Tara’s Descent Ch. 03

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Mark’s Perspective…

The alarm clock went off and I knew it was time to pull myself out of bed. When I got home last night, I barely had a moment to breathe before Tara attacked me. She was completely naked. She handed me a beer, dropped to her knees and started sucking my dick like she it was water and she was dying of thirst.

I’ll never complain about the insatiable need of her libido, but to say she caught me off guard would be an understatement. I was still trying to catch up to her advances when she took me by the hand, threw me on the bed and rode me like there was no tomorrow. I don’t know how many orgasms she had, but somehow or another she made me cum three times; twice in her amazingly wet pussy and once in her hungry mouth.

There was nothing to complain about, other than I had to drive Tara, Betty, Lenny and Greg. Kyle had to drop out at the last minute due to some commitment he had with his girlfriend’s family. Lenny had been divorced for a few years now, and Greg was the consummate bachelor, always making sure to detail his latest conquest during the morning meetings.

I gently reached over and rubbed Tara’s naked back. Her skin was so soft and the fact that I was already sporting a bit of morning wood didn’t help the situation, but after last night I think we both needed some Gatorade and some caffeine. She mumbled something and I figured I’d get everything done and let her sleep a bit more, after all, she did work pretty hard last night.

I made some coffee and started packing the truck. I had to leave some room for God knows how much stuff the two girls were bringing, but I told the guys to pack light and focus mainly on fishing gear, alcohol and if they were interested some cigars and money to lose to me on poker night. There was some good natured shit talking, and it sounded like our Saturday night was planned.

The shower turned on, letting me know that Tara was finally up. Being the morning person in the relationship, I was already dressed, packed and ready to go. I was taking care of a few more things when Tara emerged from the shower. She sauntered over to me, naked and still dripping from the shower. She placed her gentle lips on mine and softly caressed my lips with hers.

“Mmmm…Any coffee for me?” Her eyes were still half closed.

“Right here.” I handed her a large mug of coffee that was half vanilla creamer and she took a long sip. “You better go get dressed, the guys will be here soon, and if they see you walking around like that I can’t promise I can hold them back.” I smacked her ass as she turned around.

“I bet you’d like that; fucking me and then watching me fuck a bunch of guys…” She took a sip of her coffee.” You, trying desperately to find a place to put your giant cock…sounds good to me.” She gave me a quick wink as she kept walking towards the bedroom. Honestly the thought had occurred to me in many times during a masturbatory session in the shower. I wasn’t into the idea of force or anything like that, but the primal, animalistic idea of sharing her willing, and wet body drove me nuts. Just the thought of me and two or three guys satisfying her ever need and their own carnal desires at the same time got me hard.

“If you’re not dressed and ready to go in fifteen minutes, you’re going to find out.” I grinned as she wiggled her ass one last time and then disappeared into the bedroom. It’s not like I haven’t done my fair share of crazy shit before, but being one of a group of guys ravaging one woman was not one of them. In college I had tried desperately to get two of my close girl friends to hook up with me and each other, but that failed miserably.

“Hey babe, I’m going to head out to the car and wait for the guys. Tell Betty that we’ll be by at about 7:15 or so to pick her up.” With that I poured the rest of the mug of coffee into a traveler, grabbed a pile of cigars, tossed them in with two bottles of Scotch and went to the car.

Within a few minutes the guys started showing up. First Lenny showed up in an old pair of khaki shorts and a t-shirt. He had a tube for his fishing rods, a small bag of clothes, and another bag for the vices, mostly bourbon I could guess as the sound of clinking bottles became louder as he got closer. Greg showed just a minute or so behind him, in a t shirt and jeans, Now Greg knew his cigars, so he brought us a box of Cubans and a bottle of hand imported rum that he had been raving about.

“Well boys, we’re just waiting on Tara, and then we’ll go pick up Betty.” We all shook hands and packed the stuff in the truck bed. I loved starting a journey in the early morning; the way the cold dew hung in the air, like the world was standing still, waiting for you to start.

The trip wouldn’t take us that long at this time. It would take us a little over two hours, and I had done the drive so many times I could basically do it with my eyes close. My parents had bought the “cabin” when I was a kid, and remodeled it every time they had a chance. Over the years they had put on additions, updated the living space added güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri a hot tub out on the deck and of course installed a wet bar and pool table.

One of the best features of the place is of course the hot tub. Since the house is in a small grouping of houses just outside of town, the deck overlooks the small city in the distance. So at night, the stars come out, the whiskey flows and the view is perfect. Not that I was looking forward to spending time in a hot tub with other guys, but after the last few months, I just wanted to soak, smoke a stogie and let go.

“So, you guys are sure you don’t mind Tara and Betty hitching a ride with us up there? They have reservations at one of the spas so they’ll be doing their own thing.” I took a sip of my coffee and studied their reactions. I tried to orchestrate this trip to secure the next step of my career, and adding the girls put in a variable I was expecting.

“Well, to be honest Mark…” Greg’s tone was serious as his face reflected his words. “It depends what they look like. Does Tara have big tits? Do you think Betty will give me some road head on the way up? Are they into each other, and if so are you cool with us watching? These things all play into if we’re ok with them coming up.” Greg tried to look as serious as he could. We all had a good laugh, as I heard the door to our building open behind me.

Tara stepped out, rolling her new luggage. She was wearing one of her favorite shirts, which was a white Rolling Stone Lips logo shirt. The upper lips draped across the top of her tits, and the tongue of course always made me think about her taking that one last lick after I’ve cum in her mouth.

The tight jean shorts barely covered her ass, but could still pass for appropriate if she didn’t bend over, sway her hips to hard, or move at all for that matter. From the way her tits bounced as she came down the last two steps, there was no way she was wearing a bra. From the lack of conversation, and the intense stares, the guys were hoping this was the infamous Tara.

“Hey guys, I’m sorry I took so long.” She let the bag come to a rest and shook their hands. “Hi, I’m Tara.” She greeted Greg and Lenny.

“Nice to eh….to meet you Tara.” Lenny stumbled over his words as he managed to shake her hand.

“Hey, I’m Greg.” The two shook hands.

“Could one of you guys help me put this in the truck?” She motioned to her bag. The guys almost fought over lifting it into the truck bed.

“Again, I’m so sorry that I’m tagging along with you. I love car trips, and they’re always so much more fun with guys than with just girls.” Lenny hoisted the bag into the truck bed.

“No, not a problem at all Tara.” Lenny finished putting the bag in the truck and turned back around.

“Alright, let’s get this show on the road!” Tara pulled a small bottle of Jack Daniels out of her purse and took a swig and passed it to Greg. “It’s always good luck to start a trip out with a shot.” Greg slammed it back and Lenny did the same. Tara handed me the bottle.

“Not yet. I’ll do my fair share tonight.” Tara shrugged her shoulders and kneeled down to put the bottle back in her purse. As she did we all got a great shot of straight down her shirt. It made me smile a bit. I knew that Tara liked to tease, and if she was going to be in one of her moods, this might not be just a great trip, it might make my career.

Tara’s Perspective…

Last night was almost a blur. Mark got home and something inside me unleashed on him. All of that sexual anxiety and nerves that Sam had given me were swirling inside like a torrent of pent up energy just looking for an outlet, and when Mark walked through the door, I found my target.

I was beginning to think that there was something hormonally going on with me, because there was no stopping this overwhelming sex drive. For the love of God, I had almost fucked my best friend’s boyfriend. I made myself cum so hard as I put my self on display for him, that I could still feel the tingles rippling through my body the next morning. After feeling the power of making him cum with a lap dance, I let all of my pent up frustration come out as I rode Mark until it hurt.

The shower was revitalizing me, as the hot water splashed against me, my body and mind began to come to. The words Mark had just said were resonating in me for some reason. Did he want to see me fuck other guys? Was this a fantasy of his, because it was certainly one of mine? I soaped my body, and thought about the weekend. These two guys weren’t longtime friends of Mark’s and for all I knew it was only a working relationship. My smooth skin felt silky as the vanilla liquid soap covered my body.

Mark and I had talked about our fantasies before, and usually little comments like the one he just made, were the mere tip of the ice berg with him. I stopped for a moment and came to a decision. If the opportunities presented themselves, I would do what I could to make our little unspoken fantasy become reality.

My shower was just güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri about done when I heard Mark yell that he was going out to the car and to call Betty. I jumped. I had completely forgotten about putting my plan into action.

Rushing out of the shower, I threw a few last things in my bag, and went to my drawer and pulled out perfectly short and appropriately cliché daisy duke jean shorts. They were short enough to show just the slightest hint of my ass cheek and still long enough to feel comfortable on a car ride. I slipped my red and white polka dot thong on, and the shorts. Now the question was; what shirt would top the outfit off?

There it was; one of my favorite shirts, and a shirt that guys couldn’t help but appreciate; my Rolling Stones “Lips” shirt. It was white and tight across my tits, but hung just far enough off my body that if I bent over, you could see straight down to my stomach. This was perfect.

I grabbed my phone and set a quick alarm to go off in seven minutes and walked out the door.

The two guys standing with Mark were hot. He had told me about Lenny and Greg and from the description I could figure out who was who. Lenny was almost twenty years older than me, but by the way he carried himself I wouldn’t have put him past 35. Greg on the other hand lived up to his billing of the shop’s ‘pretty boy’. Mark had said he was quite the ladies’ man, and I could see why.

I’ve never had a specific type, and I didn’t have any issues that made me want the acceptance and love of an older man, but I certainly did appreciate a good looking man no matter what he looked like, or how old he was. Lenny had the same animalistic good looks that Mark did, but a more sophisticate and cultured. His slight grey gruff around his square jaw triggered something inside that just wanted to tease him till the point of no return.

Greg, on the other hand, was every girl’s type. He had hair just long enough to slick back and was one of the only guys I had seen who could pull off looking sexy in a baseball hat. He shared the same masculinity that seemed to ooze from his smile, but you could tell how he could easily be in a suit in GQ. This was going to be a great trip.

After we did out meet and greets, I had Lenny put my bag in the car. His muscles strained and tensed as he lifted. I was going to be surrounded by many carpenters all weekend. I better keep drinking my Gatorade.

“Before we go, we have to take a shot…you know…for good luck.” I pulled out my small bottle of Jack Daniels and made the boys do shots with me before we left. I figured this would endear me to them and show them I wasn’t the annoying girlfriend, but someone who knew how to have fun. It also helped me to calm my nerves a bit.

“I think I love your girlfriend, Mark.” Greg took the bottle and slammed it back.

“Uh…thanks, Tara.” Lenny bashfully took the bottle and a much smaller sip that Greg.

I took a long sip and put the bottle back in my purse. Just as I was getting in the car and my alarm went off. I had set the tone to go off like I was receiving a phone call.

“Hang on one second baby, it’s Betty.” I answered the phone.

“Het Bet, what’s up?…No, really?…Come on Bet, the guys are waiting for us, We’re on our way to pick you up right now…Are you sure? I mean I don’t…Ok…So tonight?…You’re sure? I don’t want you to drive alone…but…ok…see you then…” I hung up the phone and turned to Mark.

“What’s up babe? Is everything alright?” The guys were already loaded up and ready. The front seat was open for me to take. I pouted as best as I could and then jumped in the front of the truck making sure my tits bounced.

“Yeah, she’s just going to be late…that’s all. She said that she has a family emergency. What’s good about it is that her family doesn’t live to far from the cabin, but she’s going to drive herself.” I was getting a wave of nerves tingling in my stomach.

“Would you mind if I ride with you guys there, and she drove me back?” I made sure to hit the word “ride” as best as I could.

“I don’t want to be a bother.” I turned to face the guys in the back, stretching the already thin white material even thinner across my braless tits.

“It’s fine by me Mark.” Lenny tried as best as he could to keep his eyes on mine in these close quarters. Greg was a different story. He let his eyes linger a bit too long and got caught when I while I waited for his reply.

“Yeah, no problem here. Let’s go.” Greg raised his eyes from my tits and realized he had been caught.

“Okey dokey, then let’s load up.” Mark revved the diesel engine and out trip began. The trip usually took about two and a half hours, and I knew we had at least one or two stops to make first. I decided to bide my time.

I crossed my right leg over my left knee and let it slowly dangle this way and that way, drawing attention to the freshly shaven skin. I had put a moisturizer on that gave my legs a bit of a shimmer glow, and as the sun was peeking through güvenilir bahis şirketleri the coastal morning fog, the shimmer was doing its job.

I learned that Lenny had been divorced for a few years and Greg had just gone out on a first date, if that’s what you want to call it, with a new girl last night. The boys started talking about fishing and my mind wandered off for a bit enjoying being the only girl among three men.

My thoughts were interrupted as we started to pull off of the free way for some gas and some pain killers. Apparently Greg has injured his knee a while ago and the pain was acting up sitting in the tight space of the back seat. Here was my chance.

I turned around to Greg and dipped my sunglasses.

“Why don’t we switch spots? My legs are a whole lot smaller than yours. You could use the room up here.” Greg tried to protest before I cut him off. “You mean you are going to deny me doing a nice thing for my boyfriend’s friend? Now here I am the girlfriend who is crashing boy time… Don’t make me that girl Greg…Please…” I folded my hands together, pushing my cleavage up and out and pushed out my bottom lip.

“Fine… but we’ll switch for the old man when we stop again.” Greg smiled as we pulled into the gas station.

I made sure as I got out of the truck that both Greg and Lenny saw me stretch my arms way above my head, exposing my mid-drift and almost the underside of my breasts.

The guys went inside and I hit the bathroom. Aside from all of my plans and teasing, I really was enjoying the time with the guys. There was no drama about work, no talking about people’s back. It was all about fishing holes, burgers, sports and alcohol; all things I love.

Touching up my make up, I made sure my lips were highlighted a soft pink against the white of my shirt. If I was going to be bad, I was going to make damn sure I looked good doing it.

Coming out to the car I could see that guys were loading up. They had gotten some waters, chips and a few snacks. I love traveling with guys, they always have something to eat, drink or smoke.

“Here babe, I got you a water.” He handed me the bottle and gave me a quick kiss.

Greg took my seat in front, and I took his in back. Lenny sat right behind the driver’s seat and I was behind the passenger. I made sure my shorts were riding nice and low when I sat down. I took a quick note of Lenny from behind my sunglasses. His nose looked like he had been in a fight or two, and his skin was a deep bronze. His hands looked like a rougher version of Mark’s, hardened from years of carpentry. He still had a twinkle of youth in his eye, and still he didn’t look 41 at all.

Taking a long sip of water I let a small stream run down my chin and disappear beneath the valley between my tits. The music was up a little, so Mark and Greg didn’t hear my barely audible gasp, but Lenny did. I met his eyes and smiled, enjoying him appreciating where that small stream of water may have traveled to.

I pulled up the bottom of my shirt and dabbed my lips with it. Exposing my tanned stomach and just the slightest hint of the underside of my tits, I wanted him to think about nothing but me all day. I wanted him to think about what my bare breasts looked like, felt like, tasted like. I wanted his thoughts to be consumed with what shade of pink my nipples were. What my lip gloss lasted like. I wanted to be the center of his attention, and it was working.

“Ooops,” I said as I put my shirt back down. I hadn’t shown anything, but I had planted my seed.

A few minutes went by, and I was able to see Lenny adjust his khaki shorts a few times out of the corner of my eye. Slowly, I began to stretch my legs and arms and give a few fake yawns.

“Would you mind if I encroached on your space a bit, Lenny?” I motioned to the small area between us on the bench seat.

“No, not at all, stretch out…get comfortable.” Lenny moved a few bags, and made some space for me to spread out across the middle seat.

“Thank you.” I tried to make my voice sound as innocent and tired as possible.

Bringing my knees together, I swung my legs towards him and the spot he had made between us. I nuzzled down, put my head on my folded arms against the door. My legs were now bent in the small, cramped space in the middle. The reason I had wanted to make sure my jean shorts were sitting low and loose, was for this moment. I closed my eyes after one more, cute, fake yawn, and let my legs slowly fall apart.

As my legs slowly spread against the seat and towards the front of the car, I could feel the soft breeze from the air conditioner vent find its way up my jean shorts, through my polka dot thong, and lightly kiss my pussy lips. I knew that from the angle I was sitting, Lenny could see right up my shorts, and possibly past my panties, if he was lucky. I lingered in that position for a few minutes, letting him enjoy my show.

The car ride was probably about a third over or so. We were making pretty good time due to not having to pick up Betty, and the freeway was pretty clear. I felt a cold ball of nerves swirl in my stomach, as my mind began to race. I was having fun playing with Lenny, but pushing the envelope was always something that made me feel vulnerable and almost light-headed. Slowly, I started to squirm a bit, trying best to show that I was uncomfortable.

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