The Acolyte

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Big Tits

I’m almost home. Most people would start to feel the exhaustion of six days filled with meetings, presentations, and conference calls but I’m thrumming with excitement. My instructions have been sent and I expect them to be followed to the letter.

“Lie prone at my altar, naked, four point shackled, blindfolded, and collared. Do not touch your cock unless you want to be punished.”

My pussy has been humming through the duration of my three hour flight. My mind utterly occupied with lustful thoughts of sensual cruelty and abject servitude befitting the needs of a goddess.

I didn’t always feel like a goddess. At one time I was insecure about everything, especially my body and sexuality. My adoring slave, my slut has changed all of that. I no longer feel lucky to be treated with adoration and respect. I command it as my due.

I walk through the door. The house is clean and in perfect order. My slave is nowhere in sight. I’m not worried I know where he is. I know what he wants and needs. To be used brings him such pleasure. I will be a feast for his senses.

I am in no rush . I want him to hear me padding around, opening cabinets, shutting doors. I grab a bottle of water from the refrigerator sipping leisurely while I sort through the mail. I expect his cock is leaking with anticipation at this point and that makes me smile and makes me wetter still.

I drink a second bottle of water and begin to undress. I make sure he can hear this process by kicking my heels in a corner, dropping my belt- buckle first onto the wooden floor. Slowly I come out of everything bahis firmaları except my sodden panties that barely contain my bush.

I walk to our sanctuary nipples ruched with want.

“Hello slut, did you miss me?” I ask as I lean against the door jam.

My slut answers affirmatively, “Yes, goddess.” His voice sounds rough and strained. He has worked himself into quite a state. I decide to tease him just a little by crouching down to make sure his fastenings are just so. My pussy is wet and pungent but he breaths me in deeply. His cock bucks in response.

I straddle his face to check the second fastening allowing my clit to press against his nose.

“Please goddess,” he moans raggedly.

I hear his frustration at the barrier between his flesh and mine. “What do you want?”

“I want to feel you. You are so beautiful, so sexy.”

“You beg so beautifully, how can I deny you?”

I stand sliding my panties down my legs then return to my former position. I remove his blindfold so he can suffer while he watches my drenched cunt hovering out of reach over his face.

He follows my undulating flesh voraciously. He watches me intently as I open my hidden folds and run my fingers down my slit. I continue to rock my hips as I take my seat on his face. He moves his face this way and that attempting to coat himself fully in my excretions.

Though I adore the exuberance I am more intent on coming which is impossible when my slave is more intent on his need than my own.

I return to my squatting position looking down at my slave, displeasure kaçak iddaa evident on my face. I deliver alternating stinging slaps to his cheeks.

“What is your job slave?”

“To please my goddess.”

“How do you please your goddess?”

“By serving her needs.”

“And what will your goddess do when you have serviced her well?”

“She will reward me.”

“Yes,” I crooned. “Your goddess will reward you abundantly,” I answer as I resume my position on his face rocking gently allowing my orgasm to build. I increase the pressure against his nose which is nestled against my clit.

He is moaning in earnest now. “Are you hungry, my slut?”

“Yes goddess!!”

“Then you should eat.”

My slave engulfs my pussy like a man starved. His lust filled moans match mine. His full enjoyment of my pussy and asshole delights me. I grab his hair fucking his face in earnest while I pull my nipples. My orgasm crashes over me with such force that I squirt a bit of urine across the lips of my slave.

I watch as he drinks it down readily. This is new territory for us. I look upon him intently and he seems to take my observation of him as judgment. He averts his gaze in shame.

“Are you thirsty, slave?” I ask as I lovingly caress the cheek I had slapped not long ago.

“Yes, my goddess.”

I resume my squatting stance making sure my pussy is over his lips. “Then you should drink.”

A steady stream of golden urine cascades into his waiting mouth. I am more turned on than I’ve ever imagined. I use my kegels to stop midstream allowing him time to kaçak bahis swallow.

“More goddess, please. Cover me!”

I let go, holding nothing back, filling his mouth, covering his face and chest with my piss. I strum my clit as I continue to cover my slave. My resulting orgasm leaves me spent. But I can’t stop now. My slave is owed a reward.

His cock is thick and heavy against his thigh. I release his restraints allowing him freedom to move. He does not take advantage, understanding that he has no true freedom without my leave.

I caress his cock firmly loving the sounds of his gasping breaths and the feel of his restraint. He is on the edge.

I stroke him with one hand as I gather pre-cum with the other. Up and down my hand travels his turgid length while my finger explores the ring of his asshole made pliant from his spending.

A week with no attention has made his anus slightly resistant to my ministrations, but his moans spur me onward. His muscles relax allowing me to penetrate him more deeply, first with two fingers, three, then finally four until I am quite literally digging out his ass.

His hips begin to thrust in time with the pump of my fist around his cock. He is close now, his balls have tightened and I can feel the contractions in his shaft. I lean forward wrapping my lips around the head of his cock. I moan as I suck and feel the first spurt of his ejaculate in my mouth.

I continue to suck and capture his cum until he is spent. I do not swallow. Instead I straddle his hips urging him without words to sit up. I lean in for a kiss. My slave obliges me.

He discovers my surprise and returns my kiss with matching ardor as we swap and share his cum between us. I whisper breathlessly, totally in awe of the perfection of us. “I missed you too.”

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