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Lynn realized she hadn’t spoken to her sister Cathy for a while. Not that she felt an intense need to talk to Cathy. The two sisters had never really gotten along all that well. Cathy was several years older than Lynn and, when they were young and lived at home, Cathy had always loved to lord it over Lynn. Then, a few years later, she blamed Lynn for ‘stealing’ one of her boyfriends. Of course Lynn hadn’t done any such thing. Mike had already broken up with her sister when she and he started to go together. But Cathy never saw it that way, and for years she blamed Lynn, never really forgiving her.

Thankfully Cathy lived several hundred miles away and the two sisters didn’t have to see each other very often, during holidays mainly when they went to their folks for Thanksgiving or Christmas. That was about it. But now Lynn felt it was time for the obligatory phone call.

“Hi Tommy,” Lynn said when she heard her brother-in-law’s voice. “It’s Lynn.”

“Oh, hi there, how you been?” he asked, his voice warm and friendly, as always. Though she and her sister were on edge most of the time, Lynn really got on well with her brother-in-law. In fact, she envied Cathy for having landed such an attractive, masculine man as a spouse. Not only was he sweet and kind and attentive, but he was extremely good-looking, and very, very sexy too. Lynn even thought that’s one reason her sister got so uptight whenever Lynn was around. She still looked at her younger sister as a threat. Cathy was pretty cute, but there was no doubt that Lynn was a lot prettier. And Cathy knew it. Lynn was the sort who would turnall the guys’ heads; Cathy could only manage to turn a few of them.

They chatted for a few minutes, filling each other in on family matters, then Lynn asked if her sister was home.

“No, she just left to go to the mall. Then she’s meeting a girlfriend to go to a movie, so she won’t be back until tonight,” Tommy explained.

“Oh,” Lynn said, actually relieved to hear it. This way she could say to herself that she’d made the obligatory call to her sister, even if Cathy wasn’t there to get it. “Roger’s out for the afternoon too.”

“Golf?” Tommy asked.

“What else,” Lynn said, the frustration in her voice obvious.

“Seems like your husband’s always out playing golf and my wife’s always out shopping and going to the movies with her girlfriends,” Tommy said, his voice almost seductive, Lynn thought. Or was she only imagining it? Was it wishful thinking? All she knew was that, suddenly, she felt like staying on the phone with her brother-in-law and talking to him. There was something about his voice that had always aroused her.

“The kids there?” she asked about her two nieces.

“No, they’re out with their friends.”

Lynn smiled to herself. She was home alone, Tommy was home alone. Why not stay on the phone and talk?

“So what do you do, Tommy, when the wife and kids are away and you’re home by yourself?” Lynn probed.

“Oh, you know, watch TV, read a book,” he said. “How about you, Lynn? When Roger’s off playing golf?”

“Same thing,” she said. Now she thought about something. Once, years ago, when Lynn had spent a night over at her sister’s house and Cathy had gone out to get groceries, she had actually caught her brother-in-law masturbating. Lynn had gotten up quietly from a nap and headed to the bathroom. She had passed her sister’s bedroom door and saw that it was open. And there, inside, was Tommy playing with his very big and very stiff cock. He caught her glancing, their eyes locked for a split second, and then she just rushed away and he closed the door behind him. They hadn’t said anything at all about that to each other, but Lynn could never get the image out of her mind, the image of her brother-in-law masturbating, playing with his thick and very rigid cock.

“And sometimes I do what I once caught you doing,” she said boldly, figuring why not mention it now. Once in a while Lynn fantasized about having intensely erotic conversations with men over the phone. If Tommy was the sort who beat off when his wife went off to the grocery store, maybe he was also the sort who’d be in the mood for a nice, raunchy phone conversation with his foxy sister-in-law? That’s what Lynn now aimed to find out.

There was a long moment of silence after she’d said this to Tommy.

“That couldn’t possibly be,” he said.

“Why not?” she asked, wondering what he meant.

“Because you don’t have a cock to fist, Lynn, that’s why,” he said.

She laughed, then marveled. Her brother-in-law had gotten into the groove with her just like that. Deep down she had a suspicion he would. She’d long had a sense that Tommy, unlike her sister or her husband, had a vivid sexual imagination, a powerful libido, and a bit of a wild streak.

“That’s true, but I sure got a nice pussy to finger and rub,” she said unabashedly as they kept up the repartee, the lewd banter.

“Bet it is a nice one too, that pussy of yours.”

“It’s not bahis firmaları bad, I haven’t heard many complaints. Not that Roger seems all too thrilled with it.”

She had to tell him that, though he probably already knew it, having seen Lynn together with her husband and heard gossip from his wife.

“Well, Roger never did seem to have much of an appreciation for the better things in life,” Tommy said, as Lynn smiled, loving the remark, taking it as a compliment, which it was.

“You know who else seems to be like that, someone who doesn’t quite know how to really sink her teeth into it and enjoy it?”

“No, who could that be?” he asked, but she sensed he knew full well whom she was hinting at.

“Your wife, my sister.”

“Mmmmmh, I think you may be right,” he said.

It was like a rocket had gone off inside her, a rocket of arousal and rapport with her brother in-law. And all this on the phone!

“Tommy? This is getting pretty intimate, our conversation, isn’t it? You know I’ve never cheated on my husband with another man, not even once. Does this count? Am I cheating? Is talking to you like this sort of like cheating?”

“If you’re cheating then I’m cheating.”

“So we’re both cheating, correct?”

“Sort of, though I don’t know if a jury would see it that way.”

“Would you?

“I don’t know,” he said, his voice sounding unworried.

“Oh hell, let’s not think about. If we’re cheating, we’re cheating. If we’re not, we’re not. All I know is that I’m having one hell of a good time with you on the phone. How about you?”

“Can’t think of a better way to spend the time.”

“Say, Tommy? That big cock of yours I once had the good fortune to see all nice and hard? Is it all nice hard right now by any chance? Right this very minute?”

“It certainly is, Lynn,”

“Oh good! I still remember how hard it was then, and how thick. I’ve thought about it so many times,” she confessed. And it was true. She’d never been able to get that image of her brother-in-law’s cock out of her mind. “Are you holding it now? Have you got it in your hand, Tommy?”

“That’s just where it is, with my fist wrapped around it.”

“Wish I could see it, wish I could see it right now.”

“I wish you could too, Lynn, and I wish I could get to see your pussy,” he said. “I’ve seen the rest of you but I never did get to see that.”

Once, some years ago, before she herself was married, Lynn had joined her sister and brother-in-law at a nude beach where she was able to see him in the buff. That was before the time she had caught him whacking off and had seen it hard.

“I’d love to show it to you,” she said. “I think you’d like it. I’ve been told I have a very pretty pussy.”

Her head went light for a moment as she pondered all this. Here she was on the phone with her brother-in-law, him admitting to her that on his end he was sitting there, talking to her, his cock thick and hard as he fisted it.

“I’ve told you how my cock is doing. How about you, Lynn? How’s that pussy? Is it wet? Are your fingers down in it?”

“Oh yeah, it’s wet alright, it’s soaking in fact,” she said truthfully. And Tommy believed her. For once his wife had told him how her sister had this tendency to get extravagantly wet down there at the mere thought of sex. One time Cathy had caught her like that, having soaked through her jeans. At first Cathy had thought her sister had accidentally pissed in her pants or something. When she learned what it really was, that’s when she began cruelly taunting her, calling her ‘The Sponge’ when just the two of them were together.

“And yeah, I have my hand down there and I’m playing with it,” she admitted.

Neither one of them had ever done this before, had a sexual conversation on the phone like this. And they were both married too, and in-laws on top of it!

“Are you dressed?” he asked her.

“I was when I first called,” she said. “but while we’ve been talking I’ve started to take my clothes off. I pulled off my dress, then my little frilly panties. I’ve still got on a little halter top, but below the waist, I’m all naked.”

He pictured his sister-in-law sitting there, nude below the waist, her fingers between her legs, the phone pressed to her ear.

“I wish I could see you,” he said, thinking what a sight she must be now.

“I wish I could see you, Tommy, and see that big dick of yours again.”

“It’s here for you, Lynn, right in my hand.”

“Well just keep playing with it then, keep playing with it while I play with my pussy and we keep talking to each other like this, okay?” she said. “We can call this cheating or we can call it whatever we want, but all I know is it sure isenjoyable, huh?”

“Sounds good to me,” he said. “And sounds good to mydick too.”

“You know, Tommy, I’ve never done this before, shared intimacies and fantasies on the phone like this with a guy.”

“Fantasies? You haven’t said anything about any of your fantasies, Lynn,” he pointed kaçak iddaa out to her.

“No, I haven’t, have I? Should I, Tommy? Should I share some of my most intimate fantasies with you? The ones I think about when I masturbate?”

“Sure, I’d love to hear some of your fantasies,” he said eagerly. “Do you masturbate a lot?”

“For the last couple of years, yeah, seems like I do just about every day. How about you?”

“Same here. Hardly a day goes by when I don’t jerk off.”

It thrilled Lynn to hear that but it didn’t surprise her. She knew, that just as was the case with her and her husband, Tommy and his wife no longer had sex too often. Her sister had confessed as much to Lynn. The symmetry was wonderful, Lynn thought. Two utterly horny and unsatisfied in-laws talking on the phone and rousing each other up like this.

“And I bet you have all kinds of fantasies too, right Tommy?”

“That’s true.”

“You’ll have to tell me some of yours.”

“Sure,” he said. “Why don’t you share one of yours with me, Lynn, and then I’ll tell you one of mine.”

“I’ll have to warn you, some of my fantasies arepretty nasty.”

“The nastier the better,” he told her.

Many of Lynn’s fantasies were fairly predictable, and focused on particular men she dreamed about, guys with perfect cocks, fucking her in a perfect way. But others were more outrageous. These Lynn always thought of as strictly private, but now, for some reason, she felt utterly uninhibited, willing, even eager, to share her most extreme, most outrageous fantasies with Tommy.

“If I share one of my nastiest fantasies with you will it make your cock all hard and achy hearing about it?” she teased.

“I guarantee it.”

“Okay, here goes, then,” she said. “Here’s one I’ve been thinking about lately when I play with myself. But before I start telling it to you let me take this top off and get completely naked, okay? And you do the same if you haven’t already.”

She now pulled off her halter top, sitting there in the nude, phone pressed to her ear.

“I remember how pretty those tits of yours are, Lynn,” Tommy said, realizing that now they were all exposed.

“Yeah, don’t think I didn’t catch you staring at them that time down at the beach,” she said, reminding him of the exciting, but frustrating time when they’d seen each other naked at a nude beach.

“Okay, here goes. This fantasy begins when Roger tells me we won’t be able go on vacation together because he’s too busy at work. He feels guilty so he tells me to go by myself, and to go anywhere I want and do whatever I need to do. So I go to this luxurious resort on a beautiful tropical island in the Pacific. I heard from a friend that they offer very ‘special’ services for the guests there.

“Soon after I arrive this beautiful, tan-skinned maid knocks on the door. She’s this svelte young thing with smooth, cinnamon-hued skin and an exotically gorgeous face. She says she will be my personal servant for the duration of my stay and will service all my needs, whatever they may be.

“Without my saying anything she gently removes all my clothes and then she bathes me. She even douches my vagina. When I need to take a piss, she wipes me dry with a soft, silk cloth. And then when she sees I have a need to be satisfied, she satisfies me. I expected to be making active use of my own fingers on this vacation but instead I now snap my fingers and she’s down on her knees, her face between my legs, her tongue giving me the most exquisite pleasure. No one has ever given me oral satisfaction quite like this.

“So by now she’s bathed and pampered and massaged and satisfied me. But that is just the prelude. I’m laying all stretched out on a velvet couch when my personal maid opens the door and lets in four men, completely naked, each with a perfect body and a huge cock, the four cocks all already rock hard and sticking straight up. The men are as exotic as she herself is.

“These new servants stand in front of me at attention, their hands clasped behind their backs, their penises at full mast, while I examine them, handling their organs, each so thick I can barely get my fingers around them. Then I tell them to turn around. They all have beautiful well-muscled bottoms, their cinnamon-hued buttocks smooth.

” ‘We are all your sex slaves,’ the maid tells me, ‘Whatever you seek, Madame, we will be happy to provide.’

“So I demand that the four men bend over and reach back and spread their buttocks. I look into their dark, inviting cracks and snap my fingers, commanding my slave girl to drop to her knees and lick each one of their asses in turn. She does this willingly of course.

“And while she’s doing this I get up off the couch and approach the men. I drop to my knees in front of them and as my slave girl is tending to their rears, I suck their huge cocks one by one.

“After I’ve sucked each cock, and my slave girl has licked each ass, I ask the one with the very largest cock — it must kaçak bahis be at least a foot long, thicker than my wrist, and standing up really hard and straight — I ask him to lay down on his back. Then I straddle him, lowering myself down on him, impaling my cunt on hisenormously long and thick cock, bearing down hard. I almost faint as I impale myself on him. I’ve never been filled like this, never felt it sodeep, never beenstretched so much.

“Then I snap my fingers again and have my slave girl get behind me and lick my ass. She licks it very willingly, just as she has licked the four others. I’m amazed at how long her tongue is, it seems she manages to get it well into my ass as she probes. I have the other three men gather by my face and suck each of their cocks in turn while I ride the one beneath me, and the slave girl makes a meal out of my bottom.

“Then she pulls her tongue away and rubs some fragrant oil into my crack.

“Now I snap my fingers at the three men standing in front of me. Each knows exactly what to do. The first gets behind me and slides his monstrously oversized stiff cock right up myoiled asshole–“

Lynn suddenly stopped telling her fantasy.

“Is this too much for you, Tommy?” she asked teasingly, snapping him out of his trance.

“Keep talking, Lynn, just keep talking,” he said in a raspy, broken voice. Lynn imagined how excited he was, listening to her depraved fantasy as he fisted his cock ferociously.

“So now I’m riding this unbelievably thick twelve-inch cock with my cunt, while right alongside it another huge cock is reaming out my ass. I’ve never, ever felt sofilled in my life!

“As the two of them together fuck me like this, I grab hold of the other two cocks and happily service them with my hungry mouth.

“I have four cocks tending to me, one in my cunt, another in my ass, two more in my hands and my mouth.

“The stud behind me, the one fucking my ass, groans loudly and I can feel his cock throbbing inside my ass. He’s filled my bottom with his heavy load of semen, I can feel it spraying into my innards. Afterwards he pulls out and with a snap of my fingers I dismiss him. He’s useless now.

“The next stud takes his place. He’s even bigger than the one before, I can feel, as he shoves his cock all the way up my ass. My bottom is onfire as I luxuriate in his savage anal assault. And then I feel him throb inside me as more thick, warm spunk pours into my bowels.

“Now he pulls out and a third takes his place. He fucks me for a long, long time until finally he too ejaculates inside me, his spunk joining that already pooled deep inside me.

“The only one left now is the one whom I’m riding with my cunt, the one with the monstrous, foot long cock. So now I lift myself up off him, take hold of his cock, move it an inch back to what is now my wide-open asshole, and sinking down hard, grip his massively thick shaft with my well-exercised anal muscles.

“I ride him like this until he, too, sprays his nectar deep inside me.

“Then I dismiss him with an arrogant snap of my fingers.

“I’m still up on the couch, on elbows and knees, with my bottom sticking out. I tell my slave girl to get behind and lick me there. And while she patiently licks my rear the spunk of four virile sex slaves drips out of my ass into her mouth. She tells me there is an ancient belief among her Island people that the ingestion of semen gives a woman health and a long life. And so I ask her to retain some in her mouth, not to swallow all of it. Then I turn around and have her carefully drip what is left from her mouth to mine, swallowing it greedily.”

There was a long pause now.

“That’s pretty wild, Lynn,” Tommy said. “I have to admit, you’ve just about blown my mind.”

“Wait, it’s not over. There’s more to this fantasy.”

“Well don’t keep me breathless with suspense.”

“Now the slave girl reaches into a closet and takes out anenormous strap-on dildo. It’s amazingly life-like and actually bigger than any of the four cocks I’ve just enjoyed. She straps it on to me as I stare into the full-length mirror, seeing myself now with ahuge cock! The servant girl falls back on the couch and spreads her legs wide. I stare at her dusky cunt as she beckons me with a finger and a wicked smile. I press my face between her legs and devour her sweet-smelling, perfectly etched little pussy, so wonderfully moist and delightful to lick. Next I bring my tongue an inch lower and flicker it over the raised ridge of her vivid little anus. Then I get between her legs and slide ‘my cock’ inside her, fucking her savagely until she cries out in climax.

“After I pull out she turns around and rubs some more of the fragrant oil between her own dark buttocks this time. Then she reaches back and holds herself open as I stare at her slick, nut brown asshole. My rubber cock seems like it must be bigger than any real one. So I hesitate. But the slave girls keeps wagging that finger, keeps wiggling her sexy bottom in my face. So I kneel behind her and work that awesomely thick rubber phallusright up her rectum as she squeals in utter delight. I reach around and finger her pussy while I fuck her ass until she climaxes again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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