The Abandoned Son Ch. 02

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All characters are over 18+


“You done,” Damien growled pushing his mother off his spent cock. Wondering why he had just let his mother fuck him, yet he couldn’t deny how good it felt as she came upon his cock.

“Don’t be like Joshua,” Martha said, spreading her legs letting him see the white goo that oozed out of her satisfied cunt. “You can’t tell me you didn’t liked how I fucked you,” she said her eyes flickering down biting her lip as his tool held her enthralled. “This hot cum,” Martha said, plunging two fingers into her cunt. Showing off his and her orgasmic juices that coated her wet fingers. “Tells me you did baby and its ok that you did there’s nothing wrong with fucking a woman senseless, ” she said with a coy smile.

“Fine I did and how many times do I have to say it my name is Damien, ” he sighed as he pulled on his pajama bottom’s. “Now let’s get this over with I’m only going to tell this tale once,” Damien said, as he approached the door unaware that his half sister’s had listened to their encounter.

“Alright I’ll wake the girl’s,” Martha said as she put her robe on. Kissing his cheek as she passed feeling his cum running down her leg, biting her lip only wanting to stop and have a taste of it once again. “Amber you awake,” she asked sticking her head into her daughter’s room. Wondering why Lynn was sitting on her bed and not in her room as she’s suppose to be. Yet first she needed to clean herself before they joined Damien, plus she didn’t want her daughter’s to smell his cum on her. Closing their bathroom door running her fingers through the spunk in her twat, savoring how good they tasted together. Studying herself in the mirror seeing the satisfied glow she normally got from a good fucking. Surprised how she was going to fuck her son again and again, lifting her tits smiling how firm they still were at her age. “Since your up, your brother has something to tell us,” narrowing her eyes when she noticed Lynn wasn’t wearing any panties. Letting it go in a shallow breath she couldn’t berate her daughter not after what she had just done with her own son.

“Now,” Damien said switching off the lamp to his left. They didn’t need to see his pain when he spoke about that time in his life. “What I’m about to tell you I’m not going to repeat so listen up. As Martha probably knows I joined the military at the age of seventeen to finally rid myself of her mother she dumped me on,” smirking when he saw the scowl on her lips. “As I went through my basic training I was tapped to try out for the Rangers which I excelled at. Trained to be a sniper among other thing’s you don’t need to know, however, as I progressed through my training my achievements caught the eye of the Delta Force. From there I and my team were sent out on mission after mission hunting down insurgents wherever they lie. We consisted of a five man squad for weeks we would crisscross the the Afghan country side eliminating foes, destroying stash house’s, breaking up their cash flow. Only returning to our base when we had need to resupply never taking part in official military movements.”

“However, that all changed the day we were helo dropped into the Hindu Kush Mountain’s. We had reports of a good size cell had made a base in one of the cave’s system close to the Chinese border. Yet how little did we know that we were betrayed by one of our own,” Damien said a tear running down his left cheek. The screams of his friend’s dying roared in his mind as Ak-47 muzzle flashes were sheared into his haunted memory. Lynn looked to the other’s wondering if they saw what she had just seen. “Matthew was the lucky one a bullet to his brain pan took him out the moment our boots hit the ground. An hour dragged into two we knew there was no way to defend our position. Then William was hit with an incendiary grenade, I’ll never be able to get the smell of his cooked flesh out of my mind,” he said his lip trembled unable to do anything to save his family. “I looked for our captain for order’s yet the man wasn’t to be seen, then I heard Charles grunt as he was hit multiple times trying to drag William’s body back under the cover we were using at the time. Then came the shrill cry of the mortar, exploding a few yard’s behind me, its metal shards penetrating my tactical vest. My sniper rifle absorbing some of the fragments yet I felt the burning pain as the shards perforated my body.”

“I laid there in a daze knowing I was about to join my family on that mountain we thought to be desolate. Wondering where was my captain, the man we all trusted to lead us,” Damien said, his hands gripping the armrest as his rage boiled in his vein’s. “That was when I heard his voice speaking in Farsi, unbridled rage burned through me as I crawled towards William’s Mk-19. When your in the field as long as we were you tend to pick up the local language so I knew what was spoken. As the traitor to his brother’s ordered my capture for interrogation. I wasn’t about to go so easily taking bursa escort one of William’s 40 mm frag grenade from his belt. Locking it into the tube aiming it the best I could knowing the blood loss was hindering my vengeance. How I smiled as I heard their screams as I blacked out, I don’t know how long I was out for, nor when they took out the shard’s that would have proven fatal.”

“Water splashed in my face as I hung suspended from the cave ceiling, there he was standing within the shadows watching as I swung aimlessly. My torturer stepped out directed by my former captain for days they cut on me, and cut on me trying to break me,” Damien said his hand running down his bare chest. Lingering on the angry jagged scar’s that painted his body. “When they couldn’t get any information out of me they started breaking bone’s first a few fingers, then my ribs, toes,” he said examining his crooked fingers that he had set as he escaped his torment. “Then came the electroshock,” Damien said looking down at the burn scar’s on his obliques. “I knew my time was running out when they couldn’t get anything out of me. However, until then I knew they needed me in some what of a coherent state. Faking a seizure the guard’s that stood at the entrance to alcove they had strung me up in, rushed in taking me down so I wouldn’t injure myself.”

“Even in my weaken state they weren’t prepared to face down an very rage filled black ops commando. Snapping their neck’s with ease, taking the keys to my shackles, setting my fingers so I could hold a blade. Pain was a way of life for me for the two weeks during my captivity, so I thought nothing of it as I set the jagged bone’s. Slipping through the darkness of the cave killing as I went their blood saturating the soil as I made my way to freedom. Coming upon their communication center taking what Intel I could gather in my blood soaked hands. I was still a soldier, however, much I wanted to plunge my blade into the throat of the traitor. Yet I never did find him in that dank cave, two days it took for me to reach an army base,” Damien said in a sigh he truly never thought he would ever recount that tale. “The rest while that’s another story one I’m not about to divulge,” he said rising from his seat noticing the glistening tears in their eyes. Amber and Lynn rush towards him knocking back down into his chair, their hot tears soaking into his bare chest. Briefly looking down seeing Lynn’s bare ass trying to keep his body from responding to the lewd thoughts that swirled around his brain.

“Oh baby if I had known,” Martha couldn’t bring herself to finish her sentence. What word’s could she say to her son that wouldn’t sound so hollow.

“Ah but you did Martha,” Damien said his eyes flashing dangerously. Pushing himself through their bodies as he rose, feeling their braless clad breast running along his arms as he got to his feet.

“Wait! Damien what happened to your ex captain,” Lynn asked rising the hem of her shirt knowing how her pink lips were peaking out. Smiling inwardly seeing his eyes darting between her face and her ass.

“Do you really want to know,” Damien said feeling his member growing along his leg. It was bad enough that he had fucked his mother Damien just didn’t want to be attracted to his sister. Yet as his eyes roamed up her silken smooth legs lingering on her firm youthful ass he knew that was impossible.

“Yes,” Amber said shaking her head vehemently. Sitting cross legged feeling her canal opening as her sweat shirt rose revealing her virgin cunt.

“Do you want details or just the end result,” Damien said thrusting his hand into his pajama pocket cupping his erection against his leg.

“Details,” Amber and Lynn in unison. Giving each other knowing looks as he fidgeted with himself as pulled out the dining room chair crossing his legs to hide his hard rod.

“When I was transport to Germany to recover from my wound’s swarm’s of intelligence agencies peppered me with questions. That I rightly couldn’t answer like I knew the fuck turd would walk us into an ambush. Selling us out to the enemy etc. etc,” Damien said rolling his hand. “Then after two months of recuperating one of my friend’s that worked in recon got word that he was sighted in France. Word got out that an ex Delta Force had turned mercenary excepting whatever job from those that could pay his price. I was already dressing to sneak out to hunt down the bastard when my commanding officer walked in, holding the black folder that contained the kill order for Captain Renaldo. Took me a few weeks to track him down in Arles, France living off the blood money he was paid for selling out the men he sworn to protect.”

“Showing him the thing’s his friend’s did to me on his own body,” Damien said darkly. “Now that’s enough, your curiosity has been satisfied now let’s not speak of this again,” he said departing towards his room. Two weeks had passed uneventfully since that night Damien tried to keep away from his family as much bursa escort bayan as he could yet that proved to be fruitless as Lynn stood at the door to his gym. Her blue eyes running down his back as she watched as his muscle’s became taut as he exercised. Listening to the sharp intake of air as he pulled himself over the bar, watching the glistening sweat as it beaded along his body before dripping down onto the floor. Feeling her nipples harden against her sports bra, hoping that her yoga shorts wouldn’t show the wet spot she knew was forming between her legs.

“Damien,” Lynn said softly knocking on the doorframe. “You don’t mind if I work out with you,” she said as his feet touched the floor. Biting her lip as he turned giving her a unobstructed view of his tone abs as he wiped the sweat from his face.

“Sure I guess,” Damien said peaking out from around his towel eyeing her attire. To Damien she could have just waked naked into the room as much as her garments failed to hide her womanly shape. Turning his back to her as he wiped down his body so he wouldn’t have to see her breast bounce as she walked around studying the machines.

“Damien which one would be best for me,” Lynn said innocently rocking on her heels, her arms behind her back trying to still the heat in her body.

“Do you want definition or muscle,” Damien asked wiping up the pool at his feet.

“Hmm I don’t know,” Lynn said drawing his gaze. “Would you find me attractive with a more tone stomach,” she said running her hands over her already flat stomach teasing the bottoms of her breast. “How about my ass,” Lynn said, bending over slightly allowing her brother to see how the yoga shorts contoured to her hips, her ass, showing off her mound. “Wouldn’t my ass look better if it was a little more toned,” she said giving her ass a little smack. Peering over her shoulder seeing how he had moved the towel to the front of his shorts. Knowing that her teasing was working albeit far to well on herself as well. “Here how about we close this door so we have a little more privacy,” Lynn said walking towards the door locking it as it closed. “Ah that’s better don’t you think now no one will interrupt us,” she said, walking around him. “Here I’ll dry your back can’t have my trainer all sweaty now can we,” Lynn teased blowing softly into his ear.

Reaching around snatching his towel out of his hand, peeking around seeing tent that had formed in front of his shorts. Sending a silent thank you to whomever had made gym shorts so free from the restrictiveness of other articles of clothing. Wiping down his back being gentle around his wound, yanking down his shorts before he could offer any form of protest.

“What the hell are you doing,” Damien protested yet was blocked from retrieving his shorts as his sister moved in front of him.

“I told you bro I’m cleaning off my trainer,” Lynn said draping the towel over his rod. “I thought that was self explanatory,” she said a mischievously light dancing across her eyes as her hand moved along his shaft. Knelling down drying his balls as her hand continued to work his shaft, tossing it away once she no longer needed the ruse. Her tongue running up his shaft tasting his skin loving how his cock responded to her touch. Swirling her tongue around the tip of his head as her fingers ran along her wet lips. Moaning around his shaft as his hands held her against his tool as he thrust his hard rod into her mouth. “You know we heard you and mom,” Lynn said after she came up for breath. “Now I want what she had,” she said rubbing his tool along her lips.

“Will you eat me bro,” Lynn asked getting to her feet tossing aside her sports bra. She knew her b cup breast weren’t anywhere as big as her mother’s yet the look in her brother’s eyes told her that really didn’t matter. “Oh Damien,” Lynn moaned as his lips captured her left breast. She never had any one ever to please her as she felt his hands moving to the waistband of her yoga shorts. Her arousal filling the air as the thin fabric pulled away of her wet throbbing lips. Yelping as her brother carried her over to the bench press, watching nervously as he knelt between her legs. Tossing her shorts over his shoulder as her snatch stared at him. “Please be gentle,” Lynn whispered as she felt his hot breath flowing over her mound.

“Wait please tell me this isn’t your first time,” Damien asked looking over her golden brown lading strip.

“Yes,” Lynn said weakly. “Me and Amber never have gone this far,” tossing her head back as his lips sucked gently on her hot mound. “No one’s ever don’t that,” her hands gripping his head as he slowly eased a finger into her. “Fuck yes!” Lynn screamed out echoing off the walls as his tongue spread her lips open playful teasing her clit. Squealing in delight as her folds clamped down on the second finger she added to her virgin cunt. “That’s it Damien lick my pussy,” moaning as her hips grinded against his face. “Don’t you like my taste brother,” escort bursa she groaned arching her back as her womb flooded her channel.

“You sure your ready for this,” Damien asked looking over her mound as Lynn pinched her nipples, while his tongue continued its playful teasing of her clit.

“Yes brother fuck me! Make me into a woman,” Lynn said, looking down at him with pleading eyes. Lynn’s heart raced as Damien slid her ass down towards the edge of the bench. Lynn felt his rod rubbing along her entrance, her hands held onto the edge’s of the bench with trepidation.

“Let me know if it hurts to much,” Damien said, pressing his head against her hymen. Listening to the plastic of the covering as her grip turned deadly as he pushed into her canal. Rubbing her clit to ease the pain as he inched his cock into her tight cunt.

“Oh god! I never knew,” Lynn said lustfully as she felt him sinking deeper into her. “Now fuck me!” Lynn commanded bracing herself against the pain, yet as her wet twat grew accustom to his girth. Her body was alit with euphoria as her brother’s cock glided through her folds. She knew he was going slow for her benefit, however, she wanted to be fuck like her mother was. If her brother could survive his ordeal then she could withstand the pain. “Harder Damien fuck me like you fucked mom, I want to feel everything brother,” Lynn demanded lifting herself up looking straight into his eyes.

“You sure I don’t want to hurt you Lynn,” Damien said knowing if he quickened his pace it wouldn’t be long before he came in her tight cunt.

“Damien,” Lynn said through wave’s of pleasure. “If you can survive this,” her hand ran down his chest tracing along his scar’s. “I can survive being fucked by that cock of yours,” gasping as he thrust hard into her. “Yes, yes fuck me,” Lynn moaned loudly as she felt his balls slapping against her ass. “Yes pound my cunt brother make it yours!” Her muscles quivering, her nail’s dragging along the surface of the bench as she felt her orgasm erupting around his slick cock. “Oh fuck me!” Lynn screamed wrapping her legs around his waist. Feeling her cream coating his cock as his pace quickened, Lynn was so lost in her own ecstasy she failed to hear his question. Quickly looking down as white strand’s of cum shoot across her heaving chest. Wincing at the pain of her womanhood as she sat up seeing his cock coated in her blood. How she pride herself in marking him as her own.

“Thank you Damien,” Lynn said kissing him as she pulled his exhausted body into her. “Thank you for being so gentle with me and treating me like a woman,” she said before running her finger through his seed. She knew she had to taste it, she had to grow accustom to the taste of it, because after this day she wasn’t ever going to go without him fucking her. Or at least that’s what she told herself as she ran her cum coated finger across her tongue. “You taste so yummy brother,” Lynn said in a giggle. “I can’t wait to have some more,” she said lustfully gathering her discarded clothes before heading to her bathroom to clean off the blood.

“You did it,” Amber said bursting into their shared bathroom. Watching as her sister cleaned herself off in the shower. Seeing the pink hue of the water as it ran down the drain. “Are you ok Lynn your not hurting to much are you,” she asked peeking around the shower curtain.

“The pain it’s not to bad little sore but I asked to be fucked like mom was so its only fitting I’ll be hurting,” Lynn said as the soothing water washed over her throbbing mound.

“How was it,” Amber asked taking off her glasses as the steam began to coat them in the tiny water droplets. Sitting on the counter as the blurry image of her sister danced before her.

“Better then I thought it would be,” Lynn said with a smile. She wondered how it be once she was accustom to taking his cock, would she still love it as she did just a few moments ago. “Amber I think we need to get rid of your hymen,” she said shutting off the water. “Unless you want him covered in your blood,” Lynn said with a smirk as she pushed the curtain aside. Moving up to her sister rising the hem of knee length skirt Lynn never could understand why she covered her self like a nun. They were identical twins as much as she thought herself fit Amber took it up a notch. While her own stomach was flat Amber’s had well defined abs, due to her once sports like nature, yet that was three years ago when their father started his unwanted advances. Since then she had always had her body covered unless Amber was alone, or with their mother, or herself. Lynn began to wonder how their brother would view her body. From her just barely b cup breast, her tone thighs, and she knew he had seen her naked twat. “Amber why not show Damien this gorgeous body,” Lynn asked as water droplets hung precariously from her firm nipples.

“I don’t know Lynn,” Amber said, her sandy brown hair cascading out before her hiding her blushing cheeks. “What if he doesn’t like how I look,” she said softly moaning as Lynn’s thumb rubbed along her clit. “I can’t see without my glass and I know I’ll have to set them side during it,” lifting up her ass allowing her sister to remove her panties.

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