Teaching Maxima

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My name is Alexander Boi. I’m a high school teacher in my late twenties. I wouldn’t consider myself a particularly attractive guy, but others seem to think so. Six feet tall, not ripped, but a nicely toned body. I have short brown hair and wear glasses when I’m teaching, but what most people seem to think is very appealing about me are my eyes. I have to admit they’re my favorite part about myself as well; they’re a brilliant aquamarine like a pool of freshwater.

I’m no saint by any stretch of the imagination, but the one thing I thought I had handled in my mind was never becoming involved with a student. I may be a teacher, but I’m not dead. Some of the girls at my school were quite attractive and not afraid to show skin where they could get away with it. Both female teachers and students found me attractive as well as a male or two. I can’t say I didn’t like the attention, but that’s as far as it went. Girls showing off their cleavage, slowing switching how their legs were crossed when they wore skirts. As long as I didn’t retaliate or egg them on I would be fine.

The problem arrived when I was beginning my third year at the school. I would be homeroom teacher and head of the new class of freshman coming in for the rest of their high school careers. That was the first day that I met Maxima Adoni, but everyone called her Max. From the first moment I saw her there was something unusually drawing about her. Unlike many of the girls at school Max had raven hair instead of blonde or light brown. It cascaded in silky loose curls all the way down to her mid back. Her skin contrasted it greatly as it was quite fair, it too had a very silky appearance. Her nose was small and cute centering her face with light petal pink lips underneath. Her eyes…her eyes were the most captivating thing. They were larger than normal even for a younger teenager and the most brilliant green like the first leaves of spring.

Max was a bit of a tomboy wearing mostly boot cut jeans and some kind of t-shirt or thin strapped tank top and a pair of sneakers most everyday. Maxima was very smart. Before she had come to our smaller town she had been home schooled by her parents and herself. Her parents were an archaeologist and an anthropologist with doctorates traveling the world together, but they wanted Maxima to have what she could of a normal teenage life so they settled down for a while so she could go to a normal school. Maxima seemed to spend most of her time staring out of windows, daydreaming to herself, than with her head in the classroom, but that didn’t stop her from being one of the students with the highest GPA. The two subjects that Maxima excelled at more than any other were Art and English, which is what I teach.

From her freshman year I watched Max grow into a more beautiful young woman every day. I care about all of my students and think about them when I’m off of work too, but Max always stuck out in my mind. At first it festered in my mind because she didn’t seem to be interested in me. She never ignored me, but she wasn’t enamored with me like a lot of my other female students were. This singled her out in my mind. I don’t consider myself a narcissist, but for some reason this one girl not being attracted to me bothered me. She didn’t wear revealing outfits to school, accidentally drop things in my presence, take exceedingly long to pack up when class was finished so she could stay behind.

When senior year came Max was in my classroom for homeroom. Then I saw her when I had lunch duty in the cafeteria and then one more time during AP English class at the end of the day. For almost four years I had Max in my classes and saw her at her job at the bookstore in town. She never gave me so much as a hint of wanting to be with me. Max was so friendly and nice with everyone. Her closest group of friends were actually the outcasts from most groups. She spent time with the kids that were artistic and nerdy, dungeons and dragons enthusiasts and chess team members. Max was the kind of girl that I dreamed of in my teenage years. A gorgeous girl that didn’t care if you were geeky or a bit awkward. Yet she didn’t have a boyfriend. I know a lot of guys tried, but no one ever dated her. For junior prom she went with one of her girl friends and her normal group of friends seemed to have the most fun out of anyone.

It was nearing spring time and senior prom was right around the corner. It was to be held on March 20th the first day of spring. It was also Max’s birthday so I wasn’t sure if she was coming or not. I was set up as a chaperone and also was mostly in charge of the event since it would be for my graduating class. We chose to have it at the botanical gardens two towns over in a beautiful reception hall they had there for weddings and during the event students could wander the gardens taking in all the amazing flowers.

My stomach was actually turning nervously with every car or the occasional limo that pulled up letting students bahis firmaları out. I wanted more than anything for Max to be there. Sometimes girls would break off from their dates to ask me how they looked. Everyone looked amazing that night, it was like a pre wedding for girls. When I saw a white jeep pull up I knew that Max’s friend Brianna was here and she would never come without Max. Three of their male friends got out then their friend Lizzy then so did Max. Max had always been an unconventional sort, but her dress was so perfect for this occasion and her. It was light greens, whites, and sheer fabric fashionably pieced into a fairy dress that hugged her shapely body and fluffed out just right at her hips. There were fresh flowers braided into her hair and I could finally see her shapely legs. They were nicely accentuated by a pair of medium heeled sandals with lace crisscrossing wrapped up her calves. Max looked positively aglow and she looked right at me. I couldn’t have taken my eyes off of her if I wanted to, but I definitely didn’t want to. She blushed a little with that shy kind of smile that made me want her even more. Then she slowly walked over to me.

“You look beautiful.” The words came out of my mouth without any coaching.

“Thank you.” Max said in a soft shy tone.

“Max you ready?” Came Vincent’s voice as he met up with her. “Hey Mr. B.” He greeted me.

“Hey Vincent, lookin’ good man.” I forced a smile and compliment. I could have killed him.

I had never seen Max act like that before. She was normally pretty vocal and not shy about anything. I got to see a side of her that I never had before and I wanted to see more of it. Prom began and everyone was having fun. I tried to stop paying so much attention to Max because it was driving me crazy that I couldn’t seem to get close to her. When I couldn’t take not admiring her any longer I saw she wasn’t with her friends. She was either in the bathroom or went out into the gardens. I hoped gardens and went out to look for her. Some of the gardens were inside because of their tropical plants others outside so it was very cool in the evening. I spotted Max away from the noise of the prom on a bench outside. She had wandered quite a distance and was outside where most people were avoiding because of how chilly it had become. She was unlacing her sandals and stretching her mostly bare legs. She probably wasn’t used to wearing any kind of heels. I strolled over to her as casually as I could manage and sat on the stone bench next to her.

“Having fun?” I asked because it was the most appropriate question I could think of.

“Yes…” She replied simply. “I just needed some air and to let my feet stop hurting, stupid heels. I don’t know how women wear those death spikes all day.” Max commented and I laughed. She was always against wearing anything if it wasn’t practical.

“Here.” I offered with my palm up near the foot she had on the bench. Her mouth opened a little like she wanted to decline, but she lifted her foot and hesitantly placed it in my hand.

Max’s foot was quite warm despite the chilled air and softer than I had imagined. I was finally touching her. Now with her in my hands I realized that she was fairly small. I had always known she was a little shorter than average, but now with her small foot in my hands I realized how much bigger I was than she. Max had a sleek frame, but her breasts and ass rounded out her front and back so attractively. I caressed my fingers deeply across the underside of her foot and over the top of her petite toes. Max blushed across her cheeks and the bridge of her nose. She bit her lip lightly as though she were holding back from moaning. I couldn’t help it, I could feel myself getting hard. Max looked like a dream, a sexy fairy against a background of thick plants and winter blooming flowers. I messaged her foot a little deeper and a light moan escaped Max’s petal like lips. I had thought about this for so long. It took all my self control not to throw myself onto her. Max laid back on the bench with her eyes closed. I moved my message to her ankle, then a little higher, and a little higher to her calf muscle.

Her porcelain skin was getting flushed and her chest rose and fell deeply, but quickly. Max was getting excited. Her leg was so smooth and well muscled. I messaged up a little more to the back of her thigh then the front with my other hand. I deeply caressed her up and down until I could almost touch her panties. I felt them once with the tips of my fingers rubbing up the back of her thigh. The thought of them stretched over that shapely ass made me want to grab it with both my hands and pull her onto me. Not too far away would be her pussy. I imagined it was nice and wet already soaking into her panties. I tested my boundaries working up the back of her leg gently slipping my fingers under the line of her panties. She moaned lightly, but didn’t protest. Again only a little further. The next kaçak iddaa time I didn’t slip my hand under, but over and kneaded her perfect cheek in my hand. Max sat up. I was afraid that I had gone too far, but for a moment I could see her look. Her eyes were half closed with that intense green staring back at me burning like I was. Her flushed cheeks and gently parted wet lips. Max simultaneously wrapped one hand behind my head her fingers slipping into my hair while she pulled me toward her she jumped forward pressing our lips together.

I never imagined this would feel this good. Max was so soft. Her lips, her thighs, her ass, her hair. Everything about Max was firm and silky. She parted my lips with her tongue and I moved closer to her my rock hard cock pressed between her legs. Max made a sweet noise into my mouth that let me know she could feel it. Her hips moved to meet it and she rocked back and forth into my hard on. I moaned and had to break the kiss. I moved my lips and teeth to her neck kissing then biting her. When I bit her she moaned digging her nails into my back and gripping my hair. I pushed my cock against her harder. I had to get inside her, I couldn’t take this.

I looked from side to side suddenly concerned with our surroundings. No one was on the path and we were at the very end. I easily scooped Max into my arms after snatching up her shoes from the ground in front of the bench. There was heavy cover behind the bushes and some trees off of the path. I walked through them carefully. Max reached down grabbing onto my throbbing cock. I wanted to put her down and ravage her right then and there, but instead I gave her a fiery kiss. There was a high grade white plastic fence behind the bushes and trees marking the outline of the gardens. I put Max down and she immediately went for the fastens on my pants. Once she pulled my pants and boxers down releasing my throbbing member she wrapped her hand around it the best she could giving it a few good strokes. Then Max dropped to her knees pulling my hand with her. I would have been too tall for her on her knees. I slumped down against the fence the moment my ass hit the ground Max’s hot mouth found the head of my cock. It was a bit of a shock after being exposed to the chilly air. In an instant I was heating up. I never expected Max to have such a strong tongue or for it to be so talented. I can’t count how many times she innocently stuck it out at people, that cute little bubblegum tongue. Now it was skillfully snaking over my head as she sucked me like one of her lollipops. Max slid down my shaft slowly licking and sucking as she went until I was deep into her throat. I already felt like I was ready to cum when she closed her tight throat around me.

“Oh.” I couldn’t help but moan. “Max…oh god…if you keep doing that I’m not gonna last very long.”

Max seemed to heed my warning, released her grip on me, and instead went back to suckling at my head. She stopped for a moment to suck on her middle finger then went back to work on my cock. Max played briefly with my balls before her hand slipped passed them and her middle finger wiggled between my cheeks. I felt it caress over my hole. I was unsure whether to protest or not it didn’t feel unpleasant, but no one had ever done this to me before. After a moment I felt the familiar pulse of my cock when something feels good so I let her continue. Several more caresses and Max was pressing her finger gently into my ass. I found it strange that something going into my ass would be arousing, but with every squirm of her finger I felt more and more ready to cum. When her finger was all the way inside Max rocked it in and out fingering me. She went all the way down on me again messaging my entire cock with her mouth and throat. Max’s finger reached further inside of me pressing against something that felt just incredible.

“Oh Max…how are you….” I didn’t get a chance to finish my sentence because I was cut off by the first wave of orgasm.

My hot cum shot down her throat. I squirmed back and forth between Max’s probing finger and her greedily sucking mouth. Whether I moved backwards or forwards pleasurable waves awaited me there. I couldn’t stop coming. Every time I thought I was finished she brought me back. Finally I collapsed very spent my body still trembling with orgasm. I thought it must be what it’s like to be a woman. Being able to cum for so long. Max sat up innocently licking the sides of her mouth and brushing a little hair out of her face. Even after all that she still looked innocent. Max’s cheeks still blushed and her large eyes made the illusion all the more convincing, but she was indeed a very dirty girl. I thought for sure after coming so much I couldn’t manage another hard on so quickly, but seeing that sweet face and knowing what she was capable of made me begin stiffening already. I pulled Max up with one hand while I was still sitting down and led her around to change places with me so she kaçak bahis was against the fence.

I pushed her dress up so I could see her simple white cotton panties. I shuddered with desire when I saw that they were indeed already quite wet. Between her milky thighs sat the pussy I had been dreaming about for years. I pulled the elastic of her panties down on either side finally letting me see her sex. It was completely smooth with not a single hair and just as creamy as the rest of her skin. Her lips were blushing pink and on the inside a deeper pink. Her lips glistened with her nectar and it smelled so sweet. I moved in close probing my tongue inside her finding her swollen clit. She quivered and moaned placing a hand on the back of my head. Over and over I slipped my tongue around her pink button and into the depths of her cunt. She tasted so good. The way she squirmed against me as I tongued her made me so hot. Max made the cutest little moans grabbing at what she could of my hair. I paused for a moment slipping my middle finger in and out of her incredibly hot slit until it was well covered in her juices. While I buried my tongue back inside of her I kneaded either side of her ass until I slipped my middle finger between her cheeks. Max didn’t fight me, she actually widened her step a little to allow me better access to her tight little hole. I circled it several times as she had done to me before pressing into her. A little more cum slipped from her as I began probing her tight ass with my finger. Once all the way inside I started fingering her ass. Max started moaning louder rocking her hips into my mouth then into my hand behind her. I took her clit into my mouth suckling it. Max bucked a little more wildly so I pushed a little deeper into her ass.

“I’m gonna…oh…” Max moaned. I squirmed my finger firmly around inside her ass and left her clit to plunge my tongue deep inside her fucking her with it. “Oh god, oh god…” Max cried out as her insides tightened.

Hot cum unexpectedly poured from her and down the sides of my face while I hungrily ate her tight little pussy. It took her a good while to stop moaning and shuddering and I enjoyed every moment of it. Max had so many surprises for me. I had no idea she was so talented and definitely not idea that she would be a squirter, but I had always hoped. I just had to have her all the way. I wanted to feel her cum all over me. I pulled her panties the rest of the way down so she could step out of them.

I stood quickly and lifted her up. She wrapped her legs around me for support and I pressed her back against the fence while I kissed her. Max’s mouth was on fire I could tell she wanted this as badly as I did. Once again I moved to her neck with my mouth and as I kissed and nibbled her My hands positioned my cock at her hot slick opening. I moved back pushing her dress up so I could see as her milky pussy slid tightly over my cock. The sight alone was enough to make me want to cum. Max was so tight and her insides so hot and wet. I felt like every bit of her insides were squeezing me. I looked back up at Max’s face. She still had those burning lustful eyes, but her light pink lips gently parted and her cheeks blushed. I kissed her again as I began moving inside of her. Once we broke the kiss Max buried her face in my shoulder breathing shallow and moaning with every motion I made. I never talked very much during sex, but I wanted to hear her voice while I fucked her. I wanted to know it was Max.

“You like this?” I asked her before kissing her neck.

“Yes.” She replied breathlessly.

“You like my cock inside you?” I pushed inside her as far as I could. Max let out a long moan.


“Yes what?”

“Yes, I like your cock inside me.” I quivered pleasantly at her words.

“I know you do, you love it. You look so innocent, but you’re a dirty girl, aren’t you?”

“Mmhmm.” Max moaned and nodded.

“Show me how dirty you are. I want you to ride me.” I knelt down carefully our bodies still connected and laid back on the ground.

Max adjusted her dress and began moving herself on my cock. It felt so good, she seemed even tighter when she was on top of me. Her sleek athletic muscles went to work as she lifted herself and then brought herself back down slowly grinding her hips as she went. The way she moved felt like her pussy was sucking my cock. I was ready to cum again, but I didn’t want to. I pulled her down to me kissing her deeply as I rolled over so I was on top. I spent a while kissing her and messaging her tits through her dress. Nothing seemed to help how excited I was so I decided to just keep going. When I started pumping into her slowly again I could feel cum slip out of her. Max was so ready to orgasm, but she was holding back like I was. I reached around and unzipped the back of her prom dress a little. It was enough to let the strapless dress slip down under one of her perky breasts tipped with an erect pink nipple. I found it with my mouth and slithered my tongue around it. Max’s back arched and I felt her insides tighten around me even more. I reached behind her with my other hand and grabbed her shapely ass kneading it.

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