The Awakening

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Chapter 1

“Too tempting to resist,” grinned Charlie, delivering a resounding smack to her delicious derriere.

“Brute!” responded Lana in faux outrage, looking in the mirror at the livid red handprint now decorating her left buttock.

Bending provocatively as she wriggled into her jeans Lana’s high cut knickers had done nothing to protect her curvaceous cheeks from her lover’s unexpected slap.

Five minutes later and still smarting – albeit enjoyably – another sensation gradually became paramount, the deep surge of a very particular, long-dormant erotic arousal. “Christ I’m getting damp down there,” Lana murmured to no one but the cat as, boyfriend already departed to work, she tidied the flat then followed him out the door.

Becoming so readily turned on was no real surprise; ever since she was a teenager some atavistic impulse had caused Lana to get worked up at the thought of spanking. Especially the idea of being spanked by a strong, no-nonsense man… Look this reverie really wasn’t helping; Lana was definitely becoming hot and bothered. Get a grip girl, consider what had happened – or more truthfully hadn’t – in the past.

Despite having enjoyed a satisfying and, Lana flattered herself, adventurous sex life finding a partner to punish her in just the right way had proved elusive. Whenever she’d hinted; coquettishly contradicting; suggesting they watch the movie “Secretary’ together, her hints had either been misinterpreted or simply ignored.

Unfathomably her former husband had even rejected her explicit invitation to pull her knickers down and first spank then fuck her. His response: “what sort of perve do you take me for?” still made her flush with shame. Muttering about “too much wine” as a flimsy excuse Lana dared not broach the subject again, not that he could be bothered with fucking her in even the most conventional way in their last months together.

In exasperated response she’d decided to dump him, sell up, relocate to the coast and completely reinvent her life. And the plan had worked, self-employment, new friends and a good social life. Goodbye to applying make-up on the train to the office. Goodbye to uncomfortable work suits and heels. Goodbye and good riddance to her overbearing boss.

Relaxed and happy Lana didn’t seek another relationship, and consequently didn’t find one. Should anyone in her new circle of friends think it strange such a strikingly attractive woman seemed to live a monastic existence, well that was their lookout. For the first time in years Lana was able to please herself, even at the cost of rather a lot of vibrator batteries…

Until, unbidden and unexpected, along came utterly charming Charlie. Who, after they stayed talking long after the other guests had left and their dinner party host commenced washing up, suggested a day trip togther. bahis firmaları Who laughed inappropriately with her at the pretentious exhibits in a London art gallery. Who confidently and competently reintroduced sex to her life. Who, in short, made Lana happy.

Then, out of the blue came that swat, a flush of familiar excitement and the germ of an idea. Might he perhaps be the man to finally give Lana the proper spanking she’d so long craved? Or just the latest in a line of perplexed and derisory rejections – Lana didn’t think she could take another disappointment. Was it worth the risk to her currently blissful, unsought but utterly cherished relationship to try and tempt him further, and if so, how exactly to proceed?

Chapter 2

“Too tempting to resist.” Christ on bike! Charlie couldn’t quite believe what he’d just done. Bloody hell! It had been instinctive, the sight Lana’s alluringly peachy posterior simply too inviting to ignore.

Of course he hadn’t planned to slap her beautiful bottom, would never take such a risk so early in a relationship. Oh sure, Charlie had dated girls more than happy to get their adorable tushes turned pink – usually as a starter with sex as the main course. He’d also encountered negative reactions: “What, you like hitting women?” In truth there’d been a long drought since he last indulged one of his favourite sexual peccadillos.

At first simply relieved to have got away with his spontaneous application of palm to posterior Charlie soon began to ponder the situation. Aside from Lana’s understandable shout of surprise there’d been no subsequent protest, no angry accusations. Instead she’d gently rubbed her smarting rump and favoured him with a coy, knowing expression.

Nothing more had been said, although later that evening – unless he was very much mistaken – their lovemaking seemed particularly ardent. Indeed, over the next few days, Lana seemed to be deliberately flashing Charlie more than coincidental glimpses of her delicious bottom, frequently bending, stretching and jiggling it into prominence.

She also took to teasing him, indulging arguments in which she appeared to take a contrary view out of devilment rather than conviction. Was he in the grip of a massive delusion, wondered Charlie, or was Lana being deliberately provocative?

The following weekend she floated about the flat wearing a red cotton dress he never noticed before. Swirling just below her knees – all the easier to swiftly raise, mused Charlie – yet simultaneously clinging sufficiently to emphasise the contours of her lovely rear.

In addition to this flagrantly obvious attempt at allure Lana was in brat mode – provocative and argumentative – a hitherto unseen and not especially endearing side to her character. Clearly something had to give.

“Watch it or I’ll put you over my knee,” he kaçak iddaa growled exasperatedly in response to a deliberately crass statement.

The following silence stretched interminably. Oh shit, though Charlie, a step too far…

All the while Lana regarded him with a curiously detached expression, head on one side. Could it be her man was finally taking the bait?

Blatantly laughing at this threat she put her hands on his shoulders and looked up. “Promises, promises,” Lana said softly, “I bet you wouldn’t dare.”

“I bet I would.”

“Prove it.”


Chapter 3

She was wearing her favourite knickers, eminently suited to the occasion as they left most of her nether cheeks uncovered; a fact quickly revealed to Charlie as he pulled her across his lap. Seated on the sofa he grasped his recalcitrant girlfriend firmly around her slender waist hoiked up her dress and spent the next five minutes pleasurably spanking her delightful behind to a rosy hue. Lana wriggled and protested but never once attempted to interrupt proceedings.

“Feel your bottom,” Charlie commanded, punctuating the instruction with a final volley of slaps to her upper thighs. Tentatively Lana ran her fingertips over her scalding buttocks. ‘Bloody hell, they’re hot!’ she winced.

“And, I sincerely hope, sore?” Charlie enquired.

Pursing her lips Lana nodded in rueful confirmation.

“What”, Charlie asked, “were you thinking about as I smacked your naughty bottom?”

“A jumble of different thoughts,” Lana confessed. “Mainly, how much it hurts, even with just your hand. My knickers are so flimsy I was all but bare and the pain soon became intense. If you hadn’t allowed breaks I’d have been in tears by now. But surrendering to you was so thrilling I quickly became tremendously worked up, especially when your fingers strayed. My cheeks were hot and stinging, but the discomfort no longer mattered.”

“Good to hear, there has to be pleasure as well as pain, but it doesn’t let you off what happens next,” Charlie replied firmly, just as she’d hoped he might, “walk over to the chair.” Lana obeyed and Charlie felt himself stiffen as he watched her scarlet bottom sashay across the room. Without being told she meekly knelt on the seat, pulled her panties down to her knees and grasped the back.

“Was that your first proper spanking?” enquired Charlie – like he didn’t know.

“Yes,” replied Lana softly, avoiding eye contact.

“Feel like you’re out of your depth?”

“Not yet.”

“Just as well because I’m going to take my belt to you.”

Lana gasped, eyes wide with shock, her fantasy about to be made real. A palpably electric tension filled the room, the only sound being Charlie pulling his worn belt through the loops of his jeans and doubling it in his hand.

After what seemed ages Lana took kaçak bahis an audibly deep breath and pushed her bottom out, mutely inviting the first stroke; not coerced, choosing surrender. Four strokes followed, two from each side, a good deal harder than the earlier spanking, drawing genuine cries of distress from her lips as the wicked leather seared her skin. Charlie paused to let the burning smart sink in and observed her reaction.

“Now take your knickers right off – I want to be sure I don’t neglect your lower cheeks.” Watching Lana slide her skimpy knickers down long, tanned, legs was a sublimely sensual experience, with the bonus sighting of a very red rear. Obediently Lana once more thrust her buttocks into prominence.

“Reach back and spread your bottom cheeks wide,” Charlie commanded brusquely, and crimson-faced with shame she obeyed. Seductively her painted nails separated the red-streaked cheeks to reveal the milky-white valley of her arse and puckered rosebud. Intimately displayed to him, a lesson in humiliation and dominance.

For the denouement Charlie held nothing back, methodically delivering another four strokes. Two fell vigorously across the fullest swell of Lana’s throbbing lower buttocks, two more at the very top of her thighs.

“It was like being in a parallel reality,” Lana subsequently explained. “Physically my entire focus was on getting through each individual stroke,” she smiled wryly, “mentally I was floating in headspace, entirely in the moment.”

‘Now get upstairs,’ Charlie instructed, enjoying the two-flight climb with Lana’s pert, pink posterior jiggling before his eyes. Pushing her, none too gently, into a kneeling position on the bed he gently spanked her gleaming labia, transmitting jolts of sheer carnality to her swollen pink clitoris. She cried out, but daren’t move until he determined her hyper-sensitised quim sufficiently chastised.

Thinking her ordeal complete, Lana inched her knees enticingly apart. “Please,” she implored, damp-eyed, “my poor bottom’s so sore and I did take my punishment without making a fuss, don’t I deserve to be rewarded?” Of course she did, and Charlie’s was certainly not going to refuse such a heartfelt plea.

His fingers slid across her wetness and teased her enticingly soft inner thighs. Lana gasped as they caressed her swollen labia, so very wet, she ached to be filled. Charlie’s slid first one then two digits deep into her tightness, rhythmically pumping as all the while he hand spanked her buttocks, harder and harder, faster and faster.

“You’re a bad girl, aren’t you?” he growled.

“Oh, god, YES!” she shrieked as the first orgasmic wave surged and peaked. Bottom blazing, Lana’s hips jerked in licentious abandon, carnal desires unleashed and libido in turmoil. Wantonly rotating her hips Lana gratefully relinquished her body to his dominion, excited beyond mere pain or pleasure, wanting only his cock and deep, unrelenting penetration – hard and fast and soon.

Why bother resisting temptation when giving in is so mutually rewarding?

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