Taking Control Ch. 02

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Simon remained seated on the couch for a while thinking of the events which had just taken place. He had realized, long ago, that his mother was getting out of hand and he had accepted that he would be the only person who could put her back into line but he had never expected that doing so would reap such rewards. To think that his mother was upstairs cleaning herself ready for his next inspection sent a rush of pleasure throughout his body which tingled in his loins, it would be hard for him to maintain control over his urges but he knew what was to come next- after her shower his mother would receive the whims of his newly sadistic mind.

Simon’s intended patience soon melted away and he headed quickly upstairs to inspect the display of toys that his mother had left at the foot of her bed. As he arrived he noticed the sound of running water through the opened door on the en-suite bathroom, it pleased him to think that his mother had thrown away her usual caution and had left the door open unafraid that her son may see her, he could sense that he would enjoy his new role as master and he felt certain that his mother would enjoy being his slave even more. His attention soon returned to the assortment of toys and he noticed the sheer diversity of the collection that had been laid out for his inspection; whips, floggers, cuffs, rope, clamps, dildos, blindfolds, hoods, collars and butt-plugs made up the collection accompanied by candles and a cane as well as a few instruments whose function he could not yet decipher.

His reverie was broken by his mother who stepped into the room with a towel around her breast; he had been so engrossed in his inspection that he had failed to notice her finish her shower. “I’m so sorry master,” she said, apologetically, “I didn’t mean to take so long.”

“It’s okay,” reassured Simon, “I wanted to get a look at your toys, just get yourself dried and then stand to attention in the middle of the floor.”

“Yes, master,” she dutifully replied before quickly rubbing herself down with the towel and, after returning it to the bathroom, standing naked with her hands at her side and her head held high and firm.

“The attention position will require you to fold your arms behind your back, obviously I won’t punish you this time as you weren’t to know but I expect you not to forget in future.”

“Yes sir, thank you sir,” said Jessica as she folded her arms behind her back.

“Now,” said Simon, “I said that I wouldn’t punish you for that minor infraction, and I won’t. However, it was my intention to test your limits anyway and so you will be punished regardless; are you ready to be tested?”

“Yes sir.”

“Good,” chirped Simon, “then I shall begin.”

He glanced at the toys that were on display and wondered which he should use first. As he looked he noticed that his mother made no attempt to discern what his choice may have been and instead she looked ahead, her gaze not distracted in the slightest by her son’s movements. Finally he seized upon a black leather flogger and pulled it from the floor before hiding it behind his back. With calm and deliberate steps he made his way over to where his mother was standing and spoke softly in her ear, “I think that your skin needs a little color before we begin, don’t you?”

“Yes master.”

Simon smiled, he was amazed at how depraved his mother was and could not believe her readiness to receive whatever pain he cared to bestow upon her. He felt a surge of power course through his veins at the notion that his mother was prepared to submit to whatever he could think to demand and he could bear the suspense no longer. He threw back his arm and swung the flogger with significant force onto his mother’s already reddened ass. She flinched slightly at the sensation of the two-dozen or so leather strips as they flicked sharply across her flesh but did not make any attempt to avoid the inevitable second blow.

Simon continued flogging his mother’s ass, delighted at her resistance to his increasingly powerful strokes and amazed that she could take such punishment. With each stroke she grabbed at her arms and tensed her buttocks but she never attempted to shield herself from his ministrations.

After six strokes Simon decided to stop for a moment and admire his handiwork. His mother’s ass had been red before but now it was positively glowing with color. He held his hand above the flesh and felt the heat emanating from her delicate skin, the thought that he had been able to inflict such punishment without the slightest objection pleased him greatly and he noticed that his cock was stirring once again.

“I think that ass of yours has had enough for now,” said Simon, as he returned to stand in front of his mother. “Perhaps I should focus somewhere else; what do you think?”

“If that would please you, sir,” came Jessica’s honest reply.

“I think it would,” replied Simon, looking over his mother’s body. He tried not to smile as he appreciated her unending obedience; bursa escort her body was still standing taught and ready to receive whatever he could dish out.

His gaze was naturally drawn towards his mother’s ample breasts; the lily white skin highlighted by the pinkness of her nipples seemed to him to be an inviting prospect for his next round of punishment. Holding the flogger in his left hand he reached out with his right and grabbed roughly at one of his mother’s breasts not caring much for how it felt to her but instead judging the softness of the skin as well as the firmness of the breast as a whole which proved to be a credit to a woman of her age. He looked towards her face with a slight grin appearing on his lips as he fondled her and noticed how she still maintained her stony gaze facing straight forward, seemingly un-distracted by his roughness.

Although he was impressed by his mother’s discipline he also felt somewhat affronted that his efforts were not eliciting anything in the way of a response. He stopped his ministrations and slapped his free hand down upon her breast allowing just enough contact between her skin and his to leave a stinging pain on her flesh. For the first time he noticed his mother’s resolve break and she winced for a moment with the pain before looking ahead again as though nothing had happened.

Simon felt determined to break her discipline at least once and stepped back from his mother before returning to his use of the flogger, this time across her chest. With each slap of its leather tendrils he noticed her breasts bounce in response to the contact and the gentle shuffling sound of the leather was soon punctuated by the heavy breathing of his victim. He continued with relentless pace, noticing that his mother’s face was scrunched in a pained expression, her eyes closed and her mouth contorted into an odd grimace. After perhaps fifty strokes he stopped and admired his handiwork, his mother’s breasts and stomach were both as red as her ass and the concentrated and obedient look soon returned to his mother’s face.

“I imagine that you can take quite a lot more than that,” he said, “but I don’t want to wear you out, we have a week before Helen gets back and I intend to use you for the duration.”

He placed the flogger back where he had originally got it from and looked amongst the array of toys for a new instrument of sadistic pleasure. Finally his gaze set upon a set of clips connected by a shiny metal chain, he lent over and picked them up and held them before his mother’s face. “So what do you call this then?” he asked.

“It’s a clover clip, master,” she promptly replied.

“And what’s the difference between this clip?” he shook the one he held, “and that clip?” he pointed to another similar looking device still resting with the rest of the toys.

“The clover clip is designed to grasp tighter when the chain is pulled upon.”

“I see,” replied Simon, a little embarrassed that he was relying upon his new found slave to teach him the ways of the dominant, “which do you prefer?” he asked, “the clover clip or the normal one?”

“The clover clip, sir,” replied Jessica.

“And why is that?”

“It causes more pain, and the more pain I feel the better I can be tested.”

Simon nodded agreeably at his mother’s answer; it was clear that she knew far more about this game than he and he decided that a great deal of research would be needed at some point.

He put his doubts to the back of his mind and stepped towards his mother who had still not moved from her position. He stroked her sore breast for a moment, enjoying the warmth that emanated from it and the pleasure that it seemed to have given his mother. Then, almost without any indication that he was about to act, he placed the first clip over one of his mother’s nipples and pulled lightly on the chain. Jessica winced at the sensation and began to breathe heavily through her teeth in order to help control the pain. Simon quickly added the second before pulling on the connecting chain and letting his mother get used to the sensation.

“Feel free to look around, to move your head,” he said, “I don’t think that I like you staring ahead all the time, although I am impressed at your ability to remain un-distracted.”

“Thank you, master,” replied Jessica, as she looked down towards her clamped nipples and reddened breasts.

Simon stepped back and admired his handiwork, there was no doubt in his mind that his mother truly was a beautiful creature but that beauty was increased tenfold by the marks of his efforts upon her otherwise ivory-white skin.

He glanced, once more, at the toys and suddenly realized the use of one of the toys whose function had escaped him earlier. With a sense of satisfaction he picked it up and felt the weight of it in his hand before attaching it to the chain that connected his mother’s breasts allowing him to enjoy her labored breathing and pained expression once more as she tried to regulate the pain of the tightening bursa escort bayan clips.

He watched her for a moment and admired her resolve, she soon seemed not to care that her nipples were in such pain and, once again, her expression turned to one of a woman who was not feeling any pain or discomfort at all.

“You can relax a little now, put your hands to your side,” ordered Simon.

Jessica quickly obeyed and placed her hands back at the side of her body.

“Now,” continued Simon, “I think that you have earned a little reward, so I would like you to come over here and choose a toy to be used upon you, the only caveat I will add,” he said, preempting what he thought she may choose, “is that it cannot be a toy that will bring you to orgasm so vibrators and dildos are out for now, is that understood?”

“Yes sir, thank you sir.”

“Go on then,” prompted Simon, displeased at his mother’s caution.

Without reply or further hesitation she headed to the array of toys seemingly unfazed by the renewed pressure caused by the dangling weight causing her nipple clamps to sway with each step. She needed little time to think and immediately reached out and grabbed the set of candles that sat brightly amongst the other toys.

“Why candles?” asked Simon, a little surprised by her choice.

“It provides a different sensation to the floggers and clamps, it also makes me dirty and the wax leaves a definite sign of their use.”

“Very well,” said Simon, intrigued by this new toy. “Lie down on the bed.”

Jessica quickly obliged and laid herself down on her back atop the bed.

Simon noticed the slack that had returned to the chain connecting his mother’s nipple clamps and decided that it would be best to remove them. He took the weight off the chain and, as he did, he got something of a brainwave. “Open your mouth,” he ordered; as usual it was immediately obeyed. He placed the chain in Jessica’s mouth and instinctively she bit down upon it. “I want you to remove the clips; do not use your hands.”

Jessica replied with a muffled acknowledgment before jerking her head back violently several times gradually bringing the clamps closer and closer to falling away from her beaten skin. Her eyes were shut tight with pain and eventually the clamps came off, as she opened her eyes it became clear that they were visibly watering with the pain but as Simon removed the chain from her mouth he couldn’t help but notice the satisfied smile that graced her delicate face.

“Why do you smile so much when you’re obviously in pain?” asked Simon, eager to know his mother’s motivation.

“I like the pain,” she replied, “and I managed to pull my clamps off quickly like you wanted.”

Simon looked town towards his mother’s pussy and noticed that it was visibly wet, once again, “you really do like it, don’t you?”

“More than anything, master,” replied Jessica.

Simon returned to the job at hand and placed the candles on the bed-side table before lighting them with the box of matches that had been set out with them. While he waited for the wax to melt down he stroked his mother’s beaten breasts and looked into her face which wore a look of perfect ecstasy. When he had first started Simon had hoped that he would be able to test her willingness to use her safe-word but now it seemed as though her pain threshold was, at least for now, much higher than he could reach.

The wax had son melted sufficiently to allow him to continue, “perhaps this will do it,” he thought to himself as he held the first candle, a wide, white one, above his mothers expectant body. With a flick of the wrist he allowed a smattering of the white liquid to splash across his mother’s body from the top of her breasts down her stomach towards her thighs. This form of punishment seemed to gain a greater response from Jessica who moaned with pain as the first drops landed upon her beaten skin. However, as with all his attempts so far, the moan of pain soon turned to one of pleasure and once again Jessica seemed to be in a state of contented bliss.

With the first candle’s wax reservoir spent he placed it back down on the bedside table and picked up two slightly thinner red candles. Without allowing Jessica time to gather her thoughts he quickly splashed the ruby-red wax across her body and watched as she writhed with the combination of pleasure and pain that Simon had come to expect.

For a while Simon continued in this manner splashing his mother with red and white wax across her breasts, stomach, legs and thighs while her reaction to his efforts became more and more pronounced. After a while Simon became bored and blew out the candles before placing them back down to allow himself time to admire his handiwork. His mother looked utterly disheveled; her hair was a mess and her body was covered with red and white wax which had dried onto her skin and given her a look of utter degradation, it was undoubtedly an impressive sight which Simon enjoyed all the more escort bursa to know that it was his doing and that it would be his word alone which would allow her to clean herself up.

“Now,” he said, with an air of finality, “I have one more punishment and then I think it’ll be time for pleasure rather than pain.”

“To me,” said Jessica, “pain and pleasure are the same.”

“I know that, slave,” he replied, reminding Jessica of her place, “I could very well have been talking about me.”

“Sorry, sir.”

Simon ignored his mother’s apology and instead returned to the assortment of toys and reached out for a pair of cuffs which he promptly affixed to his mother’s ankles. With this done he returned to the toys and selected two short lengths of rope and placed them at the foot of the bed. “Shuffle down a little,” he said, indicating that his mother move slightly closer to the foot of the bed, she did so immediately. With a seemingly experienced hand he reached for his mother’s right ankle and pulled it so that her foot stuck out over the edge of the bed, he quickly tied it to the bed frame before grabbing her other ankle and quickly doing the same. She was soon secured with her feet hanging off the bed and her painted chest still facing towards the ceiling.

With her bondage complete Simon spoke, “masturbate,” he said, feeling no desire to elaborate. Without hesitation Jessica complied and moved both her hands to her crotch and began to rub and prod vigorously at her aching womanhood.

“You are to ask permission before cumming,” added Simon, making sure that his intentions were clear.

“Yes, sir,” replied Jessica, glad of an opportunity to please herself. Although despite her relief she felt momentarily confused as to the purpose of her bondage.

Before long Simon’s intentions became clear as he appeared at his mother’s feet with a long and intimidating rattan cane. “I am aware of how much this could hurt,” he said as he rubbed its tip across the delicate soles of his mother’s feet, “so I will be gentle.”

As soon as he voiced his intention he flicked his wrist and allowed the cane to contact his mother’s sole with a gentle tap. Despite the weakness of the thrust he could tell that it caused his mother significant pain, “perhaps,” he thought, “I may be able to coax that safe-word out of her after all.”

He continued with his ministrations, tapping gently with the cane across one foot and then the next, holding the toes with his spare hand to refuse his mother the ability to bend her feet out of its path, something that despite her earlier courage she seemed to be unable to avoid. Soon her feet were striped with a gentle red and her breathing was becoming more labored, Simon had almost forgotten that he had ordered his mother to masturbate before it became too much for her and she uttered through unsteady breaths, “Please, sir, I need to cum.”

“Stop,” ordered Simon, “hands to your side.”

Jessica obeyed but with a look of utter defeat and desperation upon her face.

He placed the cane down on the bed and looked back into his mother’s eyes, “I told you that I intend to restrict your orgasms, you won’t be having one now, but I will.”

Jessica remained silent and watched as he detached the cuffs from the end of the bed but left them attached to her ankles. “Arms behind your back,” he ordered.

She did as he said and slid her arms underneath her body, without warning Simon reached out and grabbed hold of her hair, pulling her just hard enough that she anticipated his intentions and got to her feet on the floor before being forced down onto her knees. With unanticipated eagerness Simon pulled down his boxers and forced his cock into his mother’s mouth allowing her to suck eagerly upon it as she did without hesitation.

For a few moments Simon enjoyed his mother’s actions but soon withdrew his now slicked member before reaching back for the rope which he used to bind her arms together. Without paying any attention to his mother he moved onto the bed and lay down on his back with his engorged cock pointing hungrily up towards the ceiling.

“Stand above me,” he ordered, hoping that his vague command would be obeyed.

Jessica guessed his attention and stood on the bed with her pussy directly above his swollen cock.

“Squat down a little,” he ordered, his attempt to stay calm hardly convincing as his mother lowered her womanhood to within inches of his member.

Simon smiled hungrily at the sight of his mother’s wax-smattered body so close and reached out with one hand towards his cock whilst resting the other on her thigh. With uninterrupted movement he pulled his mother down onto his cock, surprising her as it pressed against her anus rather than her pussy as she had expected. She needed no more encouragement or instruction and knew exactly what was expected of her as she slowly lowered herself down upon his pole, trying carefully to keep her balance without the use of her arms which were firmly tied behind her back. As she slid down onto her son she noticed his eyes roll back in pleasure and she felt a flush of satisfaction course through her body as she became aware of the pleasure that she was responsible for.

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