat up. The covers fell away from her upper body. Her hands came up and caressed her breasts lightly. Her nipples were already hard from the memories of her and Mike in the pool. She pinched and rolled her nipples as she remember him coming in her mouth or was that throat and her coming as he did.

She shivered and released her nipples. That had been so delicious on so many levels. She had a big smile on her face as she turned and sat on the edge of the bed. She licked her lips and then grinned as she remembered Mike licking the end of his nose. That tongue had nearly killed her. Not to mention his nose rubbing her clit.

Her hands rubbed the tops of her thighs as they parted slowly. Masturbation was crossing her mind but she chuckled and stood up. “I think I’ll wait and see if he calls,” she whispered to herself. “It’s time for a shower and then breakfast.”


Judy knocked on Mike’s door. After a couple of minutes, Trudy knocked even harder. A couple of minutes after that, Judy reached for the doorknob. About the time her hand touched the knob, the door opened suddenly.

Mike grinned down at the twin sisters and chuckled. “Is this a fact finding mission or an invasion?”

“Have you had a shower?” Trudy asked as she pushed past Mike and entered his house.

“Uh, yeah, I had one when I came home last night.”

“Good,” Judy said as she followed her sister.

Mike shook his head with a grin as he closed the door and turned to face the sisters. “An invasion,” he said more or less to himself.

“How was Mom?” Trudy asked point blank.

“Delicious.” Mike replied, still grinning.

“I’ll bet that tongue of yours knocked her socks off,” Judy said with a grin of her own.

“I had to return the favor after she knocked my socks off.”

“What do you mean she knocked your socks off?” Trudy asked and then groaned softly. “She swallowed the whole thing.”

“You’ve got that right,” Mike said as he watched Judy go to her knees. His pajama bottoms ended up around his knees as she did. His dick was soft but hung down nicely.

Trudy chuckled as she watched her sister lick at the thick shaft. “Is it Mama flavored?”

“I didn’t fuck your mother,” Mike said flatly and then groaned softly as Judy sucked on the head of his dick.

“What! Why not,” Trudy asked.

Judy’s mouth moving back and forth along his shaft distracted Mike for a moment. “By the time I finished tonguing her to quite a few orgasms, she was pretty much out of it. I put her to bed, left her a note, and came home.”

There was a soft moan from Judy as her nose touched the hair around the base of his dick. Mike made a soft grunting sound. His dick was still getting hard but having his entire dick in her mouth felt damned good. That wouldn’t last much longer.

“Get you some,” Trudy said with a laugh.

Judy made a soft gagging sound and slowly raised her head until his dick popped out of her mouth. She worked her jaw back and forth for a moment and then sighed. “I had it all there for a minute.”

“More like thirty seconds,” Trudy whispered and then laughed as her sister gave her a dirty look.

Judy worked her jaw again and looked up at Mike. “So when are you going to fuck her?”

“She didn’t call last night so I’m supposed to call her this morning,” Mike said as he turned his head and looked at the clock on the mantel. Looking down bahis firmaları at Judy he added, “Eight o’clock sounds good.”

Trudy looked at the clock and asked, “So what are we going to do for the next hour?”

Judy laughed and pulled Mike’s hard dick down to mouth level. She swirled her tongue around the head and looked at her sister. “I could be mean but I won’t,” she said as she stood up.

The next thing Mike knew he was being pulled by his dick toward his bedroom. His pajama bottoms moved down and almost tripped him at one point. They ended up mixed in with the twin’s clothes along the path to his bed.


Judy was sprawled out on Mike’s left leg; her wet hot pussy was pressed to the top of his foot. His dick was pulled over so she could suck on it as she rubbed her wetness on his foot. She couldn’t get past the three quarters mark without gagging but she kept trying.

Trudy was straddling Mike’s head and had a death grip on the headboard. His tongue had started out in her pussy but now it was trying to wiggle up her asshole. She couldn’t catch her breath as it went deeper and deeper. She’d had two orgasms already and couldn’t believe she was about to come again. With a loud yell, her hips started jerking and she tried to get up off his tongue but he wasn’t having any of that.

Judy lifted her head and looked at her sister. Mike’s dick was still in her mouth but she didn’t believe what she saw. She actually stopped sucking and just stared. His tongue was stuffed up her sister’s ass and she was coming her brains out.

A moment or two later, Trudy went silent and toppled over backwards. Mike grabbed her as best he could as Judy rolled sideways out of the way. Trudy hit the bed between Mike’s spread legs and bounced. She was totally out of it. Mike checked her pulse and grinned. “She’s fine.”

“Uh, did you do that to Mom?”

Mike looked at Judy and sighed. “I was going to but she was already too far out of it.”

Judy groaned as she thought of his tongue up her ass. “I… uh… I…” she stammered and then got to her knees.

Mike laughed and held up two fingers to make the sign of a cross. “I don’t need two bodies in my bed.” He glanced at the clock on the nightstand and added, “Anyway, it’s time to call your mom.”

Judy had an evil grin on her face as Mike picked up his phone. He had turned and was now sitting on the side of the bed as he dialed Gale’s number. After she said, “Hello,” he said, “Hey, good looking. How are you feeling this morning?”

A second later, a warm wet mouth tried to swallow his dick. He looked down to see Judy smiling around his dick. He tried to push her away and listen to Gale at the same time. When Judy refused to let go of his dick, he said, “Can I call you back in about ten minutes. There’s someone ringing in and someone at the front door.”

Gale laughed and said, “Sure. You seem to have a busy Sunday morning going on.”

“Something like that,” Mike said and hung up.

He put the phone down on the nightstand and bent over to grab Judy around the waist. The next thing she knew, she was on her belly on the bed. Two arms snaked between her thighs and lifted her up until her knees were off the bed. Mike planted his tongue as deep as it would go in her sopping wet pussy.

Judy was well into her second orgasm, when Mike pulled his tongue out of her pussy and wiggled the tip against her asshole. “No! No! No!” She half yelled and then wiggled her ass as his tongue went in deeper and deeper.

His tongue in her pussy was wonderfully delicious. His tongue up her ass was pure pleasure. The more his tongue worked over her asshole the higher she went. She now knew what had put Trudy out and she was headed that way herself.

A few minutes later, Judy was laid out next to her sister.

Mike smiled as he picked up his phone and headed for the living room.


After a short knock, Gale answered the front door with a big smile. Mike had on shorts and a t-shirt. “That looks cooler than what you started with yesterday,” she said as he came inside.

He looked her up and down. She was barefoot with a short silk robe wrapped loosely around her body. There was cleavage showing at the top of the robe and bare legs below. “Do you have the yellow bikini on under there?”

Gale laughed as she turned and headed for the kitchen. “As far as I know, it’s still in the pool.”

She picked up her mug on the way past the breakfast bar and went on into the kitchen. “Coffee?” She asked as she refilled her mug.

“Sounds good to me.” Mike replied. “What were you wearing before I called?”

She reached up into the top of a tall cabinet, the hem of the robe moved up to the bottom of her ass cheeks, and took down a mug. She looked over her shoulder at the young man sitting at the counter. With a grin, she replied, “Nothing, absolutely nothing.”

“A fabulous choice for an outfit anytime of day,” Mike said with a grin of his own.

“Have you had breakfast?” She asked as she sat a full kaçak iddaa mug down in front of him.

“Oh yeah. I think I actually had too much breakfast. I had already eaten one breakfast when I called you the first time. Then a friend showed up with a second.”

“I was starving when I woke up,” Gale said with a smile.

“Too bad you couldn’t have had for breakfast, what you had for supper,” Mike said with a big smile.

“The thought crossed my mind several times,” Gale said with a big smile of her own.

Mike stood up and asked, “Are the twins around?”

“I haven’t seen them this morning. They’re probably recovering from the party last night at the dorm.”

Mike grinned as he pushed the front of his shorts down and hooked the waistband under his balls. “Some parties are harder to recover from than others,” he said cryptically as he stepped to the end of the counter.

Gale nodded as her eyes dropped to his exposed dick. She pursed her lips and then licked them. “It’s a little early for brunch but…”

“Speaking of butt… that was supposed to have been dessert last night.”

Gale shivered hard. “That would have led to my funeral.”

“I still think you’re protesting too much.”

Gale glanced at his face and then down to his dick as her hand moved so she could caress his semi hard member with two fingertips. It gave a jerk as she first touched it. “Since you’re showing off…” she whispered as she sat her mug down. She used her free hand to untie the bow on the belt that held the robe closed.

The robe stay closed for the most part so Mike reached out and used both hands to spread it open. When he released it, her breasts held it open. “Much better,” he whispered softly.

Gale chuckled. “All we need now are the girls busting through the front door.”

“You lock the back door and I’ll lock the front door.”

Gale shook her head. “That will only slow them down. They both have a key to the place.”

“Is there a lock on your bedroom door?” Mike asked as he picked up his mug.

Gale grinned and picked up her mug. “Nope,” she replied before she took a sip of coffee.

Mike sipped his coffee with a thoughtful look on his face. A moment later, he grinned and said, “Now I see the reason for the boat in the garage.”

Gale laughed. “No, that boat is where the two of them were conceived.”

Mike groaned as a vision of Gale bent over a seat in the boat, her ass sticking up in the air, crossed his mind. His dick gave a twitch. “Are the tags on the trailer and boat current?” He asked quickly.

Gale made a sound close to a giggle. “Me bent over the middle seat with my ass in the air?”

Mike nodded as his dick twitched again. “That was pretty much it.”

“How about a ride in the country?” Gale asked.

“With you dressed the way you are now?” Mike asked in reply.

Gale shivered very hard. “That hasn’t happened in a very long time and never in the daylight.”

“My SUV is taller than most everything but four wheel drive trucks and semis. It also has darkly tinted windows.”

Gale shivered hard again. “I can’t believe I’m actually considering it.”

“Grab a pair of shorts and t-shirt to wear if we stop for lunch and in case the girls are home when we get back,” Mike suggested.

Gale grinned, took a large sip of her coffee and squatted down. She swallowed the coffee and then sucked on the head of his dick. Mike let out a deep groan. Gale pulled her head back holding suction. His dick popped out of her mouth with a slurping sound. “I found my lunch,” she whispered as she stood up.


Gale sent Mike out to the garage to find an ice chest while she packed some clothes in a bag. When he returned, she had on a short sundress or was it a long skirt worn as a dress. He wasn’t sure which it was.

They packed the ice chest with beer, ice, and cokes. When they were done, Gale leaned on the counter with a fresh mug of coffee. She was smiling at the young man in front of her as she sipped the coffee. “I had to change. I don’t think the neighbors would approve of me running around in that short robe.”

Mike grinned as he took a moment to put his dick away in his shorts. “In that case, the neighbors would not approve of me running around with my dick out.”

Gale chuckled. “The ladies around here would be drooling on both ends. The men on the other hand…”

Mike chuckled and nodded. “How much are you drooling?”

Gale shivered and whispered, “I’ll show you when we get in the car.”


Mike loaded the ice chest into the floor behind Gale’s seat. She was smiling as she watched his shorts tighten across his ass as he bent over working the ice chest into place. He straightened up and gave her a quizzical look. Her smile was now a grin. “The old ladies around here will be drooling anyway,” she said softly.

“I… uh… don’t have much experience with older women.”

“They’re much like younger ones except they have more experience and are usually trapped by life,” kaçak bahis Gale said with a sigh. “Not that I ever felt trapped but then again, I had a lot more of what most other woman wanted.”

Mike opened the passenger door and asked with a grin, “A big dick at home?”

Gale chuckled and whispered, “A loving husband who didn’t run down when it came to love or lovemaking.”

“But the big dick didn’t hurt,” Mike said as she stepped up on the running board and used the grab handle over the door to get in the seat. Her left foot was inside and her right was till on the running board, her knees wide apart.

As Mike looked down at her uncovered thighs, Gale moved the large rectangular beach bag she had in her right hand to her right thigh. Her left hand moved to the hem of the dress and lifted it up so he could see her bare pussy. “A big dick always hurts so deliciously.”

Mike licked his lips and smiled. “You are drooling beautifully and there will be a wet spot in that skirt shortly.”

Gale grinned and lowered the hem of the dress. As she turned and got her right leg inside, she said, “I have a plan for that. Now close the door so I can put it into motion.”

Mike closed the door. He had a smile on his face as he walked around the front of the truck to the driver’s door. As he opened it, he saw Gale spreading a small towel out on the seat. As she turned and sat on it, she moved the skirt out from under her ass and behind her back.

“Experience?” Mike asked as he got into the SUV.

“Something like that,” Gale said with a grin. “My husband and I messed up some nice furniture in our younger days.”

Mike grinned as he watched Gale fuss with the hem of the dress. She would pull it up above mid thigh and then move it back down a little. He also noticed that the elastic band at the top seemed to be a little lower than it had been earlier. He wondered what it would look like with the elastic under her breasts.

Gale looked down the street in one direction and then leaned forward to look past him. The elastic band crept lower as she did. “We should get going before the girls show up.”

Mike laughed as he started the SUV. She was talking about the twins he realized and not her girls. He backed out of the drive and started down the street. Gale turned slightly toward him. The hem of the dress rode up higher on one side. Judy sitting in that same seat the first night they met overlaid her mother.

“Not bad, not bad at all,” Mike whispered. Gale giving him a quizzical look made him realize he had said it out loud. “Like I said, I don’t have much experience with older woman. I’m learning a lot around you and enjoying every minute of it.”

Gale turned a little more as they stopped at the stop sign at the end of the street. Her back was more on the door than the seat. She smiled broadly as she moved her left knee up onto the seat. Most of her left thigh was exposed but her pussy was barely covered.

“Teasing is something learned,” she said and then chuckled. “How well do you know the back roads around here?”

Mike reached over and lightly stroked her inner thigh with just the ends of his fingers. “Not very well, I’m afraid.”

“Turn right and head across to 95. A left there will put us headed toward the lake. There are a lot of back roads there.”

With a grin, Mike turned right. “Experience is a very good thing.”


Highway 95 was thick with traffic since it was close to the college but that traffic thinned as they went north. Gale had slipped her sandals off and had both knees up on the seat. Part of her ass was showing while they were on the side streets. As they turned onto 95 she pulled the hem down to cover it.

“Sorry to take the show away but… Like I said, doing this at night is one thing and during the day is another.” She grinned and added, “You’re right about this car making me feel safer but there are too many semis out for me to be comfortable.”

Mike reached over and patted her knee. “You do what you feel like doing.”

“Laying down on the seat and sucking your dick is totally out of the question,” Gale said and then laughed as Mike gave her a wide eyed look.

“You are oral,” Mike whispered. “I like that in a woman. Especially one that can swallow me whole.”

Gale chuckled. “How about one that can’t swallow you whole?”

Mike grinned as he thought of the twins. “Try and try again, also works.”

“I’ll bet there are a lot of those,” Gale said as she stretched out her right leg and put her foot on the floor.

Mike’s eyes dropped to her lap. Her right thigh was uncovered to the crease between it and her sex. Being distracted, he said, “Not as many as you probably think.”

His eyes jumped back to the road and Gale laughed at the deer in the headlights look he had on his face from that admission. “I’m old enough and experienced enough to know that you’re one to take what is offered and that we are fun and games.”

Mike glanced her way to see a smile on her face and then looked back at the road. “I, uh…” he started to say and then took a deep breath. “You’re something different. You’re straight up, no games. You say what you mean and mean what you say. It kind of knocks me off balance.”

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