Tamara Takes Over Ch. 02

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Chapter 2: Shaping Up

Samantha Mero’s cool, calm, collected voice came over Bethany’s Cell Phone, making the beautiful woman tremble just at the sound. “Come over here — now. As fast as you can, I want you here within the hour or believe me, you’ll regret it.” She told Bethany. Bethany knew it was no idle threat, for although she knew Samantha treasured both her slaves, she was totally in control at all times. The last time she had incurred Samantha’s wrath, her Mistress hadn’t touched her or allowed Bethany to touch her for a week. Luckily, she was merciful and had let Shelly quell Bethany’s lesbian urges. She took time to doll up and put on sexy lingerie, then raced for her car and practically broke speed records getting to Samantha’s apartment. Even if she had gotten a ticket, it would have been well worth it.


Tamara decided to pay her father a visit and found that Bethany Wittmer wasn’t home for the afternoon. Likely involved in one of her various charity events , Tamara thought. A perfect opportunity for a day of hedonistic pleasures, a chance for another long, drawn-out fuck with her Daddy. These pleasures that would have been frowned on by polite society, like the kinds of circles her mother traveled in — Tamara didn’t care about any of it, as her smooth, sleek body lay prone atop the man whose cock she was so diligently sucking. Her father, who’d been thrilled when he got home from work and found his little sexpot waiting, willing and able.

In the just-under a year they’d been lovers; Tamara had gone to the gym and sculpted her body into near-perfection. Not that there’d been anything wrong with her body in the past, she was tanned, brunette, leggy and delectable — but to keep up the frenetic pace of fucking her father and — well, a girl has to have some secrets, she giggled — she had made the gym a regular part of her world. Her workout regimen was strenuous, but it was paying off — her Daddy said she was an even better fucktoy than ever and she found herself with more stamina then she believed she could ever have achieved.

Her long dark hair whipped about as she sucked Brandon’s dick. Her mother was nuts, nobody had a cock like Daddy’s — but if she wanted to cede it all to naughty little Tammie, so much the better. Brandon had seen the results of his daughter’s workouts and had taken advantage of his company’s gym; he too, was in much better shape. Surprisingly, Bethany had noticed on the rare occasions she spoke civilly to him. He’d started being more active in his day-to-day life as well, sometimes walking or running to the office, if there were time to do so.

“How’s your new apartment working out, Tammie?” Brandon asked as his daughter worked her magic on his knob. At times, he was lucky if he could sputter out a coherent sentence when Tammie was blowing him — luckily she’d eased up a bit and he could concentrate.

“Great Daddy” the brunette teen said as she lifted her head from her father’s shaft and ran her hands all over his firm, masculine body. She loved her Daddy’s new muscles, although her favorite part of Daddy was still the one she’d been diligently sucking on. “I have a roommate now, though — it helps with expenses, so I can buy more naughty clothes to wear for you. Ryen’s a lot of fun to have around.”

Jealous, her father said “Tamara, I don’t think I like the idea of you sharing your apartment with a young man, I … “

Tamara giggled. “Chill Daddy, Ryen’s a girl. A very cute girl, I might add.” Since beginning college, Tamara had acknowledged her bi-curious side, although she had yet to act upon it. Had the sweet & petite Ryen made a pass at her, Tamara knew she’d succumb — she was hoping it would happen, soon — the perfect word for Ryen was yummy .

Tamara straddled her father, still happy her mother didn’t seem to have time for the older, energetic stud. Since they’d began working out, their bodies could move into even crazier positions and the fucking was longer and much more intense. Tammie’s tits were firmer and she could contract her cunt muscles around Brandon’s cock and milk him dry. Nothing beat the illicit thrill of fucking her stud-Daddy. She knew that no matter what happened, she would always crave the illicit thrill of fucking him, the perversity of screwing her own parent got her horny every bursa escort time.

She also seemed to inspire erotic creativity in her father. Now that they were fucking regularly, he was becoming stronger and more open about his desires, they had fucked in positions he hadn’t been able to do previously, his newfound strength serving him well. Brandon seemed possessed of a newfound virility and he used it on Tammie every chance he got. Backed against a wall for support, Tamara had been fucked by her horny father while they were standing up, her arms wrapped around him, his cock thrusting in and out of her tight, educated pussy. She had climaxed over and over again; they only stopped for fear of getting caught should Bethany come home.

Not wanting to be outdone, Tamara had sucked his dick underwater in the pool while he was carrying on a conversation with one of their neighbors. His prick was thrusting in and out of her cunt one afternoon while he was conducting business over the phone with Samantha Mero. That brought her an illicit thrill, because she was going to start modeling soon for Ms. Mero’s agency and she had plans for the money she would earn. Naughty, fun plans.

Some of the money would go into a Savings Account, to pay for her future. Some was for bills. The rest would be used for a twofold plan. Part of it would be to buy sexy clothes and lingerie so her Daddy would have a sexy little fuckmate any time he wanted her. The remaining portion was going to be used to pay for a trip for her and Daddy, where they could go away together and fuck to their heart’s content.

The perverted brunette teen was fairly certain Samantha Mero had the hots for her and should she make a lesbian-friendly pass, Tammie intended to take her up on it. If you were going to start swinging with women, might as well start at the top , Tamara rationalized.

With her Daddy’s cock filling her up, Tamara fucked back — hard. Dick, wonderful Daddy-dick, fucking her hot little puss — ooh, what a thrill it would be to share it with a cutie like Ryen, she hadn’t fucked anyone in her new apartment as yet, she wanted Daddy to christen it with her. She figured she could set it up so Ryen would “catch” them and she bet once her cutie-pie roomie saw her Daddy’s magnificent shaft, she’d be unable to stop herself from fucking it and maybe letting pervy Tammie have a lick or two of her horny little box.

“Fuck me Daddy, fuck your little whore daughter, give it to me, fuck meeee !” she cried out as Brandon continued to service the little fuckslut his daughter had become.

That was the moment when pretty, strawberry-haired Marie walked in the door and caught her cousin and uncle fucking like bunnies.

“Oh, my dear GOD!” Marie shrieked, clamping her hand over her mouth. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing — her cousin, her uncle — incest — it was all too much. She’d come over to convince her cousin to go on a double-date with her tonight; she’d met two hunky twins and wanted to bed one or the other. Never in her wildest imagination did Marie expect she’d walk in on something like this .

Tamara instinctively knew she had to think fast, she jumped up and fastened her naked body against Marie’s and kissed the younger girl, passionately. At first her cousin struggled, but it was all in vain. Marie then stopped fighting her desires and leaned into the kiss; she held Tammie close, her hands resting on Tamara’s firm asscheeks. Brandon just lay back, shocked at the view of his daughter and sexy little niece in a lesbian embrace.

“I — I can’t — I shouldn’t … Tamara, we …” Marie tried to protest, but it just sounded weak and unconvincing. Tamara was already slipping her cousin’s snug blouse off and fondling pert, beautiful tits that were encased in a lacy white bra. If it was Marie who was going to be her first girl-on-girl fling, she didn’t have any complaints; the girl’s cute, freckled skin was very sexy and silky-smooth to the touch. Her bra fell off and sweet, nubile tits sprung free, Tamara cupped one in her hands and kissed a pert nipple. Marie giggled, somewhat from nerves, somewhat from arousal. Her cousin’s forbidden kisses were getting to her, in a daze, she felt her miniskirt fall to the floor and she stepped out of it, now only her lacy French-cut panties remained. She stood bursa escort bayan there in gold, strappy sandals, sensually stunned until it occurred to her that Uncle Brandon was watching his sultry daughter kiss her nude body.

“Tammie — your Dad’s watching — what the hell is going on, I shouldn’t be doing this, it’s wrong!” the tiny redhead protested. Tamara was already leading her petite cousin towards her hard-dicked Daddy, her plan formulating in her mind.

“I think the societal taboo is a large part of the fun of it, Marie” Tamara said as she guided the younger girl’s hand to Brandon’s shaft. “Besides, you know the sitch with him and Mom — and if you had a cock like that around, would you let it go to waste?” she said, pushing her cousin’s head down on Brandon’s cock. She knew Marie wasn’t a virgin, she’d told Tamara that she had fucked one of her teachers, but she wasn’t an experienced fuckslut, not like Tammie. Tamara was going to help her bring out her inner bitch, she was fairly certain she’d seen a devilish glint in her cousin’s eyes.

Marie couldn’t argue with the fact her hunky Uncle Brandon had a nice, thick, yummy cock and since she couldn’t fuck Mr. Spears again — too risky — why not let this beautiful cock fuck her hot, wet pussy and make her cum? It had been too long since her last fucking, far too long. Tamara was right; it was simply too good to waste. As she was thinking that, she felt her cousin’s lips on her neck and her hands on her tits. Girl-on-girl as well? — oh fuck it, why not ? Marie sighed as she sucked dick. Tamara’s hands roamed all over her body and it felt so sexy to be felt up while a hard cock filled her mouth — Marie’s body was trembling with anticipation at what might be next, the fear was leaving quickly and being replaced with a lusty sense of forbidden desire.

Tamara herself was really getting off on her role as seductress-instructress and she loved the feeling of her cousin’s tiny, scrumptious body moving back against her own. Marie was a petite little sexdoll, Tamara couldn’t wait to make her into her own personal little fucktoy, oh, the adventures they could have!

She loved teasing her cousin’s pink little nipples, but the shapely young woman wanted to taste her cousin’s snatch. With strong arms, Tamara lifted her cousin’s body up onto the couch, marveling at how Marie didn’t miss a beat while sucking her father’s cock. She spread Marie’s pussy wide apart and Tamara plunged her tongue into the first pussy she’d ever tasted. The sweet, musky taste flowed onto her tongue and she heard Marie’s cries of pleasure, muffled only by Brandon’s cock, upon which she was still avidly sucking.

“Is she good, Daddy?” Tamara winked at her father, knowing full well what the answer was. Brandon nodded, Tamara verbalized her thoughts. “We can make her into a fuckslut, just like me Daddy, imagine, you’ll have two hot little sluts to fuck. You wanna fuck my Daddy, Marie, wanna feel his cock inside your pussy?”

Sliding her lips from her uncle’s throbbing cock, Marie nodded enthusiastically. “Oh yesss, Tamara, I want that more than anything. Teach me cousin, make me your lover, yours and his, I want to be one of you, I want to be a slut , just like you!”

Tamara purred and nuzzled her cousin’s neck. “I can’t make you a slut baby, because you already are one. Okay Daddy, I want you to fuck her and show her the reason I keep fucking you. Marie, I’m going to put my cunt over your face and you’re going to eat me. Don’t stop until I tell you, got that slut?”

Marie was almost beside herself with fuck-lust, the double-date with the twins totally forgotten as her uncle pulled her close. In he slid, he was so big it hurt like hell at first, but that didn’t last. Waves of pleasure engulfed Marie; she had never experienced sensations like this. Those waves were transmitted to her tongue as the first pussy she had ever tasted was lowered to her mouth. Her picture-perfect cousin, physically fit and brunette and tanned and gorgeous, was atop her, her cunt dripping sweet juices onto Marie’s seeking, eager tongue. Marie had never even thought about sexing it up with another girl before, but it was so freakin’ hot ! Being fucked by an experienced, older man was pretty amazing too. The fact she was related to both of them added just the right escort bursa touch of perversion for the kinky teen.

Brandon blew Tammie a kiss; once again, his kinky little girl had given him a new sexual experience. The three-way with his daughter and his wife’s gorgeous niece was beyond his imaginings, Marie’s sweet little pussy was tight and inviting, her body petite and alluring. True, she didn’t possess her cousin’s sexual skills, but he had little doubt that with Tamara’s assistance, Marie would soon be as wanton and depraved as the two of them. He thrust deeper inside the tiny beauty and saw her red hair splayed across the couch as her cousin’s pussy was being gobbled by Marie’s licking tongue. Brandon wanted to fuck both girls, to alternate between both of their hot little cunts, but he was sensible enough to know to make sure Marie got the lion’s share of dick for the time being.

“Fuck me Uncle B, fuck me good !” Marie cried out as her uncle’s cock surged within the depths of her tight little cunt. Her uncle was a damned good fucker; she thought her aunt had to be fuckin’ nuts to pass up a dick this good! No matter — she and her cousin-turned-lover would make sure he got all the hot, teenage pussy he could handle. She moved her tiny body back against Uncle Brandon’s and was rewarded with another inch of hot prick fucking inside her. Marie knew they’d have to be careful not to get caught, but it wasn’t likely. Tammie now had her own place — that was perfect, Marie knew, although they’d have to figure out a way to get Tammie’s roommate out of the apartment whenever they wanted to fuck. Marie wriggled her body back against her mature lover’s cock as it rammed deeper inside of her and Tamara’s pussy rode her licking tongue. Tamara’s juices flowed onto her eager tongue, feeding her new addiction for the taste of pussy.

The sassy little redhead was having the time of her life, a sentiment echoed by her cousin and uncle. Every inch of Marie’s petite body was alive with electric shocks of joy, her tongue speared deeper into Tamara’s pussy, she was determined to make her cousin cum and show her gratitude. She couldn’t get over how hot Tammie had gotten in the last year, seeing her naked, her body had nary a blemish or tan line and was firm, sleek, toned — so hot and so — fucky ! Marie knew her orgasm was imminent, but she held off, wanting to let the others enjoy her sexy little body as long as they desired.

“Mmm, you’re such a good little fuckslut Marie; you’re going to fit in nicely around here!” Tamara sighed as her cousin slurped her pussy. “You’ve got an open invitation to join me and Daddy any time you want to, doesn’t she, Daddy?”

Brandon nodded, his brain fogged with lust as he fucked his teenage niece. She looked a fair bit like her mother, his sister-in-law, who he’d always harbored a secret lust for. Brandon would have loved to screw Caroline as well, but he doubted that Caroline even fucked once a month. There was something about his wife’s baby sister that gave people a “back off” vibe, a cool demeanor no man, including her ex, had been able to penetrate. Still, the thought of screwing mother – and daughter perhaps — turned him on enormously.

“Look at the little bitch’s face Daddy, isn’t she sexy? I think she’s about to cum, oooh Daddy, I bet she is! You are, right Marie? You wanna cum, then cum bitch, cum while my Daddy’s fucking you and you’re eating me out. Cum , damn you!”

The incestuous passions she’d been subjected to this evening finally got to the impish redhead and she let herself go, thrashing about in the throes of orgasm, yet still managing to lick Tamara as she climaxed. Tamara came mere seconds later, impressed at the little novice’s erotic talents and wondering what other erotic skills the little nymphet possessed? Brandon let his own load go moments later, his daughter and niece sharing his cum between them with sticky kisses.


Bethany’s car pulled into the driveway and she sighed. She was home and she was still horny. Mistress Samantha and Shelly had been insatiable tonight and she’d enjoyed herself, but she still ached for more sex. She was turning into a nympho, not that she regretted it, but her cunt craved satisfaction. She pondered the thought and figured she might just let Brandon fuck her tonight — why not?, he wasn’t a bad lover when she was in the mood for a man and a real cock in her cunt sounded like a nice change of pace. She opened the door of her home and froze in her tracks when she saw the fucking trio on the couch.

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