The Allowance

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“Hey, Cara, are you coming to the beach with us in a couple of weeks?” Joni called to Cara from her car.

Cara was on her daily run, her huge breasts heaving in a tight, hot pink sports bra barely containing them, her tight bubble butt encased in matching black-and-pink spandex short-shorts. She pulled an ear bud out of her ear and stopped jogging to go over to the car that had pulled up beside her.

“Hey, Joni!” Cara said to one of her cheerleading teammates. It was summer vacation, but the girls still hung out a couple of times a week, and there were always parties like the beach weekend being planned. “Not sure yet. I haven’t had a chance to ask my dad.”

Cara smiled to herself as she thought of all the other things she’d been doing with her dad that summer instead of asking him for permission to go to the beach party.

“Ok but try to let me know soon,” Joni said. “I can’t afford that place myself, so if you can’t go and give me, like, $200, I have to find someone else.”

Joni’s brown ponytail almost whipped Cara in the face as a car zoomed by, a group of college-age boys honking and jeering at the two girls. Joni flipped them off while Cara rolled her eyes and otherwise ignored them. She was leaning in the window of Joni’s passenger seat, her body glistening with sweat, ass pushed back toward the sidewalk. Joni’s body was hidden by the car, but was equally fit, as being one of the co-captains of the cheerleading team kept her in shape.

“Damn, $200?” Cara asked. “I didn’t know it was that much!”

“Yeah, the house is huge and we’re bringing food and drinks and there’s the cleaning bill and whatever. It seemed like such a good idea but now Molly and I are, like, wondering how to pay for it all.”

Molly was the other co-captain. She and Joni were nearly inseparable, and were always throwing parties together. The only real difference between the two was that Joni was white while Molly was black. Other than that, they shopped together, shared clothes, and rumor had it, even shared boyfriends.

“How many people did you invite?” Cara wanted to know.

“Like, 20,” Joni said, “but we need at least 10 to actually help us pay for it. You know how people say they’ll come and then drop out, and then we never get the money. My dad was pissed the last time I used his card to cover, so I can’t do that this time.”

“Yeah, I hear that,” Cara said. She leaned back from the car and got ready to run again. “I’ll ask my dad when he gets home from work in, like, an hour, and I’ll text you later.”

“Ok, sounds good. Have a good run!”

“Thanks, Joni!” Cara said, and took off to finish her jog, flat abs flexing, breasts and ass bouncing down the sidewalk.

. . .

“Honey, I’m home!” Cara heard her dad call out later that day.

“Daddy!” Cara squealed, and ran to him from the kitchen. “I’m so glad you’re home!”

The two met in the living room, and Cara immediately jumped into her father’s arms, her long legs wrapping around his waist, and her lips meeting his. Cara’s dad’s hands gripped her ass cheeks and hauled her closer to him while his tongue tangled with hers. Cara had wrapped her hands around his neck, and was eagerly making out with him, feeling starved for his touch after 8 hours without it.

“Mmm, that’s the way a man should be greeted when he comes home,” Bill said, appreciating the feel of his daughters large breasts pressed against his chest, squeezing her tight ass with his big hands.” He nuzzled her neck and made her laugh before setting her back on her feet.

“You’re still all sweaty, princess,” Bill said, looking her up and down in her little shorts and tight sports bra. “Just finished a run?”

“A little bit ago,” Cara answered, grabbing the bottom of the bra and pulling it off and over her head. Her huge naked tits bounced out, nipples already hard little peaks. She tossed the bra on the floor and cupped her breasts, their size overflowing her hands. She brought one to her mouth and licked the nipple, making it a shiny red. “I thought you might want to shower with me after work, so I waited for you.”

Bill’s breathing had already started to come faster, and he was half-hard, watching his little girl lick her other nipple, to make that one wet for him, too. He hauled his own t-shirt over his head and grinned at her.

“You thought right, baby.” He started to undo his belt. “Now the last one naked in the shower has to pay the forfeit!”

He started to run toward the stairs, but Cara squealed and fled faster, pushing him out of the way as they both tried to climb the stairs at the same time. Bill didn’t try too hard, and instead concentrated on copping a feel of her big tits, then watched her ass jiggle as she ran up the stairs. Damn, his life was good, he thought.

By the time he got to his shower, Cara was naked and under the water. The glass shower walls did nothing to hide her stupendous body, so she was completely on display for him, her head bent as she slicked her wet hair back from her face, her large bahis firmaları breasts lifted up and out with water dripping down off her nipples, over her flat belly, and all the way past her pussy, shaved bare just for him. Her left leg was slightly bent, shielding her pussy, but Bill knew she’d spread those legs in an instant if he wanted her to.

“Damn, princess,” Bill said, “looks like I’m the last one here.”

“That’s right, Daddy!” Cara crowed. “You’ve got to pay up! Now strip.”

Bill grinned at his baby girl while he undid his pants and dropped them to the floor. His hard cock sprang up to slap his stomach while he stalked to her in the shower.

“Sit on the ledge, baby, and spread those legs for me.”

Sure enough, Bill thought, as Cara immediately sat on the tiled ledge that ran along the back wall of the large shower. Multiple streams of water flowed from various points throughout, making the entire shower steamy, hot, and wet. He stepped into the shower as Cara ran her hands down to her knees and opened her legs for him.

“Like this, Daddy?” Cara asked in a breathy voice.

“Mmhmm,” Bill said. “Just like that. I’m going to eat you ’til you scream, princess.”

“I don’t think that’s really a forfeit,” Cara said, “but I’m not going to complain!”

Bill dropped to his knees and propped first one of Cara’s legs on his shoulder, and then the other, tilting her pelvis more toward his face before he dove in. He took a long lick from her ass all the way to her clit, tasting sweat, water, and the sweetness that was Cara.

“Oh god, Daddy,” Cara moaned, her head leaning back against the shower wall, holding onto her father’s hair for support. “I’ve been waiting all day for you to do that.”

Bill paused. “Your Uncle Johnny eating you out this morning wasn’t enough for you?”

Cara pulled her daddy’s head back to her pussy, moaning again as he wiggled his tongue inside her.

“He’s amazing, of course,” Cara gasped out as her daddy started to slide a finger deep inside her while his tongue went to work on her clit, “and it was sweet of him to wake me up to say goodbye before his big business trip – Oh! Oh! (Her daddy’s finger was now entering her asshole) – but there’s nothing like your mouth on me, Daddy.”

Bill continued to press his finger into his daughter’s ass while he looked up at his sweet daughter. “That’s my good girl,” he said. “I’m excited to have you to myself for two weeks.” He ducked back down to alternate between taking long licks of her pussy, fucking her with his tongue, and flicking her clit while he finger-fucked her ass.

“Oh, god, yes,” Cara moaned, gripping his hair tighter. She couldn’t really move, or else her ass would slide off the tiled seat, but her body tried its best to press closer to her daddy’s hot mouth and teasing tongue. “Me too, Daddy. I love it when it’s the – Yes! Right there! (Her daddy’s tongue was flicking really quickly over her clit) – three of us, but it’s so – Oh god! Oh god! (She started to shake as she came all over her daddy’s face) – special when it’s just you and me!” She ended this on a wail as her daddy used his thumb to fuck her pussy in short little strokes while his finger continued to fuck her ass.

Bill lapped up her pussy juice as she came for him, his mind racing with all the things they could do together over the next two weeks. Starting off by making his princess cum on his tongue and fingers wasn’t a bad way to begin.

He pulled his fingers out of her pussy and her ass, set her legs back on the floor, and stood up, smiling down at baby girl sprawled on the tile bench, catching her breath. He grabbed some body wash and squirted it into his hands, then reached for her big breasts. Hefting them in his hands, he made them slippery with soap, squeezing them together to create deep cleavage, pinching and rolling the nipples between his fingers.

“Mmm, I love the way you make me cum, Daddy,” Cara said, enjoying the way his hands felt groping her tits.

“Me too, baby,” Bill said. “Now do you want to help Daddy cum all over your big tits?”

“Yes please!” Cara said, sitting up a little straighter and replacing her daddy’s hands with her own, holding her slippery, soapy breasts together.

“There’s a good girl,” Bill said, soaping up his cock, jacking it in his hand while he watched Cara create a deep valley of cleavage for him. “Spread your legs again, baby.”

He loved watching his daughter expose her pussy for him, and felt his dick grow even harder as her deep red pussy came into view, her little brown asshole winking below it. Stepping between her legs, he lined his dick up with the bottom of her breasts and slid it between them.

“Oh god,” he groaned, trying to keep his eyes open, but closing them for just a minute as he appreciated the hot, slippery wet feeling of his dick sandwiched between his daughter’s massive tits. “That feels so good, princess. God, I love your big fucking tits.”

Cara giggled. “You love my big fucking tits, and you love fucking my big kaçak iddaa tits, don’t you, Daddy?” She pressed her breasts harder together around her daddy’s cock while he started thrusting his hips in little jerks, sliding it up and down the slick valley.

“Damn straight, princess,” he said, leaning over her, his forearms against the wall above her head, her face pressed almost into his stomach, while he looked down from above, watching the tip of his cock disappear and reappear between her huge breasts.

“Like it, baby,” he instructed her, “see if you can lick the tip when it gets near your mouth.”

Cara angled her head down, her forehead pressed against his abs, and stuck out her tongue. Though it blocked his view, Bill could feel the tip of her tongue warm on the tip of his cock, the next time he thrust through.

“Fuck! Yes!” He groaned, closing his eyes and letting the heat of the shower, the heat of his baby girl’s big breasts, and the heat of her little tongue do him in. “Perfect, Jesus, don’t stop princess.”

He started to thrust faster, could feel the pressure in his balls start to build, and knew he was close. Every time he felt Cara’s tongue on his cock, he was sure he would shoot, but couldn’t get quite enough pressure going.

“Keep doing that, princess, try to suck Daddy’s dick into your mouth a bit,” he told her, leaning his forehead against the shower, and bringing his hands down to either side of Cara’s breasts. Pressing her hands into her breasts, he pushed them tighter together, creating the right amount of pressure as the valley between her huge tits became a vice grip around his cock.

“Oh! Fuck! Perfect!” He shouted as his hips pumped up and up and Cara’s mouth closed around just the tip of his dick while his hands helped his daughter’s hands squeeze her massive fucking tits around his dick. “Yes! That’s it!” And he started cumming, shooting his sperm into his baby girl’s mouth where she swallowed it all.

. . .

“That was an amazing meal, princess,” Bill said, wiping his lips with his napkin and picking up his beer. “You know your lasagna is my favorite.”

“I know, Daddy,” Cara said, smiling at him from across the dinner table. “That’s why I made it, for our first night together.”

“Plus,” she said, getting up and starting to clear the table. “Leftovers!”

Bill watched contentedly, drinking the rest of his beer, while Cara brought the dishes to the sink and started to put away the lasagna. She hadn’t put on much after the shower, just one piece of clothing, but it was a tantalizing tease. A strappy little sundress, the triangle cups could hardly contain her large breasts, which were always in danger of falling out, and the flower skirt barely came past her ass. Every time she swirled around to get a plate from the table, the dress flew up, offering peeks at her bare ass and pussy. When she reached up into a cabinet to get a container, her entire ass was on display, and when she leaned over the table to put the lasagna in the container, he could see her breasts almost all the way to her nipples. Despite the fun in the shower earlier, Bill hadn’t fucked his little girl yet today, and he could feel his dick start to stir again.

“I did have something I needed to ask you,” Bill almost missed Cara saying, daydreaming about fucking her on the kitchen table.

“What’s that, princess?” he said to cover his lapse.

“Well, you know Joni and Molly, right?”

Bill thought back to her friends and picked out the busty brunette and equally busty black co-captains of Cara’s cheerleading team. “Yup, they captain your team, right?”

“That’s right!” Cara beamed at him.

“What about them?”

“Well, they’re inviting a bunch of us from the team down to the beach for a few days.”

Bill started to get a suspicion about where this was headed.

“Uh huh…”

“It’s in a couple of weeks, and we don’t have any plans, so I was hoping it would be okay if I went.”

“And?” Bill asked, finishing his beer.

“Well,” Cara said, bringing him a new one she had just opened, and then sitting herself down on his lap, “it costs $200 at least to go and I already used up my allowance and I was hoping I could borrow them money from you.” She said the last part in a rush, while winding her arms around his neck and squirming her bare ass over his rapidly stiffening cock.

“Thought so,” Bill said, starting a new beer.

“Thought so, what, Daddy?” Cara asked innocently.

“I knew it was too good to be true,” Bill said. “The lasagna, that little dress.”

“This little dress?” Cara blinked up at him.

“Cut the act, princess, I know you just want me for my money,” Bill said.

“We-e-e-ll,” Cara dragged out, pressing little kisses to his neck and squirming again on his dick, “not just your money. I like you for…other…things, too…”

“Humph,” Bill said, but enjoying the little game they were playing.

“Pleeeease, Daddy?” Cara begged, pressing her breasts against his chest and trying to kiss his kaçak bahis mouth.

Bill wouldn’t let her get a kiss in, but he had started to form an idea about how to make this work in his favor.

“What did you do with your allowance already, princess? Why don’t you have any money saved up?”

“Well, I bought Uncle Johnny his goodbye gift,” Cara started to explain. She was referring to the lingerie she had worn the previous evening: a deep red baby doll nightie with matching thong panties. She wore them with black high heels and thigh-high stockings, and had pretended she was a high-class call girl purchased for Johnny’s pleasure. Bill was excited to watch that video at some point.

“And that was definitely money well spent on a thoughtful gift,” Bill said. “But that wouldn’t take all of your allowance.”

“I don’t know!” Cara finally said in exasperation. “It’s just all gone. Is there nothing else I can do to earn money?” She unwound her arms from around his neck and slumped back against him, her arms crossed under her breasts, lifting them up and almost out of their cups.

Bill smiled to himself as he enjoyed the view down her dress. This was almost too easy.

“Well, we could continue last night’s theme,” he started to say slowly. Cara immediately perked up.

“What do you mean, Daddy?” She turned on his lap to look at him again.

“You were a call girl last night, right?”

Cara nodded.

“And how do call girls earn extra money?”

Cara’s eyes got wide. “They perform…extra favors?”

Bill raised his eyebrows at her. “That’s right, they do.”

“So,” Cara began, “you want me to…”

“Mmhmm,” Bill encouraged her.

“…perform some ‘favors’ in exchange for extra allowance?”

“Almost,” Bill said. “I’m giving you the opportunity to perform some favors in exchange for extra allowance.”

Cara grinned. “I think I could do that. What kind of favors did you have in mind?”

“Well when’s this party?” Bill asked.

“It’s in two weeks,” Cara said.

“Ok, how’s this? We figure out a system of money in exchange for favors over the next two weeks, and if you’ve earned enough money by then, I’ll pay for you to go.”

“Easy-peasy,” Cara said.

“Not so fast,” Bill told her, kissing her on the nose. “There are some conditions.”

Cara looked skeptical. “Like what?”

“Well, I don’t want all playtime with you to become a transaction in the next two weeks, do you?” Bill asked, sliding his arms around Cara on his lap and nuzzling her neck. Cara melted against him, smiling at his playfulness.

“No, your right, Daddy, that wouldn’t be fun,” she said, enjoying the feeling of his hard dick pressing up against her ass through his pants.

“So, we have to come up with some ground rules, about when something is a favor and when it’s not a favor.”

“That sounds reasonable,” Cara said, as her father started to kiss his was down her neck to her shoulder.

She leaned her head to the side to give him more access, and he slipped a dress strap down her arm. The material caught on her nipple, but the rest of her breast was completely exposed to his gaze.

“I think any sex in our bed, like in the morning or evening, shouldn’t be counted as a favor,” Bill began, sliding his hand down her arm, and caressing the side of her breast with his fingers.

“M’kay,” Cara sighed, straining toward his touch.

“And if you ask for something,” Bill said, his fingers trailing along the edge of material clinging to her tight nipple, raising goose bumps on her breast, “then that doesn’t count as a favor.”

Cara’s body started making little shudders as her daddy’s fingers toyed with her breast. He pushed the fabric off her nipple, and then pinched it, hard, before rubbing her nipple gently between his fingers.

“So I can’t ask for any type of sex in the next two weeks?” Cara gasped out, as her daddy pulled on her nipple, stretching it out, then letting it bounce back.

“That’s right,” Bill said, trailing his fingers over to the other breast.

“What if there’s a favor I don’t want to do?” Cara asked, breathlessly, watching her daddy’s fingers slide into the cup of the dress holding her left breast, and lifting it out of its confinement.

“That’s reasonable,” Bill said, starting to play with the new nipple, pulling on it as well to make it larger and thicker. “How about you get 4 vetoes?”

“O-k,” Cara gasped again, closing her eyes as little shots of pain and pleasure coursed through her body.

Bill loved this feeling his daughter gave him, complete trust and control over her body. He marveled at how she just sat still in his lap, letting him do whatever he wanted to her, while he negotiated for sexual favors over the next two weeks. He was the fucking luckiest dad in the world he thought, as his hand traveled down his daughter’s side to where the skirt of her dress lay draped across her thighs.

“Wh-what about c-c-compensation?” Cara could barely gulp out, as her father’s fingers played with the hem of her skirt, sneaking beneath it to disappear up her thighs, but not actually touching her pussy.

“How much do you need?” Bill asked, sliding the skirt hem a few inches up one thigh.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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