Temporary Assigned Duty Perk

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Again, this story is pure fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. (wink)


One of the memorable events in my sex life occurred when I was sent on special assignment to augment a Navy staff during a “crisis” between two Asian countries. Things like this aren’t unusual. During this event I was part of a special warfare command. No, I wasn’t a SEAL or anything that exciting. I was an operations planner and the Admiral’s staff was light several watch standers in Supplementary Plot (aka SUPPLOT) which is a Special Compartmented Intelligence Facility or SCIF usually located near the War Room.

I flew onto the ship and had to check in with the Flag Secretary and get a stateroom assigned and also find out how the flag mess worked. I walked into the office and was introduced to the Flag Sec. I was expecting a guy but found myself looking at a woman. She was dressed in typical Navy Officer at sea khakis, Surface Warfare Officer or (SWO) pin, gold oak leaves of a LCDR, and a name tag identifying her as LCDR Brenda Yamashita.

Of course this isn’t her real name but it imparts all the necessary and important and true things about her. She was a Naval Academy Lieutenant Commander or O-4 and of Japanese Ancestry, around 5′ 4″ tall, smallish breasts but good for her stature 32-28-32, maybe 125 lbs., her hair was jet black and put up into a bun per Navy standards. I learned later she was married, no children, early 30’s… and she smelled fantastic. I decided then and there to try to get into her pants.

I said “Good afternoon ma’am, I’m LT xxxxxxxxxx.”

“It’s Brenda,” she said smiling and held out her hand. We went through my orders which were open ended, meaning they were authorized to keep me as long as they wanted. She noticed it and said, “Seems we can keep you as long as we want.”

“As long as you don’t abuse me I’m happy to stay, besides was getting bored with Makalapa anyway,” I said with a smile.

“If you didn’t want abuse you shouldn’t have come here,” she said, “the Admiral can be difficult.” She endorsed my orders and got me set up in a room which was at the of a dead-end passage way and, as it turned out, was next to hers. She said the room was usually kept vacant and ready for augmenters like me. I think she just liked her privacy.

I reported to the Staff Intelligence Officer who in-briefed me in the areas I needed, got me access to SUPPLOT and then turned me over to the Commander I’d be working for. OMG, what a prick. CDR Asshole, as I’ll call him, had his nose so far up the Admiral’s ass he could see tonsils. He was a failed E-2C Hawkeye AIO (Air Intercept Officer) who was finishing his last tour before high year tenure got him kicked out for failure to promote. Nuff said about him, the lousy good for nothing weasel waste of perfectly good DNA.

All the important things were set, where to eat, where to work, where to work out, where to sleep. I was a happy camper. Supper in the flag mess was more formal than either breakfast or lunch and we had to wear khakis with ribbons. I walked in for supper and found my place setting name was next to Brenda. She arrived having changed into a khaki skirt. Her legs were pretty nice. We jabbered during supper and it evident we’d be getting along famously.

My first watch was until 11:30 pm and I had to start a routine of working out after watch. I had just changed into my work out clothes and had left my stateroom when I collided with Brenda at a corner. She was coming from the women’s head having just finished a shower. She came around the corner just as I was going the opposite way.

She was wearing a calf length terry cloth robe, her hair was wrapped in a towel, and was wearing colorful beach flip flops that had plastic flowers on them.

I raised my hands automatically as we collided. My left hand was ok… it wound up on her right arm. However my right was on her left tit. I dropped them quickly and began to apologize.

She laughed it off and casually said, “Careful, that can get you into trouble around here,” and then a bit quieter, “I may take it as foreplay. Why are you up to this late”?

I looked around theatrically pretending to look for eavesdroppers, leaned to her ear and whispered, “I’m just off watch and looking for some one willing to practice foreplay with. You know anyone”?

She smiled and said, “Oh, my favorite past time.”

“What a coincidence, mine too!” I said adding with a wink, “I’m just headed to the weight room for daily exertions.”

“No foreplay in there unless you like other sweaty guys,” she said as she walked away.

Women were now on ships in numbers and Captains were dealing with sailors fucking onboard. But for any career officer, a liaison may occur but NEVER on the ship. I watched her walk away wondering…

Due to my watch schedule and nature of my job I didn’t see much of Brenda except for supper bahis firmaları and early in the morning. She had a reputation as a bitch but I wasn’t seeing it. She was pleasant and actually quite friendly. We carried on a teasing banter that included practical jokes and sexual innuendo that centered around her comment about foreplay. Only when we were sure no one else was around of course. The other guys were shocked at how we got along and told me it wasn’t the true “Brenda the Bitch” that she was putting on a show for some reason.

With my stateroom being next to hers, it wasn’t uncommon for us to see each other in towels or robes, me in a towel and her in her robe. I made it a point to learn her routines so I could catch her coming or going to the shower. Eventually we found ourselves sitting in each others staterooms talking and laughing, sometimes in towels and robes and always with the door open, as required back then. It was in these conversations I learned she couldn’t have children. She said her and her husband intended to adopt when she got off the staff.

The weeks went by and finally the two knot-head countries simmered down, the ship was released from station, and I was told I could head home.

Since they were sending a C-2 in I was asked if I wanted to fly in and head home a couple days early. I jumped at the chance to get the hell off the ship. Brenda arranged everything and told me the first flight back to the states that I was allowed on was on Tuesday, two days after we flew in. Sometimes I hated my job because it meant I could only fly US carriers. In this case I wasn’t all that disappointed and it turned out the delay was worth it.

The morning I left I got my things together and went to check out. I was disappointed that Brenda wasn’t in the office. I walked into the Air Traffic Officer’s (ATO) office and there she was. Like most Naval officers, Brenda wore multiple hats and one of them was as the Morale, Welfare, and Recreation (MWR) Officer for the staff.

The ship was going to make a port call in Singapore. It is common practice for some folks to fly off a few days before the ship so they could arrange parties, supplies, and such. Brenda had gotten coy lately, I had a feeling there was something a foot but didn’t know exactly what. Now I knew. The required uniform for Singapore was summer whites and I was lucky I had brought them. She was wearing hers and God Damn she was sexy in those. We got shot off and had a bumpy 3 hour flight into Changi. We were met by a guy that arranges in port services. By 9 pm we made all the arrangements she ship required and could head to the hotel.

Brenda had all the paperwork so I let her check us in. We headed up and she had gotten us rooms next to each other on the 30th floor. The room was really gorgeous. Huge room, king size bed, giant bathroom, balcony over looking the harbor. I was on the balcony admiring the view when I heard a knock. But it wasn’t the entry door. She had gotten adjoining rooms so there was a connecting door.

I opened the door and there stood Brenda smiling her seductive smile. She was still in her whites. Her dark skin against the white uniform was a beautiful clash. I still had a feeling there was something a foot but couldn’t put my finger on what.

Before I could speak she said, “Well what would you like to do?” Both of us had been to Singapore lots of times because it was a normal stop while headed into the Indian Ocean. I couldn’t think of any thing I wanted to do besides relax.

“Hell,” I said, “I’m happy with relaxing right here with the view,” then quietly whispered, “maybe some foreplay later,” and then louder, “Have you seen the view?”

She laughed and I led her to the balcony. “Oh, that’s lovely,” she said. I stood next to her admiring the view and decided to take the plunge.

“Let’s just stay here tonight. You made this trip a lot easier on me than it could have been. I’ll treat you to a room service supper,” I said.

“Sounds terrific to me because I have the Admiral’s schedule to go over yet,” she said still thinking business.

I walked back into the room to get the menu and when I turned around she was still on the balcony appreciating the view, her hands were on the edge of the railing. She was slightly bent over and that made her skirt tighten against her smooth ass, and I noticed, no discernible panty lines.

She looked over left shoulder and saw me looking at her ass. “You checking out my ass sailor?” she said.

“Well… sort of,” I said, “I’m trying to figure out where the panty lines went. I’m pretty sure you had panty lines earlier because I noticed them when I WAS checking out your ass. Professional interest and all that.”

She smiled and said, “That makes the assumption I’m still wearing panties,” as she reached behind and lifted her skirt up revealing a tight panty-less ass. She was wearing thigh highs and no panties.

“Oh God help me,” I thought, “that’s a green light if I’ve ever seen one.” I was also afforded a view of her legs. They were not the bowlegged Japanese you see sometimes. kaçak iddaa Her legs were straight, short but firm and looked really nice.

She let her skirt drop back down. I walked to the balcony and said, “That deserves a closer look.”

Brenda laughed and then said seductively, “I’m sure it does.”

I lay the menu on the table and stepped behind her. She had returned to looking at the view and had both hands on the railing again. I brushed the hair off her neck and nuzzled it.

“Last chance,” I whispered.

“It’s been 4 months,” she replied quietly.

I reached around her and placed my hands over hers. Kissing her neck I moved my hands up her arms, barely brushing her skin, as I kissed her neck and felt her hairs stand up. Brenda tilted her head to the left exposing her neck to me. So I kissed her hard, pressing my tongue against her neck. Her shoulder board (part of the uniform) made it a little uncomfortable but I wasn’t stopping.

My hands settled on her breasts. They were small but firm. I kept kissing her neck and let my hands fall to her skirt. I started pulling it up. Her skirt stayed around her waist without any help and my hands found her cheeks. She bent over a bit and stuck her ass out, “See, no panty lines.”

I stroked her bare ass with my right hand and said, “nope, none that I feel… yet.” Her ass was firm and well toned from her workouts in the ship’s weight room. “Maybe a closer inspection is needed,” I added.

I squatted down behind her and ran my hands up and down the outsides of her smooth legs. Making a mental note of, “Freshly shaved before we left the ship.”

She rotated her hips slightly and stuck her ass out more. My hands settled on her ass cheeks and gently kneaded them. Slipping my hands under her skirt to her hips, I kissed her right ass cheek. My hands slowly slid around her hips to grasp the front of her thighs. My fingers found the gap between her legs and I slipped them up her inner thigh to feel wisps of pubic hair against them. As my finger explored her clit and lips I licked up and down her ass crack.

Brenda said, “Oh, that’s nice,” and leaned forward to lay over the rail of the balcony. She spread her legs, raised up on her toes, and arched her back down to rotate hips so that her pussy was open to me. She was clearly enjoying herself because I could see her pussy was glistening with wetness.

Spreading her ass open I gave her asshole a lick. She jerked and said, “That’s nice” again. Using my thumbs I spread her lips and traced her crack with my tongue until I found her vagina. I lingered there sucking and licking her lips and tongue fucking her. My hands went back to the front of her thighs so I could press her pussy against my lips.

“Mmmm, ya,” she said when my tongue flicked over her clit. I decided the skirt needed to get lost so as I was licking her clit I reached to the side zipper and unzipped it. Her skirt dropped off leaving her dressed in her white uniform shirt, flesh colored thigh highs, and shoes. Losing her skirt loosened her shirt and allowed me to slide my left hand from her pubic hair over her belly and up to cup her left breast over her bra.

I stopped licking her clit and slipped my right hand’s fingers between her lips, tracing them from her clit to her asshole looking to get them wet and ready to penetrate her. Brenda moaned, “God I’ve missed that,” just as I inserted my right index finger into her. She squeezed her vagina as I pushed in, she really had control of her pussy muscles. My hand was cupped between her legs with just the index finger inserted. I began to wiggle my finger and then began slowly finger fucking her. My right thumb found her asshole and I put pressure there to see her reaction.

Brenda’s asshole puckered and she quietly said, “Nope, nope, I’m not ready for that.”

I took my thumb off her asshole and slipped my left arm down her belly and between her legs from the front. Taking my right fingers from her pussy I concentrated on her clit as I stood up. I pulled her against me and pressed my cock against her ass, she wiggled her ass and reached back with her hands.

She stood up a bit, still facing away from me, and with her hand behind her, began unbuckling and unzipping my pants. I wondered how she’d react to an unknown cock after 4 months without one. She grasped him and I shoved my pants and skivies down with my right hand. Rotating her upper torso to the right she leaned back against me and turned her head to kiss me. Our lips touched only briefly. Each time I touched her clit her ass would jerk back against me. She pulled my cock to her ass and pressed it into her crack.

“Mmmmm, Jesus, that feels huge,” she said. My cock is a just over average in length at 6 1/2 inches but is quite thick at 7 inches around. She slipped between her legs and I withdrew my left hand, placing it on her left hip. She reached between her legs and guided my cock between her lips until my cock head touched her clit. Pressing the head firmly against her clit Brenda began moving her hips forward and back rubbing my entire cock length kaçak bahis across her pussy.

I was getting pretty close to cuming just from her rubbing me between her legs when she leaned back over the balcony railing and reached between her legs to grasp my cock by the shaft. She slid the head from her clit to the mouth of her soaking pussy and positioned it between her lips right at the opening. I started to push forward and could feel her lips spreading around my cockhead. Brenda raised up on her toes again for a better angle and the head slipped in. Her hips trembled for a moment and she said, “Oh, fuck… ya.”

With both hands on her hips, her hand between her legs and on my shaft I slid slowly into her. About half way up my cock she gripped it tightly and said, “Just there,” pausing for about 15 seconds and then pulled away from me. My cock slid out a bit and she pushed back to slide him back in.

“Oh God… ,” she moaned and repeated the move. Sensing what she wanted I only moved my hips slightly as she fucked me. Brenda ground her hips and pushed a little deeper, she grasped the balcony with both hands and her intensity grew. The closer she came to orgasm the more cock she wanted. It wasn’t long before I was thrusting deep inside her as she slammed her ass backward to me, my balls slapping her clit with each impact.

The dam in my balls finally burst and I unleashed a torrent of cum into her. I had a firm hand on each hip and ground against her ass.

Brenda mumbled, “Oh ya, there it is, give me that,” let out a groan and a string of “ughs’s” and her right hand flew to my ass where her fingers dug in as she pulled me deep as she began to cum herself. Her pussy gripped me tighter than any woman I’ve been with before or after, pulsating and clenching. It was like being inside a very hot, very wet vise.

She stayed bent over and every few moments squeezed my cock with her pussy. I started to pull out and she said, “no, stay there, I’m not finished.”

Brenda continued to squeeze and occasionally rotate her hips, her breathing was deepening again and I realized she was going to cum again simply from my cock in her.

It wasn’t long before her grinding her pussy against me made her cum again. I helped by pulling her hips firmly against me. She orgasmed again but it was more subtle this time. Given away by her wimper and little jerks of her hips.

This time I waited to see what she was going to do. She finally stood up turned around and kissed me saying, “Thanks, that was really nice.” She looked silly, her hand between her legs and uniform shirt with shoulder boards still on as she hurried into her room.

Damn she had a nice ass. I noticed she’d left the door open. “This night may not be over,” I thought to my self.

I decided to take a shower and stripped off the rest of my clothes. The shower was huge, probably 5 feet square and felt terrific after the JP-5 smelling water on the ship. I needed to get the smell off of me. I lathered up and was savoring the feeling of water pouring over my head when I heard a voice ask, “Mind if I join you?”

I didn’t bother to turn around and said, “I’d be offended if you didn’t. Please do, I need a back scrubber.”

In a few moments I felt Brenda applying the hotel’s body wash to my back and she began washing me… all over. She scrubbed my back followed by my legs and ass, then turned me around. I got my first view of Brenda in the buff.

She was a good head shorter than I am. Her black hair was down, eyes were a lovely almost emerald shade of dark green, petite face, not large but well shaped breasts with perky nipples, smooth belly, and slightly trimmed black pubic hair trim. She put her arms around me hugging me close, her breasts pressed to my chest, and lifted her lips to mine. She had soft warm lips which parted to my tongue. l pulled her tight and devoured her kisses.

I leaned up against the shower wall so that I could spread my legs and move my feet out to lower my face so it was easier on her neck to kiss. Brenda stood closer and pressed her pubic mound to mine. The kiss went on and on, I’m not sure how much of it was to make up for those weeks we were together but couldn’t do anything for fear of career suicide.

She moved her lips to my chest and paid attention to my nipples for a bit. Her hands drifted to my cock which was beginning to show some life again. Squatting down she fondled my cock and stroked it once.

“That felt huge,” she said and wrapped her lips around it. She licking the head and, looking up at me, swallowed as much as she could in one smooth motion as my hands went to her head. A mighty fine blow job ensued.

The shower water ran off her head as it bobbed up and down and several times she detoured to my balls to kiss and lick them.

She was sucking when my balls decided they couldn’t take any more and I told her I was getting ready to cum. Brenda stopped sucking and, her lips tightly around the head, began to jerk me off rapidly. Just I started to cum and the first bit shot out she pulled her mouth off and allowed my cum to spurt out all over her face. Brenda kept stroking as she leaned into my cock and spread it all over her face and then took it into her mouth again and sucked on it really hard. She seemed almost frantic.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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