The Awakening

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Women are stunning. Their ample breasts and gentle curves, soft skin and shining hair are the epitome of beauty. They inspired Da Vinci to paint and Alexandros of Antioch to sculpt. They can uplift the most down trodden spirit and lure even the purest soul to sin. Women are simple yet complex, innocent yet dangerous.

I’ve always thought of women this way. Never had I really been sexually attracted to them, I wanted a husband not a wife, but I had always been completely entranced by the magnificence of the female form. In college I would leave the dorm when my roommate changed, knowing I would be unable to avert my eyes. I trained myself to look at women’s necks when speaking, so as not to fixate on their cleavage. I say again, I didn’t want to sleep with these women, I just wanted to bask in their radiance.

After we married I mentioned my feelings to my husband. He would talk about it during sex, me making love to a woman: kissing her, sharing her, loving her. He once pinned me to the bed, nothing between our skin but the moonlight, “Say it!” He demanded, “Say you’re bisexual.” After several minutes I relented, eager to feel him inside of me, willing to lie for the heat of the moment.

But I never believed it. I never believed I would desire a woman the same way I desired my husband. I never imagined I’d long to taste sweet female nectar, to caress someone else’s round breasts, to bury my face in a body and breathe in her scent. And then my world changed.

I was a nanny. It was a difficult job, 12 to 14 hour days, loving someone else’s children knowing you would never be loved back, but it helped to satiate my maternal instincts. I did everything with those children, packed lunches, school field trips, ballet class, soccer practice and, on this night, swimming lessons.

Their youngest daughter ataşehir escort was still a toddler. Unable yet to participate in most extra-curricular activities, we enrolled her in a parent tot swim class. Sessions were held twice a week at the local hospital. Their therapy pool was a perfect 80 degrees year round and walking down the steps in my pink Marilyn Monroe-esque bathing suit into the warm water was the closest I could come to a spa day.

The entire class was rather typical: singing songs, playing games, jumping off the side. I pulled my charge out of the pool, wrapped us both in an over sized towel and crept to the women’s locker room, careful not to slip on the slick tile. My boss had asked I shower and change her little girl before bringing her home. This would enable the parents to toss her right into bed without any prep work.

I gently pushed open the door, expecting to see a sea of naked toddlers getting changed out of swim diapers and into footie pajamas. I rounded the corner, holding my friend tight, both of us freezing outside of the pool, when my jaw dropped to the floor.

Every mother in the locker room was completely nude. Some were runners, with long nipples, tiny breasts and the bodies of twelve year old boys. Others were quite average looking: 5’4″, B cups, tan lines, hairy pubic regions and trying to dress quickly without completely dropping their towels. And then I saw her and was immediately turned on.

My eyes widened at the sight before me and I tried to hide my gaze. Every one of them was beautiful, but the loud blonde standing near the sink was absolutely sexy. She stood with one leg propped on the bench, exposing her bald pussy as she rubbed herself vigorously with terrycloth.

I wouldn’t describe her as fat, but she was thick. Her avcılar escort tummy was puffy from the last of three children and her breasts hung down low, stretched from nursing her babies. Her pink areolas were large, covering a significant portion of her chest and her nipples were erect from the cold. She handled her body roughly, drying every fold of skin, every nook of flesh. She gossiped with another mother at the opposite end of the room, but my eyes were fixed on her.

Her long, strawberry blonde hair, a style that made her look much younger than she actually was, dripped cool water down her back. I immediately imagined us alone in the room, running my fingers through her strands, gripping hard and pulling her face to mine, tasting her soft lips, gently probing the inside of her mouth with my tongue. She sucked on it before reciprocating by pulling me close.

The feel of her naked body caused me tingle all over. She untied my halter strap, causing my suit to fall down and expose my white breasts. My C cups weren’t as impressive as her much larger chest, but she smiled at the sight of them. I picked up her flesh and buried my face in it, slurping her nipple into my mouth.

My other hand slid around her torso and down to grip her bubbly ass. I squeezed the fat of her cheeks between my fingers while she moaned and ran her fingers through my thick brown hair. She pulled my face up to hers and began nibbling my ear and neck when I plunged my fist into her ass crack. We both wreaked of chlorine but she tasted sweet, like vanilla lotion.

My body erupted in goosebumps and I fell to my knees, burying my head in her soft pussy. I finally smelled something other than pool water and her scent tickled my nose as I lapped up her lightly sweet juice. First my tongue caressed her avrupa yakası escort inner lips and then up the center of her vulva. I reached her clit and plunged under its hood, stimulating her most sensitive area with my taste buds.

I heard her moan softly when I sucked her tiny nub into my eager mouth. I could smell the perfume she must have used before the lesson but, even stronger, was her natural salty odor. I breathed in deeply through my nose, her scent exciting me even more. One hand still fondling her rear, I slipped two fingers from the other into her loose vagina.

She was already perfectly lubricated and my digits easily found the tiny bump inside her gaping hole. I pushed into it, as if trying to reach through to her belly button. Her head fell back and a loud scream escaped her lips. I continued mouthing her clit and thrusting into her, causing her body to tremble all over until a rush of fluid ran into my mouth. I swallowed it down, grateful for the experience and the tangy taste. She fell down onto the lightly padded bench, exhausted.

I wiped her mess off my face, tasting my fingers after I finished. I smiled at the sight of her, a woman completely satisfied by me alone. She radiated ecstasy and I gently kissed the inside of her fleshy thighs, a simple loving gesture that, I hoped, would make her heart flutter. My own desire burned in my groin, but I would not touch it. This moment was about her, enjoying her taste, feeling her soft flesh, smelling her aroma, hearing her breath catching in her chest, basking in her radiance, like I had always desired.

I snapped out of my reverie, returning, finally, to the task at hand. I went about my business, trying to calm the intense longing of my loins as I did. I pulled my clothes on over my still wet bathing suit, deciding it inappropriate to disrobe in front of my young ward.

I returned home an hour later, unable to forget the earlier events. I told my husband of my exciting night and he immediately ravaged me. I was grateful for his pleasure but continued to fantasize about my imagined encounter until I achieved orgasm.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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