Tell Me About It

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“You comfortable baby?” Mary asked. The redhead was wearing a red lace bra and panty combination that did an outstanding job of displaying her body. “I don’t want you needing to adjust or anything.” She scooted down slightly in her chair and adjusted her web came to keep in frame.

“Yeah I’m comfortable Minx.” John replied. He glanced around the room of his studio apartment. “I’ve got the place to myself for at least another couple of hours if not longer. Jake had himself a hot date and tickets to some play.”

Mary raised a brow. “A hot date? You know how I feel about you checking out other women.” The words practically oozed from her painted red lips.

“Yeah I do.”

“Well then tell me about her.” Mary insisted.

John smiled. “She’s not really my type, petite little Asian thing. Cute butt though.”

“Sure, you’ve always liked those little Asian girls.”

“Not as much as I like you, with those nice ripe tits and grippable hips.” John replied.

Mary smiled. “You’re just saying that so I’ll get you off.”

“Maybe, but that’s a very good reason for me to say something isn’t it?”

“Yes it is. So you want to hear about my new boss?” Mary asked. John nodded. “I thought you might you sick fuck. It gets you off that your girlfriend is in California shooting porn?”

“You know it does you sexy thing. How many guys can say they’ve fucked a porn star?”

“You won’t have fucked a porn star until I get back. Not like Scott Nails.” John’s casino şirketleri eyes lit up at the mention of the name. “Oh you’ve heard of him, he called me in to see if I wanted to do a shoot for Brazzers. All I had to do was convince him I was the girl he was looking for.”

“Did you convince him?”

“Of course I did. I went to his office wearing my little red dress, the one with the slit that’s so high I can’t wear anything beneath it and my ‘fuck me’ heels. Even the girls were watching me when I walked into the office and there were lots of girls there. That little Asian girl you like so much was shooting a scene with a Mexican girl named Jynx.”

“Asa Akira?” John suggested. His cock was already starting to harden.

“Yeah, that’s here. She’s really nice. Told me to relax and enjoy it they all had to go to the casting couch before they could work for Brazzers.” Mary reached up and cupped her breasts. “Well after that he Scott led me into his office and told me to strip. He wanted to see what he’d be working with. So I did just that. I wasn’t wearing anything underneath.”

“What did he do?” John wrapped one hand around his cock.

“Well he told me how sexy I was, then he asked me how I like it. I told him I liked it rough and he smiled. Apparently they are looking to start up some kind of site called ‘Some Girls Like it Rough’. He told me that if I was uncomfortable I should say something and then he snatched me by the hair and hauled me into a kiss. casino firmaları I thought the bastard was going to rip my head clean off. God I got so fucking wet right then, hell I’m getting wet right now thinking about it.”

John slowly started stroking his cock. He wanted this to last at least until Mary started getting to the really dirty parts so he made a point to keep it slow. “Go on. Tell me more.”

“Mmmm. You sound like you’re enjoying hearing how another man was kissing me. That’s not all he did. When he finished kissing me he forced me down onto my knees and fished out his cock. It’s huge, it looks big on television but believe me it’s nothing like seeing it up close. It’s like . . . remember when you took me that WWE event and you got to meet The Rock but because he’s always standing around other six foot five dudes you start thinking he’s normal sized and when you met him he was huge? It’s like that except it’s a penis. He slapped me across the face with his cock a few times and then told me to open my mouth.”

“You fucking little cock sucker. I bet you loved it too didn’t you?” Despite himself John picked up the pace a little bit, his free hand moving down to cradle his scrotum.

“I loved it. He held me by the hair and fucked my face. I can’t imagine how messy I must have looked at the time. I was drooling all over my tits, tears running down my eyes, gagging. When I went to the bathroom to clean up I looked like a raccoon because all my mascara had run. güvenilir casino When he finished fucking my throat he told me to stand up and grab my ankles, he was going to fuck me in the ass.”

“You never let me fuck you in the ass!” John blurted. His cock was starting to throb in his hands.

“You don’t pay twenty five hundred dollars. If you pay me that kind of money I’ll let you do anything you want to me. Just like I let Scott. Let me tell you something John, it hurt. It hurt so fucking good. I’ve never felt as full as I did with Scott’s cock crammed up my shit pipe. And the way he had me standing and holding my ankles, I could barely keep my balance so I had to lean against him and that just drove him deeper into my ass. He’s like a fucking machine once he gets started. He tried me in every position after that, doggy, missionary, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, pile driver. Every time we switched positions he made me taste my own ass off his cock. Are you close baby?” John nodded. His hand was a blur moving up and down the length of his shaft. “Good. Because while he had me folded in half for the pile driver, my ankles next to my skull he pulled out and came on my face, so much cum.” She made a motion over her face. “It felt like he got my whole face, there’s even a picture of it. I’ll send it to you later.”

The visual of his sweet girlfriend coated in hot semen was enough. John erupted. His cum landed on his shoulder, then several ropey strands rested on his chest before he finally stopped coming. “Fuck. Thank you.”

“Of course baby. It’s the least I could do, not every boyfriend would encourage his girlfriend to follow her dream.” Mary smiled. “I gotta get some sleep love; tomorrow I’ve got my first shoot.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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