The Ball

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As I reviewed the elegant invitation again I still felt a sense of indecision. It had been a long time since I’d attended such an affair. I was alternately filled with consuming dread or excitement. There was a reason I’d stopped attending, a very good reason. Closing my eyes I fought those thoughts of him and the tears that always followed. With a deep breath and forced resolve I decided this may be just what I needed to begin again. My hands were shaking as I put the invitation back into it’s envelope and slipped it into my purse.

The lobby was busy with new hotel guests arriving and I recognized a few well known faces with famous names. I could not help but wonder if they also held an elegant invitation in their pocket, and smiled at the prospect. If things went as planned I’d never know. I checked for messages and the desk clerk handed me a small slip of paper that only said “Lunch” I turned and headed towards the elevators having left the note on the desk. There would be no lunch tomorrow. I would not even respond. If he was smart he would not be expecting one.

Kicking my heels off as I entered I was calmed by the room the hotel had reserved for me. Having stayed there many times before they knew I desired a room with windows that did not face any other building. I disliked closing my blinds. I preferred to rise with the sun as it brightened the room. The bed had been turned down and the wine left to breathe. After setting my things down on the desk I poured the deep red Cabernet into a crystal glass and took a sip before noticing the single red rose in a vase near the bed.

My mind immediately went to the “Lunch” note. Not a question. A statement. Or was that the error of the person taking the message down? I wondered why I bothered to even contemplate such things as it mattered little. I had stopped being available to him when he had stopped being available to me. If I was going to go to this Ball tomorrow night there would be very little time for lunch. He had been the one to set the rules of priority. As was my nature in relationships I listened well. That is not to say I had not whined about it. He knew I was unhappy yet did nothing to change it. A woman always knows when her position of priority had changed and yet he claimed it hadn’t. The beautiful perfect rose, as nice of a touch as it was, had thorns.

As I sipped my wine I flipped through the catalog of dresses the designer had sent to me. Each were exquisite, with matching masks and heels. This was going to be a very difficult choice. Restless I walked to the window and looked down on the street below. As I stood there lost in thought my phone began to ring and I ignored it. I was not playing a game of cat and mouse. My goal was not to make him chase me. I knew he played no such games and only chased the woman who had caught his eye, not the one he already had. I also knew he would not continue to try for very long. As my absence gave him time to fancy himself elsewhere. I will love that man to my last breath but I have tired of crying myself to sleep over him. I also knew he would be at the Ball. I prayed I could avoid him but knew it would be impossible. My heat for him could find him in a room of 100 men without having to search. All I had to do was close my eyes and I would feel him. The perfect match in every way. Although I had my suspicions over what had changed it, every woman knows, he’d just not found the words to tell me. And I had asked. Many times. Taking a deep breath as the tears formed yet again, I poured myself another glass and ran the water for the bath I had been looking forward to all day. It, and the wine, would help me to sleep through the night.

I woke with a start to the knock on the door telling me that coffee had arrived. I stretched full out as I told them to use their key to enter. As the smartly uniformed elderly gent entered the room I slipped into my robe and sat near the window where he was placing the array of fruits and coffee. He left silently with a smile and a nod. I checked my cell for messages. 3 missed calls but only 2 messages. Both from my assistant at the office. It was going to be a busy day. First was the dress. A choice had to be made and the order placed shortly.

I wanted no feathers or sequins for this gathering even though it would be quite appropriate. I wanted my body to decorate the dress and scream sex from bahis firmaları across the room. No need to hide the purpose of the event or my eagerness to please and be pleased. On the very last page was the dress I was looking for. Cut to the belly button where a beautiful beaded gem rested and accentuated the small waist. It was almost completely backless with two slits up to each mid thigh. Beautiful and delicate lace thigh highs, strappy very high heels and an amazing mask were paired with it. I placed my order and realized I was now more than excited. I was wet with the anticipation. I knew from past balls that only the skilled were invited. The organizers had a reputation to uphold after all and never wanted anyone leaving unsatisfied. Smiling I returned my calls to the office and leaving instructions that I would be out of pocket for the next 24 hours. I was not to be disturbed. Under any circumstances. My male assistant chuckled and cheekily told me to have a good time.

As I stepped out of the shower the girl I’d hired to do my hair was waiting in the room. I wanted my long raven hair up, yet messy, with small sections falling round my neck. She did a marvelous job. As the sun began to set out my window I realized the time to leave the room was close and panic began to rise. I rang for a whiskey and it arrived at the same time as my dress. I allowed myself time to sit and stare at it as I sipped the much needed whiskey. I was not a stranger to these types of gatherings. I had only considered them part of my past. It should be easy to slip back into them but oddly it was not. At least not yet. I started with the mask as make up had to be applied around it…and not much of it. A bit on the eyes and bright red lipstick and it was done. The dress fit like a glove yet leaving enough room for comfort. I clipped on the long gold back chain to drape my back. Out of respect the collar would not be worn tonight and with the thought of it my breath caught again and I pushed the thought away. The gold cuffs on each wrist remained. I practiced in the heels and took a last look in the mirror. I’d carry no purse tonight. Only the invitation. As I closed the door to my room I heard my phone ringing inside and I turned towards the elevators. My resolve perfectly in place. I never settled for second place.

The ballroom was almost as magnificent as those already in attendance. I exchanged my invitation at the door for an equally elegant notice of a number. I was to find the other guest in the room who had been provided the same number. Smiling I made my way into the room. Yes, this is how I remembered it and there was a sense of returning to place you had missed without knowing you had. I gratefully accepted a glass of champagne with a strawberry in it and walked the perimeter of the room as it seemed those already paired were dancing slowly to the music playing softly in the background. I paused a moment to watch them and felt breath against my neck as he whispered in my ear “Shall we join them?” I answered by holding my number up and he took my hand and led me to the center of the floor. As he turned me towards him he showed me his number, took my card and put them both in his jacket. A Gentleman. I was pleased. Looking closer even his mask could not hide that I knew him. Or of him. We had worked on a few major projects together but not as a team. We had been on other sides of the table. Again I found myself smiling with pleasure and he noticed and smiled back at me.

As we danced he pulled me closer and my breath left me. I was soon intrigued by this tall dark haired man who seemed to look down into my soul without effort. The music kept the same slow tempo but seemed to rise in volume as only it and he existed for me. Others drifted off the dance floor and had found shadows or corners as still others joined us just beginning their introductions. I was in no hurry. These moments were important as I felt the heat in both of us rise. He whispered “I always dreamed of a chance with you but you always appeared otherwise engaged”. Lifting my head from his shoulder I looked into his eyes, our lips so close I am sure he could feel my whisper and replied “Timing is everything”. His hand on my bare back grew tighter and I was soon off balance as he picked me up and carried me to an available couch against the back wall.

He sat with me in his lap and kissed kaçak iddaa me as I had not been kissed in a very long time. I felt his desire in every move and with my kiss let him know I was ready to enjoy every wave of our mutual heat. I was glad the couch was not in the shadows. I did not wish to hide. As my date moved his lips from my mouth to my neck I stretched lengthwise against him raising my hands up over my head my ass in his lap. one foot on the floor. He took a moment to let his eyes slowly wander from mine down to my feet and back up. The slit in the gown allowed my bare leg to be viewed in full. As I watched his eyes take me in I felt another set of eyes on me as well. I did not need to turn my head to catch his eye before he buried his head between the breasts of another. Its not the first time I’d watched him do similar things but he was unaware that I had. He, on the other hand, had never had the opportunity to witness me with another because it had not happened. I had belonged to him. He owned me. Heart, mind and spirt and I desired no other. I pushed these thoughts, and the heat of his gaze from my mind as I gazed back into my dates eyes. Intuitive I saw a question there and I ground my ass against his cock to ease it away.

He pushed the folds of my low cut gown away and exposed my breasts so fast I gasped. He whispered “Tonight you are mine kitten, and I will make you forget any other.” I almost moaned my response of “Please”. He once again smiled at me and pushed my dress up enough to cup my center. Finding it wet and aroused pleased him and he said “What a gift you bestow on me baby girl. Show me your need” I immediately lifted my hips for his gaze as I felt my need drip down my thighs. I whimpered and he growled still watching me and making me wait. When I thought I’d cry with my need he inserted a finger into my core and i instinctively ground against it. My eyes closing and my head rolling back against the couch cushion. He moaned his approval as he took another very wet finger and spread it against my star and slowly inserted it a bit at a time making my hips rise further as i ground harder wanting it all. “I never knew you were such a naughty little girl or I’d have stolen you away months ago” “Somethings are worth waiting for” I replied and he shoved both his fingers in harder and curled one up as he used his other hand on my clit and leaned over taking a nipple into his mouth. I was lost as he sucked and finger fucked me right there on the couch in the room with others dancing near. I did not even sense them.

It did not take long for my climax to begin but I fought it. So perfectly amazing was his touch I wanted it to last. Feeling the contractions begin he turned his hand and added another finger whispering “Give it to me my masked beauty” and my back arched up as I began to shake and lose control coating his hand as it vibrated inside me. His mouth covered mine and I sucked his tongue into my mouth hard as I came giving him what he demanded. As I gasped for breath I felt myself being lifted up and our positions changed. Sitting up with my breasts exposed he stood in front of me as he began to unzip his trousers. I pushed his hands away wanting to touch him. My hands undid his belt as I looked into his eyes. I wanted him to know this was something I enjoyed and not just something expected. I completed the unzipping slowly and watched as the trousers hit the floor in a pool at his feet. His dress shirt reached his thighs and I began to slowly unbutton it ignoring the impatience in his eyes. He best get past that as I intended to take my time and show him just how lucky he was in his assigned partner of the evening. As I worked the buttons I noticed the couple to our right. She was attempting to please him yet the shape of his mouth told me he was beyond disappointed. I had spoiled him it seems and I could not help but smile at the thought. Let him grimace. I shall make this man scream.

I smiled into his eyes as I undid the last button and pushed his shirt aside. He was magnificent and without touching him I admired him from both sides feeling his eyes on me. First I blew gently on the tip watching it jump for me. Such was his need I heard a soft moan and I smiled up at him to say “Just you wait…” My mouth was watering for him so I gathered it in my mouth and slowly let it drip over the head watching it glisten and drip kaçak bahis down the shaft of his cock. As much as I could sit there all day and watch this I felt his frustration so I bent forward and kissed the tip gently and slowly. I felt his hands grip the back of my hair and was thankful I’d had it arranged to look messy from the start. Without moving my head I slowly widened my lips taking the tip into my mouth and holding it there. My tongue worshiped it from inside, twirling around it. I let him pop from my mouth so I could drag the tip of my tongue around the edge of the tip and then bring it into my mouth again. Again stopping at the tip, then tightening my lips as I took him all the way in. Sucking slowly till the tip hit the back of my throat and I swallowed the tip of him down as I flicked my tongue up and down his shaft. I gave it a moment before I began to hum so the vibrations surrounded him with the most impact on the tip. As he moaned I moved my mouth down and let him slip all the way out before bringing him back in fast. Sucking harder and moving my tight lips up and down his shaft as my saliva dripped down my chin I smiled up into his eyes as I cupped the boys and tickled them with my finger tips. His hand grasped at my hair as he ground his cock deep into my mouth grunting and I pressed my thumb into the spot behind his balls, massaging as he fed me. I swallowed every drop of his seed and pumped his balls gently with my other hand as my thumb continued to give pressure.

He groaned as I continued to suck gently. Into my ear he said “You should be illegal”. I giggled then gasped as once again I found myself being carried. This time to a table nearby where he gently placed me. He lifted my dress up round my neck and entered me quickly. It seemed to me to be all one motion and fast with no time for me to catch my breath. He held my hands like a vice above my head as he rammed me hard and my wetness splattered and coated him. My lips found his in a teeth scraping kiss as I met every thrust he gave to me. I came again as I clutched him hard no longer thinking of anything other than my own satisfaction. Demanding more of him as I rolled my hips and bit his neck. I wanted all of him as he took all of me. My heart pounded and breath stopped as his cock moved in and out of my saturated pussy and I exploded beneath him as I felt him swell. As I felt him fill me I tightened my legs around him from my position on the table and lifted my hips as he ground hard into me and screamed my name.

He collapsed on top of me in a sweaty heap as we both gasped for breath. I held him close to me praying the table was strong enough not to break. I can only imagine what a sight we were, my hair unrecognizable from the design it once was, my dress up around my neck, sweaty and naked, as I watched a pair of eyes walk past making sure he took in every inch. I could tell he was not happy by his expression. But I knew he had enjoyed his session very much. So I smiled softly at him as I began to adjust myself. My date rose and we both watched each other put ourselves back together. As I glanced around I noticed the same being done by many couples but most had left the hall already. We laughed realizing we had out lasted most of them. I thanked him for an amazing evening and he kissed my hand. I eased myself off the table as gracefully as possible and we both laughed softly again. It had been a night I am sure we would both remember for a long time.

I hunted for a lost shoe under the table without getting on my hands and knees. Not at all a graceful look. I decided I could return in the morning to find it. I held my one shoe and made my way to the exit. I thanked the hosts for a wonderful evening and for the wonderful partner choice they had made on my behalf.

As I exited I only had visions of the comfort of my room in mind. Fate had other plans. Just on the other side of the exit I felt a familiar tingle on my skin. He had a way of doing that to me. I could, quite literally feel the touch of his eyes. My muscles, still twitching and weak, started to shake as our eyes met. He’d been waiting for me. He handed me my missing shoe. We exchanged no words. I read his eyes and he read mine. He held out his hand. I stared at it a moment before looking back into his eyes. I sighed. He smiled. And I put my hand in his. Together we made our way towards the bank of elevators. “I missed you at lunch.” he said. I replied “I was busy.” Squeezing my hand gently he growled “I knew you could not resist me…for long.”

He has written his name on my soul. I would always be his.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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