The Agency Ch. 06

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After our parents left for their holidays, I had the best opportunity to spend some hours working on the Website. It needed some more polishing so that it looks more attractive. Sophie as always came out with great ideas. All I we needed was a few silhouette pictures of a couple of naked ladies ready for action. They will go floating all over the screen, something like the James Bond type girls.

‘Joss, we are going to have another four girls and that does not include me.’ Sophie interrupted.


‘So with my digital camera we can take a few photos more. That way we can fill the background and two who will look like as if they were floating in the air against the different coloured backgrounds. The silhouettes will look fantastic and no one can recognise any of them especially with some exaggerated make-up.

‘That would be great idea, but we have to be very careful. I don’t like to show people getting fucked on the website. This website is about promoting a new type of business. In a few words it is a service.’

‘I know Joss. It is a business which is available to anybody. You buy it if you want it or better you need to enjoy such a service’. Sophie tried to cottect.

‘I have to be very careful. I don’t like to implicate any of our friends and we don’t want to expose them all over the world wide net. You know, nobody knows, who will be looking on the computer’s screens. Silhouettes will be ok. And preferably they should move or flow in and out of the screen.’ Joss explained.

‘You’re right Joss, but sure, close ups will not show anything. I have some other ideas, a romantic background and I know precisely how to include them. We do everything digitally.’ Sophie continued to explain her ideas.

The discussion kept on and on while she continued with the designs, something in which she was very good at.

I even booked the space on the web and gave a few hints, but not enough with the temporary statement “UNDER CONSTRUCTION”.

Going back to their normal life a few years back, life at home was great. Joss was doing well at university as also his sister Sophie who was in her third year and Joss in his fourth year. They had matured enough that they could roam around freely and were well trained by their parents, about protecting themselves, including the problems of sex. All of the ladies were trained and protected against the possibility of getting pregnant; about sexual diseases and other wrong possibilities.

Being still at university, Joss and Sophie were waiting for their mid-term long weekend holidays. Their parents had already planned their long weekend away from home. They knew that their children would look after their few animals that they have left. Both Joss and Sophie could easily cope with the work, which was mostly feeding.

Thursday afternoon arrived. While their parents had already left for their long weekend of pleasure and relaxation, their friends started to arrive. There were four couples in all, not to mention that a single lady was accompanying her sister. Their best friends who arrived in two separate cars were Klaus and Lisa, Rolf and his beautiful girlfriend Tanya arrived in one car. Herman and his sister Elsa, Dieter and his girlfriend Julia, who was accompanied by her eighteen year old sister Kerstin, arrived in another car.

An extra girl never hurts, Joss thought. It could be a very interesting asset. This was really not their first swing. They had girls and also a mixed gender on various occasions, and they loved and enjoyed every moment. They really started from a few weeks after Sophie ceded her virginity to her brother.

As soon as they gathered in the sitting room, with cushions arranged here and there on the floor, beer on the table and some plates with different types of good food. The prepared food was a variety of canapés which they could grab and eat and which goes down very well with the beer.

Naturally there was hugging and kissing with the odd one out, was Kirsten who felt like she was still very shy.

‘Well friends.’ Sophie started her introduction. ‘It seems, that today we have a very nice young lady who I am sure she is more than ready to be introduced to the real pleasures of love making. Although she’s still haven’t tasted the real human phallus, I couldn’t vouch if she is still a virgin; but I’m sure that when these days are over, she will goes back home fully satisfied. She will be looking forward for more sessions of sexual amusement, lust, pleasure and sexual satisfaction through the art of love making.’

‘Lucky girl!’ Lisa shouted, ‘Give her a welcome hug and a kiss, ladies and gentlemen.’

So all the girls and the guys, one after the other hugged, kissed and even touched a few places that were not expected to be, touched too soon. It seems that boys are very anxious start to get the feeling of fresh meat. But anyway, most of them came from the boys with lots of enthusiasm and encouragement from the looking girls. She was really made welcome, not to mention the initial embarrassment she found herself in, especially during Sophie’s introduction. illegal bahis Her face was burning with shame, although between her legs hot liquids were flowing.

‘Well,’ Sophie continued, ‘everybody knows why we gathered here today and during the next few days or as much as you like to stay. Well; first I like to ask Joss to choose the lady he wishes to have his first sessions with. Regarding the other males they have to draw a name from the bag. This will produce some excitement as to with whom she will spend the first hour or so.

Sophie lifted the bag for all to see, and continued. ‘You guys choose the one which in your eyes is the favourite for the first session, with the exception of Kirsten. She will join Joss together with the lady he had the right to be the first to choose, as he is the host. He will have two, but he can have Kirsten, only until tomorrow morning.’

Kirsten looked around, her eyes moving from one male to the other with interest; trying to make out what the boys are thinking, or better dreaming. It seemed that all the contenders had a nice smile on their lips. ‘Now… ladies and gentlemen… shed your clothes, everybody must be naked by the next couple of minutes … pleasssse.’

It did not take long before all the boys and girls shed their clothes. Kirsten was taking it rather slowly, just watching what her elder sister was doing. Her face was still burning red with shame, but slowly she managed to shed her jeans and her blouse. Her sister came to her rescue and very quickly helped her out of her bra, exposing her dominant pair of beautiful, solid tits. Her nipples had already made an impact, especially on the boys, who were all eyes on Kirsten. They were watching, looking at her rather a little long and very erect nipples, which were dominating her chest. Lisa walked towards her, and pulled down her panties from behind; something Kirsten was not expecting to happen so soon or better; not to expose her so quickly infront of everybody.

All the boys kept watching with interest, as she was the odd one out. None of them had ever met her yet, except for her sister Julia and her boyfriend. She was beautiful, quite tall like her sister and had a nice pair of long legs; the rest of her stunning body was very well proportioned.

Her legs were perfect, a bit longer than her sister’s. They were slightly thinner but nicely shaped. From the calves up along her thighs there was a slight separation at the joint where her thighs closed together and her ass blowing, nicely outwards. Her buttocks were perfectly shaped. They looked rather slightly big with those beautiful cheeks, compared with the rather small upper part of her legs.

Lisa was quick to show her around, by turning her for all to see. The boys’ eyes popped out as they focused their eyes on her well structured body. They were amazed with her beauty and were more than ready to devour her. Most of the males were sure there would be possibilities to pleasure her or better to fuck her. Although at that very moment she had felt very embarrassed being naked for the first time infront of five naked males, including her own sister’s boyfriend she tried to recover.

Kirsten’s face was rather red with embarrassment but she perfectly knew why she was there. She just started to worry about the abundance of liquid which was flowing out of her vagina. She was getting wet, rather very wet. Between her legs the feelings were totally different. Liquids were flowing as she was dreaming what she would feel as she will be fucked for the first time. All the guys knew she was still a virgin and as much as she wanted to find out what it really feels to be fucked as much as they wanted to fuck her. She wanted every prick, which was there, exposed to her eyes delight, in their supreme glories.

Kirsten’s eyes were rather looking downwards, but her vision was moving from one prick to another, checking for any differences in size, thickness and maybe, his contour until she focused on Joss. He was the one who was going to be her first contender. Joss was the one who was going to deflower her.

Although she never had a man she was not so sure if she was still a virgin. She had masturbated many times. She even found her mother’s vibrator, although she never inserted it into her vagina. Her sister had helped her get on the pill and now she brought her here to broaden her sexual experiences. She helped her trim her pubic hair to look better with the intention that it may be shaved later during the expected, more than the very hot encounters which may erupt during the following days.

Sophie took the floor again and directed. ‘Boys; I think that you had a very good look at this beautiful young lady; well I’m sure that she is here to enjoy herself, to pleasure you as much as she is expected to be loved and pleasured, by all of you. Therefore let’s see; yes; now boys, choose the partners for this afternoon’s sessions; for tonight it’s the girls who choose your partners. My brother Joss, as the host will choose his girl now and the one who will spend the night with him together with Kirsten. From illegal bahis siteleri to morrow morning, it’s free for all; do what you like, choose whom you like, and fuck any hole you like, as also where you like. We will keep today’s sessions; private. On the way up, just pick a number from that bowl on the table and you will know which room is yours. The rest is all yours, just enjoy yourselves. Thanks.’

Joss was quick to make his choice, Tanya, and for a reason, she had a fantastic body, very hot and could compliment well with Kirsten. She also loved to suck pussy. For the night, he thought that Julia will not only make a great fuck but having two sisters together could make it more interesting. Kirsten felt very embarrassed that she had to be fucked, in the presence of her sister, but of course that was Joss choice as the host. She didn’t feel she had to complain.

Herman was next, he chose Sophie. Rolf settled for Julia while Dieter found himself in the abilities of Lisa’s sexy body. And Klaus, yes, he had Elsa another hot volcano.

For the night session the choices will change as follows; Joss wanted the two sisters which were already known. As for the rest; Lisa partnered with Herman; Sophie with Rolf; Tanya with Klaus and Elsa with Dieter.

With the choices made, Joss started walking up the stairs with the two ladies in tow, leading them straight to his parent’s bedroom. As soon as the door closed, he took Kirsten in his arms and slowly started hugging her and kissing her. Tanya knelt down and immediately took care of his hardon with her able mouth, lips and tongue.

After that unforgettable evening when Sophie ceded her virginity to me (Joss), things moved fast. Since then we made love nearly every day sometimes even more than once. Our father and mother had never bothered us. Klaus and Lisa; yes we shared some great moments with them, doing anything possible, including a lot of double penetrations, three ways and much more. The pleasures we encountered were incredible and unforgettable. The great moments of intimate love making and the pleasures we fully enjoyed together were something which left us more than fulfilled with great gratifications; nearly day in day out. We seen more of our friends and together we built a huge bond of extensive sexual pleasures which together we had enjoyed to the full.

It was our first sort of swinging experience, although we had shared extensive information about our bodies, mostly discussing the sexual aspect. We were long time friends. We knew too much about ourselves and there were a lot of female to female discussions between my sister Sophie and Lisa. Too much happened during the last months prior to Lisa’s loosing her cherry to her brother Klaus. I was so lucky that my loving sister Sophie had relinquished her virginity to me.

Situations in our life: our first sexual experiences changed too quickly. A couple of weeks after taking Sophie’s cherry, Mum and dad told us that maybe very soon they had to go away for a few days, a short holiday and we had to look after the farm, especially the animals.

‘Oh mum that’s great.’ Sophie shouted.

We had already got used to those weekends away. We also realized what was goes on during those weekends when our parents were away from home.

‘I know; I know that you are very keen to be alone from time to time, you two rascals. Ok, you are not going to be alone as you already know. Klaus and Lisa will be joining you, as maybe some others who may be or may not been new to the game.’ Their mother recited.

I was shocked. If they were just our friends, that would be a great joy. But those new ones are new and were never part of our life we share together. We are allowed to fuck, to make love, anything goes, but others… wow that could make things more interesting and maybe, even more complicated. ‘Who else is coming?’ I nearly shouted.

‘Not so sure yet, Joss, but I’ll keep you informed.’ Sophie answered.

I did not say anything, not even to Sophie. My question made it obvious that we were not happy to have strangers in our midst; which may interrupt our dreams of more sexual intensive pleasures.

Three new Virgins.

I tried to keep this information away from Sophie, as I did not want to speculate. It could be a fantastic weekend, fucking freshly girls; enjoying new experiences; well, maybe it could be a disaster.

When I looked at the bright side of the matter, thinking of a virgin pussy; my dick became not only hard, but on many occasions it crossed the limits, as I had nearly blew my load; but what if they are boys? It will be the opposite, the girls gets all the action, maybe! Joss was just dreaming.

A few days later the telephone rang. Sophie picked the set in the kitchen, while I took the one on the first floor. ‘Hello.’ She cried.

‘Hi, how are you Sophie?’ It was Lisa who asked.

‘I’m great, and you?’ I did not speak. I just kept my silence.

‘I had just enjoyed a great session with Joss, you know?’

‘Woww, lucky you!’ Lisa sort of became jealous.

‘What about you?’ .Sophie canlı bahis siteleri asked.

‘Klaus was out this morning and he won’t be back until tonight, but last night we had enjoyed a great evening. I must say it was a very stimulating hot session. My arse is still too sore; he really rammed me hard.’ Lisa gave her the latest saucy details.

‘So Klaus had loved every moment of it. Anyway, what’s new?’ Sophie asked.

‘There are some things I like to tell you; some very interesting ones, but I don’t like to do so, on the telephone.’

‘Why don’t you come down here?’ Sophie invited.

‘How can I? There’s nobody here.’ Lisa asked.

‘Get the bus and we pick you from the village square. It’s only just a little over half an hour and buses leave every half hour. Joss dick was exceptionally wild this morning.’ Sophie was quick to advise what she had to do.

‘Oh! You are a tease. Look, I call mum and be on my way.’ Lisa answered.

‘Give us a call so we know when to pick you up.’ The line clicked off and I ran down hugging Sophie and kissing her.

‘Wow sis, that’s great.’ Joss wanted to jump.

‘Let me see whether it’s great or not.’ She put her hand on my cock and slowly crawled inside my fly searching for the real gadget which slowly was brought out of the hole, in my underwear. She was not disappointed as it was harder than steel. ‘Fuck me Joss, before she comes.’

I did not refuse, I was young. My body was raging with sexual energy. We went up to Sophie’s bedroom and fucked like crazy until the phone rang again. It was exactly while Sophie was enjoying those ecstatic pleasures which my hard dick was producing. From behind; doggy style, I was thrusting in and out inside her vaginal furnace, while she was bending on all fours, her ass in the air and her head resting on the bed.

‘Don’t stop now Joss, I’m cumming.’ Sophie shouted.

But quickly I pulled out of Sophie hot wet pussy and ran for the phone.

‘Hi Joss,’ she answered as soon as I said hello. ‘I’ll be there in about 30 minutes.’ I slammed the phone down and went back, pushing my dick back into sis’s hot volcano.

‘We have to be quick, Sis; she’s already on the way. Thirty minutes maybe.’ So my hot dick went into overdrive and slammed it in and out of Sophie’s hot pot. I made her cum a second time but saved my cream in my balls for later. We became decent and cycled quickly to the square.

We picked Lisa and soon we were back to the normal life of hot sex and the pleasures of the flesh. When we thought we had enough and while enjoying a light lunch we discussed the program for the ten days we were going to be alone. Immediately, the first item was about the new unexpected visitors, who were imposed to come over and share these few glorious days. Are they going to join the fun or not? That was the question which Sophie and I were asking.

‘Well,’ Lisa started, ‘Sylvie is a very beautiful girl, got fantastic body but is very shy. From what my mother told me, she is still a virgin; and it seems she had never dated. The whole thing is, her mother wants her to enjoy sex and the order is that you, Joss take her up after introductions and break her. Don’t worry she is on the pill, even the others.’

I just stayed silent hearing the good news.

‘And who else is coming?’ Sis asked.

‘The blond twins; you know who I’m referring too?’ Both sis and I nodded. ‘They are a very gorgeous and an attractive pair of identical twins, well behaved, but seemed that they had not been deflowered yet. They are just a few months older then you Sophie. Joss, you take their fronts and Klaus do their backs, but Sylvie is totally yours. These are Mum’s instructions.’

‘What do you mean; Mums’ instructions?’ I asked nearly shouting.

‘Well mum knows a lot about you Joss. I had always kept her informed; otherwise she won’t let us come. There is one thing you have to worry about; be careful how to break Sylvie, otherwise sure we will have ten days of real fun.’

‘Wowww! That’s great.’ Sophie shouted.

‘Well, one more thing, Joss. Before the holidays, my mum wanted to watch you making love to me and Sophie.’

‘No way!’ I shouted. ‘I couldn’t understand how your Mum tries to run my sex life? This is intolerable.’

‘Remember, she is sending you three virgins. I will let you know when, and you Sophie, is also included.’ She said pointing her finger towards Sophie.

The day passed and they had a great time pleasuring one another. We did it in the barn and on the straw, when we were nearly caught by pop. Our parents liked Lisa very much, and they were very pleased to see her here with us. They also asked about Klaus. Pop even offered to drive her back home, but her mother was already on the way.

I slipped upstairs just after Lisa excused herself to go to the toilet. I was just in time to pick her up as soon as she was out. We dived into Sophie’s room, which was the closest, laid her on the bed, lifted her skirt and plunged my nose into her still wet pussy. Just smelled nice, after she peed! I sucked her like crazy and as soon as she started to moan I gave her a very hard quick fuck which she definitely loved and enjoyed. I lost count of how many times she came. She cried and shouted and I was sure that everyone down there in the sitting room knew what was going on up.

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