Teacher Appreciation

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Female Ejaculation

Author’s Note: This is my first story, and it was written for someone special and uploaded at their request. Feedback is appreciated.

The lecture hall was more crowded than it had been for any lecture during the whole term, with many faces that Professor Kelli had never even seen before. As always, the final day’s review drew the full complement of students hoping to learn the entire Biology course in just a few hours.

“It really is a shame,” thought Professor Kelli, “that all of these students are taking my course to base their entire grade on a two hour review and some PowerPoint slides.”

Nevertheless, Professor Kelli worked her way through the presentation that she had prepared; highlighting the key points of the term and letting the students know what topics would be important to study.

“I only wish that they had come to the lectures for these topics rather than trying to learn from the textbook,” Kelli lamented as she answered another question that had been covered thoroughly earlier in the term.

Eventually, Professor Kelli could tell that the allotted time for the review session was running out by the sound of many students closing their books and zippering their backpacks. Glancing up at the clock, Kelli noticed that the students were packing up even earlier than usual, probably a byproduct of frustration at listening to the questions of the other students and of the beautiful, early spring weather outside. Kelli realized that she was losing the attention of the students, so she hurried through the last few slides, leaving a few students waving their hands frantically to get their questions answered.

Reaching the final slide, Kelli announced aloud, “Well, that is the end of the review. These slides will be posted online later tonight, and if you have any specific questions, the TAs will both be having extended walk-in hours this afternoon. But remember, they will not explain the entire course to you. You should have attended the lectures if you wanted full explanations of all of the topics. Now, you are all free to go.”

As the students made their usual mad rush for the doors, Kelli went over to the podium to pack up her teaching materials. While doing so, she noticed one student leaving much more slowly than the others. He seemed to be indecisive about something, glancing down the aisle toward the front of the lecture hall with every few steps. At the top of the stairs, he paused, turned around and took one single step back towards the front of the room. However, after that single step, he seemed to reconsider, and like the rest of the students, filed out of the doors into the hallway.

Kelli thought about what she had just seen; she recognized the young man as one of the few students that had attended every one of her lectures, so surely he had a firm grasp of the material.

“Why would he of all people be the last one to leave the lecture hall,” Kelli thought, “out of all of the students I would think he would want to be one of the first to get out of this boring review.”

Those thoughts soon passed, though, and Kelli headed out of the lecture hall to her office. Having TAs cover the office hours prior to the final exam gave her the chance to get away from all of the questions from students who were trying to learn a whole term of material in just a few days and to prepare for the rush of students complain about their grades once the exam had been taken. Kelli needed this time to prepare herself for the desperate students begging for their grades as she loved the subject she taught, and always grew depressed at the end of the term when she saw all of the students giving her class so little attention.

Kelli sat down at her desk, leaned back in her chair, and let out a deep sigh.

“Another term down,” Kelli sighed to herself. “I just wish the students would take my course more seriously during the term so they wouldn’t stress out so much now.”

Kelli was still sitting at her desk, deep in thought, when she heard a gentle knock on her office door. It was so quiet, that at first she was not sure if actually someone had actually knocked. But sure enough, after about a minute there was another knock. It was barely louder, but there was no doubt that there was someone at the door.

This surprised Kelli, as she was not expecting anyone to be looking for her since her TAs were having their office hours down the hall. She expected that it was a student trying to skip the lines to ask her to explain a whole chapter of the book, or to ask her a thousand questions about the content of the exam, so she ignored the knock hoping the person would leave. However, after another minute, there was a ever-so-slightly louder knock.

By now, Kelli was curious to see who was being so persistent in trying to reach her, so she went over to her door and looked between the posted papers on the glass. The person that she saw was not the impatient student clutching her printed slides and bahis firmaları a textbook that she expected. Instead, it was the young man who she had noticed at her lecture. By this point, he had taken a few steps back from the door, and was glancing at the door to the stairs down the hallway every few seconds. But rather than walking away, he timidly approached the door again and raised his hand to knock.

Kelli opened the door and addressed him, saying “Out of all the students in my class, Cody, I least expected you to be the one to search me out for help with the exam.”

“Oh,” he said, “ummm, well I don’t really need any help with the exam. Your lectures had all of the information that I think I will need to do well.”

“So why are you here then?” said Kelli, who was confused that a student would seek her out for any reason other than help with her class, especially one that had not spoken a word to her for the entire course.”

“Well, umm, I just wanted to speak to you about something,” Cody said unsurely, “but if you are too busy right now than I understand and will leave.”

Kelli saw him shift his feet as though he was preparing to leave, but she was very curious as to what he wanted to speak about, so she said “No, I am not too busy to talk to you right now. Please come in and have a seat.”

She returned behind her desk and sat down, and as she did so he cautiously entered the office and closed the door behind him.

After he took a seat across from her, Kelli asked, “So what would you like to talk to me about? I don’t think you have spoken a word to me the entire term, so I was very surprised to see you here now and not asking about the exam.”

Cody said, “Well, I really enjoyed your class Professor…”

“Kelli. Please…” she interrupted.

“Miss Kelli,” he continued, “and I just wanted to come and thank you personally, and to show you how much I appreciate all that you taught me.”

“Oh well I am very glad to hear you enjoyed my class,” Kelli said, “I am glad that at least one of my students got something out of it”

“Yes,” he replied, “and I would like to give you a present to show you just how much I appreciated having you as a teacher.”

And with that, Cody slid down out of his chair and disappeared under her desk. Kelli was surprised and started to stand up, but she felt a hand on her knee, holding her down gently.

“No,” she heard from under the desk. “Please stay seated.” Then she felt one tiny, gentle kiss on her left ankle, and heard the voice again. “Please let me give you your present, Miss Kelli.”

Kelli was perplexed at what was going on, but as she felt a series of kisses, light as a feather, alternating up her legs, she felt a tingle run through her whole body. Her body began to relax, but her mind was still racing.

“I shouldn’t be doing this,” she thought, “He is one of my students, and this is not at all appropriate for a professor to be doing.”

Seemingly sensing her worry, the young man paused his actions and said, with barely a note of pleading in his voice, “Please Miss Kelli, I want to show you how much I appreciate you so please accept my present.”

With that, he returned to kissing his way, inch by inch, up her legs. Kelli felt powerless to resist, and even though the hand was no longer holding her down, she was unable to budge from the chair. Her student was nearing her knees, and in doing so had begun to push her skirt slowly up her thigh. Kelli involuntarily began to spread her thighs to allow her student more room for his actions, and in doing so revealed her dirty little secret.

“It looks like you were prepared for your present, Miss Kelli,” said the young man as he found himself passing inches from Kelli’s now exposed pussy while he continued to softly kiss his way up her inner thighs.

“I never wear panties,” gasped Kelli, “I didn’t think that anyone would ever notice.”

Kelli’s cleanly shaved pussy was now starting to glisten with moisture as her arousal grew, and Cody was now getting close enough that his breath gently caressed her as he exhaled. He began to slow down his pace as he approached her sweet cunt, and he let his kisses linger on her inner thighs longer and longer. Each kiss lasted for only a few seconds, but Kelli could not help but let out a small gasp with each and every one. She knew that what was happening was entirely wrong, but she was powerless to do anything because it felt so right. Finally, Cody reached the top of her legs, and looked up at Kelli.

“Are you enjoying your present so far, Miss Kelli?” whispered Cody.

He then placed a deep, lingering kiss on each of the now engorged outer lips of her pussy, and hovered just inches over her clit, awaiting her response.

“Mmm yes,” purred Kelli, “but I really want you to taste my sweet, juicy cunt now.”

“Oh I will, Miss Kelli,” Cody responded with a mischievous grin, “but not yet. I have some more plans for you first”

As he said that, kaçak iddaa Cody pushed her chair back to allow himself out from under the desk. He leaned over his teacher and kissed her neck, just as softly as he had kissed his way up her legs. Kelli felt his hands pass lightly over her large, firm breasts, and she felt the first button of her blouse come undone. As his hands moved down to the next button, Cody placed a kiss directly on Kelli’s collarbone, remaining there longer than it took to open the button. Kelli gasped aloud as Cody moved down to her third button, and at the same time kissed the collarbone on the opposite side of her neck.

“Please Cody, I need you to touch me,” Kelli sighed, with just a note of a whimper appearing in her voice.

She received no response, as her student undid her fourth button, allowing her breasts to be fully exposed. As he did this, Cody traced his tongue down to the center of her chest, just above her breasts. Reaching this central point, he again kissed her deeply, eliciting a small moan from his teacher. Then he undid the last few buttons of her blouse and stepped back.

“I need to make sure that you don’t go anywhere,” Cody said with the same mischievous grin on his face, as he lifted up the bottom of Kelli’s blouse.

He slid the bottom of the shirt up his teacher’s back, and snagged it behind the back of the chair, loosely trapping her where she was sitting. He then stepped back; admiring his teacher’s heaving chest and now dripping wet pussy. He gazed into his teacher’s eyes and saw a look of longing, so without any further delay, he crouched down and kissed right between her firm breasts. He then began tracing a figure eight pattern around the outside of her breasts with his tongue, stopping at irregular intervals to kiss her soft skin. Slowly the patterns drew him closer to her nipples, but he avoided them on each pass, drawing a short gasp or moan from his teacher. Finally, however, his pattern reached Kelli’s right nipple, and he gently gripped it with his lips and teeth as he flicked its tip with his tongue.

“Oh yessss…” moaned Kelli, as she felt her nipple harden and grow as a result of Cody’s teeth and tongue.

Cody nibbled and sucked on her nipple hungrily for a few minutes, and then he released it and began to lick and kiss his way across her chest once again. However, this time he made a direct line for her left nipple, which he attacked greedily with his tongue. This sudden increase in speed drew a surprised gasp from Kelli, and then a louder moan as Cody licked, kissed and nibbled her nipple eagerly. He continued his assault on her nipple for a few more minutes, but suddenly he stopped and kneeled down between Kelli’s spread legs. Kelli looked down at her student hopefully, anticipating that he was finally going to give her aching pussy some much needed relief.

Instead, she saw the now familiar grin on her student’s face, and she heard him say, “You are getting really wet down here Miss Kelli.”

He drew a single finger up and down her vaginal lips, drawing a loud moan from his teacher. However, that moan was quickly silenced when Cody brought his finger, covered in her juices, up to Kelli’s mouth.

“So how do you taste Miss Kelli?” he asked.

“Mmmmm,” was the only response that Kelli was able to muster.

“Good, I will get to taste you myself soon enough, Miss Kelli,” he said with a short but mischievous laugh, “but I still have some work to do first.”

He removed his finger from Kelli’s mouth and used it to trace down her chest and stomach, stopping at her belly button. He then continued his finger’s path with his tongue, making small circles around her belly button with a small kiss in a slowly extending line towards her pussy. Kelli began to arch her back in order to get her student closer to her aching cunt, but each time she did he would trace his tongue back up towards her belly button. Each time she relaxed, he would begin kissing his way down again, until he reached her skirt, which had been bundled up to the width of a thick belt.

“Well, we can’t have this in the way, now can we,” Cody said as he pulled the skirt down past her ass, then down her legs.

He tossed the skirt aside and said, “Now, where were we.”

Kelli arched her back again, hoping that her student would finally decide to give her some release, but instead he said, “Oh yes, right around here,” and returned to a spot just above her waistline. He resumed his slow pattern of kisses downward, millimeter by millimeter, across her pubic area.

“I love how smooth you are, you have such a wonderful pussy Miss Kelli,” he said, barely stopping his ministrations, “and I will get to taste it soon.”

This brought forth an involuntary moan from Kelli, and she raised her hips again, but still her student would not let his lips touch her pussy.

“Please Cody, I want you so bad,” Kelli whimpered, “I need you to make me cum.”

There was no response, just a continued kaçak bahis path of soft kisses, meticulously making their way closer to where Kelli desperately wanted those lips to be. Finally, Cody reached the very top of her pussy, but again he did not continue to her sweet, juicy center.

“But I don’t just want to make you come, Miss Kelli,” he said, “I want to make you explode. Now, let’s get you out of that chair.”

Cody stood up and went around behind the chair. He lifted Kelli’s blouse over the back of the chair, and then helped her slip her arms out of it. He then returned to the front of the chair where he took Kelli by the hand and started to pull her towards himself. As she was moving slowly towards him, he sidestepped out of the way, causing Kelli to double over the desk. Cody quickly slipped around behind her, and placed one of her hands on her back to pin her down to the desk.

“Now,” he said, “it is time for me to taste you”

Kelli could only manage to moan in response as she finally felt his warm lips envelope her throbbing clit. He did not stay at her clit long however; instead his tongue parted her lips and was welcomed by an immediate gush of her juices.

“Your pussy tastes amazing Miss Kelli,” he said, “even better than I had expected.”

“I am so close to cumming,” Kelli moaned, “please let me cum now.”

The response that Kelli received was just the one she was hoping for, as she felt Cody’s tongue return to her pussy, lapping vigorously at her clit. She could feel her orgasm building to an incredible climax as Cody’s tongue darted around her pussy, but as she was reaching her boiling point, Cody once again licked the entire length of her vagina and backed away. Kelli tried to push back to keep his mouth on her pussy, but the hand on her back prevented her from reaching him.

“Not yet,” Cody said as he ran his finger along her dripping wet cunt.

He again brought the finger up to Kelli’s mouth, and she greedily sucked her all traces of her juices off of it. As Kelli was hunting all remnants of her taste off his finger with her tongue, Cody reached down with his other hand and opened his pants, releasing his throbbing cock. He slid the head of his cock along Kelli’s pussy from her clit to her dripping entrance and back, causing Kelli to moan and push her body back towards him.

“I want you to fuck me Cody,” moaned Kelli, “I need you inside me so badly.”

“Just a bit more waiting, Miss Kelli,” Cody whispered into her ear.

Cody used the head of his cock to part her lips and slid down to her entrance again, causing his teacher to shudder involuntarily. Kelli again tried to push back so she could finally feel him inside of her, but her student would still not succumb to her desires. Instead, he slid the full length of his cock past her clit and then back down so that the head was again resting at her dripping entrance.

“Please Cody,” pleaded Kelli, “Please fuck me. I want your cock so badly. Make me cum.”

Still not persuaded by the growing desperation of the pleading, Cody repeated his stroke a few more times, until eventually the entire head of his cock was inside his squirming teacher. Without a word, he pressed forward slowly, filling his teacher’s dripping pussy with the full length and girth of his cock. Finally feeling herself filled pushed Kelli over the edge, and she felt wave after wave of her orgasm pass over her.

“Seems like you are really enjoying your present, Miss Kelli,” said Cody over the moans of his teacher as he continued to thrust, “but I am not done yet.”

Kelli was beyond the point of words, and she only managed a long moan as her student began to build up his pace. Almost before her first orgasm had ended, she began to feel the waves of another even larger orgasm crash over her. Her pussy was so wet that each thrust from her student made a squelching sound, and her juices had begun to run down her legs.

Even as his teacher was climaxing for a second time, Cody continued to build up his pace, pounding into his teacher’s dripping cunt as deep as he could go. Each thrust brought a small yelp from Kelli, and made more of her juices drip out of her and down her thighs.

As her second orgasm began to subside, Kelli felt her student begin to slow his pace, and his thrusts became slow and deep. Feeling Cody fully enter her and then pull out slowly was bringing her slowly to the brink of a world-shattering orgasm. Kelli pushed back against Cody’s thrusts, forcing him inside her even deeper.

Cody could sense that his teacher was approaching an enormous orgasm, but rather than continue thrusting, he stopped with his cock completely inside her. “Not quite yet,” Cody whispered to his teacher.

With that, Cody pulled out completely to the dismay of his teacher. Kelli moaned in disappointment, but soon found herself being flipped over onto the desk. Her legs automatically opened wide, inviting her student to continue where he had left off. However, Cody instead knelt down in front of her and began licking all of the juices off her thighs. Eventually he made his way back to her dripping wet cunt, and took a long lick from the bottom to her clit.

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