The Anatomy of an Affair Ch. 02

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Their affair had been going on for nearly two months and had now settled into a pattern. A couple or three evenings a week Jenny would leave the dealership at around six fifteen and would go to a secluded car park a few miles away. Tom would leave a discrete ten to fifteen minutes after her and would join her in the wooded car park. She would get into his 7 series, which he had just taken on as his company car due to its larger back seat, and they would spend half hour or so kissing and fondling.

Probably about every ten days or so they would manage to sneak off for an afternoon or at least a couple of hours in a hotel and twice they had been able to spend the entire night together when Tom went on a business trip and added a night on the front or the end.

The sex for both of them was explosive. Tom had forgotten just how tight young women were and how they gripped your cock with internal muscles that they seemed to be able to flex and contract so easily. Jenny’s skin had a tightness and a sheen to it and of course there were no wrinkles or cellulite. He had noticed these features with his ‘other bits on the side’ at massage parlours or with escorts he ‘bought’ from time to time, but not to the extent he did with Jenny.

Jenny had messed around with a couple of older guys before, but none who were of ‘father age.’ With Tom she found a whole new meaning to sex and making love. Perhaps for the first time, she thought one day, I am doing both and not just fucking. Before that incredible first night in the hotel she had thought she fancied her boss the manager of the BMW dealership where she worked selling cars. After that night and the quite momentous sex they had shared she knew that not only did she fancy him sexually, but that she was also very attracted to him emotionally as well. And over the past two months that emotional attraction, which was totally mutual was growing stronger. She wanted him even more, wanted to be near him, be with him, be in his arms, be naked with him and have him inside her. Jenny knew that she was falling for this forty-five year old, married father of two, her boss. She could not countenance the idea of not being with him and when he left her to go home to his wife she felt as though a part of her went with him. The very, very worst times by far were when they had spent an evening in a hotel bed and at around ten o’clock he would get up from the bed to go home to that fat cow Emily leaving Jenny naked and aching in the bed. Weekends and bank holidays were the worst times for she felt so lonely and thought of Tom with her and his children. It was perhaps on a Saturday evening or a holiday Monday when Jenny really did wonder whether an affair with a married man was worth it? But then they would meet just after and he would fuck her so magnificently that she knew that is was.

Like many men in their middle ages Tom’s marriage was fucked up. Sexwise that is. In most other ways it worked well. Emily, although bloating up to a fourteen going on sixteen dress size with tits that had once been full but were now like cow’s udders, and Tom got on ok, well that is when not in bed. In there not much happened so increasingly Tom had gone elsewhere. Hookers and escorts and the occasional businesswoman when away on business and massage parlours when at home had been his play areas for several years, but then Jenny joined his dealership.

He hardly noticed her at first and thought of her as just another young wannabee salesperson superstar who thought they could smile, flash their tits and if necessary fuck their way to the magic one hundred and thirty sales per year. Most did the smiling, flashing and fucking, but few got that magic number of sales. Jenny got the target with ease and as far as Tom and his management team knew did the smiling, but not the flashing or fucking.

That was not quite true though. Sure she did the smiling for sales people and especially those in the motor industry smile a lot, but she and a couple of other young female sales execs did a degree of flashing as well. Although fairly discrete and within the requirements of the BMW employee handbook standards on dress code they nevertheless let the customers know about their ‘assets!’ Skirts or trousers that were fashionably tight across their pert bums, crisp cotton blouses that showed the outline of their flimsy bras and sometimes hinted at the darker flesh of their areola and nipples and stockings instead of tights were all common place in the dealership that Tom ran. It was the fucking, though that set Jenny apart from the others, both the guys and the girls for she did not fuck the customers to get sales, she fucked the boss of the dealership instead.

It had started by accident. But then that’s probably not true for no affairs really start that way. There is always at least one that is trying or at least wanting to manipulate the circumstances and in the case of Jenny and Tom, it was both of them. They had felt it for some time. The desire to be together, the smiles, the near or actual touches as without canlı bahis şirketleri letting on to the other their desire, lust really had built up. Both of them had imagined how it would be to be with the other. How their bodies would feel pressed together naked and aroused? How it would be for Tom to lick Jenny’s pert, coral pink nipples, how Tom’s cock would feel in Jenny’s mouth and, of course what it would be like to actually fuck each other. Tom had not just imagined it when alone or when he was masturbating, but also on the rare occasion he fucked his wife he imagined it was Jenny’s lips that were holding and squeezing his cock.

Slowly, almost inexorably so they had come together as it were. And after weeks of speculating on how the other felt and what could happen if they opened up and the other was not up for it, they fucked. Magically, marvellously, wonderfully in a bedroom of a hotel they fucked one evening when Emily was overseas playing golf.

It was a Monday and Tom invited Jenny to a drink in the local pub that the dealership used most evenings. As it happened there were none of their colleagues there. With his fingers tightly crossed Tom suggested dinner. Jenny’s pulse raced when he did and she could hardly contain herself when she accepted. In the restaurant the atmosphere became heavy as both realised that this was not just two work colleagues having a meal. Their conversation had become garbled as they let their feelings spill out and they realised that the other felt the same as they did. With Tom saying. “Let’s get out of here, some tables have ears,” they went to his car and in there they kissed. The passion built up and the pent up desire for each exploded as they fell into each other’s arms, their mouths squirming and Tom’s hand finding Jenny’s small breasts.

The feelings for both of them were intense and so erotically extreme as what they had both fantasised about for so long actually began to happen. Jenny arched her back and pushed her boobs against his pleasure giving hand as she tried to gain every last bit of pleasure from his caress. They went further, much, much further than they should have done in a car park near to where they both worked, but at last Jenny stopped him and Tom apologised.

As Tom watched Jenny do up the buttons on her blouse and push her skirt down from where it had ridden up round her hips, both knew that it could not end there. And it didn’t for they consummated their affair in a splendid, though rather nervous manner at a local hotel.


Jenny was free. She had no boy-friend, lived in a flat with two other girls and her parents were miles away. She did have a sort of fuckbuddy, but he had no influence over her so she could pretty much do as she pleased without the need to report to anyone. An ideal mistress for a married man. Tom had quite the opposite circumstances. He was married and had a daughter living at home. Running the large dealership and being involved in numerous local community affairs and charities meant that in the small circle of the town where they lived he was well known. An absolute disastrous set of affairs for a lover.

Going on dates, being seen anywhere within miles of the dealership, doing anything spontaneous or making arrangements that had any weak points were all consideration that they had to be aware of all the time. There were other little things. She had to avoid using perfume when they were seeing each other, he had to make sure that after a session in his car that he sprayed air freshener and checked his clothes carefully for stray red hairs. At work they had to tread a careful balance. He had to ensure that he treated Jenny no differently to the other sales execs although once one of them did ask her what she had done to upset Tom as he seemed to be hard on her.

For Tom the excuses became more difficult to come up with the longer he and Jenny went on. He, just about, managed the time in the car a few evenings a week, but twice Emily had phoned the dealership to be told he had gone and he had to lie to her about meeting an old customer in the car park. For them to be able to meet for an afternoon in a hotel the excuses were even more difficult to invent. They could just about get away with it with the rest of the dealership team that they were both out for an afternoon, but that was becoming more risky. There were only so many excuses Jenny could make or half day holidays she could take. And as for arranging nights together they really were a nightmare.

That said and despite all the difficulties, the lieing, excuses feelings of guilt and the cheating for Tom, the lack of a real boyfriend for Jenny and the loneliness that brought, they had no doubts that they were doing the right thing.

“What and stay the night?” Jenny said as she lay in Tom’s arms on the back seat of his car.

“Yes would you like that?” He asked running his fingertips across her bare nipple that was stunningly hard.

They hadn’t fucked. They rarely did that in the car as it really was too risky. Instead, Jenny canlı kaçak iddaa would go to the loo in the dealership just before they left and remove her bra. Making sure that she was wearing a suit with a jacket to hide her areola and nipples that were slightly visible through the thin Egyptian cotton of her blouse she sometimes removed her panties as well. Other times, though, she kept them on and took them off when she got in her car or left them for Tom to remove later.

To avoid anyone noticing the regularity of their visits they had a few different secluded places that they used. They would text each other during the day to arrange where they would meet. Tom used a pay as you go phone that Emily knew nothing about, which he used purely for contacting Jenny.

As usual she had climbed into the back of Tom’s car and they immediately kissed deep and long. On such days, Jenny was careful and made sure she wore no perfume and did not use hair spray so that she left no trace of her on him. Generally as they kissed Tom would unbutton her blouse and caress and squeeze Jenny’s breasts and nipples. Tonight was no exception and quite quickly he had her sighing with sexual contentment that quickly turned to arousal and the need for more.

“Oh Tom that is so good,” she groaned into his ear as he put his hand on her knee.

“Ok Jen?” He asked as he slid it up a little way.

“Yes, yes my darling yes please,” she muttered parting her legs a little.

Dallying momentarily just above her stocking tops, Tom revelled in the feel of firstly the nylon and then the sensitive, such smooth skin that lies between them and her panties. He paused more for his own benefit that hers as he wondered whether she had taken them off for him or whether this evening it was his pleasure; he enjoyed both scenarios.

As they continued kissing he quickly found out for he moved his hand further upwards and his heart pounded when the side of it found her warm wetness. He ran his fingers along her slit and then edged them slightly inside her lips before bringing them to the front and finding her clit in the fairly deep hood that protects it. Jenny’s whole body jerked as Tom pressed that stalk of super sensitive flesh; she knew immediately that she would cum.


“It’s wonderful,” she groaned pushing back against his fingers as she ran her hand up his leg and gripped his erection from outside his trousers; she rubbed it. “Ok?” she enquired.

“Of course,” he muttered back as he felt her undoing his belt, zip and trousers.

The feel of her soft, cool fingers on his hot, hard cock sent a shock wave of sexual want through him and his fingers slid inside her lips. That was enough for her. It was enough to take her that stage further. Tom’s fingers going into Jenny’s cunt put her over the top and holding her lover’s bare, erect cock in her hand, she climaxed.

Tom held Jenny as she convulsed through the trauma of her orgasm and as she came down from its extremes.

“Ok darling?”

“Oh Tom, yes it was fantastic, they seem to get better and better as we go on.” Turning her face so she could kiss him she whispered. “That’s probably because it is the man I love who is giving them to me.”

“Or the woman I love I am giving them to, I do love you Jenny.”

“Do you really, really love me?” she asked her heart pounding at the thought of being loved.

She had never had anyone really love her and certainly she had never loved anyone. Ok she had been with a few guys where they were in love when they fucked, but not real love like this. Although the thought excited her and she enjoyed being in love, it was also scary. The future was full of concerns whether they kept their relationship secret like this, they broke up or, and she could hardly bring herself to think it, he left his wife and they lived together.

Still aroused, still with her blouse open and her breasts bare, still with her skirt bunched around her hips, still with his hand on her thigh and still holding his throbbing erection she felt so close to Tom. She felt so warm and loved by him and she wanted to give him the pleasure he had given here. She started to rub his cock. She pumped her hand slowly and firmly up and down.

“Careful Jenny, I am very near,” Tom groaned adoring the feel of his young lover’s hand on his erection.

“Good so it won’t take too long will it?” She said reaching for the box of Kleenex they kept in the back for situations like this.

And it did not take too long, in fact it took no time at all. She pumped him a few more times as he gripped her breast and pinched her nipple, before he started grunting and his cock went rigid.

“Oh god Jenny, yes, yes,” Tom groaned as his cock seemed to explode and his sperm shot into the tissue that Jenny was holding.

This time she held him as he recovered from his climax.

“That was fantastic darling.”

“So that’s two fantastic happenings,” she smiled at him.

“I’ve got a surprise for you Jen.”

“What’s that?”

“Emily is going canlı kaçak bahis away to play golf and Sarah will be on holiday. I will have an empty house for two nights.”

“When,” Jenny gasped excited at the prospect.

“Week after next, like to come round?”


It was a bit like a comedy film. Jenny left her car in her garage and walked into the town centre pulling her travel case. That contained little more than her toilet stuff and a selection of lingerie, most of which Tom had bought for her. A few times when Tom was at home and Emily was in bed he and Jenny would ‘meet’ on skype and after chatting would look at a lingerie catalogue, La Perla or AP being their favourites. He would then ask her what she liked and would then buy it for her with delivery to her flat on the understanding that she would wear it for him the next time they met.

After walking into town on the Friday evening she stood at the bus stop they had chosen and then ‘by accident’ Tom drove past, saw her and stopped. When they got near to his house she laid down lower on the seat so it would look as if he was alone. He then used the zapper to open the garage door and drive straight into his integral garage.

They both got out of the car.

“Welcome to my home Jenny” Tom said holding his arms out and taking her into them.

Still in the garage they kissed. Their bodies up against each other felt wonderful and naturally Tom began to harden.

“It’s nice to be here,” she sighed feeling excited at the prospect of two nights with Tom. “

“And it’s lovely to have you here.”

Smiling and looking up at him Jenny said. “You haven’t had me here yet Tom.”

“Then we had better remedy that hadn’t we?” he muttered kissing her again and then leading her into the house and towards the stairs. “I am assuming you want to go to bed now?”

“Be as assumptive as you like Tom and yes I do,” she whispered letting her hand fall down between them and running her fingers up and down the length of his erection outside his suit trousers.

Jenny had thought of little else than Tom and making love to her since he had told her about Emily going away and inviting her to stay with him. Coincidentally, once he had given her the news he had been very busy at work and had to go on two business trips so they had not had the opportunity to make love for nearly ten days, the longest gap since they had started.

All that time the prospect of staying two nights with Tom had been uppermost in Jenny’s mind. As they had exchanged texts and the days wore on so her excitement and anticipation had grown. Although continually she had mental debates with herself over the affair and now and then wondered if it might not be best to end it before it got too heavy, deep down she knew they were meaningless and irrelevant. He was becoming like a drug, a forbidden fruit almost and she could not get enough of it and him.

As she told him to be as assumptive as he liked both their hearts were pounding and the level of sexual expectation was reaching heights that neither had experienced for ages if at all. Their pulses were racing and their entire bodies were tingling with anticipation. Tom’s cock was rigid and his balls felt so tight and Jenny had an irritation in her panties and a heat and fullness in her breasts. Although she was physically reacting to the situation with her nipples hardening and the dampness in her panties increasing, the vast bulk of her arousal was emotional. She knew that she could not be without Tom and thinking about the future both with or without him made her cringe with concern.

Tom was experiencing similar physical and emotional traumas. Her fingers on his cock felt wonderful and Jenny had that very rare knack of being able to find the middle ground between waiting to be led and taking the initiative. This was something he had not experienced before and he marvelled at the confidence of his youthful lover who showed a completely different attitude and approach to sex than his wife.

“Come on then let’s go,” he groaned into her ear as he pulled on her hand. As he did that he felt the grip on his erection tighten.

“Why go anywhere?” she asked squirming her breasts against his chest.

‘Shit she wants it here,’ Tom thought his cock nearly exploding at the thought of fucking her in the hallway.

Although he wanted her so very badly, in his mind he had thought it would be a slow, languid and highly romantic session. A time when they would gradually undress each other, indulge in lengthy foreplay and then make superb and totally satisfying love. His mind had been taken over by his growing feelings for her and not just by the extremes of lust that were the more obvious names of today’s game.

So they did not make the bedroom, did not gently caress and fondle each other, did not slowly undress and expose their bodies to the other, did not make languid and lengthy foreplay and they did not make slow and easy love.

Instead, they clawed at each other’s clothes, she undid his shirt and he her blouse, her tits came out of her flimsy bra, but that did not come off, his trouser chinos were opened and his hardened cock was pulled out of from his boxers that she pushed down to mid-thigh, which was precisely where her jeans and panties were.

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