Taking Care of Daddy

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“You are so hot. I’m so lucky to have you as a sister,” Chelsey said to her little sister Hailey as she drove her to the airport. “I can’t wait until we’re home again, so we can sleep together. Just like we used to do when we were kids.” Since Hailey turned 18 and went to college there were less opportunities for Chelsey to sleep with her little sister.

Hailey smiled. “I can’t wait either! I always sleep better when we’re together. Aren’t you going up to New York soon?”

Chelsey smiled back. “Yes, I am. And I meant to talk to you about that. I hope this doesn’t shock you to death. I probably say this more delicately, but here it goes…… I was thinking that dad is probably not feeling very, you know, useful in certain areas now that mom is sick and will be for the future… so I was thinking, if you think it’s a good idea… to kind of float the idea of maybe trying to take care of him a little bit while I’m up there, you know? I just feel so bad for him. I know mom’s not up to anything but the poor man still has needs! Right?” She looked to Hailey for some response but she just looked ahead.

Chelsey continued. “So I don’t know what you think. Just throwin’ it out there for ya. You know you’ll always be my fave,” Chelsey winked. “So I’m open to any comments, concerns, complaints, suggestions… hello, are you there?”

Silence. Then Hailey turned and looked at her sister.

“Um, oh wow Chels, I mean, oh wow. WOW. You floored me, but… you shouldn’t have,” Hailey smiled. You’re such a good daughter and an awesome older sister. I didn’t even think about it! But should have. I mean of course I’ve thought about ‘it’ but never for that reason!!!” Hailey winked. “Wow Chels. Of course, of course you should try to help him. Do you think he will? I mean I know he would want to, with the way he looks at us when we strut around the house in underwear and little pjs and stuff when we’re home, but this brings it to a whole new level, obviously.”

Obviously, Chelsey thought. Her sister was sweet, but not very bright, and prone to overstate the obvious, just like her mother.

“It’s an amazing plan, Chelsey, and you’re so good to think of it,” Hailey said again to show her committal to her sister. “How do you ever think you’ll accomplish this task? I mean I know you’re a good seductress… hahahaha. I’m living proof of the result!” Hailey winked.

“Hailey, you’re awesome,” Chelsey said, reaching over and stroking her sister’s knee. “I knew if anyone would understand it would be you. Thank you for saying such nice things about me. I really do feel horrible for him. He obviously doesn’t say anything but you can tell he’s really down and I think he just needs something like this, ya know?”

“I know, I’ve seen him look at us, and think I may have even seen wood!” Hailey said excitedly. Hailey was the cuter of the two, and about three years younger than her 25 year old sister. She had long brown curly hair, was a tad bit on the heavy side, but just a little and most of her extra weight was in her D-cup tits and perfect round ass. “Well yes it will take some strategizing as to how to approach the subject without a big backfire! Oh my god, we’re INSANE for even talking about this but desperate times call for desperate measures. There was even like something in the Bible like that not that it matters but it’s not unheard of,” Hailey grabbed Chelsey’s hand.

“Anyway, any ideas on how to approach it?” Chelsey was getting excited. “I like your idea about seducing and wearing not so many clothes! On that, I’m a pro! In fact… I was thinking that maybe I would even let him take some pictures to use when I’m not around and of course my real reason would be to send them to YOU so you don’t feel left out. What do you think I should do to break the ice?”

“Hmmmmm. Well mom goes to bed really early, right, so you could wait until she goes to bed, change into your little pink low cut tank top and form fitting pajama pants, maybe with a dark thong underneath, and then try to sit next to him on the couch or something,” Hailey suggested. “Some wine probably wouldn’t hurt either, not that you’d need it! Though it did help with me…”

“Focus, Hay!” Chelsey laughed.

“Right! Anyway, lost my train of thought. Oh yes, just show a LOT of boob and let him get a good look, wink if you catch his eye and then use that to open up a convo. You’re the pro at that. You could talk anyone into just about anything. Just do what *ahem* comes naturally. I’m getting hot just thinking about it!!! Do you think we should tell mom?” Hailey asked, looking at her beautiful sister.

“Hay, NO. She can never know. It would devastate her!!! I like your plan, and am excited about it. Will keep you informed. I love you Hailey!”

“Oh my god, I love you too!” Hailey leaned over and gave her big sister a kiss on the cheek. As they arrived at the airport Chelsey leaned over and gave Hailey a long, slow, kiss and stroked her breast through her thin shirt. Hailey’s nipple hardened instantly at the sight.

“Call me you when I get back home. Remember; don’t say anything, pendik escort especially not to Mom!”

“Got it, bye!” Hailey bounded out of the car and to the airport with her carry-on luggage. She loved to fly and travel and she couldn’t help but think about what her sister just suggested. She turned and winked, waved, and blew a kiss to her sister as she drove off.

After she landed, Hailey checked her voice mail, there was a message from her sister: Hey honey, just wanted to let you know that I spoke with dad tonight and told him I’d be coming up next weekend. He seemed excited about it. I tried to figure out if he’d be receptive, and it was obviously hard to tell, but I flirted a little bit and I think he flirted back! Anyway, got me excited about the possibility, so I wanted to let you know. It would be nice, if this works, for both of us to go up and pay him a visit… anyway; I’ll let you know how it goes! Love you!

Hailey immediately called her sister back and fired questions rapidly. “Oh wow, Chels, that’s so cool! I’m so jealous! I want to be there! I can be your photog. Soooooo…. so many questions! Do you think he’s got a big cock? How far will you go? Would you let him cum into you???? Ah… sorry! Just curious… warm him up for me! This is so hot, can’t believe I’m saying that!!!!

“Um, great questions sis and, uh, I DON’T KNOW!!! Well, of course you know he’s gotta be HUGE. At least that’s what I’m banking on… how far? I guess that’s up to him. I’m on bc so he can fire away without worries. I’m definitely ready to take one for the team here…. and am thinking I’ll enjoy it in the process. BUT DON’T WORRY Hay! You’re still my fave…” Chelsey reassured her excited sister.

“Mmmmmm, I’m sure he’s huge too!” Hailey said into the phone, reaching down to touch herself lightly. “You’re such a good daughter and sister, Chels. I love you! Be sure to give me a FULL REPORT!!!”

Days went by and Hailey didn’t hear much from Chelsey. She wanted to call but couldn’t bring herself to do it for whatever reason. She was really torn, and didn’t want to upset her sister, but really wanted to know what was going on. She assumed that no news meant nothing, and then… the phone chimed.

It was a text message from Chelsey: Wow, just got home. What a weekend!!! 😀

Hailey texted back quickly: omg tell me about it! first, is he HUGE!?! what did you do? how did you do it? was it AWESOME! did you take pics like you promised????omg

Chelsey called right back, and started right in. “First, YES. Ginormous… wow. biggest I’ve ever seen. Maybe you should ask what we DIDN’T do, Hay… it was incredible.”

Oh my god, tell me tell me tell me please!!!

“Well, he was so shy at first but the more I flirted the more he opened up. Then I had him alone and flirted with him until he was basically begging me for it! I wore my tight low cut tank top like you suggested and when I got up close to him I could see the big bulge! Oh god, Hay, when I finally reached over to touch it you’d should have seen him! He was so hot for me, and vice versa. I was so wet. I told him to just let me service him, and he started to protest but when I told him I wasn’t taking no for an answer he relented and at first just sat there while I worked, ya know, did my magic. But by the end of the night he was in charge and it was incredible. I’m so sore, in a GOOD way. I wished you were there. I think next time you will be.”

“Um, wow, Chels—”

“Oh and yes, of course, I took some pics! That was a tough thing to do and now you owe me big time, basically had to blackmail him! He didn’t like that so much but whatever, he wanted to fuck me so he agreed to anything.”

“You are so devious!! Oh wow, can you send me pics?”

“Yes, it was a pretty good weekend… and of course I can’t send them but we’ll take a look at them together soon,” Chelsey replied.

“I need more details, babe! What did you do first? What did he make you do? What did he like the best? What did YOU like the best? I’m so horny and kinda jealous at the same time! Did he lick your nips and clit better than me? Tell me the truth!” Hailey was now rubbing her own clit through her thong vigorously.

“Hailey, he was good… but NO ONE is better at that than you!!!! I’ll give you full deets soon. Will write it all down for posterity… again, Mom doesn’t know at all, so please don’t slip up. I promised him that.”

Hailey exploded with an orgasm for her sister on the phone, thanked her and hung up. Then she went to bed and did herself all over again.

The next morning, Hailey checked her email as soon as she woke up and saw one, as promised by her sister, at the top of the list. The subject was “OMG”:

You want deets??? Ok, ok ok!!! I walked around in pretty skimpy stuff all weekend, winked a lot, stuck my boobs in his face, you know, was pretty open. I walked around upstairs in a thong and bra once and he saw me but I pretended not to notice!!! Anyway, finally, on Sunday night we were sitting on the couch after mom went to bed and I sort of got right next to him, could feel escort pendik my boobs against his body and caught him looking a few times. Then… I saw the BULGE! Oh my god, Hay, I was so nervous and excited, so I looked at him and put my hand near his leg, about half way, and he started to say something and so I put my finger on his mouth and then put my hand back down on his leg and slid up to his huge cock. It was so big and warm through his pants, Hay. Anyway, I rubbed it a little and it got bigger, then I unzipped his pants and reached in and grabbed it and took it out. He was so big and erect, and has a perfect penis! I started to stroke it and he leaned his head back and closed his eyes as I did. then I bent over and licked the end of his cock, then kissed it, then went down on him! I heard him groan as I took him in my mouth. he was so huge though Hay that I only had about half of it in my mouth when I felt his hand on the back of my head push me down a little. I thought I would gag but I didn’t! I was able to take it all in and then gave him awesome head. He was really into it! So was I! Shall I continue…????

Hailey answered quickly:

Yes yes yes please!!!!!!! wow, you gave him head!?! I’m impressed, Sis!

Chelsey replied:

So where were we? Ah yes, his cock in my throat! Amazing. And he was lovin’ it, moaning softly, and after a few minutes he was rubbing my back, and put his hands down my pants and rubbed my butt, it was so hot. I was working his thick dude like nobody’s business when I sat up and took off my tank top. He just stared like a teenager at my tits, and my nipples were rock hard so he touched one of them, then leaned over and kissed them and started sucking them! I kept stroking his dick with my hand, and it was driving us both crazy, so I stood up and took my pj pants off, of course no underwear on, so he just smiled and I turned around and he started rubbing my butt and put his hands between my legs and rubbed my clit which was extremely wet at this point. He stuck his fingers up inside of me and I wanted to burst and scream with pleasure. As it was I was moaning a lot and he told me to keep it down or else I’d wake up mom (like a freight train could wake her up!) and that turned me on to think of mom sleeping peacefully while I messed around with her husband! When I turned around I saw that he was holding his own cock as he stroked me, so I pulled up his shirt and took off his pants and boxers until we were both naked! Then he gave me the most incredible kiss — not as good as yours — but awesome. So loving and soft and long… mmmm. I was putty in his hands, and he knew it! Then he turned me around, bent me over his chair in the living room, and put his cock inside of me! First he was gentle and slowly slid it inside, but then he started really going at it! It felt so good, Hay! My tits were swinging around like crazy and he was grabbing them from behind, and looking down at them. Then he pulled out and stuck his dick up my ass! He fucked my ass, Hay! I haven’t felt that since I let Rob Scully do me up the butt in the garage in 8th grade but he was tiny, nothing like Dad! It hurt a lot at first but he calmed me down and I actually enjoyed it (unlike with Rob)! And, uh, obviously so did he because he came into my butt about a minute later… He let out the biggest, sexiest groan, and I could feel his jizz filling up my asshole. it was amazing!!!!!! So incredible. Then he spun me around and told me to get on my knees and ‘clean up’ and so I licked his dick clean. It sounds weird and gross but was really awesome. He loved it. Then he laid on the ground and let me get on top of him and I rubbed myself off on his dick and had a HUGE orgasm! He had to cover my mouth as I got so loud! Anyway, how’s that for a description???

Hailey replied:

Oh my god Chels, I just read that three times and can’t fucking believe it. You are such a sex fiend!!! Sounds like Daddy is too!!! Wonder if Mom lets him up the ass? Must be the tightest fuck he’s had in decades! So what next?

Chelsey wrote back:

Well, then we went upstairs and I asked him to sleep with me for awhile so he did and then when I woke up in the morning he was gone (typical male!). Then at breakfast he was just like nothing happened! I guessed so as not to tip off mom. Anyway, when mom went to take her nap later, he told me to come into his office and he took out his digital cam and he told me to strip so I did. He took some pics then I told him to strip so he did and I took some, and I told him I was going to show them to you and he got really excited about it (if the size of his cock was an indication, and I think it was!) I have one of me sucking his dick and some of me stroking it and of him licking my tits, and one of us doing a 69… pretty awesome, eh?

Hailey replied quickly:

Chels!!! Send me the pics please!!!

Hahahaha!!!! Patience, sis, not sure I want those floating around!!!! So anyway, he’s REALLY excited about you coming to visit… so when are we going? Oh yeah, almost forgot, while we were taking pics he put his finger up my ass and started pendik escort bayan to rub and said that I had a cute little butt and couldn’t wait to see my sister’s! He said that he’s hypnotized by your ass! I told him that I agree, that it’s my fave part of her besides her huge tits and he got really aroused and told me to suck his cock. I did and this time he came right down my throat! it was so hot. Anyway, I’m sure he was thinking about you when he did it and I was like “um, hello! Chelsey’s here now! ;-)” but anyway, he’s excited to get into your pants, sis. Oh, and right as we were getting dressed, mom came downstairs and looked weird and asked what we were doing in the office… oops! I said I was showing him some pictures on facebook (which was partially true) but I’m sure she wondered why we were both all red and sweaty and our hair was messed up! Oooooops!!!

The phone rang, Chelsey picked up when she saw it was Hailey.

“Chelsey. WHOA! Holy description, batman!!!”

“Ha, got your attention, eh sissy? I knew you’d call after reading that!”

“Oh my GOD Chelsey, you’re an animal!!! And apparently so is my Daddy!!! Wow, and not to make it all about me but… hypnotized?!?! Hmmmm. I’ll have to remember that! I can’t believe you took it in the ass Chelsey! Good for you.”

“Ha! I know, I told him about Robby that we did it in his garage and he got all serious and looked angry but I was just like, um, Dude, you’re blowing your load up your daughter’s ass… not exactly father of the year type activity!”

“Well, I guess that kind of answers the ‘will he cum into you’ question, but not the answer I would have guessed. He’s actually pretty smart… wanted to cum but didn’t want the risk of retarded kids with you!”

Chelsey laughed. Hailey continued, “Well I’m both extremely turned on and extremely jealous at the same time, Honey. I love hearing about this but am so jealous that I wasn’t there too, and that you had more fun with him then you do with me!!!” It’s no fair! I don’t have a cock!!!! not a real one anyway.”

“Seriously, Hay, you need to chill. You’re my fave. And I’d rather play with you any day!”

“Awwwww, thanks Chels,” Hailey gushed. “So you really did it. How do you feel Chelsey? Was that all, after the office? Anything else? I guess you went to the airport that night, right? Oh yeah and how was your description about your swinging tits? Oh my GOD!!! I love watching them swing! And I can see you getting off on him like we do when we’re together. So hot!”

“I know, I thought of you when I looked around and saw him staring, he had the same expression on his face that you do!”

“Wow, thanks so much for the story, Chelsey! I can’t wait until we both go up! When should we go?”

“I thought you’d like it, Babe! I thought about you the whole time. Not that I didn’t enjoy myself… I did… THOROUGHLY! And so did daddy, but it will be that much more awesome when you’re there!”

“Awwww!” Hailey replied again.

“OH, and sis,” Chelsey warned her little sister. “If you haven’t taken one up the butt yet, we should probably practice on you with Guido… or I can bring Guillermo up and we can both play! It’s not that bad, just an initial shock. You’ll stretch right around him and apparently it’s awesome to him because of how tight it is, and believe it or not, by the end, I think I probably could have orgasmed if he hadn’t come so quickly!”

“Ha, definitely will have to practice, and I’m all for it because no retards! We have enough of those in the fam!” They both laughed.

“Well, to answer your question, Hay, I still feel GREAT, Hay. Dad was awesome about it and made me feel like it’s just what he needed. He was not so gung ho at first but he’s a guy and wasn’t going to turn me down! After the office incident, when mom came in, we all ate lunch. I played footsie with him under the table. It was so funny to see him try not to smile at me!!! Then he took me to the airport, made mom stay home and ‘rest’ so we could say goodbye. Can you say, “road head” on the way to the aeropuerto, and we had a big, long, handsy kiss goodbye!”

“You’re out of control, Chelsey!”

“I know, in a GOOD way. Now about your jealousy, Hailey, please don’t worry about it! Seriously. you don’t have a cock, but we have Guido and Guillermo to play with and your clit is awesome and big and sensitive and your tits are amazing, with huge, erect nips.” Chelsey started rubbing her clit as she talked about her sister.

“Thanks again, Chelsey, and Good Night, Love. Talk to you soon, and we’ll talk about a trip up or have him come down to us!”

“I LOVE YOU!!!! Thank you Hailey, for being so supportive. Good night!”

Hailey checked her email about an hour later, and another reply from Chelsey:

Oh, forgot to say, we talked in the car (when I didn’t have his cock in my mouth) and I told him that I did this because I felt like he needed it because mom’s been out of the picture. He opened up a lot. I asked him what he’d been doing and he said that he jacks off a lot and a couple of times right on mom’s face while she’s been drugged up and asleep!!!! Hahahaha. Can you imagine! Cum on mom’s face! I asked if I could watch next time and he laughed and said OF COURSE! Although I think he’d rather cum into my ass or mouth instead…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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