Taking my Mother

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Taking my mother.

I was furious, things were going downhill slowly at home, my mother was becoming more and more disinterested in life in general for some reason, I know she wasn’t having much success in the relationship department, failed relationships, none starters etc, but I wasn’t aware of what it really was until I took the bull by the horns and found out accidentally.

It was all sorts of things that went wrong in all sorts of ways, one time it was dinner that wasn’t ready after her telling me to be home for a certain time, not only not ready but not even started, Laundry not done, ironing not done, beds not changed or made, don’t get me wrong Im not a chauvinist pig, I help when asked and also when not asked, it always seemed to be her saying this that and the other was going to get done, and then it wasn’t, it was impacting on my life in different ways, I expected things to happen or be done and ready on her word and then? No!

We are generally quite happy, we get on great, I know she is sad sometimes, my Dad left us when I was 14 years old, but I never really liked him, I don’t know why, he never hit me or abused me, he just didn’t involve himself in my upbringing, it was always Mum, and I loved, and still do love her with all my heart, and if anyone ever again were to hurt her they would be very sorry.

He calls now and again and invites me over but I never go, I see him from time to time and it’s all amicable, but that’s it really.

Me? Im Jimmy, or Jim, Im just turning 19, 6ft 1″ strongly built 185lbs, but not bulky, I think Im fairly good looking, have decent success with the girls and have lots of friends,

Mum, she is newly 38, 5ft 3″ still looks good to me, and I am proud to be her son, auburn hair, still shiny, good body, nice legs and a lovely face, and she is a really nice person to know, so what the problem was I couldn’t understand, yet!

As I said today I was furious and determined to have it out with her, she had told me 2 days ago that my football uniform would be ready for a game on Saturday morning, it had been torn, down the side, not a bad tear but easily repairable, she had gone shopping so wasn’t there when I looked at it, not mended! I was livid to say the least, I had to make hurried repairs myself, and luckily it stood the rigours of the game,

I headed home and up for a head to head confrontation. As I got in she called out Hi Jimmy how did the game go? Won I hope? Yes I replied even with my torn fucking shirt, she was stunned, never had I used such language in front of her, it surprised me too, she was dressed in a light summer dress that she looked real nice and sexy bursa escort in, as the weather was warm, I threw the top at her, she caught it and looked at it and laughed at my attempts to mend it, that was the last straw, I grabbed her wrist, pulled her into lounge, forced her over the back of the sofa, yanked her dress up and started spanking her ass in pure anger, both cheeks one at a time, she shrieked ordered me to stop which I didn’t, she put her hands behind her in an attempt to cover it, this resulted in my ultimate control of the situation she was in, I grabbed her wrists, and held them into the small of her back which let me control her, she couldn’t slide forwards now, and couldn’t get up either, I continued her spanking telling her I was fed up of the way she was behaving, and it was going to stop.

She was begging me to release her now, and I still don’t know why I did what I did, but I then yanked her pants off her splitting the sides and threw them on the floor, without thinking and not realising it, I had a bloody great big hard on, which seemed to send me onto auto pilot, I slid my hand, middle finger first down the crack of her ass, fiddled with her bum hole for a little while which brought a groan and a moan from her lips, I then slid further down to her pussy, she was pleading with me to stop that it wasn’t right, but I didn’t hear her at all, my finger dipped into her pussy, she gasped, moaned and groaned all at the same time, she was dripping wet!

I couldn’t believe it, she was totally aroused and turned on, and so was I, there was only one thing going to happen now, I was going to fuck my mother against her will, (well nearly). I continued fingering her, and bringing more moans from her lips in between her begging me to stop, which just wasn’t going to happen now, taking my hand away I undid my belt, pulled down the zip and pushed my pants down as best I could, finally kicking them off my feet I got behind her, she had no idea of what was about to befall her, I got behind her, my 8 inches was rock hard and pointing directly at her very wet and slippy pussy, I let go of her wrists which must have felt like I was letting her go, I drove my cock all the way in, in one single movement, to say it must have shocked her was an understatement, at the same time I grabbed the back of her dress at the top and tore it open and downwards, she yelped, squealed and jumped all at once, but it was way too late for any thoughts of getting free now.

I leaned forward, took hold of her tits and began to fuck her in earnest, I was in and out as fast as I could and I knew I wasn’t going to last long, and I didn’t, fortunately for me, she bursa escort bayan came at the same time I exploded into her, she cried in ecstasy I pumped all my come deep into her belly and then laid myself over her back to recover, after a while I pulled myself up, but I was determined to keep control of this, so I pulled her upright to, then spun her around, and said, now get your sorry ass upstairs, get undressed and into your bed NOW! I pointed forcefully at the door and yelled move it! With out a word she scurried off hurriedly, I went round the house and made sure it was all locked up and secure, then made my way up stairs, because I didn’t think I would be back downstairs any time soon, when I got to her room, I opened the door and there she was, in bed, bare shouldered so I knew she was naked, and raised up on one elbow, looking at me apprehensively,

I walked to her bed, and keeping my eyes locked with hers I undressed completely, I knew I was getting hard again, because she looked at my cock, for the first time, Her mouth opened, in surprise or shock I don’t know, but it was now obvious she was mine, I knew it, she knew it, we both knew it, as I got on the bed she turned and laid down on her back, my cock was still covered in our juices, I climbed over her, put my cock in to the range of her mouth and waited, she understood what I wanted and tentatively reached out took hold of it and pulled it to her waiting mouth, I let her blow me for a while, then slid down her body, I needed to be back inside of her, but I then said the words that cemented our new and budding loving relationship, I asked her if she want me to fuck her brains out, or to make love to her, she looked at me, giggled and said please can I have both? We then shared our first real kiss, I gripped her tits and squeezed her nipples tight she moaned and squealed as I crushed it, but I was letting her know how things were going to be, I crashed my dick right into her without any aforethought and began fucking her, I would make love to her later, I was quite brutal really, but it had to be done, but she loved it, and so did I, her feet were on my back, her knees under my shoulders and her nails dug into me, it was glorious

I was falling in love with my own mother, and was hoping she would be the same as well, I lasted quite a while this time because I’d just shot her full of cum about 20 minutes ago, she orgasmed a few times before I finished again, slowly sliding off her, I took her in my arms and told her, I cant believe this has happened? She said me too, but I’m so glad it has that was music to my ears of that I can assure you.

We spent the next few hours exploring escort bursa each other, before we made love like a man and his wife should, which I was deciding that, that is what I was going to do, and how we were going to be.

Later as evening approached and after having a good sleep which we both needed, I awoke on my back with her head on my shoulder, I was so happy and contented I could have wept, here I was in bed with my own mother, and it had just exploded into being, I hadn’t planned it, it had taken shape all by itself.

She came awake with a start, and I could see tears in her eyes, I asked her what was wrong, she told me she had dreamed this had happened and thought it had been just a dream and it had made her so sad to know it was, but as she came fully awake she knew it was real and had happened and then she wept because of the happiness it had brought to her, she had at last found a man to love again with all her being. Me!

We started arousing each other again, which was quite easy really, I told her to get on her knees and head down, I got in behind her, and immediately slid my now rampant prick into her waiting pussy, I reached round and squeezed her tits and nipples, then felt for her clit, which was sticking out like a baby’s thumb, I caressed it, thumbed it and fucked her till she came, quickly followed by me, as I recovered I told her to prepare the shower for us, we had a great time in there, she spent most of it on her knees as I fucked her mouth and shot another load down her throat. Going back to bed I realised how hungry I was, I said I need something to eat she replied, don’t move baby, I’ll go, I thought to myself too right you will, so I flipped her over, grabbed her wrists and spanked her sore ass again, she begged me to stop which I did after a while, and said to her from now on, what I say goes ok?

She looked at me and I saw it dawning on her that I was the boss here, the man of the house, and more importantly, her Alpha Male! She nodded her lovely head and said yes I know that now And off she went to prepare something, she brought it upstairs and we ate in bed. Moments later I had her face down on the bed, and I started fingering her ass with my middle finger, I got it right past the 2nd knuckle she whimpered and wriggled and said I don’t really like this darling please don’t do it, I laughed and said to her, do you mean to tell me you have never had it up your ass? No, she replied, I said, well tomorrow Im going to fuck you right in there ok?

No you can’t mom said, I gave her my sternest look and dared her to answer me with my eyes locked on her, she thought for a moment and said, but it will hurt, I know it will for a while, but its going to happen, alright!! Meekly now all I heard was a quiet, Yes Jimmy.

And that my friend’s is how my mother and I started our relationship.

To be Contd.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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