The Architect

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Jake is sitting in the straight back chair in his bedroom dressed as if he was getting ready to tee off on the local golf course. He is a good looking man standing right at 6 feet tall and in good physical shape with his sort black hair spiked up slightly in the current style. Only he is not looking out at the fairway anticipating where he will drive the ball, instead he is looking at his beautiful wife of 8 years with her long dark hair and matching dark eyes courtesy of her father’s Greek heritage. She is 2 years younger than Jake having just turned 30 last month. She is standing at the foot of their bed, a four poster bed with sturdy posts nearly 7′ tall. When they were shopping for a bed and saw this one they looked at each other with a wicked look in their eyes that said they would make good use of the posts. Olivia’s hands are tied to the posts so she is in a semi crucified position with her arms pulled to each side and slightly up. Her ankles are also tied but the ropes are only tightened enough so her legs are spread about shoulder width apart. Olivia is wearing a dark blouse that buttons up the front and is loose enough to almost but not quite hide her large breasts. She is breathing a little hard and her breasts rise and fall with each breath. She is also wearing a dark patterned skirt that falls below her knees and is loose enough to allow her legs to be comfortably spread as they are now. This is probably the scene they imagined standing in the furniture store deciding on whether this was the perfect bed for them. The only difference is that did not picture me as part of the scene, yet here I am admiring my handiwork of binding Olivia to the bed posts.

I met Jake and Olivia when they hired me as their architect/consultant to oversee the large renovation of this sprawling old Victorian house they had purchased. Due to last minute changes and additions the couple had made the project had of course gone over budget, way over budget. We worked through it the best we could. I had spent so much time with them we had become friends in the process and I actually looked forward to coming over several times a week to oversee the work. Olivia was a delightful person in addition to being very sexy and she was also something of a flirt. She wore clothes that were not cheap looking but just fit her so well that I often times found myself admiring her ass and although I tried to be discreet it was obvious from the looks she gave me that she had caught me from time to time. And then there were the times she bent over affording me a view of her luscious cleavage, it was impossible not to wonder what she would look like topless.

She never invited and I never made any advances towards her outside of kidding around with her and it only got a little provocative when her husband got involved. It wasn’t unusual for them to invite me to stay for a few drinks and sometimes dinner. Jake always liked to tease her and would goad me into going along or he would comment on how sexy she was and then look to me for confirmation. It would always cause a little stir in my pants when he would walk up behind her and give her a pat on her wonderful ass or after a few extra drinks grab a handful of ass.

They liked to party and get a little wild sometimes. He mentioned how he had talked her into going to a topless beach which caused her face to redden and my cock to pulse. There was more than one night that I stroked my cock thinking of her taking off her top and sometimes just picturing her naked breasts was enough to make me cum.

One night we drank more than usual, to the extent that they had me spend the night. Drunk people will tell you things that they would not dream of sharing when sober and it came out that they had a three some one time with another woman. It was years ago but I could see that it still played into their collective fantasies. Olivia ended up saying that even though it was a long time ago Jake still owed her one, meaning a three way with two men. Being emboldened by the liquor she stared at Jake to see his reaction.

He responded, “I told you before, you just say when and we will do it.”

She pushed him, “Will it be a no holds barred scenario like last time?”

He was caught a little off guard but I could hear the excitement in his voice when he responded, “You bet honey, as wild as before and then some.”

We dropped it after that and soon all headed to bed. It was just a few minutes later that I could hear them laughing and cutting up down the hall and that shortly transpired into some extended vocal love making. I was so fucking horny just listening to them I could hardly stand it. What they didn’t know is that in the past I had been involved in three ways on several occasions, some with two women and some with a woman and another man and they all excited me.

As I listened to their lovemaking my hand fondled my cock through the material of my boxers and it responded growing longer and harder as my fingers ran up and down the shaft. I stroked it bahis firmaları until I could feel precum starting to ooze and I slipped my hand inside my pants and smeared it around the head of my cock. Pushing my boxers down around my knees I wrapped my hand around my hard cock and slowly stroked it as I listened to them fucking just 30 feet away from me and I thought about how hot it would be to join them. I pictured her naked riding up and down on his cock, her large boobs bouncing and then her holding them as his cock drove deep into her pussy. How they would watch me masturbating while I watched them and they would focus on my hand sliding up and down my shaft and she would tell me how good it felt having his big cock in her pussy. He would add to it saying how good it felt to be fucking her warm wet cunt and he would reach up and squeeze those magnificent tits. I would step closer and he would remove his hands from her breasts and let me feel them and then taking my cock she would jerk me off and when she knew I was ready to erupt she would rub the head of my cock on her nipples and I would release my warm cum covering her nipples and more of it on her breasts until it was running down the sides. She would take a finger and run it through the rivulets of cum and then she would put it in her mouth and lick it clean. That was all I needed and I started cumming as I could still hear them fucking, shooting jism over my stomach and then feeling it run down my hand as I continued to stroke my cock milking every drop from it.

The next morning we were having breakfast and they apologized if they kept me up, they weren’t use to having company in the house and after drinking like we did they tended to really let loose. I said that I didn’t mind at all and then decided to push a little.

“To tell the truth,” I said, ” I could hear you and it turned me on, but what could I do being by myself.” I lied a little and said, ” I just fell asleep with a hard on.” What could they say after being so vocal the night before? I wanted her to picture me there with a hard cock as I listened to her getting off; I wanted her to think of me in a sexual manner.

After breakfast we retired to the room we were using as an office and started going over the project and the cost over runs. It turned out to be more than they thought and although they had enough to pay for the materials they confessed that they were several thousand dollars short paying for my company’s drawings and management services. I could see the concern on their faces as they did not want me to stop everything and leave them in total disarray. I let them think about it for a moment as they tried to figure out where the money could possibly come from and then casually threw out “I would have paid a thousand dollars last night for a good masseuse that could have relieved my tension.”

We all laughed and Jake joked, “You should have called me, right now for a grand I would have taken care of you.”

“I’ll keep that in mind if I ever spend the night here again. It would have been the easiest thousand you ever earned, I was so horny hearing you two fuck I was hard as a rock and had to take it out and stroke it myself.”

I could see Olivia blush but I also noticed she stole a glance at my crotch. Jake looked a little uncomfortable but I could feel the sexual tension building in the room. He had to be thinking of me getting hard as I listened to his wife fuck him. I felt like the moment was the best opportunity to suggest what I had fantasized about this morning. If they didn’t pick up on it, no real harm done.

“You two are a really sexy couple not to mention a couple of the best people I know, who wouldn’t get turned on hearing you having sex and visualizing the two of you nude. It was all I could do not to knock on your door to see if you needed a third party. It could be Olivia’s opportunity to have you in a three way like you told me about last night. I could see that it struck a chord with both of you when the subject came up. I am probably not who you would choose as the third partner but it would be an experience of a lifetime for me. Maybe even make it worth your while since this project has you in over your head and maybe we could use it to reduce half of what you owe me,” I said trying to sound like I was teasing. To tell the truth I was probably going to reduce what I was charging them anyways. It was only my time for the most part and I was not out of pocket for any additional expenses.

I caught the look between them and it was not one of total disgust, Olivia kept Jake’s gaze putting him on the spot. I excused my self to get another cup of coffee knowing they needed a minute without me there. I came back into the room and there was an electricity in the air, I knew they at least wanted to keep this on the table. I went back to looking at the plans and invoices although my mind was completely absorbed with the idea of having the two of them as sex partners.

Jake spoke first, “were you serious about what kaçak iddaa you said?”

“Regarding what?”, I acted innocent, they were going to have to say it, to be the ones to propose it for real.

“That you would want to have sex with the two of us, and that uh, you would forgive part of what we owe you?”

I had the invoice in front of me, just over $7000.00 and turned it so they could see it. I took my pen and crossed out the $7000.00 writing in $3500.00. I let it sink in for a couple minutes watching them come to terms with what they were about to agree to. Then I told them, “I am serious, you two are a very sexy couple, but that is a huge amount for one night’s enjoyment so if you are in agreement we can do it but I have to be in charge, totally in charge.”

The details were worked out, including the stipulation that if either of them backed out part way through evening the deal was off and so here we are with Olivia bound to the bed.

“So Olivia, what kind of activities did the three of you indulge in? I imagine it was a great night for Jake having two naked ladies in bed with him. I am sure he fucked both of you and tonight you can have two men to fuck, but what else would you like? Did he have you kiss the other woman? Did she go down on you and did Jake ask you to go down on her?”

Olivia took all this in and thought about it. She started, “I guess we did all of that by the time the evening was over, don’t get me wrong, I had a great night and I was happy to be able to provide Jake with an evening he will never forget. And we did get carried away but sometimes I think that he probably wouldn’t do all that for me although he has always contented that he would if I wanted him to.”

I could see Jake getting a little nervous with where this conversation was going and the fact that I was inches from his bound wife while he was seated several feet away in a chair. “Well this is your chance to see if he is all talk and together we will make some decisions on how tonight will play out.”

I went and stood behind Jake putting my hands on his broad shoulders. “She looks pretty hot strapped to that bed, don’t you think?”

“Yes she does,” he answered tentatively.

I continued ” And like I told your wife we will make some of the decisions together, so we all participate, but of course I will have the final say. To start Jake, she is extremely sexy but don’t you think she would be even sexier if her blouse was unbuttoned?” He hesitated. “When I ask something I don’t want you to hesitate, if you do it will cost you, so please answer the question.”

“Yes she definitely would look sexier,” and I could hear the excitement starting to rise in his voice.

“OK, now the decision is which one of us should unbutton her. Do you want to do it and expose your wife for me or should I?” He sat there trying to determine the correct answer which brought this response from me, “Jake you hesitated again, so this is what happens.” And with that I walked up to his wife and standing beside her so he could see I moved her hair that was flowing over her shoulders to behind her neck. Next, my fingers traced the opening of her blouse down to the first button but instead of undoing her I let my hand slide over her right breast feeling it for the first time. It was such a pleasure to feel her large firm tit in my hand and I watched Jake as I fondled his wife switching from her right breast to her left breast, taking my time, squeezing them and finding her nipples through the blouse and bra material I gave them a pinch. I looked in Olivia’s eyes and she was trying to suppress the arousal that I was causing. “Damn she feels good Jake, but you know that already. Now you want to say who should unbutton her?” He didn’t hesitate this time

“I will, should I come up there?”

“Yes” I said still holding one of her breasts in my hand. He stood up and I looked to see if there were signs of him being turned on. “Take off your shirt,” I told him. “Part of the price for hesitating earlier. I know that this is giving me a hard on, how about you?” He was standing next to me in front of his wife about to undo her blouse for me and reached for a button before answering me. “Hesitating again? Would you like to lose your pants so your wife can see for herself if you are turned on sharing your woman with another man?”

He replied “I am sorry for not answering quickly, it is turning me on but I would like to keep my pants on, at least for now.” He continued to unbutton her blouse exposing her magnificent breasts encased in a lace bra that revealed most of her to within a inch of her nipples.

I said softly to her “you are more beautiful and sexy than I could even imagine, I have such a hard fucking cock it is unbelievable. I wish you could put your hand on it to feel it.” Jake had her blouse fully open looking like he wanted to run his hands all over her and feel her bare breasts. I looked at him, “go ahead and do what you want, she is tied up and really has no say. I know you kaçak bahis want to put your hand inside of her bra and feel her nipples responding to your touch. You can do as you please.”

He started to fondle his wife like it was the first time, tentatively touching the swell of her breasts enhanced by the bra trying to contain them but only pushing them up making them even more succulent. His hands slid inside her bra and he massaged one of her breasts. I had stepped away and came back holding a pair of scissors. “Would you like to cut her bra and let them out? Or would you prefer I do it?” He made the mistake of taking a second too long to answer and he knew it. “Go back and sit in your chair, you obviously want me to take care of this.” He looked stunned and humiliated as he stepped back to the chair. “And lose the pants,” I commanded him. Olivia watched mesmerized as he undid his pants and then let them fall to the floor before stepping out of them. His boxers had a sizable bulge and I guessed he was pretty well endowed. From the look in her eye and her breathing and the way I could feel her heart beating when my hand rested on her chest I knew Olivia was very turned on. I could almost smell her excitement and knew that if I slipped my hand between her legs she would be very moist. I looked her in the eyes as I pulled .the strap between the two cups of her bra away from her body . “You know your husband left this up to me to do,” and I slipped the scissors between her skin and bra strap, I waited until she nodded yes and cut the strap cleanly in two. Her bra fell away and I saw her completely exposed for the first time. I took a moment just to enjoy the view before my hands each took one breast in their grip. Her dark nipples were very taunt and felt divine as they slid across the palms of my hands. I spoke to her softly where Jake could not hear. “I believe your husband is getting off on this, he seems to have quite a hard on. Does he have a big cock?”

She replied, “Yes, it is quite big, both in length and thickness. My fingers barely wrap around it.”

“Maybe we should have him take it out,” I mused, “does that sound like a good idea to you? If so I want you to tell him to stand up and take off his boxers so you can see just how much he likes his wife being fondled by another man.” She had caught on to the idea that she was to do as told and that hesitating would only make it worse.

“Darling, I want you to stand up and take your boxers off and don’t hesitate.”

I had to smile as he popped up and dropped his drawers and I saw his wife was correct about his cock being big. He had to be at least 8″ and quite thick and what made it even more interesting is that he was uncut. He was nearly hard and the foreskin was stretched tight around the bulbous head. He was quite impressive. She told him to sit down again, I could tell she was getting into this, paying him back so to speak for exposing his wife to another man. This time when I spoke to Olivia he could hear me.

“Have you ever seen him jerk off in front of you?”

She shook her head no.

“Have you ever caught him playing with his cock?”

She had a funny smile and said a couple times she knew he was playing with his cock while watching porn when she had unexpectedly come into the room but he quickly hid what he was doing and she never pushed him.

I couldn’t keep my hands or eyes off of her tits, I wanted to suck her nipples but didn’t want to rush it. “So Jake, she almost caught you stroking your own cock? Would that embarrass you, haven’t you ever done it and let her watch?”

“No, I have never done it with her watching and yes I admit she did almost catch me but I was too embarrassed to admit what I was doing. I was embarrassed that I was watching some cheap porn when I have this hot wife.”

He was truly embarrassed by this whole conversation, not that I was going to let him off easy.

“Olivia, has he ever asked you to play with yourself while he was watching?”

“Yes,” she replied, “he seems to think it is more natural for a woman than for a guy.”

Jake’s cock was softening but still large as it hung between his thighs. I loved that although she was the one tied up she seemed more comfortable with the situation than her husband and I was thinking I should untie her soon. “Would you like to see him play with his cock for you?”, I asked her. Her eyes lit up “Just tell him to do it and he will. Tell him what you want, anything goes.” Jake looked like a deer caught in the headlights.

“Anything?”, she looked at me. “Because in our other threesome he had both of us play with our pussies and then with each other.”

Now Jake was nearly squirming.

“Jake, jerk your self off for me. Take your big cock in your hand and stroke it, get it good and hard. I would love to watch you make yourself cum.”

There was only the slightest hesitation and then he wrap his fingers around his cock and lifted it from between his thighs. He kept watching us as he slid his hand down the shaft pulling the skin back exposing the large head of his dick. He slowly worked his hand up and down his cock and after about 30 seconds he started getting hard and it was impressive how his cock grew.

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