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“Who are you?”

“Juan Perinuz, sir. I am here to pay my taxes.”

“I know why you’re here, you fool. That’s why everyone is here. Except those two. Why are they here?”

“They are my daughters, sir. I brought them with me because I couldn’t leave them on the farm alone. Who know what might happen if I am not there to look after them.”

Hat in hand, Juan sighed, trying to look small and insignificant. It didn’t really help when he had two daughters such as this with him.

“Your daughters are very lovely. You are a lucky man. Their names?”

“Consuela and Maria. Consuela is nineteen and Maria is eighteen. I have looked after them well. They are both still pure. I am hoping that they might find husbands while in town. The men around my village are not suitable for such gems. Not suitable at all. I dread to think what might have happened if I’d left them at the farm.”

“As I said, a lucky man. Now, to business. Sergeant. Perinuz, Juan. What is his assessment?”

“Ten bushels of wheat, sir.”

Juan was aghast.

“Ten bushels? It was only five last year. I only have five with me. I am a poor man. How can I raise ten bushels?”

“Taxes go up. You should have been prepared. You must provide ten bushels or the equivalent.”

“But, sir, I only have the five with me. What can I do?”

“Non-payment of taxes means that we assign you to a work battalion to work out your tax debt,” snapped the sergeant. “Goods or labour, we collect.”

“But I only have the five bushels with me. Can I not leave that and pay the extra another time?”

“No,” snapped the sergeant. “Goods or labour, so it looks as though you’ll be joining the labour battalion.”

“Now, now, sergeant,” murmured the lieutenant. “There’s no need for us to be hasty over them. “We’re not ruthless men, blindly following orders.”

“We’re not?” asked the sergeant, surprised.

“Of course not. Why I’m sure that if we give Senor Perinuz time he’ll hurry back to his farm and collect the six bushels outstanding and rush right back here to pay us. Won’t you, Senor Perinuz?”

“Of course, sir. Of course. I will hurry all the way. Ah, but it’s only five bushels outstanding.”

“The sixth is a fine for not having it here already. Do you object?”

“I thought not,” the lieutenant, continued when Juan stayed silent. “If you leave today, when can we expect you back?”

“It’s a long way back to my village,” mourned Juan. “It will take me a week to ride there and back. I will hurry all the way.”

“Excellent. We will see you back here in one week. I will be pleased to see you then. As, no doubt, will your daughters.”

“My daughters?” asked Juan.

“They will remain here until you return. An incentive for you to hurry, you might say.”

Juan felt slightly ill.

“But who will care for them and protect them while I am gone?” he protested.

“I will take personal responsibility to ensure that they are not harmed in any way,” stated the lieutenant. “You have the word of honour of an officer and a gentleman. I, Lieutenant Gomez Rodrigo Y Supmento state this. Do you doubt my word?”

Juan cursed to himself. Of course he doubted the little popinjay’s word. But to imply as such would get him flogged and dragged off to the labour battalion, or worse. He’d have to depend on the girls to look after themselves for a week. They were good girls and he’d warned them to be careful around men. He didn’t think the lieutenant would stoop to raping them. Too proud. He’d try to sweet-talk one of them, but they would watch out for each other.

Resignedly Juan watched as his daughters were escorted into the barn being used to house the collected taxes.

“You, sergeant, will keep your eye on them,” ordered Lieutenant Gomez. “If you lay one finger on them I’ll have it removed. That also applies to other bodily parts. Catch my drift?”

The sergeant saluted. “Yes, sir. Guard and don’t touch. It shall be done sir.”

Consuela and Maria watched their father ride away. Nervously they looked at each other. Now what was going to happen?

“You two make yourselves comfortable,” the sergeant told them. “That loose box over there is not being used right now and it’s got fresh straw on the floor from the look of it. Just relax and take it easy. I’m here to see that you’re looked after. I’m Sergeant Pedro Martinus. If you want me I’ll be just outside the door, collecting taxes with the lieutenant.”

The sergeant returned to his duties, every so often returning to the barn to deposit fresh loot, sorry, I meant taxes, and to check that the girls were fine.

Eventually the time came for the soldiers to pack up the tax collection for the day. The table and bench were placed in the barn. Lieutenant Gomez strolled across to look at the two nervous young women.

“Good evening, ladies,” he said. “I am Lieutenant Gomez Rodrigo Y Supmento, temporarily in charge of the pair of you. You may consider yourself my wards. Feel free to call me bahis firmaları Gomez. You are Consuela and you Maria, correct?”

The girls nodded. Wards? Exactly what did that mean?

Seeing their slightly puzzled faces, Gomez elaborated.

“It means that you may consider me to be an alternate father until the return of your real one. It also means that you will be as obedient for me as you were for him. In return I will take full care of you.”

Gomez turned and addressed the sergeant.

“Sergeant, have you inspected all the tax goods that have been collected today?

“Yes, sir. Everything was thoroughly inspected before it was accepted and stored.”

“You do realise that these two young ladies are to be considered part of the taxes until such time as Perinuz returns to redeem them?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Were they inspected and given a health check?”

Sergeant Pedro faltered at that question.

“Ah, no, sir. Your instructions were that the women were not to be touched.”

“Quite correct. And why do you suppose those were my instructions?”

“You wanted to do the inspection yourself?” asked the sergeant tentatively.

“Again correct. Now that all our other business had been concluded we can devote some time to making a careful inspection of the government’s taxes as represented by these two young ladies. You do understand that we will need to do a thorough examination to ensure that when they are redeemed they are in the same state?”

“Yes, sir,” said the sergeant, having no idea of what the lieutenant was driving at.


Lieutenant Gomez turned back to the women who had been listening with a certain degree of puzzlement.

“I am sure you both realise that I am bound by regulations and must follow through with my orders?”

Consuela nodded. He was a soldier and did what he was told. That was easy to understand. They were robots.

“And you also understand that you are, from a legal standpoint, part of the government’s taxes until your father redeems you?”

Both girls nodded. They’d already got that idea.

“All right then. The regulations state that we must do a close inspection of everything we take in, however temporary. Now I will do the examination of Maria while Sergeant Pedro will inspect Consuela. Would you please be so kind as to remove your clothes so the inspection can begin?”

The girls looked at each other, shocked. Get undressed? In front of men?

“Ah, Gomez, sir,” said Maria, “our father said we should never be undressed in front of men. He said dreadful things can happen if we are. No man had ever seen us undressed.”

“As your temporary father I quite agree with him for the normal state of affairs. This is, however, a special situation and so I, as your temporary father, am prepared to give you a special dispensation. It will be quite alright to undress in front of us for the purpose of a governmental examination.”

“What will the examination consist of?” asked Consuela, feeling uncomfortably warm at the idea of taking her clothes off in front of the sergeant.

“Just a checking of your bodies and limbs to make sure that they’re all fine. We’ll probably have to run out hands over you to ensure that you react properly to the appropriate touches. You’ve seen your father give a horse or a sheep a thorough examination haven’t you?”

Consuela nodded.

“And didn’t he run his hands all over the animal, checking the legs and even between the legs?”

Consuela nodded again.

Gomez spread his hands as if to say, there you go.

“Oh. There is one other test that we may feel obliged to do. We really should do an internal check of, how to put this, your plumbing. You don’t need to worry about that though. We can use out male parts to check that out quite easily.”

“What?” Consuela was shocked. He had to be kidding. Just how naïve did he think they were? “I’ve never heard of such an examination. Are you quite certain of this?”

Before Gomez could perjure his soul Maria spoke up.

“Oh, I know about that one, Consuela. I saw one of the shepherds doing that test on a sheep. He had this huge thing between his legs which he called his male part. I asked what it was for and he said it was to check females internally. He was going to show me how it was done but papa came along and he ran away.”

“Oh. You want us to get undressed here?”

“It will be simplest,” Gomez said. “Ah, sergeant, you might want to put the bar on the door so we aren’t interrupted.”

“Yes, sir,” said the sergeant. “Just what the hell are we supposed to be doing, sir?” he added in a quiet voice.

“For god’s sake, use you head, sergeant,” muttered Gomez. “As soon as they’re naked we’re going to feel them up and then fuck them hard. If you do a good job on the fucking they’ll probably agree to an official examination every day until their father returns.”

“You said they wouldn’t be harmed,” hissed Pedro, “on your honour as an officer kaçak iddaa and a gentleman.”

“If we do a good job screwing, they won’t be. And while I may be an officer, I’ve never been a gentleman. Besides, look at the tits on Maria.”

The two men waited politely while the girls nervously undressed. Once naked, Gomez politely took Maria’s arm and, moving to one side of the loose box, eased her down into the straw. Then his hands started roaming.

Along her arms, his fingers trailed, starting at her hands and working up. Across and down her front, crossing over her breasts, nipples dragging against his palms as he moved. He didn’t stop to savour the soft breasts, just continuing to slide his hands down along Maria’s sides. Down the outsides of her legs his hand travelled, then reversed direction and moved back up them, this time trailing his fingers along the inside of her thighs.

The back of his hands brushed her pussy in passing, ruffling her dark fur but still not stopping. Up and back over her breasts, slightly slower to cross them this time, as he paused and rolled the nipples. Up and across her face, fingertips feathering across her lips, then up to stroke her hair.

A glance at the sergeant showed that Pedro had been watching him and caught on quite smartly. You don’t make sergeant without some brains. Gomez grinned to see Consuela was already squirming slightly under Pedro’s touch.

The next time Gomez’s hands approached Maria’s breasts he saw that she took a breath and was holding it, waiting for his hand to touch those sensitive globes. This time his hands closed over them and squeezed, resulting in Maria letting out her breath in a sudden whoosh.

“Do your breasts feel sensitive when I do this?” he asked, squeezing slightly and rolling her nipples under his thumbs.

“Good. That’s fine,” he murmured, spending more time on them. Bending over her he caught a nipple in his mouth and gently sucked. Maria gasped, arching her back. Some more playing and Gomez was damned certain that Maria would be nice and wet before he even touched her pussy.

Glancing over at the sound of a startled squeak from Consuela he saw that she was blushing, trying not to look at Pedro, who had his hand busy between her legs. She had, however, arched her back slightly, pushing her mound harder into Pedro’s touch. Pedro, decided Gomez, was rushing it a little.

His own hand now drifted down to slide through Maria’s curls. He pushed further down and around, smiling as Maria’s legs parted to give him better access. He started massaging her, cupping her vulva and squeezing while rubbing his hand in a circular motion, dragging her lips apart as he crossed them.

Either Juan had either over stated his daughter’s purity or they were complete innocents. Gomez wasn’t sure how two farm girls could wind up innocents, but either way it didn’t change his plans.

Finally slipping his fingers between her lips, Gomez explored. Damned if she wasn’t a virgin, he thought.

“Pedro,” Gomez said quietly, attracting his sergeant’s reluctant attention. “Virginal here. Yours?”

“Then,” he continued on getting Pedro’s nod, “we must be very careful when we do a deep examination. We wouldn’t want to hurt the little dears, now would we?”

Pedro smirked. “I feel the deep examination will be interesting enough to calm any doubts they might have about a momentary twinge,” he said.

Gomez undid his trousers, letting his erection free.

“OK, Maria,” he said softly. “I’m going to start the internal examination now. It hasn’t been too bad so far, has it?”

Maria shook her head. It hadn’t been too bad, no. What it had been was different. She wasn’t sure how she’d describe it. She knew that the whole thing left her feeling all hot and bothered with a strange feeling in her groin. She probably needed the deep examination to find out why.

Glancing across at her sister she could see that Consuela was twisting back and forth as Pedro touched her, an odd look on her face. I wonder if I look like that?

“Now, Maria, I want you to look at me while I slide into you. It may sting a little but you’ll have to trust me. It won’t take long.”

Maria stared hard at Gomez’s smiling face. He was lying full on her and she should have been feeling crushed but she didn’t. It felt right, somehow. She could feel his hand touching her, and then something was slowly starting to push into her down there.

Whatever it was felt large. Maria had been awfully aware of his fingers trespassing in there, but this was something else entirely. It felt huge. It pressed harder and Maria felt something in her straining, trying to hold Gomez back. Then there was a sting and Maria yelped, but that presence was now driving in deeper.

Gomez was inside her, Maria realised, and there seemed to be more of him all the time. Just how big were man-parts, anyway. She flicked a glance over to Pedro and Consuela and butterflies exploded in her stomach. That big? Not kaçak bahis that Consuela seemed to mind. Pedro wasn’t lying on her. He was leaning over her and Consuela was just watching as that thing sank into her. She hadn’t made a sound when it started its journey.

Maria swallowed nervously. Was something that big being put inside her? From the feeling of the ever increasing presence she would have to say yes. How soon would this examination be over?

Gomez gave one last small push, grounding himself fully into Maria. She was staring up at him, looking doubtful and nervous. Squeals of excitement from across the loose box drew both their attention.

Consuela’s legs were wrapped firmly around Pedro’s waist while the pair of them bounced up and down. It was obvious that Consuela had no problems with her examination.

Gomez smiled down at Maria.

“Don’t worry. You don’t need to do that sort of thing unless you want to. What I’m going to start doing is moving inside you to get a feel for your reactions. You may want to move with me, but that’s your choice. It’s not the sort of examination where you get marked, after all.”

Maria was feeling very strange, particularly where Gomez’s man-parts were. She sort of wished he’d take them out now. What more did he need to learn?

Gomez started moving slowly and smoothly, his cock dragging against Maria’s passage, sending a multitude of signals. Maria gasped, wondering what on earth was going on. She felt Gomez moving again, dragging himself away from her and then pushing back. She shuddered slightly at the confusing signals coming from her body.

Maybe, she decided, she should try and move when he did. Out again, a pause, and Gomez moved smoothly back into Maria, this time feeling her moving up to meet him. A few more gentle strokes and Maria was keeping up with him.

Gomez increased the tempo. Just a little, giving Maria time to adjust. Now he was moving faster and Maria was starting to gasp as she worked her hips, pushing up to meet this now desirable man-part. Goodness. She’d never felt anything like this before and it just seemed to be getting better. No wonder Consuela had had her legs wrapped around Pedro and been bouncing like that. At the thought, Maria’s legs came up closing around Gomez.

Gomez went to town. He pounded into Maria, enjoying her eager and innocent response, relishing the way she clung to him as he ravished her innocent young body. He drove in, harder and harder, trying to push her towards her climax, knowing that his own would soon be on its way.

Dimly, Maria heard Consuela scream excitedly. What was that about she wondered, too busy reacting to Gomez to stop and see. Gomez also heard Consuela scream, and guessed that she’d climaxed. Full marks, sergeant. She’ll be back for a second examination, he thought, and drove even harder into Maria.

Maria had stopped thinking. All she knew was the wonderful feelings being generated by her examination. Her body bounced energetically as Gomez pumped into her, her excitement increasing in leaps and bounds.

It was all too much, and Maria screamed as something burst inside her, swelling up and sweeping her away. She felt hot liquid flooding her, knowing instinctively it was a gift from Gomez.

The Lieutenant leaned against the side of the loose box, eyeing the two girls who lay abandoned in the straw.

“That went quite well, sergeant. I think you could say we carried of our duties in an exemplary fashion. Why don’t you go and rustle up meals for the girls.”

“Yes, sir. Where will they be sleeping?”

“Here will do. The barn will be bolted and under guard so they’ll be safe enough. We’ll provide blankets and things for them. Probably better for them than one of our tents.”

Maria sat up slowly. She was still breathing deeply and was feeling lethargic.

“Consuela,” she said, nudging her sister. “Snap out of it, Consuela.”

Consuela groaned and sat up. She looked at Maria.

“What the hell happened?” she asked. “What sort of examination was that?”

“Well,” said Maria carefully, “I don’t think it was an examination. I think those two soldiers just raped up.”

Consuela promptly focused her attention on Maria.

“What? Raped us?” She considered the theory.

“OK,” she finally said. “On one hand, the soldiers tricked us and either seduced us or raped us, depending on how you look at it, and we are now fallen women. On the other hand, the soldiers carried out a legitimate examination of tax goods that are currently under the government’s control until they are redeemed and we are returned to our father in the same state in which he left us.”

She looked Maria firmly in the eye.

“Which do you really think it was?”

“Obviously it was a legitimate examination by authorised government officials.”

“Right,” said Consuela. “Please remember that and don’t even think that we might be raped.”

“OK. Um, what do we do if they want to hold a second examination?”

“Let them, of course. We’ve already decided that this a legitimate action by government officials. Although,” she added thoughtfully, “I don’t think we need to mention it to papa when he collects us.”

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