Taking The Edge Off

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Genna felt her pussy pulse as she orgasmed around the thick vibrator she was working in and out of herself. The orgasm was hard, a full body seizure that started in her toes and worked it’s way up to her brain where all thought stopped for the duration. She gasped then cried out as the second and third wave crashed over her. She pulled the vibrator out and placed it against her swollen clit, jerking at the sensation as it extended the orgasm and intensified the last edges of it.

She had needed this, needed this release desperately. Needed to clear her mind of all the shit that had filled her day and take herself to the edge of forever. She had never hated her job more than she had this day. Had never hated her boss more. Never hated the traffic and noise of the city more. Never hated life more than today. It hadn’t been one big thing, it was all the small things, the pesky little itches in life you couldn’t reach to scratch that drove you mad as you squirmed and twitched till you finally, somehow, got it to stop. But this…this casino şirketleri really took the edge off.

She moved the vibrator off her overly stimulated clit and just stretched like a very satisfied cat. She loved the feeling after an orgasm, that completely relaxed, not a care in the world feeling that made even the darkest thoughts bright and sunny. She ran the vibrator up her body feeling the powerful pulsing against her skin that was suddenly more sensitive that before. She rubbed the vibe, and the wetness from her pussy, over her erect thick nipples, groaning at the sensation. First one then the other. Pressing hard, almost painfully so, then barely touching them, the different feelings pulling her back down into the sexually drunken state she enjoyed.

She imagined some man sucking her nipples, pulling on them with his teeth, not too hard but enough to make her shudder under the feelings. Could imagine him, this shadow man whom she couldn’t identify but who knew everything she wanted done casino firmaları to her, running his hands over her body, the feel of his callused palms over her sensitive skin making her wet and hot. She reached over and pulled a second vibrator and lube from her nightstand, not as large as the first but just the size she wanted for what was next. She pressed the vibrator against her clit again, her stomach quivering from the intensity of it, as she lubed up the second.

Laying back she spread and lifted her legs, opening herself. She used the second vibe to work some of the lube around her asshole, the slightly cool feeling causing her anus to palpitate. She worked it in slowly, feeling the delicious pressure of it as she forced more and more inside. Pulling it back out she added more lube then, in one swift movement, pushed it all the way inside. She grunted from the action, sucking in a gulp of air before putting the larger vibe back in her eager and demanding pussy. She just lay there as her body hummed, the dual güvenilir casino vibrations inside her pushing her toward the next tableau.

She alternated the strokes as she worked them, one would go in as the other came out, a constant feeling of fullness and not quite emptiness again and again and again. Just as the moment hit she pushed both inside as deeply as they would go and held them there while she drifted into the sweet oblivion of the orgasm. A strangle cry erupted from her as she quaked and shuddered under the onslaught.

It was intense. It was sexy and kinky and erotic and she loved every second of it. After coming down the mountain again she wondered what it would be like to have two men at the same time, to feel them use her body like that. Making her scream and cum and want more. How it would feel to take the edge off multiple times that way? How it would feel to not be in control as they worked her body, changing the pace without her knowing what was coming, taking her to her limits and then beyond? To be a sexual beast only there to take and give as much pleasure as she could?

As she slipped into sleep she could feel the imagined shadow mans hands on her body again, joined by another and thought that she might just call in sick for work the next day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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