That Summer Ch. 02

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Fucking. It’s what we did. The whole time she was on vacation. Any chance we could we would sneak off and go at it. Today was no different. It was later in the evening, maybe 6 or so. We were both lying in her bed with the shades slightly drawn so we could see if anyone was coming back in from the pool. Her room overlooked the community pool on the first floor. Her parents owned two, two bedroom condos, one right above the other.

We had just spent the better part of an hour fucking and watching out the window. We both now lay naked on the bed with the covers kicked onto the floor. Just the one sheet covered the mattress. She was sprawled out breathing softly, content from our latest fuck fest. She had quite the appetite for it. I always was willing to dish it out. I wanted seconds but I was waiting on her.

I watched her chest rise and fall slowly. Loved the way her skin glowed just after we had finished. She was so open with me now, not ashamed that I was her cousin and we were doing something forbidden. That had long passed. She talked about how this wasn’t going to last, just to be casual until she left for home in a few more days. She wasn’t serious about what she was saying. There was no conviction behind her words. We loved what we had and might be falling for each other if I didn’t know any better. Maybe we were just in the moment.

Her legs spread showing just the tiny tuft of hair that trailed down to her middle. It was all I could see from my view but I knew where it led, knew her body so well. Loved what I did to her when I touched her spots. Her hand trailed down her chest seductively towards her center. She knew I was watching and she loved to tease me. Her little game in the big one we were in. Her fingers flattened and spread her lips apart. My wood was already up and watching.

“Hmmm,” she growled. “I’m still soaked.”

I slowly turned and rest my arms on each side of her. My lips pressed against hers as I tried to swing my legs between hers. Her knee bent and blocked my advances.

That smile, those little girl giggles. “What do you think you’re doing,” she asked coyly?

“Trying to see how wet you are,” I responded.

“Hmmm, with what,” she teased more?

Her hand found my hard cock, still wet from her juice, and stroked it.

“Oh, this,” she smiled seductively while biting her lower lip.

My lips went for her neck just under her ear. Her tender skin was still flush with excitement as my lips kissed them wetly. She growled, tilted her neck and dropped her knee. That was too easy. I crossed my leg over hers and expected to be inside. She laughed when I was straddling her closed legs.

I went to her next spot, her collar bone right by her throat. Nibbled it with my lips as I pressed my cock into the triangle between her closed legs. My cock slipped down her slit. She was wet, there was no denying that. My head slipped over her clit down to her center. I could feel her lips parting at her center but was still denied entry. She sighed deeply and tipped her hips digging my shaft into her clit. I pushed back and took a nipple into my mouth now. Chewed on the rubbery flesh with my teeth. She clawed the bed, the response I expected.

“Fuck, you know my nipples are sensitive,” she quivered.

“Hmm,” I laughed.

Her legs opened a little. She tipped her hips high and I found my way inside her slippery folds. I slipped in as far as the angle would allow. My shaft dug into her clit as I slid by slowly. I pushed in and out still holding her nipple in my mouth.

“Fuck,” she cried. “My dad is coming.”

I pressed into her again but looked out the window. He was followed by both my aunts. Fun was over, I slipped from her soaked lips and grabbed my clothes. I bounced off the bed and headed for the main bathroom while she dressed in hers.

She came out in something unexpected. A wavy jean skirt that stopped mid-thigh and a halter top.

“What do you want to do for dinner,” my uncle asked us?

“We were going to go out,” Jessica responded quickly.

We both looked at her questioningly.

“Let’s go out,” she said to me. “Go to a club or something.”

“Ok,” I said confused.

“That ok dad,” she asked?

“Be careful,” he ordered.

She took my hand and led me out the door.

“What did you have in mind,” I asked?

“Really, let’s go to a club,” she said.

I was hardly dressed for going to a club. I was in jeans and a tee shirt. Good thing I had a collared shirt in my back pack. I shook it out and slipped it on before putting my helmet on. We climbed on my motorcycle and headed off. The motorcycle was the only thing I owned in the world. I worked every chance I could all the while I was in high school and managed to buy one.

We raced down the streets and up the interstate to a more populated city. There were no clubs in town. It was more of a retirement community where we were at. That’s Florida for you. We got off the exit and headed down a busy street until we arrived at a club. I had never been to one so I stopped at the first one I bursa escort found.

I paid the cover and got in. Girls were free of course. We found a little table off to the side of a happening place. She wasn’t carded and got us both a drink. I wasn’t a big drinker so she ordered something that wasn’t too hard on me.

We danced and drank and danced some more. She was a college girl so she was used to this kind of thing. I was more laid back so this wasn’t my scene. A guy started flirting with her and they dance and ground on each other for a while. I took a seat and sipped on my drink.

“You aren’t mad at me are you,” she asked?

“No, why,” I asked?

“Cuz I’m dancing with some other guy,” she piped back.

“No, you go have fun,” I responded. “We aren’t a couple remember, your rules.” I was annoyed by the whole thing and I was tired of the scene already. I felt out of place and wasn’t having fun anymore. She was doing all this to tease me in some way. I didn’t know why but I had to let her be herself.

“You won’t get jealous if I kiss him or anything,” she asked? It was a joking tone but I was still taken back by her forwardness.

“I will, but I have no right to stop you Jess,” I offered.

She shrugged, had a strange look on her face as she looked me. I couldn’t read it but I didn’t like it. Tension. I watched her head back onto the floor and bump and grind with the guy while I sat and drank. The music boomed and the lights flashed as I watched her fist pump and bounce around. I was annoyed but oh well.

I kept watch on her. Watched the way she moved. Watched her skirt flip up and down showing a shadow of her bikini cut panties now and then. She was having fun and wasn’t the only one flashing more than they should.

It went on for a while. I started watching other women bouncing around the club. A cute brunette with a low cut top kept dipping down and flashing her tits while she did. A redhead shook and gyrated her hips quickly flashing her bare ass several times as she did. That kept my attention.

Suddenly I saw Jessica pulling her arm away from her new found friend. She started my way only to be grabbed and pulled again. I watched as he pulled her hand to his crotch and forced her to touch him. She pulled away only to have him reach up under her little skirt and pull at her panties. They started coming down as his other hand cupped her bare ass. She turned and pushed him away before slapping at him. He grabbed her arm again and pulled her hard shaking her in the process.

I left my seat quickly and found myself face to face with Mr. happy hands.

“All right pal, the fun’s over,” I yelled. “She don’t want to dance anymore.”

“Who the fuck do you think you are,” he barked!

Jessica hid behind me as we squared off.

“I’m her brother,” I barked. “I think she has had enough. It’s time for you to find someone else to feel up.”

“Fuck it, whatever.” He threw his hands up in the air.

As he did he slapped the redhead in the back of the head. She stumbled under the forceful blow into the group of guys she was dancing with. That didn’t go over to well with them. They immediately started pushing him around and into other people. I grabbed Jessica and hurried her away from the growing shoving match. We bounced out of the club quickly.

We got to the other side of the parking lot where I had parked quickly. She hugged me tight and held me.

“Sorry for being so stupid in there,” she said.

“You weren’t stupid,” I offered. “You were just having fun.”

“I was until he tried to grab me and take me to the bathroom,” she cried. “I’m so fucking stupid sometimes. I’m sorry I did that to you.”

“It’s ok, nothing happened,” I quieted her. “You’re out and safe.”

“This is why I shouldn’t go out to the clubs anymore” she sighed. “Stupid shit always happens to me. I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”

I pulled her onto my bike. We sat facing each other as I tried to calm her down.

“It’s over,” I said. “Everything is ok now.”

“I’m just glad you were here,” she said.

She leaned in for a kiss. We kissed softly as she began to calm down. Slowly the normal Jessica came back as we continued to kiss. She kissed harder and bit my lower lip. She had that look in her eye as she parted from me to speak.

“That was stupid of me to do that to you and put you in that situation,” she started. “That must have felt like shit for me to say that to you, I’m sorry. Can I make it up to you? Pick up where we left off earlier?”

My mind raced. Should I respond to the apology or the offer? I already told her to forget the incident, guess that settles that.

“You can make it up to me,” I responded. “Don’t worry about tonight, it will be forgotten in the morning.”

Her smile. Big full lips parting slightly to show her perfect teeth. Then the next shock. Her hand found my jeans and started working the zipper.

“What, here,” I asked dumbly?

“Hmmm,” she growled. “Unless you don’t want to.”

The old saying popped into my head. Besides we were no strangers bursa escort bayan to parking lots, we fucked while the family was inside getting groceries just the other day. I nodded and her hands worked to free my cock.

Cars whizzed by on the main road as we sat under a row of trees in the dimly lit parking lot of the club. My cock was free and buried in her throat as she bobbed up and down on it. It was so apparent what we were doing if anyone was watching. She was bent over the back of the bike with her face buried in my lap. She was doing a good job of make up for what she had done earlier but I wanted to pick up where we had left off. I wanted my cock buried inside her folds.

I pulled her gently to let her know what I wanted. She tipped her head and grinned. That devious little grin. Climbed into my lap in a hurry and carefully balanced on the seat so the bike wouldn’t tip as she sat in my lap facing me. My cock pressed hard against her panties. It pressed the thin material into her wet center but kept me out. I tried to part the fabric but they were too bunched up to allow any movement. She laughed at my dismay before crying out in excitement as I pulled the sides and ripped them off of her legs.

“Hmmm,” she growled as she sank onto my rigid cock. “Those were Victoria’s secret, you owe me.”

I slipped into her soaked center. Her lips gliding over my cock as I pushed into her womb.

“I will buy you 10 new pairs,” I moaned.

“Really,” she huffed. Her hips undulated quickly. It brought raw pleasure to both of us as the angle of the bike seat and the moment had us both hot.

“As long as I can be there while you model them,” I grunted.

“Bad boy,” she squeaked.

Quickly we fucked. Her cunt so slippery with juice. She was hungry for release as she pressed herself hard against my lap. Grinding hard into me. The bike bounced softly as she pressed and lifted quickly. Soft gasps escaped her scrunched face. Her little nose wrinkled the way it did. Eyes shut and mouth open moaning with each rise and fall. My hands cupped her tight ass as I pushed and pulled her to me. Pleasure pulsed through her center as she started.

“Cum with me,” she ordered. “Fill my pussy.”

I started shooting rapid fire shots of cum into her soak snatch. We both bucked as we came. We returned to a controlled rocking as we slowed.

She looked down at me. “I think I’m falling in love with you.”

“Nothing wrong with that,” I offered.

“Oh but there is,” she countered. “I can’t have you, you’re my cousin.”

Now we were back to this again.

“We can run away together,” I teased. “Move to Alaska and live in an igloo. Fuck like bunnies and have a whole bunch of kids.”

Her face, that smile, the laugh she let out as I said that. It’s what made us fun. I loved it. I loved her, just didn’t tell her that. It felt so right to be with her. How do you tell someone you love them when you can’t?

“You have had way too much to drink,” she teased.

She kissed me now. Lips fully locked on mine, tongue fighting with mine as her hips began to rock again. My cock still hard, buried deep inside her belly. Our juices leaking out all over my lap and the seat. We didn’t care, just loved being with each other and knowing we only had a few days left before she would be going home. It probably wouldn’t ever be like this again. We were just living in the moment for each other.

“Just promise this one thing,” she said suddenly.

“What’s that,” I asked?

“I do love you, I know I’m crazy,” she started. “I love this, love how open I can be with you, love not hiding the true me from you and you accept that. Love what you do to me, for me, the way you understand my body. Hmmm.” That growl.

“Promise me that if I’m not married by the time I’m, oh, 25, that you will come and take me away. Even if it is Alaska.”

“You got five years lady,” I responded.

“Better get a move on it then,” she joked. We both laughed.

She wiggled loose. I helped her from the seat. Mess covered my lap and her thighs. Both just laughing, not believing what we had just been through tonight. We rode home. I dropped her off and then headed back to my house. I would have stayed if she weren’t sharing a bed with my aunt. If only she knew what we were doing in that bed.


“You can’t come in here with me,” she said coyly.

“Guess you aren’t getting anything then,” I retorted. Gave her ass a soft slap.

“You said so,” she whined her little girl whine.

“You forget what else I said,” I retorted.

Her big eyes looked at me. “Get in there and behave,” she ordered.

I slipped into the changing both. She had some panties and a few other things that she wanted to try on. She slipped her top off and threw it at me. Her cutoff jeans slid nicely off her tight ass before they were sent in my direction. I set both items on the bench next to me as she tried on a top. She turned and looked at the mirror.

“Thought you were getting panties,” I asked? “When are you going to try those on?”

“You escort bursa don’t try panties on,” she laughed. “You just know what you want and buy them.”

“Oh,” I said disappointed.

“You are trying to get me naked,” she whispered? She chewed on her lower lip.

“Who me,” I asked innocently?

“Bad,” she sassed.

She turned and slipped the top off. Her skin looked so inviting. Loved how her hips flared out and showed the little points on the sides. Her tan looked good now, the sun had been good to her over the past two weeks. My hands couldn’t stop as they went for her panties. I touched her warm skin at her hips and pulled them down softly. She letting me before turning to look at me as she stepped out of them. Yielding.

She smiled so seductively. Picked up a little skirt and slipped it up her legs. It hugged her curves and looked good on her. She turned and looked at the image in the mirror.

“How do I look,” she asked?

“Like something I want to fuck,” I said honestly.

“Hmmm,” she growled. “I meant the skirt.”

“I like what’s under it,” I replied.

My hands touched her ass and felt the softness. She shuttered at my touch.

“Take it off and see then,” she cooed.

My fingers pulled and I undressed her again. Loved the feel of her skin. Felt so right under my touch. She stepped out of the skirt. My hand slid up her between her legs trying to touch her center. She whimpered but closed them quickly as my hand reached the tender flesh of her inner thigh.

“No,” she moaned teasingly, mouth making a big O. Wagging her finger at me with the other hand on her hip. So sexy.

My thumb escaped the tight clamp of her legs and touched her slit right on her clit. Felt her tremble as I circled it quickly. My thumb slipped easily over her nub. I stood now and pressed her into the wall of the changing room. Her legs shifted and let me in more. My fingers pressed into her wetness and opened her up.

“You have to be quiet,” she warned, inviting me to go further.

I dropped my pants as I turned her. Her hands spread out against the wall like she was being searched by the police. Her ass tipped out letting her pussy peek out from under it. She looked at me over her shoulder. I loved the way her eyes looked when she wanted me. Her teeth chewed on her lip again.

“Done this before,” I teased? I pressed the head of my cock against her soaked center. It parted her, opened her up as I slipped inside. That feeling of penetration never felt so good.

“Makes you wonder,” she moaned.

I covered her mouth as she gasped. My hips slapped her ass softly as she bit my finger to keep silent. Still a moan escaped her mouth.

“Shhh,” I hissed.

“Sorry,” she sighed.

My cock slipped over her wet sex. It glided inside so easy as she was well lubricated. Her juice started dripping down onto my slapping sack.

She giggled and moaned as I pushed the small of her back to get her to push more of her ass out. Her face and chest were now pressed against the partition hard as I pushed quicker now. It shook the wall now as she pushed back into my thrusts. She gasped as she grew closer.

“Everything ok in there,” the sales lady asked?

“Um, fuck, fine,” she cried trying to sound ok.

“You sure,” she pressed?

Jessica held her hand against my hips to stop me. I retracted and watched her soft hole drip before closing tightly. I sat on the little bench as she spun around and cracked the door.

“Just got stuck in this skirt,” she lied. “It’s a little tight.”

“I will get you another one,” she replied before slipping away.

Jessica turned to me now. She laughed as she looked at my soaked cock bouncing to the beat of my heart. Stuck between waiting for the sales lady to return and wanting to continue she looked at me teasingly. She sat on my lap facing the door. I sank easily into her dripping cunt and pressed all the way into her belly.

“Fuck,” she squeaked.

“Yes, please,” I begged.

“Bad,” she quipped before bouncing.

We softly slapped together again in a hurried effort to get release. Her ass rippled nicely as she slid easily on my cock. My hands held her sides above her hips with my fingers wrapping around to her stomach. Her skin tightened as her soft abs flexed with each bounce. Her hair tangled in my face as it rippled in waves with each rise and fall of her body. Her head tilted back and rested against my face as she gasped with pleasure.

My fingers squeezed tighter around her skin, felt how electric it was to my touch. Loved the feel of her muscles working in unison with her thrusts. Slowly I began to push off the seat into her more. We slapped together with power as we both met each other half way. She only moaned more now, being discrete was forgotten by now.

Gradually she stopped fucking me and brought her hands to her knees and rested in a crouched position like a baseball player as I took over providing the pleasure to her. She held her position as I bucked into her deeply. My hands and feet firmly planted as I thrust my hips hard into her. Slaps were growing more audible with every plunge into her insides. The small partitions rattled again as my ass bounced off the seat and back into her. Her cunt flooded my lap as she panted.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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