Tent Tickler Ch. 02

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I grabbed my partially drunk bottle of wine and started to meander up to the house. As I was walking I kept eye contact with the stranger, when I got closer I noticed the backdoor was slightly ajar. I eased it open, letting the edge of it brush my very erect nipples. I hadn’t seen this part of the house before I was guessing it was the private residence, not for the guests use but I carried on anyway. As I mounted the stairs I suddenly felt a rush of nervousness, was this something I was going regret in the morning? I had only just masturbated for the first time in my life, was I getting caught up in the moment? “Fuck it” I thought as I continued up the dark stairway, “there are no such things as regrets”. I took a mouthful of wine to give me some confidence as I reached the hallway. I looked to the left, that was the direction of the campsite and it was from that window which I saw her.

I cautiously crept up the hallway until I came to the door I thought it was. Nudging it open slightly I could just see, in the half light, a figure of the girl, tall, medium build, and heavy breasts under her skin tight top. I liked her, my nipples tingled with anticipation, and my cunt felt hot and slippery again. I slowly entered the room and shut the door behind me. She switched on a table lamp and then I could see her properly. She had long dark chestnut hair which flowed over her tanned shoulders. Her deep green eyes were staring at me. “I didn’t know whether you would come up” she said as she sauntered over to me. She seemed to have an air of confidence about her I hadn’t encountered before. “I couldn’t resist” I said holding up the bottle of wine. She took it from me and swallowed eagerly. Her long elegant neck stretched out as she drank which brought my attention to her breasts, she was obviously wearing no bra, but it was her nipples which was the focus of my fascination. They stuck out like bullets, before I could stop myself, anadolu yakası escort my arm reached out and gently stroked the right one. She pulled the bottle from her lips and looked at me. I thought I had done something wrong and was preparing to apologise profusely for it when she placed the bottle down next to the lamp and reached out to my heaving chest.

She cupped my breasts in her hands as if weighing them then pushed them into my body. I nearly came on the spot. I raised my other hand to her other nipple. I pushed my lips onto hers and I felt her warm tongue enter my mouth, it made me even wetter thinking about where that tongue could have been or where it could end up later. I pulled away and took one last swig of wine, which finished the bottle. By now I was feeling quite drunk! I looked over to my right and I could see that she had already drunk a whole bottle of wine to herself earlier that evening, I was guessing while she watched me. When I looked back she had taken her top off and was pinching her own nipples. I copied and soon we were both unmistakably naked!

I stood there rigid, either with excitement or fear I wasn’t sure but I sure as hell wasn’t going to let it stop me! I finally got some courage and laid down on the bed. I opened my legs and let my knees fall apart, my hands came to rest on my tingling breasts, again I could see my heartbeat being played out with each wobble of my flesh. She turned to me and climbed on the bed and crawled up to me until she was between my legs. She lent up me letting her hair brush my sensitive skin, she pushed her knee up to my cunt, it was cold and slithering around as more fluid seeped from my aching cunt. I move my pelvis up and down so my, now hugely enlarged clit rubbed against the thickness of her leg. She began to passionately kiss my and forced one of her hands down between her legs and started frigging ataköy escort bayan herself off. This was mind blowing, I had a gorgeous woman sweating on top of me frigging herself! I could hardly believe it! She started grunting and then quite vigorously flipped me over, I didn’t mind, in fact I found her forcefulness even more arousing.

All of a sudden I received three fingers right up my cunt I couldn’t help myself, I squealed, this just seemed to make her do it harder, then she curled her two fingers over and started roughly stroking my G-spot. This was another thing I had never had done to me before. After a few minutes I had a maddening urge to pee, but it felt really good! I didn’t know what was going on but before I could give it anymore thought I got to the point of no return and I let go. She giggled and informed me that I had just ejaculated! WOW! Then something cold crept up my thigh and was promptly inserted into my cunt, I tried to verbally protest when I realised it was the wine bottle but I was forced to shut up by a hand covering my mouth. She appeared to get off on the idea of forcing me and if I was honest I got off on being pushed around so I tried to object again to play along and with that she pushed it farther up me. Then as soon as it went in my cunt it was withdrawn I could feel it being dragged from my snatch up to my arsehole. I genuinely objected this time, seeing as I had only just got one finger up there, but that was met with it being rammed up my arsehole. I couldn’t believe how good that felt! I was ordered to get up onto all fours which sunk the bottle neck even deeper. The deeper it drove into my ass the wetter I’d gotten! I really thought I’d wet myself, it was running down my sweaty thigh. She started to twist the bottle around then thrusting it in again!

Finally she took it out and laid down next to me, I rolled ataşehir escort bayan over so I was facing her and grabbed her right breast, her nipples must have been sticking at least 2 centimetres out, I snatched it and manipulated it in my fingers I pulled so hard it must have hurt her but she just grunted even louder! I clambered on top of her and rammed my hand down to her pussy, she stifled a moan. I could barely find her clit as she was so wet. I slipped three fingers in her hole straight away and after a little manoeuvring my whole fist slithered in. She couldn’t stifle her moans this time! I slowly turned my fist around so my fingers were fondling her spot, I started gently then with more force, it was my turn to be in charge, I was rubbing furiously then grabbed her left nipple and jerked it as hard as I could, she emitted a high pitched squeal then warm clear liquid gushed out over my hand and thighs, there was tons of it!

She sat bolt upright, leaned forward and started to lick it off of my thighs, her warm coarse tongue lapping at my legs and deliberately moving up to my cunt. As soon as her tongue met my clit I came again, screaming. Then there was a noise outside the room and the door flung open, her parents ran in, shouting if she was alright! They both stood there in stunned silence, went bright red and as quick as they entered, they left the room. As they shut the door I finished cumming. It took a couple of seconds to take in what just happened, I had been caught! I felt like I was 16 again!

I gathered up my clothes as quickly as I could threw them on, walked over to the bed and gave her a long deep kiss and thanked her for a wonderful evening, went to leave the room and she tugged on my sleeve. I looked back but had to go. I ran downstairs without looking around me, I couldn’t bear to see her parents again. When I got to my tent I hurriedly packed all my things put my payment in an envelope and left it under the office door. I couldn’t pack my car fast enough, took one last glance at the window, she was standing there again, I blew her a kiss and got into my car. I sat there for what seemed like forever wondering if that was really me that did and said all that , then started the engine and went home, this wasn’t a week end I’d forget in a hurry!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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