The Adventures of Olivia Ch. 02

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In the company where I work, my boss wanted to increase the mutual trust of the employees, so he devised a group dynamic called “secret friend”. Me and all my co-workers wrote our names in little pieces of paper that we put on a bag to shuffle them. Then, each one of us picked a paper and the name that it had was the person that we would have to give a secret gift once a week for the next month. The last gift must contain our name so that the person knew who had been giving him or her the gifts.

Today, when I entered my office, I found a gift in a little and square package. I opened it only to discover it was a porn movie in Blu Ray. I felt curious about it and, since my computer had a Blu Ray disc drive, I took advantage of the fact that I didn’t have any meetings until late in the afternoon to watch the movie. I closed the door and locked it up, muted my computer and sat comfortably in my chair. If I liked it, I would watch it again in my house with the speakers at the maximum level. But being a porn movie, I didn’t bahis firmaları expect it to have the narrative complexity I had always loved in films.

As I clicked the play button, I instantly became disappointed, it was not even a movie but a compilation of sex scenes from mainstream porn sites. However, after a few minutes, my disappointment disappeared. All the scenes depicted a girl being fucked in doggystyle position by two men. One of them was penetrating her vagina and the other her mouth.

My excitement and arousal grew uncontrollably when the screen showed a scene about a girl having sex in an office just like mine. A man was pounding her vigorously while she enthusiastically sucked the second man’s cock. All my body turned very hot and my cunt started to get wet. I replayed that scene just to enjoy it again. Suddenly, I heard someone was knocking at my door, I paused the movie but forgot to minimize the tab. I opened the door. My co-workers John and David wanted to ask me when I was going to ask the company for kaçak iddaa holiday vacations. They didn’t want to ask their holidays the same date that mine, for that could interfere with our subdivision’s duties.

Before I could answer them, John said that I looked very hyper and that my face was completely red. Then, David saw the paused image that I had in my screen and told John about it, who walked towards my computer to see it. For some minutes, none of us said anything, we were paralyzed. Just after John had gathered enough courage, he dared to speak, and asked me if I would like to do the same thing that appeared in the movie. I was really turned on and wet, so I said yes with my head.

My co-workers helped me to undress. That day I was wearing stockings with a garter belt, which they didn’t took me off, although they did pull out my panties and brassiere. David placed me on the desk just as the girl in the film was, with my back arched, my ass up in the air, and my knees set apart. He said that my ass was huge and kaçak bahis that it looked delightful. Both of them, taking turns, fingered my vagina and it made them lost their mind to know that I was already wet and ready for action.

Each one of them unfastened his zipper to let his cock out of his trousers. John’s member was very thick, with a big and round head; meanwhile, David’s was a little bit les thicker, but really long. I had the fortune to enjoy both penises, John penetrated my pussy first while I was sucking David’s cock. Then, they exchanged roles. The feeling of having two cocks inside me, one deeply inserted in my throat and the other one in the depths of my vagina, was something super pleasant.

While David was pounding me, he inserted a finger in my anus and with his other hand stimulated my clit. In a matter of seconds, I was having an orgasm. I assume that the boys were fascinated by the experience because, almost at the same time, David took out his cock and sprayed my ass with his semen while John came in my mouth. I drank all of his sperm. It tasted deliciously. I don’t know if any of my two co-workers is the secret person that gave me the movie, but that sexual encounter was the best gift I have ever received!

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