That Dress

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He hadn’t even wanted to come to this company party, but for an employee to not do so was frowned upon. He figured he’d stick around the open bar and at least get drunk. But then he looked over and saw the most enchanting pair of eyes down the bar. They were a gorgeous starry blue, and seemed to promise the world. When he finally tore his eyes away from her hypnotic gaze, he saw the rest of her. Her face was striking, especially her full dick-sucking lips, and she had the waviest, most beautiful jet black hair, gathered into a long elegant ponytail that reached all the way down her back.

Music was already playing in the hotel ballroom that management had booked for the party. He knew he had to ask her to dance, so he left his place at the bar and wove around to her. He saw that she wore an absolutely ravishing dress made of some kind of chain-like material. It didn’t show any cleavage but she filled it out to such a degree that he could easily tell that her body was phenomenal. She was pretty short and lean with a very skinny waist, but amazingly, had just impossibly wide hips and quite ample bust, giving her a truly impressive hourglass figure. She was smirking as she caught him openly and hungrily checking her out. He had to have her, and she seemed to like what she saw as well.

He offered his hand and asked her to dance with him. She accepted and took his proffered hand, and he led her to the dance floor. When they got there, he put his other arm around her waist and pulled her close to him.

It was then he noticed that her dress had spectacularly dangerous cutouts that basically showed off the entirety of her legs, with the long skirt part of the phenomenal garment more like two curtains, the barest bahis firmaları suggestion of actual clothing. Dresses like this, and the idea of them, had always driven him absolutely wild at the thought of the ease of access they afforded. And he strongly suspected she wasn’t wearing any panties under that lewdest of dresses.

As they danced together, she felt what she was pretty sure was his cock hardening, pressing into her stomach. They seemed to dance for hours but the whole time they were just looking into each other’s eyes. She saw the hunger in his, he saw that her pupils were dilating, and she was flushed. After a long while, she gasped as she noticed just how huge the bulge pressing into her was, and he gave her a smug smirk.

When that latest song ended, she backed away from him, but didn’t release his hand. She was leading him to the wall partitioning the ballroom, and the door that would lead to the neighboring half. When they get to the door, she looked around furtively. When she saw nobody was looking their way, she led him through and then they were alone. There was a stack of chairs by the wall that he hefted and placed in front of the door, blocking it.

Then he took her in his arms and started devouring her mouth. She squeaked a bit, quite cutely, he thought. And then she returned his ardor and also practically shoved her tongue down his throat. At the same time she was rubbing his cock through his suit pants. They broke apart and she started unzipping him, and fished out his cock. Her eyes bugged out and her jaw dropped as she realized the sheer size of his tool, and he just groped her ass (just now noticing that it was quite fantastic) and grinned at her again.

“Take me, I need this kaçak iddaa inside me.” she practically pled, her hand never leaving his dick.

“As you wish.” He murmured, his voice a low growl at this point, he was as horny for her as she was for him. He let go of her delectable ass and took her by her shoulders, turning her around and pressing her up against the wall.

“Ahhnnn!” she gasped, smiling widely.

My god she’s got a dazzling smile, he thought.

He pulled aside her dress and was awed. Her ass wasn’t just fantastic, it was astonishing, exceptional, magnificent. She was giggling now and shook it at him. He grabbed his dick and spat on it.

“Oh there’s no need for that, honey. I’m soaked.”

He pressed forward and found that her pussy was, indeed, soaking. He heard her gasp when he got the tip in, but then he crashed the rest of his 10 inch slab of thick meat inside her. She started to scream out but he quickly covered her mouth his his hand. Then he heard her moan in ecstasy, just as he was doing. She was tiiiiight.

She’d never felt this stretched before. This full. He was reaching places she didn’t even know she had. And then he started moving.

He pulled his hand away from her mouth and grabbed hold of her ponytail, getting a good strong grip, and moved his other hand to her ass, spanking her mercilessly when he wasn’t just gripping her cheek, digging his fingers into her ample butt. She yelped every time his hand came down on her ass, even as his cock plumbed her hot, dripping snatch.

“Gaaaawwwwd fuuuuuuck I’m gonna cuuuuuum.” she hissed. He was utterly abusing her pussy.

“Yes! Fucking wreck me baby!”

At this point he was kissing up from where her shoulder met her kaçak bahis neck, upwards, up her jaw, and chewing on her earlobe as he ravished away. Plundering her delicious cunny. He started whispering sweet nothings to her when her vision went white and she started shaking violently, but she was utterly silent. He felt a splash and realized she was squirting, no, more like flooding. He kept ravishing her and she just seemed to keep cumming over and over, and he was left to support her weight by himself.

She came to and felt his cock swell. She knew he was almost there. “CUM FOR ME. FUCK! FILL ME! FILL ME UP!”

With one last hard thrust, he buried himself in her to the root. “AAAAAGGGHHH” he roared, as he lets go and flooded her insides with his hot load. It felt like the tip of his cock exploded, he was cumming so hard. He felt like he was shooting his whole being into her pussy. And now he was the one desperately clinging to her, as his massive load was gushing into her.

“Holy fuck.” she said after he finished

“Yeah, god damn.” he chuckled.

They kissed tenderly, then. “What do you say we continue this night at my place?” she purred.

“I say that sounds like a great idea.” he panted.

They rearranged themselves and made sure they were once again presentable and then he opened the door for her. When he did, they saw that the ballroom they met in was dark and quiet. “oh shit, it looks like we fucked the party away.”

She giggled, and his heart did a flip.

Her eyes suddenly widened. “Oh SHIT! I hope we aren’t locked in!”

They both hesitated, eyes locked, and then dashed for the doors.

“Shit! We’re stuck in here!”

“Yeah. I wonder how we’ll pass the time?” he said dryly. She met his eyes and smirked back. Then grabbed his arm and dragged him back out of the room.


Hi, this was my first ever attempt at a published work. I hope you enjoy it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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