Teasing My Daddy Ch. 3

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Warning: This story contains depictions of adult sexual situations, including mind control, and lots of sex. If it is illegal for you to view this subject in your area do not view this file. If you find these situations unpleasant or offensive then you obviously won’t enjoy reading this story, so don’t read it. The author takes no responsibility for any illegalities arising from the viewing of this file.

The author retains all rights to this story and it is transmitted here by an authorised person, for free viewing only. Retransmission is allowed only if it is in its original form including this message and archiving only by prior permission. Please contact [email protected] to obtain permission from the author. This is basically so that I know where my work will be located. Most reasonable inquiries will be happily agreed to. Do not send flames as they will be ignored.

Be warned also that English is not my primary language, so stupid grammatical mistakes and weird sentence construction are problems you may face as you read my stories.

* * * * *

Cathy had been worried all day, every time the teen left the house she started to get aroused when she noticed men staring at her body. She felt that their eyes were drawn by her exposed body, as if dressing sexy was a way of teasing, and she had to use every bit of will power not to start REALLY flirting.

She had always felt a strong compulsion to flirt and tease, but now it was out of control, she was getting wet whenever a man ogled her tits, which was all the time! And nearly everyday she had lost control of her flirting to act in a wanton slutty way, distributing blowjobs or masturbating any man that she fancied at the time.

Cathy could notice that the more the man was hot about the teased the more she got out of control, in fact the longer he resisted the better were her orgasms. She had a fantastic orgasm with a boy whom she had being showing off to for years. He was a ugly geek type in her class that had been “accidentally” peeking at her panties and seeing her nipples in her too low necked tops, as she leaned to catch things in front of him, for a long time.

He had been an good and constant target for years! The poor boy always got flushed and really embarrassed. Cathy was sure it was his flushed face, full of pent up desire, that made her lose control one day in the last week when she had nearly sent him over the edge.

He couldn’t believe it when the popular and beautiful blonde led him to an abandoned area and grabbed his hard pole. Cathy was fingered by him while sucking his cock. Her orgasms were among the best of her life, even if he had no idea of what to do, and just obeyed her orders.

Today tuzla escort the blonde teen was feeling ashamed and embarrassed at herself all the time, until the moment she started her hot games. With that in mind she was making a great effort not to start something she thought she wouldn’t be able to stop.

Even so she couldn’t help herself when she was sitting in a table of her favorite fast food. Cathy was eating her fries when she noticed an older man, about late forties, looking at her legs. Her nasty nature spoke louder: she uncrossed and crossed again her legs slowly, her short skirt riding the shapely legs and her white panties appearing briefly in the middle of the movement.

The guy blushed, and got really wide eyed. Cathy couldn’t help but continue to tease him, even going to the point of dropping her purse in front of him, just to bend over at the waist, her round butt pointing to his face. Of course the skirt rode up her hips and he got a close and clear view of her barely covered ass.

The girl ended up going with him to his car and giving him the blowjob of his life, even letting him titfuck her and swallowing all the semen he spurted, cleaning his prick, and even the drib that ended in her mounds, with her tongue.

Only then Cathy realized that once she started to flirt with someone, anyone in fact, she couldn’t stop. It was getting worse! Knowing that someone had a pent up desire for her was the greatest turn on she ever felt and when she got the man satisfied, with a silly and happy smile on his face and his sperm on her belly, she felt fantastic!

The blonde also discovered even greater orgasms as she satisfied this men… the longer the cocktease the better the climaxes.

The cute girl was afraid of what she was becoming and decided to go back home, thinking it was safer to stay there until she discovered what was happening. In little time Cathy got comfortable in one of her favorite old dresses, she just couldn’t throw this one away, it was so short and beautiful!

The big-titted teen was still thinking about her problem she heard her father getting home. The girl knew he was about to take a bath, eat something and go to watch some TV. She just loved her old man and thought that staying in his side, feeling his arms would be good for her, a little father/daughter talk would relax her.

Cathy went to her daddy as she always did: using her sexy walk without realizing it.


Robert was feeling like some crazed pervert peeking on his own daughter like that, but the man just couldn’t stop anymore. His daughter was some kind of exhibitionist, a constant teaser, and he had realized this fact a long ago.

The first tuzla escort bayan time he noticed it as a problem was when she turned sixteen. One of his friends came home with him to discuss some work problem and ended up dinning with them.

Cathy was very excited about having a guest and donned a beautiful floral dress, but one with a very low V-shaped neckline. She had always favored thin straps that tended to fall from her shoulders, threatening to bare her big and very firm mounds.

His friend’s eyes couldn’t part from her cleavage and she bended and arched her back in front of him as much as circumstance allowed. They thought he hadn’t noticed it but he also had lots of peeks of her round and erect nipples. From this day on he looked at her with new eyes, realizing the beautiful and sexy girl she was.

Returning to reality he walked to his room and saw hers locked, Cathy was home. After a long shower and a small dinner he sat on his comfortable and big armchair, wondering if his daughter would sit on his lap today, he was not using underwear and was hopping to feel her a little more than usual today. She always seemed not to mind, or even notice, him peeking at her or brushing on her body. Even when he had a erection, with her ass on his lap she wouldn’t notice!

Today he was about to go as far as he had been going in the last month, rubbing his member on her asscheeks discretely and looking at her tits, but not letting her notice his horny state, then he would go to his room and jerk off real good.

When she came to the living room he knew it would be a good night, she was dressed in her pink dress, it was already old so it was very short, now she only used it home.

God, it was already short when she was younger! Her tanned and long legs were in full view and her little bikini panties appearing as she moved. The deep “V” of the neckline showed the ample cleavage, and it was only suspended by two spaghetti-thin straps that hung to her shoulders with grace. Her long blonde hair was in a ponytail, making her look even younger.

Robert smiled in anticipation as he saw her walking toward him.


I walked to my dad until I stood in front of him “Hi daddy!” I said and bended over to kiss his head as I always do. It was a long kiss and when I straightened myself again he was smiling to me.

“Hi my princess, how have been your day?”

Oh god! I wished he hadn’t asked me that! How could I tell him I had sucked dry two guys I had teased today? One of them nearly his age!

“So-so… And yours?” I wanted to change the subject as quickly as possible. He kept talking about his day at work while I sat on his lap and told me a funny joke he escort tuzla heard there.

I was enjoying his company, as I always do, and sent a arm over his neck. My breasts were a few inches from his face and I hugged him hard, squeezing them on his chest.

“Cathy, my darling. You better stop this or someone will end up calling me a pervert!”

I laughed for a second. I had never realized we were in a sexy position while we talked, we were father and daughter after all!

“Oh yeah daddy! Would you do something wrong with me?” I laughed. “would you grab my Boobs?” I said while cupping my boobs in front of his eyes, he grinned and I released my bobbies, shacking my shoulders to make my big mounds sway in his face. They bounced tantalizingly in front of him but he just laughed.

It was absurd to imagine my father taking advantage of me!

“Of course!” he said laughing too. “I would bury my face in this big jugs!” My dad’s head went forth swiftly, getting between my tits and I ended up slapping him with my bosom several times before he managed to go back.

We laughed aloud about it, it seemed very funny. And only after long moments I noticed one of the straps of my dress was down on my arm, my right breast was nearly out of the garment, half the areola out of cover! He looked at it with fascination for a second but quickly suppressed the look, pretending that nothing had happened.

I was very confused, was he peeking at me? Worst of all: had I been teasing him without noticing it? Well… it could be a one time thing, an isolated incident. For the first time in my life I got uncomfortable in his lap so I changed position on it.

Only then I felt something on my butt, it was his cock swelling! He was trying to hide it in the position we were, but as I changed I brushed against it.

God! My own father was getting a hard on because of me! He was a man after all, I rationalized, looking at my tits from so near must have it’s effect.

But I was not sure, was it a body reaction or his lust? Had it been an isolated event or had he been peeking at me for a long time? I got up and saw him relieved and sad at the same time, I went to the kitchen to get a glass of water and returned to the living room.

Only then I thought about another thing: had he saw my breasts when I bent over to kiss him? I had been doing it for years, and I never thought about it! But in the last day every action I took I have measured against it being a teasing action or not. It seemed so weird…

Thinking about it I realized my dress was very low necked, and it surely hung down to show him my boobies when I bent over to kiss his forehead. My father had been getting peaks of my nipples for years, but he never said anything.

My mind was racing, why was it so important? He never said anything because he’s my daddy, he cannot see me as a woman… or can he?

To Be Continued…

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