The Adjuster

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Big Dicks

Ron pulled up in front of the run-down two-bedroom bungalow. It was his third stop today and it looked promising from the information on his claim sheet. The claimant was a single woman, 31 years old, and one of the few that had flood insurance in this neighborhood.

Ron always volunteered to work the lower income neighborhoods. If they did have insurance they needed every penny of it, these weren’t people with investments, or even savings accounts, in most instances. So when Ron swaggered in, and he did swagger, he was in the position of making sure they got enough cash to be whole again, or he could make it very difficult on them. Such was the power of an insurance adjuster after a hurricane with a substantial tidal surge.

He had honed his sleazy game and he wasn’t above trading favors for a favorable report. His favorite target was attractive single females. He had also had some fun with a few married couples, amazing what people will do for money. At 42, he was a little overweight, not uncommon in men his age. He knew he was well equipped but his personality had limited his success with the women.

As he was organizing his paperwork he saw her step out of the house, the screen door on the small front porch gently slamming behind her. Ron felt like his day was definitely improving when he saw her standing there anxiously waiting for him. He guessed she was about 5’5″. She had dark shoulder length hair and was wearing short cut-off jeans with a white sleeveless top, the top couple of buttons undone revealing a nice swell of cleavage. She wasn’t thin but also not overweight and he was guessing she had a nice full ass.

Getting out of the car, he approached her with all the professional attitude he could muster. They shook hands as she introduced herself as Gail. Ron glanced around and from the waterline on the house from the flood waters could pretty much assume the extent of the damage. He told her he would need about 15 minutes to look around and she could accompany him or wait inside.

“The AC is out, the damn outside unit was under water,” she remarked. “It’s not much cooler in the house than it is out here.”

“Well you are more than welcome to join me,” he said already working his angle. “I feel terrible that you got this water damage. When I saw your claim I postponed a couple of other jobs so I could get out here as soon as possible,” he lied.

They walked around the property, Ron taking notes and snapping pictures. Next they headed inside, Ron appreciating her shapely ass as he followed her in. He did the same routine, making notes and taking pictures without really say anything. When he finished they sat at the kitchen table as Ron took out his tablet and started going over the damage he saw and what she could possibly expect the insurance company to pay.

The news was not good for Gail as he explained what would be covered, and after applying her deductible, what she might get a check for. Ron paused to let it sink in, all part of his routine. He watched as her hopeful face lost all of its glow and a tear escaped her eye.

“Shit, there is no way I can afford to fix the house if that is all I am going to get. I really don’t know what I am going to do,” she confided in him. “I can’t live here without making at least most of the repairs, and I don’t make enough to rent somewhere and continue paying the mortgage,” the tears now trickling down her cheeks.

“Unfortunately, I have seen this happen too many times. I wish I could do something to help you.”

“Isn’t there a way to write it up so more is covered? I know you mentioned if it was a little worse they could give me more for the damage,” she pleaded.

Ron looked pensive for a moment. “That’s true,” she had picked up on his comments as he hoped she would. “But I could also get in trouble for insurance fraud, losing my job would be the least of it.” He saw a glimmer of hope in her eyes.

“Well, what can we do? Should we check the place again, I can’t afford a loss like this.”

Ron moved in to close the deal. He looked at her, obviously checking her out. He took his time before speaking as she sat there nervously hoping he had something positive to say. “If I set it up so you would get, let’s say another $7500.00, would that put you where you need to be?”

“Oh my god, yes! Just tell me how we do it,” and she knew from his look what he was expecting. No longer the professional, he was now a predator and she was the prey.

There was an unspoken acquiescence, the silence hung heavy in the room. The whirring of the fans providing the backdrop. “I have a couple of hours to kill, do you want to make a deal.?”

She sat there stunned, taking in what he was offering. He wasn’t forcing her into anything, if she said no he would be gone in a couple of minutes. If she agreed, she would come out of the situation bahis firmaları with a fixed home and some cash in her pocket. They would be partners in crime. He was taking advantage of the situation and it was up to her oblige him and cheat the insurance company.

“What’s your deal?” she mumbled.

“We just spend the next couple of hours doing what I want, whatever I want,” he stated firmly.

She hesitated, “OK, within limits.” She was quite adventurous with sex as long as it didn’t get too weird.

“What, you want a safe word or something,” he laughed. “OK, its adjuster, just don’t use it too soon. Agreed?”

She shook her head affirmatively. He was kinky, maybe he would go for something more advanced. “How about I let you have your way until you cum, then I get to do what I want?” She saw the interest in his eyes. “Maybe you’ll need a safe word,” she smirked. If this was going to happen she planned to take it all the way.

“You got it,” his voice slightly raspy. This was not what he was expecting but did play to one of his dark fantasies. “Now come over here and stand in front of me.”

“Don’t think I haven’t noticed you checking me out all day. If you think your discreet; you’re not”

“I couldn’t help it; you have such a sexy body. Nice full tits, and an ass that’s to die for. I can’t wait to see what else is in those Daisy Dukes of yours.”

She stood on display in front of him, waiting. He reached out and took by the hand pulling her closer as he sat in the chair, their knees nearly touching. He ran his hands up her bare arm, her breasts at his eye level and he unabashedly stared at the cleavage and the swell of her breasts presented to him. Then his hands traveled down her arms and over her hips to the outside of her smooth legs and back up again. He ran his finger up the trail of buttons on her blouse and then touched the bare skin revealed by the open buttons. Then he slowly started undoing the buttons. The first one he undid revealed the lacy top of the minimal black bra that she was wearing, the next one allowed him to brush his hand across her bra and open her blouse. She expected him to grab her breasts when instead he sat back and gazed at her. She glanced down to see his cock was already pressed against his trousers.

“Continue unbuttoning your blouse for me,” he commanded.

She hesitated only a couple of seconds before undoing the remaining three buttons. She let her blouse hang open feeling very exposed as he sat there staring at her.

“Take it off.”

She let it slide down her arms and onto the floor. Her bra barely concealing the nipples of her plump 36C breasts. She saw him smirk as he focused on her hard nipples pushing against the thin material. He reached out and hooked his thumb into the waist band of her shorts, pulling her forward until she stood between his spread legs. He unsnapped her jean shorts and slowly pulled the zipper down. Ron slid his hand inside the shorts and around her until they rested on her ass. He started sliding them down, exposing her panties and he realized by the thin strap of a waist band that she was wearing a thong. He let them fall to the floor as he gazed at her pussy barely covered by the lacey patch of material. He had always been an “ass” man and as sexy as she looked he couldn’t wait to see her turn around, his cock growing harder by the second. This was turning out way better than any of his expectations.

“Turn around,” his voice reflected his growing excitement.

Gail did as she was told. She turned around, her ass mere inches from his face. Ron caressed her cheeks with both hands, she was amazingly firm for having such a nice full behind. She felt him fondling her ass for a few minutes then she felt him planting kisses all over her abundant cheeks. When he was momentarily satisfied with feeling her up he grabbed her arm and spun her back toward him.

“Lay across my lap, I am going to warm up your ass for you.”

Gail did as directed. Lying across his lap, her butt up in the air and lewdly on display, she could feel his large cock pressing into her belly even though he still had his trousers on. His hand moved in a circular pattern across both of her cheeks. She had to admit it felt quite nice. Then, without warning, he brought his hand down in quick slap to her ass. She yelled out, she couldn’t help it.

“I am glad you screamed, it turns me on. But no more screaming, I don’t need the neighbors over here.”

With that said, he proceeded to flail her upturned ass with another dozen swats. She suppressed he need to scream, emitting instead a low moan. Then he gently rubbed her ass as he admired his handiwork, her fanny now a nice pink color. Then he shoved his hands between her thighs, forcing them apart. He massaged her pussy through the barely there material of her thong. After a minute or so he pushed kaçak iddaa the material aside and rubbed her now moist pussy. Ron inserted a thick finger into her and finger fucked her for several seconds, then forced a second finger into her, he felt and heard her moan. He slowly fucked her with his fingers, she responded by pushing back against them, driving them deeper into her cunt. Then he pressed against her anus with his thumb. She was expecting something like that knowing he was into asses but it still took her by surprise. He rubbed her rosebud with his thumb as his fingers worked on her pussy. I took no more than a minute before she exploded in an orgasm.

He let her relax for a few moments enjoying the aftershocks of her orgasm. Then he helped her up. As she stood there, he slipped down her thong so he could see the beautiful pussy he had just fingered to orgasm. As he could tell by massaging her, she was clean shaven.

“I need you to take that bra off, I have to see those lovely tits,” he told her.

She unhooked it and let it slide down her arms, exposing her full breast. There were topped by two medium sized brown nipples that were completely erect. She ran her hands over them just for affect.

She stood before him completely nude and feeling quite vulnerable. She was also oddly excited. She instinctively raised her hands up to cover her breasts. He told her to take them down and put them behind her back. She did so as he continued to devour her body with his eyes. She felt his fingers run up her soft inner thighs and then brush against her still sensitive pussy. She closed her eyes as she felt both of his hands move up and caress her breasts. He gently squeezed them telling her how beautiful they were. She winced slightly as he rolled her nipples between is thumbs and forefingers.

“Time for you to do something for me,” he told her and motioned for her to kneel in front of him.

She didn’t need to be told what he wanted. She started by rubbing his cock through his pants. There was no doubt her was well endowed. Even with his pants on she could feel the thickness and length of his cock. Then she unbuckled his belt. She undid the top of his pants and pulled his zipper down. She tried to reach in and grab his cock but the pants were too tight. He stopped her for a second when it was obvious she wasn’t going to be able to extract his dick with his pants on.

She had him lift his hips as she pulled his pants down to his ankles. He was wearing thin tight fitting sport briefs that were being stretched by his big eight-inch cock.

Gail rubbed his cock through his briefs and Ron closed his eyes and let himself get lost in the moment. Gail worked the front of his briefs down exposing his big dick, the biggest that Gail had encountered to date. She wrapped her hand as far around it as it would reach and gave him a couple of slow strokes. A couples drops of pre-cum appeared on the bulbous head. She saw Ron look down.

“How about a little taste, love?” he asked her.

While keeping eye contact, she took his thick cock into her mouth and ran her tongue over the head of it cleaning it up. She then continued sucking and stroking his hard cock. She found it a fun challenge to see how much of his cock she could stuff into her face. With her other hand, she fondled his big balls and could feel them starting to tighten, signally he was heading towards an orgasm and possibly erupting in her mouth. She sucked and stroked him. She teased his balls and even his taint with her fingernails. She noticed his head was back and his eyes were closed. Her talented tongue and mouth were bringing him to the brink of orgasm.

Ron put his hand on her head, telling her back off a bit. He didn’t want to cum too soon. He remembered the agreement they had made, that she would be in charge once he blew his load.

“I want to fuck you,” he panted. “I need to feel my cock in that sweet pussy of yours.”

The stood up, Gail completely nude. Ron kicked off his shoes and stepped out his pants and underwear. As he followed her to the bedroom he stripped off his shirt.

“How do you want me?” she asked teasingly.

“Oh shit, I want you every way. I guess we can start with you riding me. After that, I may need to bend you over the bed and do you from behind.”

Gail was fine with fucking him, looking forward to riding that thick cock. She was a bit concerned what he would do to her when he had her bent over the bed. Both her pussy and her asshole would be available for his pleasure. She didn’t think he would let her use her safe word to get out of an ass fucking.

Ron lied back on the bed, his still hard cock pointing straight up. Gail straddled him. Lowering herself until the tip of his cock was touching her. Reaching down, she grabbed his shaft and guided the head of his cock between her wet lips. She kaçak bahis took him slowly, letting herself adjust to his sizeable prick. Once she got the head in, she took him inch by inch until she was impaled on his cock. The both remained motionless for several seconds as her body relaxed. Then she initiated a gentle up and down motion. She had never felt so filled, but she was learning to love it.

The gentle fucking progressed to a more regular rhythm as she relaxed. It was easy to tell that Ron was completely absorbed in the activity as his cock slid in and out of her tight smooth cunt. She picked up the pace until she was raising up until only the head of his cock was in her and them slamming all the way down.

He had her stop and rolled her off of him onto the mattress. He positioned himself over her and ran his hand down smooth body. As he caressed and squeezed her breasts he started kissing her neck. His hand slid further down her body and when his fngers reached her wet pussy he kissed her breasts and sucked her nipples. Slowly he kissed his way down to crotch and slid his tongue up and down her slit before plunging it into her. He always enjoyed going down on a woman after he had given them enough good strokes to get them wet, but before he actually came. Not all the ladies appreciated this.

He rolled back over and had her mount him again. His hands played with her tits and then grabbed her full ass in a tight grip as he fucked her harder.

She had another orgasm as she rode him. She could tell he was getting close.

“I don’t want to cum yet,” he told her. “I want you to suck me off!” but he was quickly losing control. He also could not bring himself to make her stop. It felt so fucking good inside of her. His face twisted into a grimace. He grabbed by the hips and pulled her down onto himself as he shoved his cock as deep as he could inside her. “Aww, fuck fuck fuck,” he yelled as he pumped his load into her.

She could feel his cock throbbing as he lost control and filled her with his warm jism. He seemed like he orgasmed for quite a while, his cock rock hard and buried in her warmth. She couldn’t believe it, but she had another small orgasm too.

She collapsed on his chest as they both came down from their orgasmic high. They wallowed for a couple of minutes in their post orgasmic bliss.

“I wanted you to suck me off,” he whispered. “I wanted you to taste me”

“I know, but you were too far gone,” she teased him. “But it’s not too late, I want to taste your cock.”

Ron smiled, this was great. He loved having a woman suck his cock after sex. Most wouldn’t.

“Since I get to call the shots now, first thing I want to do is suck your dick. Maybe even get you hard again.” She could feel some of his cum starting to sneak out as he softened a bit.

She got up off him and knelt beside him. She cupped his balls and tugged at the base of his cock causing it raise up some. She lowered her head and touched the tip of his cock with her tongue.

Ron was laid back, enjoying every second, not believing his good luck. His eyes were half closed as he waited for her to take him back in her warm talented mouth. He felt her pause.

“Oh, one little thing, darling. You are going to lick my pussy as I go down on you.” With that she swung one leg over him and positioned her pussy right above his mouth. “How about a little taste love?” she taunted him.

He started to protest.

“Shut the fuck up and do as you’re told. Unless, you’re the pussy and need to use your safe word. In which case, we are done here.

He didn’t say another word as she lowered her dripping snatch on to his face. She felt him grab her hips and pull her down as his tongue plunged into her well fucked pussy. She enjoyed her moment of superiority before leaning down and taking his tasty slick cock back into her mouth.

Over the next half an hour they licked and sucked each other, his tongue eventually finding its way to her asshole. No surprise there. She slid down and rode him reverse cowboy style. She rode him hard and soon felt he was ready to shoot another load. She dismounted and once again knelt beside him taking his cock in her mouth. This time she gave him was he so wanted. She let him cum in her mouth. She swallowed some and let the rest dribble down her chin. She thought about giving him a big cum kiss but let him off the hook.

They both laid there exhausted and satiated. A car pulled in the driveway.

“Oh, that must be my sister,” she said, “she’s just getting home from work.”

“I didn’t know you both lived here,” Ron said. “The report says only one person resided here.”

“That’s true,” she replied, “only Gail lives here. I am just visiting. I’m her sister, Sarah.”

“What the fuck are you talking about?” Ron blurted out.

“She said she may be late to meet you. I said I didn’t mind so I stayed. She told me to be sweet to you so you would give us a decent appraisal. I think I did my part,” she laughed.

“You certainly did that,” he agreed as he scrambled to get dressed.

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