Teaser Goes Shopping

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I got the e-mail from Uncle Ted two days after the park. It said to meet him at the mall at 3 in the food court. I got there ten minutes early, and was enjoying the men’s stares as I had worn the dress–a denim halter mini-dress–Uncle Ted had requested. I had just pulled my phone from my purse when it rang.

“I’m glad you decided to play again, ” he said before I could say hello.

“I like to play games, ” I told him as I scanned the area for him but not seeing him.

“I love the way you look in that dress, so sexy, ” he told me.

“I like to please, ” I purred giving up the search.

“Go to the shoe store, and try on three pair of heels, ” he then told me, and my phone went dead.

I went to the shoe store, and inside I found two guys working. One was occupied with a customer, and I saw him grin at his partner when he knew his partner was in for a treat. “Steve” the lucky guy to serve me was very helpful in helping me select three pair of heels–4″ the highest they had–and as he went back to find them I took a seat where the occupied guy could sneak a peak up my dress. He lost track bursa escort of his customer for staring up my dress until I finally crossed my legs just as Steve came back out. He again gave Steve that grin, and I had to smile to myself. When Steve was seated before me my phone rang, and I apologized as I uncrossed my legs.

“Did you wear the panties I sent you?” he asked again not letting me say hello.

“Yes, ” I said as I watched Steve enjoy the view of my freshly shaven pussy behind the sheer white thong I wore.

“Are you wet?” he now asked, and I replied I was.

“Buy your favorite pair, and I’m watching you so be a good tease, ” he said with a chuckle, and hung up.

I made a real show out of trying on shoes, and finally selected the first pair. When I walked out of the store with shoes in hand my phone rang yet again, and he told me to go the bookstore, and hung up. I just entered the bookstore which was at the other end of the mall, and quite a few men enjoyed the sight of my stiff nipples poking at my dress when my phone rang yet again.

“Go to the back row, take off your panties, bursa escort bayan and put them in your bag, ” he told me, and hung up. I was making my way to the back row, and I noticed the clerk, an older man, watching me intently.

I just put my panties in the bag when Uncle Ted appeared, and took me in his arms. As he kissed me deeply his hands had my dress pulled up, and my ass bared. I could feel his need hard against me, and I shivered excitedly. He broke the kiss then spun me around, and told me to grab a shelf. As I did I heard hi unzip, and then his fat cock head at my swollen slit. He ran the head up, and down my slickness causing me to moan, until it was coated in my juices then slid deep inside me.

“OOHH YESS, ” I moaned out as his throbbing shaft stretched me soo nicely.

I had closed my eyes preparing for the first thrust, and when I opened them I saw the clerk standing at the end of the aisle, watching intently. I just stared at him as Uncle Ted began to fuck me, faster with every stroke. Without even thinking I undid my top, and my perky breasts were now swaying with the forceful escort bursa thrusts from Uncle Ted. I nearly panicked when the clerk began to approach but Uncle Ted held me where I was, and kept long stroking me.

“Take his cock out, and suck him off, ” he commanded me, and I did as I was told.

“Suck him like a good slut, ” Uncle Ted panted as I accepted the clerk’s much smaller cock into my thrat, and moaned.

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better I felt Uncle Ted tease my asshole with a finger. I had teased myself back there with a finger a few times but his fingers were much bigger. Luckily my mouth was stuffed with cock as Uncle Ted’s finger slowly slid up my ass causing me to moan. It was all the clerk could take, and he began to coat my tonsils with his hot, gooey cum. After draining his contents into my mouth he pulled free, zipped up, and let us alone. Through gritted teeth I told Uncle Ted I was about to cum, and with his cock buries up my pussy, and his finger up my ass I orgasmed like a run away freight train. My whole body shook, and my pussy clamped down on his cock causing him to pump me full of his hot, gooey cum. When he was drained he told me to put my panties back on, and enjoy the rest of the charge card he had given me with the panties.

I had $420 left of a $500 card, and spent it all at Victoria’s Secret.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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