That New Guy Ch. 11

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction concocted entirely within my imagination. Any resemblance to real people shouldn’t be surprising since most of my stories are based on people I know. While I hope you enjoy this story and are compelled to provide feedback, I don’t expect the subject matter will appeal to everyone who reads it. As such, I discourage venomous, nasty feedback full of violent wishes against essentially fictional characters in fictional situations. If this story does not appeal to you, there is undoubtedly one somewhere on Literotica that will, so your energy will be better spent on finding it rather than on vilifying me. Your opinions are welcome but your attacks are not.

Note: If you haven’t already, read the previous chapters of That New Guy, which are prequels to this story.


“That was a hell of a night,” Meg said as they reached their cars.

“The only thing we didn’t do was each other,” Deb replied.

They stood looking at each other for a moment as that comment sunk in then moved toward each other and kissed, each reaching of the other’s substantial tits. They went quickly from kissing to making out passionately and their pussies were immediately dripping wet again. When they finally separated, their hard nipples were ready to burst from their bikini tops.

“Want to go back to my place?” Deb asked breathlessly, hoping and praying that the answer would be “yes.”

“Oh God yes,” Meg replied, feeling a desire in her that she knew only Deb would be able to satisfy.

“We’re a couple of horny bitches, aren’t we?” Deb laughed, “Just follow me. It isn’t too far.”

They both jumped in their cars and headed down the long driveway, Deb taking the lead and heading toward her townhouse. They parked in front and headed up to the front door, their bikinis not necessarily out of place at that time of day but the few people who noticed them still really noticed them. Deb locked the door behind them then led Meg upstairs to her bedroom where they started making out again. Their hands explored each other’s curvy bodies before they started untying each other’s bikini tops. They’d both had the opportunity to see each other’s bare tits for the first time less than twenty-four hours prior but they hadn’t taken the opportunity to feel each other up during that time. While each had certainly held her own substantial tits in her own hands before, they were both still anxious to get their hands on each other’s substantial tits.

The bikini tops were quickly cast aside and they first just stared at each other’s tits for a moment before reaching out to start caressing the soft, smooth flesh and hard nipples. Meg was the first one to lower her head to lick and suck Deb’s nipples, which caused Deb to moan as she let her head fall back while caressing Meg’s dark brown hair. Meg alternated back and forth, still caressing Deb’s soft tits, while her own nipples felt as though they were getting even harder and her pussy wetter. She finally straightened up, knowing that Deb would reciprocate and wanting to her feel Deb’s lips and tongue on her nipples. Deb didn’t disappoint and was quickly licking and sucking Meg’s nipples.

“I want to eat your pussy,” Deb said when she finally straightened up and had reached for Meg’s wrap.

“I want to eat yours,” Meg replied and worked on getting Deb’s wrap undone. When both wraps were piled on the floor at their ankles, their bikini bottoms were being untied and soon joined them. Deb led Meg over to her bed and had her lie in the middle of it, then crawled over her so that her pussy was over Meg’s face and her face was over Meg’s pussy. There was plenty of sunlight flooding in the room, allowing them to admire each other’s pussies before each ran her tongue along the other’s slit. This wasn’t the first time for either of them to eat a pussy or have her pussy eaten by another woman; in fact, this wasn’t even necessarily the most excited either had been to eat a particular woman’s pussy. But, given what they’d experienced together the previous day and their status at work as “frenemies” up to this point, etiler escort there was a level of arousal and anticipation that was different from what they’d felt during previous encounters.

The whole “frenemy” relationship was born out of jealousy, envy and insecurity for both of them. They were both accustomed to being the center of attention due to their natural endowments. Though each of them knew for a fact that they had impressive tits, they both wondered if the other’s weren’t maybe even more impressive. So things had gotten a little out of hand as they each were trying to remain the center of attention at work and they ended up in trouble with Human Resources. Then Jake came along and it got competitive all over again. Now, though, they’d found themselves more or less on equal ground the previous night as four extremely hunky guys were all vying for their attention. With the competition aspect evaporating, what was left turned out to be attraction and curiosity. Fortunately, all the feelings were mutual so the day after promised to be as arousing and satisfying as the night before.

After momentarily admiring Deb’s smooth pussy, Meg wanted nothing more than to feel the smooth skin against her tongue and taste Deb’s succulent nectar. She started lapping at Deb’s slit, pushing her lips apart with her tongue to get at the juices that were flowing within. Deb moaned, appreciating the stimulation that Meg’s tongue was providing, as she lowered her head to lap at Meg’s pussy. She’d masturbated to the images Meg had given Jake that she’d then copied to her own laptop but, while she was, she hadn’t thought she’d ever have the opportunity to actually be naked with her, much less play with her tits and lick her pussy. Now that the opportunity had actually availed itself to her, she was going to relish it, though she fully expected that this would be just the first of many such opportunities. Feeling Meg’s tongue lapping at her pussy was incredibly stimulating so she set out to equally stimulate Meg. She started out running her tongue along Meg’s slit, tasting her nectar and feeling happy about the moan that resulted.

For both of them, licking the other’s pussy was as much about providing stimulation as it was about indulging themselves. As such, they were both feeling arousal as a result of being licked as well as from the opportunity to lick a sought after pussy. It was no surprise that, before either had even felt a finger slip inside her, they could both feel orgasms quickly building. When they did each slip a finger into the other’s pussy, nearly simultaneously, as soon as the other’s tongue touched her clit, both started cumming almost immediately. They were both moaning and shaking while still trying to lick the other’s clit and finger her even juicier pussy. Their orgasms were as long and intense as any they’d experienced the previous night but, as soon as they’d both finished cumming, they were both back to licking and sucking the other’s clit, tasting her nectar while pushing her toward another orgasm.

Over the next thirty minutes or so, the sounds of their passion filled the room, from slurping of tongues and sloshing of fingers to nearly continuous moaning. As they experienced one orgasm after another, they rolled around a bit, eating each other side-by-side or switching from Deb on top to Meg on top. When their tongues and bodies were both wiped out, they snuggled their naked bodies together in the middle of the bed and fell into a deep sleep. It was no surprise that they slept soundly for a couple of hours given how little sleep they’d managed to get the previous night. When they finally woke up, despite feeling refreshed, they both felt a little ripe. They had both squeezed in a shower late the previous night but they’d also both since worked up a sweat a couple of times as well as producing and indulging in copious bodily fluids.

“Is your shower big enough for two?” Meg asked once they were both awake.

“Not as big as any in Jake’s house,” she replied, “but I think all four of our tits should still fatih escort fit.”

“Let’s go then,” Meg said, “I want to soap up that body of yours.”

They both climbed off of the bed, their tits bouncing, and Deb led Meg into the adjacent master bathroom. Although the shower wasn’t as big as any at Jake’s house, it was by no means cramped or small. They both stepped in and closed the glass door behind them, then Deb turned on the water and got the temperature adjusted as Meg stood by, caressing her own succulent tits. Once Deb was satisfied with the water temperature, she stood under the spray to wet herself down as Meg caressed her tits and ass. They then changed positions and, as Meg was wetting herself down, Deb was filling her hand with body wash. As Meg stepped out from under the spray, Deb gave her an equal amount of the body wash, then they each started working it into a lather between their hands.

They started lathering up each other’s tits, spending considerable time caressing the soft, smooth flesh and stimulating their hard nipples. As they went on to lathering shoulders and waists and, ultimately, asses, they moved closer together and started to make out. Their soapy bodies rubbed together, further arousing both of them, so they were soon caressing each other’s pussies again. Deb finally grabbed the shower head, which was removable and attached to a hose, and hunkered down in front of Meg. Since she didn’t want a mouthful of suds, she directed the stream at Meg’s pussy, which not only rinsed away the lather, but also further stimulated Meg’s clit. She moaned and was humping her pussy toward Deb, so Deb kept the shower pointed at her pussy for longer than she’d intended.

Before causing Meg to cum strictly with the shower, she lowered it and replaced it with her face. She started lapping at Meg’s pussy again while directing the shower between her own legs as she slurped up Meg’s juices. Meg started moaning even louder which made Deb happy that her tongue was more stimulating than the shower head that she’d used to make herself cum so many times. To further enhance the stimulation she was providing, she slipped a finger up into Meg’s snug, slippery pussy and started sucking her clit. Meg got even louder, her cries of pleasure echoing through the shower enclosure as she held Deb’s head and humped her pussy toward Deb’s face. Deb ended up flipping the switch on the shower head to turn off the flow of water and let it drop so that it was hanging by its hose. She was able to reach between Meg’s spread legs and grip her ass cheek as she continued to devour her pussy.

Deb had ditched the shower head because, despite how worked up she was once again, she knew that it would be Meg’s tongue that brought on her next orgasm, not the shower spray. She glanced upward at Meg’s succulent tits overhead and beyond to her pretty face, which displayed an expression of pure ecstasy. If she hadn’t been able to tell by how much hotter and wetter Meg’s pussy was becoming, that expression would have made it clear to Deb that Meg was on the verge of another momentous orgasm. She could feel Meg tensing up as she got closer and closer to cumming and was happy that she could provide what appeared to be a significant level of pleasure. Based on the sound that escaped Meg when she started cumming, “significant” may have been an understatement. Had there been an open window in the bathroom, or maybe even in the bedroom, half the neighborhood would have probably been aware of Meg’s orgasm.

Deb just continued to lick and suck her clit while fingering her as she rode out her orgasm. When she finally appeared to have finished, Deb sat back on her heels and grabbed the shower head again. She didn’t stand right away, instead sitting there admiring Meg’s body looming over her. Meg’s chest was heaving as she was catching her breath but she still hadn’t opened her eyes again. When Deb finally stood, she turned the water back on and started to rinse herself as Meg opened her eyes. Deb rinsed the rest of the soapy lather off of Meg once she was clean fındıkzade escort herself then turned the shower off. The made out a little bit more before opening the enclosure and grabbing a couple of towels. They dried each other and themselves then stepped out onto the rug.

“Now it’s my turn,” Meg said, dropping to her knees, “or your turn, as the case may be.”

Deb leaned against the counter and spread her feet apart as Meg leaned in and ran her tongue along Deb’s smooth pussy. Deb moaned and grabbed Meg’s head as Meg continued lapping at her pussy, slurping up the juices that were flowing abundantly. Deb was so worked up, between their shower and eating Meg’s pussy, that she knew it wouldn’t take much to get her to cum, especially with Meg being so good at eating pussy. Meg just wanted to make sure that she could provide Deb with as much pleasure as Deb had provided her. She was putting every bit of effort and every little trick she knew into practice as she went on to licking and sucking Deb’s clit while slipping a finger up into her.

Of course, while her main goal was to provide pleasure to Deb, Meg was also enjoying the opportunity to eat her pussy. She loved getting fucked and having a hard cock in her mouth and having her pussy eaten, by a guy or a girl, but she would never turn down the opportunity to eat a pussy. She had a feeling that Deb was going to end up being somebody whose pussy she could eat whenever she had the urge and that Deb would take care of her whenever she felt a need to be devoured. It was weird how things had turned around between them so quickly but she was so glad that they had.

Deb was getting louder and humping her pussy toward Meg’s face as she got closer to cumming while Meg could feel her pussy getting wetter and more engorged around her finger. She continued to relish the opportunity to eat Deb’s pussy while pushing her toward an orgasm. Deb started tensing up, pulling Meg’s face against her pussy, right before she let out a cry and her body started shaking. Meg continued eating her through another long and intense orgasm, stopping only when she was sure that Deb had finished cumming. She sat back on her heels and looked over Deb’s curvy, sexy body as Deb recovered.

When Deb opened her eyes, she reached down to help Meg stand then they made out some more, standing there in the bathroom. After a moment, Deb led Meg back to her bed and they both climbed on, making out as they knelt in the middle before lying down and intertwining their legs. With their heads in opposite directions, they brought their pussies together and started to rub them against each other. Immediately they both began to moan as they felt the other’s pussy rubbing against their own. Meg was worked up from eating Deb’s pussy moments earlier and Deb was worked up from cumming moments earlier, so they were both immediately feeling yet another orgasm building up. They were humping their pussies together while watching each other’s big titties bouncing and jiggling.

Meg started cumming first, letting out a cry and trying to maintain their rhythm as her body started shaking, but Deb was just a moment behind her. Rhythm went out the window as they were both just trying to keep their pussies together while their bodies were shaking. After yet another long and intense orgasm, they both collapsed onto Deb’s bed, breathing heavily while leaving their legs intertwined.

“As much as I hate to,” Meg finally said, “I really have to get going. My roommate is probably out of her mind wondering what’s happened to me.”

“You could have called her,” Deb replied.

“Would it have crossed your mind to call anyone last night,” Meg asked, “or even this morning?”

“Good point,” Deb conceded, “Is your roommate bi?”

“Uh, I don’t know,” Meg replied, “We’ve never done anything together, though I wouldn’t mind going down on her.”

“Maybe we can find out,” Deb suggested, “I had so much cock last night now all I want to do is eat pussy. Is she involved with anyone?”

“Not as far as I know,” Meg responded.

“Maybe she’s horny and needs some release,” Deb suggested, “We can tell her about last night and, if she seems to get worked up, we can take care of her.”

“I’m going to need a nap first,” Meg confessed, “Why don’t you come over tonight and we’ll just make like we’re hanging out then see how things go.”

“I’m in,” Deb replied, “I’ll see you then.”

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