That’s Not Appropriate! – Chapter 2

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Beach Sex

This is a direct continuation of the first installment of Josh’s year long saga with his mother. It is recommended that you read the first installment, “That’s Not Appropriate!,” in order to fully appreciate the flow of the story. All characters are over the age of eighteen years old.


I should clarify that our life was not a bacchanalia of daily, constant sex. However, during my dad’s absence, we definitely had our “special moments.” Was my relationship with my mother unique? You bet it was! My mom was, and, for the most part acted as your typical, ‘run of the mill’ mother, except that, on the spur of the moment, she could become an unstoppable, unpredictable, sexual maniac! One thing we did, which was definitely out of the norm, was that after a couple of months had passed, usually in the evenings, it was not uncommon to find us lounging around the house totally nude…for us, it was just a comfortable fun thing to do. Since we could…we did, and although it was definitely the exception rather than the rule, we occasionally, if either of us ever got “the urge,” felt free to go down on or masturbate each other. But for the most part, on most days, we just lived your everyday, run of the mill, mother and son lives. But, on those days where our underlying urges surfaced, it could be a cum storm. These are some of the highlights of those extraordinary carnal moments –

But first, to catch up from the first chapter –

After that one evening’s mutual masturbation session on the living room sofa, we made our way into the shower. We took our time continuing to explore each other’s bodies as we lathered soap on each other and rinsed the cum out of our hair and off our skin. After our shower we dried off and tumbled into Mom’s king size bed where we continued our night of heavy petting.

From there on after, mom and I slept together every night. We occasionally tried wearing some form of comfortable sleepwear, but it usually ended up discarded on floor within a few minutes. From the time I came home from school every day until the time I went back to school in the morning, mother and I were almost inseparable. We did everything together…all the household chores, the shopping, even the gardening.


One hot Saturday afternoon, I was mowing the backyard lawn while mom was outside with me pruning the roses. She was a wearing a bikini bathing suit while I was shirtless just wearing my thin nylon running shorts. We both had been in a playful mood all day, and during one of my passes behind mom, I snuck up behind her and yanked her bikini bottoms down. Although surprised by my “sneak attack,” she let the bottoms drop to her ankles and calmly stepped out of them. As I came back towards her she motioned for me to stop.

“Hey wise guy, if I’m out here without my bottoms, you should be too.”

“But Mom, if I drop my shorts, I’ll be totally naked!” I countered.

Mom unfastened her top and tossed it next to her bathing suit bottoms. “Okay, so.” She said with a grin, and with that I took off my shorts and dropped them alongside mom’s things.

“I kinda like be outside like this!” Mom said.

“Yeah, me too,” I agreed. As I was finishing up with my mowing, Mom gathered up our clothes and took them into the house while she fetched us a couple of towels, suntan lotion and a pitcher of lemonade. After I put the lawnmower away, mom motioned me over to the reclining patio chairs.

“Here, let’s put this on before we burn,” mom said as she squeezed a handful of lotion into my hands so I could apply lotion to my front while she applied lotion to my back. As I was nearing my crotch, Mom stopped me and squirted more lotion into my hands.

“Just do your chest, stomach and legs. That area,” she said while motioning to my dick, “is all mine.”

As I bent over to apply lotion to my lower legs, Mom took the opportunity to squirt a healthy shot of the thick creamy lotion down my butt crack. She ran her finger down the cleft of my bum and made a point of lingering on and rubbing my anus, then she reached her hand up and around to gently massage lotion onto my scrotum. By the time I finished with my legs and straightened myself up, my penis was sticking straight out and bobbing up and down. Mom slowly walked around me, and, looking directly into my eyes, leaned in giving me a deep, tongue swallowing kiss while massaging and slathering lotion all over my erection. During our kiss, I cupped Mom’s breasts in my lotion smeared hands, then ran them down her sides reaching down to squeeze her firm peach shaped buns. We maintained our embrace for a long time then Mom whispered to me that I could finish putting on her suntan lotion after she laid down on the patio chaise lounge. Once she was finally stretched out on her back, I squirted lotion all over her body and took care to massage and work the lotion into all of her nooks and crannies. I paid special attention to her feet, legs, inner thighs, vulva, stomach and breasts. bursa escort Afterwards I laid down next to her on my lounge chair and we both enjoyed some lemonade.

“Mom, you really surprised me when you rubbed between my butt cheeks. It almost felt like you were hitting me with an electrical jolt.”

“Yes, the anus can be an incredible sensual area. Most people don’t or can’t appreciate how rousing it can be.” Mom explained.

“I know you once told me you tried anal sex with your college roommate, but have you done anything else in the ‘back door’ area.”

“Well, in college it was just fingering and rimming, you know, with our tongues; but I’ll admit, I do like the idea of an occasional good butt fucking,” she said with a salacious grin.

“How long has it been since you’ve done anything like that?” I inquired.

“Too long…way to long.” Mom murmured under her breath.

“Well, if you’re up for it, we could remedy that situation right now,” I said half joking, but wanting to test the water.

“I can see you’re up for it!” Mom said as she admired my swaying flagpole, “What did you have in mind?”

“Well, you could lean over and hold on to the edge of that patio table, and I’ve got plenty of lube!” I said holding up the big squeeze bottle of sun screen.

“I’m up for it! But it’s important that my anus be good and relaxed so that I can receive that big ramrod of yours in my tight little sphincter. I’ll need you to use LOTS of lube and finger my anus for a while ’til you feel that anal muscle ring relax and loosen up a bit before putting it in.” Mom instructed.

Mom got up and leaned over the table with her legs spread wide apart. I was right behind her, and once she was positioned, I squirted a health amount of suntan lotion on the top of her butt crack and let it run down between her butt cheeks. I placed my middle finger on the button of her anus, and as the lotion reached my finger, I gradually massaged and rubbed it into the area.

“Oh Gawd, that feels so incredibly good,” Mom said as she undulated her hips in response to my touch. Her boobs were hanging straight down and swaying to and fro. I bent over, reaching around with my free hand and squeezed and cradled her swinging tits. As there was no rush, I took my time with her anus. Eventually I felt her anal muscles seem to almost open up as I could easily start to insert my finger, up to my first knuckle with barely any resistance.

“Fuck that feels great! Fuck Mommy with that finger!!” She moaned.

I pushed my entire middle finger up inside mom’s asshole, slowly driving it in and out. When I could feel her muscles relax even more I added my index finger so that I was finger fucking and stretching her butt hole with two fingers. I was contemplating adding in my ring finger too when mom moan, “Fuck Me Now with that big cock of yours…FUCK ME NOW…I NEED IT NOW!” She insisted.

I pulled out my fingers, grabbed the lotion, squirting a huge glob into her open pink anus and all over my cock. I placed the head of my dick at the door to her anal opening, and as I prepared to slowly push it in, Mom thrust herself back on her own, driving my rock hard penis deep inside herself.

“AAARRaaagh!!!” We both grunted in unison. I couldn’t believe the sensation I felt as her soft, firm anal muscles gripped me. I’d never felt anything like it before in my life! I couldn’t help but have the fleeting thought that ‘maybe, just maybe, these gay guys are actually on to something,’ but let any thought of that dissolve as both of us started grunting and panting together.

“That’s it baby, FUCK ME! FUCK MOMMY UP THE ASS!” Mom grunted.

I was slamming myself in and out of my mother like a jackhammer and Mom was meeting each of my thrusts with her own enthusiastic gyrations. Almost without realizing how quickly I was about to cum, I felt my hot sperm shoot out of me and fill my mother’s colon. Mom was also at the point of climax. She straighten her arms in support as she arched her back, tensing her entire sweaty body as she felt wave after wave of orgasmic bliss roll through her.

Slowly, we crumbled to the ground. As we laid there together, my shrinking member slid out resulting in mommy’s asshole leaking out a huge puddle of cum onto the patio cement. We just laid sprawled out on the ground each in our own post orgasmic rapture.

“I guess we gave the neighbor’s a good show,” I said.

“Good,” Mom replied.

“That was incredible, do you think we can do it again sometime?” I asked.

“As much and as often as you like baby,” Mom replied.


A few weeks later, we were laying in bed late one night watching television when I asked mom, “You once mentioned to me that you had some of the best sex of your entire life with your college roommate. What was it about her that made sex so great?”

“Well, I don’t know, I guess it was a couple of things,” Mom explained, “first off, it was the first, and for that bursa escort bayan matter, the only time, I ever made love to and with another woman. Secondly, as two women, we both seemed to instinctively know what the other needed. In particular, Maggie had a soft, gentle, tender touch that was heavenly.”

“Do you think you could show or teach me that in order to help make me a better lover?” I asked.

“Well, I can tell you one thing she did that was simple and pretty basic, but it rocked my world every time,” Mom continued, “she would begin by kissing and tenderly sucking on my nipple. Then she would very, very lightly, almost imperceptibly, simultaneously rub my clit and anus. She took her time. There was absolutely no rushing or pressure to finish or climax. During these sessions I could feel my entire body relax and just go with the flow of her ministrations. It seemed that after my body was completely relaxed, my orgasms would slowly build and build until they would overwhelm and rack my body with thunderous results.”

While she was speaking, I quietly mimicked everything my mother was describing and when she had finished talking she quietly laid there, eyes closed, absorbing the sensations of my touch. After several minutes Mom whispered in my ear “This feels so good in all three places.”

I felt encouraged but fought the urge to change-up what I was doing. I was becoming more and more aroused and it was becoming harder and harder to maintain what I was doing to my mom without somehow getting my dick involved. After a time Mom began shifting her legs and flexing her pelvis. Her legs occasionally jerked and spasmed uncontrollably as she could feel the first wave of orgasms beginning to build. She had been squeezing her left breast with her left hand and resting her right hand on my head, but now she was starting to pull and tug on both her left nipple and my hair. Mom’s moaning was becoming progressively louder and more intense. Finally she clamped her legs together and brought up her knees. Her entire body jerked violently as she screamed out “YYYEEESSSS!!! AARUGHHH!!! YESS…YES! Yes! Ohhh! Baby! Yes!”

Mom’s orgasm was so intense, I couldn’t contain myself, and without even touching my cock, I came all over myself, the bedding and my mother. We laid together exhausted and then after she had composed herself, Mom rolled over onto her side and kissed me. “You have no idea how good you just made mommy feel. I haven’t cum like that…since I know when….Thank you baby…thank you, thank you, thank you. You just earned extra credit!”

Mom then proceeded to lick her way down my neck, chest and stomach where she began slurping up my spilled cum. She took my now semi flaccid penis in her mouth and sucked off any residual cum. I just laid back with my arms folded behind head enjoying one of the best days of my life.


Although we were having loads of fun, Mom and I began to feel that we were falling into a bit of a rut. Other than vaginal intercourse, which, for some reason, my mom had shied way from allowing us to do, our sexual routine had centered mostly around oral sex and masturbation. Our one time foray into anal sex had been great, but it had only been that once.

I came up with the idea of photographing Mom and video taping our carnal antics. I knew it was dangerous making a record of our incestuous exploits, but I wanted something I could look back on later to enjoy. Besides, my dad would be returning home before we knew it, and all these fun and games would be coming to an abrupt end.

I broached the subject with my mom, but needless to say, she was less than enthusiastic.

“Look,” she said, “first of all, I don’t want to see pictures of my naked body, and I’m sure nobody else does either, AND, I especially don’t want to see or know about any videos of me fucking around with my son, or anyone else for that matter. Secondly, all I know is that once you have a digital record of something like this, it’s out there. Maybe not right away, but eventually it’s going to be out there for the world to see. I’d be mortified if people saw pictures or videos of me and I don’t even want to think what would happen if your father saw them! We’d literally be dead!”

“I know mom, you’re right, except I sure would like to have some photos of you. I’d love to have my own personal, private, photos of us. In a few short months dad will be home. Don’t get me wrong, I’m looking forward to that day too, but I know that once he’s back, all this will be over, and I’m dreading that. I just thought it would be nice if I could have some pics and videos to jack off to,” I explained.

“Well, I understand your point…let me think about it…but no promises,” she said.

A couple of days later, while we were eating breakfast, I asked mom if she had given our discussion about letting me take some pictures any more thought.

“Yes, I’ve thought a lot about it, but first I’ve got to ask, have you already taken any escort bursa secret pictures or videos of me without my knowledge?”

“No. To be honest, I’ve thought about it, but that would violate our trust, and I would never do that. If I take any pics or videos, it would have to be with your knowledge and permission,” I said.

“Thank you baby, I appreciate that, and because of your honesty, I’ll tell you what, I’ll let you take some photos, with the caveat that I can see them all and weed out the ones I don’t like. I only want photos and videos that are tasteful, nothing too trashy.”

So, one afternoon I was mowing the lawn in the backyard when mom came to the door and asked if I wanted to take some photos. Before I could respond she held out her arm, handing me the camera.

“I thought maybe we should try this while the light is good,” she said.

“Okay, where do you want to do this?” I asked.

“How about right here? The lighting seems pretty good,” and with that she stepped out into the direct sunlight, slowly, while looking directly at me, she unbuttoned the snug cardigan sweater she was wearing. As she slowly revealed more and more of her cleavage, I was becoming harder and harder. I snapped a few quick shots then said, “Smile for the camera!”

“Why don’t you slowly turn your body while I take some more from different angles. We can take a bunch, then pick out the best ones.”

When her back was turned so that it was facing me, she pulled her sweater down off her shoulders, pulling it down past her waist, while pirouetting around to provide me a full topless view. It never failed to amaze me how full and firm her breasts were. Mom made a point of removing her arms from the sleeves then gathering the sweater up in front of her chest while giving off a coquettish stare.

As soon as we were done taking the pictures, we went inside to critique our handwork.

“Oh, this is great, just what I was hoping for!” Mom gushed, “What do you think?”

“You look terrific in these Mom,” I agreed. “I can’t wait to take more. When do you want to give it another shot?” I asked.

“How about later today?” She asked.

“That works for me, but if you want, we could do it now, while we’ve got this great light,” I said.

Mom looked out the window, thought for a moment and said “Yeah, I guess we could give it a try now, just give me twenty minutes or so to fix my hair and makeup.”

“Okay, great, while you’re doing that, I’ll set up the camera.” I couldn’t help but notice that we had great light streaming in through our front living room bay window, so I pulled the drapes wide open and set up my tripod and camera in the front room. As I was just wearing a pair of thin nylon running shorts and a cotton tee shirt I was contemplating whether or not I should change into something else when mom came back into the room. She was wrapped in a very sexy long, pink, silk robe.

“I thought we were doing this in the backyard,” she said.

“We can if you’d prefer,” I said, “It’s just that the lighting in here is so ‘warm’ this time of day, that I thought this might be a good place to start.”

“Okay, where do you want me?” she asked.

I positioned her directly in the front window.

“Isn’t this a bit public? I wasn’t planning on giving the entire neighborhood as show.”

“Well no, you won’t be. I don’t see anybody out there and I just wanted to take some shots here before we loose this light.” I said as I started snapping a stream of pictures. She moved around posing in various positions, then began opening her robe in order to highlight her sexy figure. Under her robe she was wearing a very, very sheer pink neglige which left very little to the imagination. The front of her neglige was split straight up the middle coming back together in between the base of her big full breasts. Her outfit also sported a sheer matching pair of panties. Mom seemed totally oblivious to the fact that her big brown nipples and furry pubic patch were clearly visible.

“Wow Mom, that’s pretty hot! I’ve never seen that outfit before!” I said admiringly, “Where did that nightie come from!?!”

“Oh, your father bought this for me ages ago, he bought me a matching blue one too. He likes me to wear this in the bedroom when he’s feeling frisky,” she said trying to keep a straight face, “and quite frankly, I think I look pretty good in this. I think it’s super sexy.”

“Mom, I agree, you look incredible. Do you think you could wear the blue one for me sometime?”

“Sure, is this more of what you had in mind regarding these photos?” she asked.

“Mom, you look incredible,” I repeated as I took the camera off the tripod and followed her around the room snapping away.

“Wait a minute, I’ve got an idea for an interesting angle, let me take a picture looking up,” I said.

I laid down on my back, “Now just step over me, straddling my head, and I’ll take a picture looking straight up from this low angle.”

“I don’t know, this just seems a bit too raunchy to me,” she said as she positioned herself over me, then quickly stepped away, but she was too late and I had managed to take a few good shots before she moved out of frame.

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