Tales from the Bar 04

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I felt sorry for Naomi, we both did. Jess and I were the youngest of the Thursday gang, apart from Naomi who was a couple of years younger than us. I’m Carol by the way, and Jess and I had been coming on a Thursday night for a few weeks. It became obvious very quickly that something had happened between Naomi and Sandra when Sandra arrived on her own. The two of them were always together, Naomi always following like a little sheep in Sandra’s wake.

By this time the group had grown too big for everyone to fit around the big table, so Jess and I were sat at one of the small tables, watching Sandra come in and we both started to wonder about the absence of Naomi. Sandra seemed her usual cheerful and domineering self and sat at the large table and immediately took charge of the conversation. No one actually said anything but I’m sure everyone in the room was thinking the same. Our speculation was halted when, a quarter of an hour later, a shy looking Naomi arrived and immediately came over and joined us away from the main group.

It was clear, from the way she hung her head and walked past the others, that whatever had happened was quite serious. Jess, ever the sensible one, stood up and announced that she was going to get a round of drinks in and went over to the bar. I really didn’t know what to say and simply sat there like a dummy, twiddling with my nearly empty glass. I breathed a sigh of relief when Jess returned with three full glasses. I gulped down the dregs of my drink and pushed the empty glass to one side and grabbed my new one.

Jess lowered her voice to a whisper and asked, “are you okay?”

Naomi said nothing but shook her head in reply and Jess put her hand on hers and gave her a reassuring squeeze.

“It’s okay,” she said in her gentle voice, “we’re here. You can talk to us if you need to.”

A few heads from the other table had turned in our direction when Naomi had walked in, but they had now gone back to whatever they were talking about and were ignoring us. I felt sure that they couldn’t hear what we were saying.

“What’s happened?” I asked, leaving subtlety aside and diving in feet first as usual.

There was a long pause and then, “we split up.”

Jess and I both said “sorry” at the same moment which made it sound like a practised response. We glanced at each other and for some reason I was the one that got the scowl.

“She booted me out,” Naomi said in a voice so low that we had to strain to hear it.

“But why?” I asked, “I thought you and she were …”

She was about to reply when the door burst open and in waltzed Trish, looking like she owned the place. With no hesitation she sat down next to Sandra and immediately grabbed her head by the back of her neck and gave her a long hard kiss. Trish sat back with a triumphant smile on her face, the face of a victor, and then stared straight at Naomi. There was a short moment of tension and then Naomi suddenly stood up, nearly spilling her drink and rushed from the room, closely followed by Jess.

To their credit most of the others who were sitting at the large table used the moment of silence to glare at Trish. She had shown herself to be a bitch and they all saw that, even Sandra who gave her a disapproving look. Couples split up all the time, it’s part of life, but there are ways of dealing with it and Trish and Sandra had got it completely wrong. In that one moment they had both lost the respect of the group.

Little by little conversations started up again although nothing was said about the incident. I stayed sat at my table, alone and feeling like a total idiot, for about ten minutes hoping that Jess, at least, would come back. The longer I sat there listening to the inane chatter about some scandal on a TV soap opera, the more I didn’t want to be there. Eventually I downed the last of my drink and, grabbing Jess’s bag which she’d left behind in her haste, I walked out to see if I could find her.

I located them from the sound of muffled sobbing. They were tucked away into a dark corner and Jess was hugging a distraught Naomi. She looked up as she heard footsteps approaching and was relieved when she saw it was me. I stood quietly next to them, not interfering, as Naomi slowly calmed down. When she finally lifted her head off Jess’s shoulder I held out a tissue that I always kept in my bag. She grabbed it and wiped her eyes and then her nose. I reached out and stroked her shoulder.

“I … I should go home,” she said between sniffs.

“You shouldn’t be alone,” Jess responded, “come back with us. For a while at least.”

“You’re more than welcome,” I quickly added.

“I’ll just get my bag, I left it …” Jess started to say,

I interrupted her by holding it out with a ‘clever me’ grin.

“You clever girl,” she said and then took control of all of us, “come on, we’re only around the corner.”

She disentangled herself from Naomi’s clutches and linked arms with her and began to walk away. I hurried to catch up with them and linked arms on the other side. Poor Naomi had no choice but to walk, almost like a prisoner, between florya escort us. Nothing else was said for the five minutes it took to get home and once we were inside Jess went off into the kitchen, having decided that what we all needed was a nice cup of tea. Naomi and I sat silently on either end of the sofa. I had no idea what to say. I always found moments like this awkward in the extreme and I was very grateful when Jess reappeared with a tray with steaming mugs of tea. With a noisy clatter she put the tray down on the coffee table in front of the sofa and sat down in the middle between us.

“What … a … fucking … bitch!” she said, emphasising every word. I couldn’t help it, her dramatic outburst made me giggle, and when I glanced across at Naomi I saw the beginnings of a smile.

She turned and looked at Naomi. “You deserve better than that, babe.” She picked up one of the cups of tea and sat back, nursing it, holding her hands round it to warm them. “A total fucking bitch,” she repeated, but more softly this time, “so what happened?”

“It’s a long story,” was all she said.

“It’s okay, babe, if you don’t want to talk about it.”

“I don’t mind,” she went on, “after all, you and Carol have been kind to me tonight, you deserve to know,” and she launched into her doomed tale.

“You know Maz and Trish used to be an item? Well, that was when we first met them. It was completely by accident, we just got chatting in a pub one night.”

“The one we were in tonight?” I asked.

“No, this was before the Thursday night became a regular thing. We were just out for a meal, the two of us, and got chatting to these two women at the next table. We ended up all going back to our place. We were all quite drunk and we opened another bottle when we got home. I could already tell that Sandra had an eye on Trish.”

Momentarily her head dropped as a memory flashed before her eyes but then it came back up and she carried on with her story.

“I used to do this silly lap dance for Sandra. It was only ever the two of us, but she liked me to do it. That night she insisted I do it for our two new friends, although I guessed that what she really meant was for me to do it for Maz. Stupidly, I went along with it. I can’t say I wasn’t turned on by doing a sexy dance for someone who was almost a complete stranger. All the time I was dancing I was aware that Sandra was playing with Trish. I could see that her hand had crept under her skirt. I was annoyed and I showed it by doubling my efforts to turn Maz on. I’m not sure when they left but it was suddenly just us two left. The next time I saw them was the following morning in the kitchen with Trish flaunting herself, showing off her tits.”

She paused a while as she took a long drink of tea. Jess and I were stunned into silence. I was a little bit shocked at these revelations of the goings-on behind the closed doors of quiet and respectable suburbia.

“We met a few times after that, but they never came back to our place again. Every time we met Sandra would openly flirt with Trish and would keep touching her, sometimes quite intimately. Trish seemed to love it and Maz seemed to be in awe of Sandra and let her have her freedom without complaining. Then we heard that Maz and Trish had split up. By this time the Thursday gang had become a regular thing. Then Trish turned up at our house one night and Sandra said that she’d invited her. I knew better than to argue but maybe I should have done, as I spent the night alone in the spare room. The next day I was told to leave.”

“When did that happen?” I asked her.

“A couple of days ago.”

“And she just kicked you out?”


“That’s outrageous! So where have you been staying since then?”

“Suzi’s been letting me sleep on their couch. They were supposed to be coming later on, but I came in early.”

Just then an unfamiliar ring tone echoed through the room and Naomi scrabbled to find her phone. She took it and looked to see who was calling.

“Its Suzi,” she announced, and pressed the ‘answer’ button. She stood up and walked away into the hall to speak to her. By straining our ears Jess and I could hear one end of the conversation. I know its rude to eavesdrop but it’s impossible not to.

“Hi, yes I’m fine. Yes, she was a total bitch. No, I promise you I’m fine. Jess and Carol rescued me. I’m at their house, drinking tea. They’ve been lovely. Not sure, I’ll ring and let you know. Bye.”

“She just wanted to know I was okay,” she said as she came back in, “she’d heard what had happened.”

“You told her you were in safe hands I hope,” said Jess, as she shifted sideways away from me and patted the sofa in between us, “what we all need is a group hug.”

She’s a bit of an odd-ball is Jess, which is why I love her, and her unpredictability is one of those features that I love the most. That, and her ability to say just the right thing at just the right time. So, we hugged. I felt a bit awkward but both Jess and Naomi almost grabbed at each other, leaving me with my arms, göztepe escort somewhat uselessly, wrapped around the pair of them.

When or why the kissing started I’m not sure. Or who started it either. It seemed to begin on necks and ears and came from both of them simultaneously. I simply watched it happen in a state of shock. Then they were properly kissing, and with a passion that surprised me. I stayed where I was, with my arms wrapped around them, almost acting as the glue, holding them together. Then Naomi turned her head and started kissing me. I had little choice but to return the kiss.

Things quickly escalated from there. Jess’s t-shirt was magically scrunched up around her neck and her pretty little boobs were being stroked and caressed by a hand that had to belong to Naomi. It certainly wasn’t mine. The top few buttons of Naomi’s blouse had mysteriously come undone and I could clearly see Jess’s hand dive inside. The hint of a pink bra could be seen. Then I felt a hand sliding up under my own t-shirt, searching for my boobs. I tried to work out whose it was, but the situation was getting too confused.

I guess I should have stopped it there and then, but my romantic instinct found it all too beautiful and caring, so I started to caress both their backs. Jess’s was naked from the waist up and her t-shirt seemed to have gone completely. The thin covering of her blouse did little or nothing to cover the soft warmth of Naomi and I could feel the back strap and clasp of her bra. By this time the complete row of buttons had come loose, and I discovered that her blouse had become untucked from her skirt. Almost without thinking, my hand slipped inside. She had such lovely soft skin. She was now bending forward, kissing and sucking on Jess’s nipples, making soft slurpy noises. I’d worked out that the hand on my own breast was that of Jess and it squeezed harder each time Naomi nibbled at her nipples.

My inhibitions were now gone, and I’d thrown caution to the winds. I struggled to unclip Naomi’s bra with one hand but eventually the two ends sprang apart. Jess gave me what was almost a thankyou kiss and between us we managed to work Naomi’s blouse over her shoulders and down her arms. Her bra seemed to fall off of its own accord. I was now the only one left who was respectably dressed and they both seemed to sense this. Jess pushed me backwards until I half-lay on the sofa and both she and Naomi attacked me. My t-shirt was pulled roughly over my head, completely messing up my carefully brushed hair, and they both latched onto my nipples.

I was in heaven. Of all the sexy stuff that Jess and I get up to, and we are not afraid of variety, one of my favourites is having my nipples teased. To have both toyed with at the same time was pure ecstasy. They seemed to know what the other was doing, alternating between soft, gentle lips and sharp teeth. My pussy seemed to pulse every time one of them took a little bite. I could have lain there all night letting them have their way but Jess, suddenly and decisively, pulled away.

“Oh fuck,” she said, breathlessly, ” I want to take you two bitches to bed.”

I felt Naomi’s mouth leave me and we both looked at Jess. Without checking with each other we both nodded in agreement.

“Yeah,” shouted Jess in triumph and leapt to her feet. All three of us almost ran from the room and up the stairs, Jess leading the charge and me bringing up the rear. Jess threw herself on the bed and lay on her back with her arms outstretched and her legs spread wide, offering herself to us. And we took full advantage. I climbed on the bed and started going at Jess’s nipples. I knew from experience that hers were particularly sensitive and, although she complained loudly every time I went for them, I knew she really loved it. I heard her go “OW!” every time I bit into them accompanied by a sharp intake of breath. I alternated that with comforting caresses with my tongue.

While I was busy I still had time to look along the length of Jess’s body and watch Naomi. She had pushed Jess’s skirt up around her waist and was tugging at her very pretty but scanty underwear. Jess finally helped by lifting her hips and the minimal pair of panties was pulled off completely, revealing her naked, and oh so familiar, pussy.

I don’t know what had come over Naomi that night but whatever it was had turned her into an animal. I had the feeling that this was the first time for ages when she felt free to express her true self and not be controlled by someone else. Whatever the explanation she really went for Jess, locking onto her pussy and trying to bury herself inside her. And Jess went wild in response and I had difficulty holding her still. As I was to find out when my turn came, Naomi had one of the best and most skilful tongues ever and Jess showed this by yelling and screaming loud enough to wake the neighbours as she came. Several times, as far as I could tell, before she collapsed back onto the bed, struggling to breathe. I held her for a while until her breathing calmed down, kissing her gently on the cheek. halkalı escort

I wanted to show how much I cared for her, but I was interrupted by Naomi climbing on top of me. She kissed me hard on the mouth and I could taste Jess on her lips and tongue. I felt her hand go up my skirt and her fingers stroked my pussy through my panties. I was already wet and now her touch sent me perilously close to the edge. It was now Jess’s turn to put her arm round me and hold me. She moved in close and whispered in my ear.

“Hold tight, babe. Brace yourself. I’ll be right back.”

With that enigmatic message she slipped away from me and off the bed. But I had other things to focus on. Or, more accurately, one other thing. Namely, Naomi’s tongue. It had an almost prehensile quality to it, the way it curved and snaked around my clit, sending shivers of delight through me. Then she drove it into me. Oh my god, how she did what she did I don’t know but my insides seemed to explode in a massive and all-consuming orgasm.

I expected to be allowed time to recover but no chance. Her tongue continued on its explorations. It pulled out of my pussy and went back to my clit, but it was replaced by two fingers which curved upwards and did things to my g-spot that no one had ever done before. Somehow I managed to remain conscious as a second orgasmic tsunami crashed through me. Naomi eased off slightly then, her tongue and fingers still playing with me but without the same intensity of purpose.

I opened my eyes and managed to raise my head enough to see beyond her to where Jess’s black hair was bobbing in and out between her butt cheeks. Knowing Jess as I did, I knew that no bases were left uncovered and Naomi’s breathing was starting to be in time to Jess’s movements. I saw Jess’s eyes come into view and she looked at me. I could tell by the way her face crinkle around her blue eyes that she was enjoying herself and that she had some ultimate plan in mind.

That plan became clear when she suddenly stood up and revealed that she was wearing our strap-on. We’d chosen it together during one drunken lunchtime visit to a local sex-shop and we were egalitarian enough that neither of us claimed exclusive rights to wearing it. The sudden end to activity down below had cause Naomi to raise her head and look at me. When the dildo first pushed at the entrance to her pussy she raised her eyebrows in alarm. Slowly she realised what was happening and she lay her head on my stomach and relaxed. She grunted “Nugh” as it started to enter her and then more grunts followed as Jess started to move it slowly in and out.

I put a hand on Naomi’s head and stroked her hair as Jess started to gather pace. I could sense it building in her and I knew that, after the last few traumatic days, she needed it. I looked at Jess and tried silently to convey to her that I understood. She smiled back at me as she pushed deeper inside the writhing girl who lay between my legs. When she came it was almost with a sigh of relief. I looked down at her and there were tears in her eyes, so I stroked her cheek to let her know that I was there for her. Jess continued to pump in and out and Naomi seemed to react to the second orgasm more than the first, as she bucked like a rodeo bull. By the time the third one arrived she had lost all sense of decorum and was yelling her encouragement. I pitied the poor neighbours that night, but they were a young couple and I’m sure they would understand. Sometimes there are moments in life when silence is not an option.

Jess finally slowed down and withdrew and came and lay on the bed next to me. We kissed with a warmth I hadn’t felt for ages. I was proud of what she had done, taking the initiative and starting to heal some wounds. The way she had grabbed the moment at the pub and rescued a broken girl and had started to put her back together again. Naomi struggled up and lay across from me on the other side of Jess and we both put our arms round her, me to say, “well done” and Naomi to say, “thank you”.

I smiled at Naomi over the top of Jess and she looked so happy I almost started to cry. I cursed myself for being such a softy and snuggled closer in to Jess. She murmured something and wiggled into me and then fell silent. The next thing I knew it was morning. I have no idea who it was, during the night, who had covered us over but all three of us were still tangled together under a blanket. The other two were still asleep when I carefully got up and went for a wee. Downstairs I busied myself making coffee before I took three cups upstairs. Both of them were still asleep so I rattled the cups loudly until they started to wake up. I climbed back under the blanket and joined them as I nursed my steaming cup.

We spent most of the day in bed, mostly chatting and sometimes just kissing each other. Naomi told us a little of her life with Sandra and I secretly wished Trish the best of luck. It was a side of Sandra that none of us who met up on a Thursday, had any idea about. Naomi stayed with us over the weekend and then went off to collect her stuff from Suzi’s. While she was out, Jess and I had a long talk and, although we were both nervous about saying it straight out, in the end we agreed to invite Naomi to move in with us, at least on a temporary basis. She’s still here now and has fitted in really nicely. We all share a bed, and by some miracle, there’s been no hint of jealousy.

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