Taken Ch. 03

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My mind was churning with paper and logistics on my way home. I’ve had a hard day at work, reading through and correcting reports on top of reports. My mind was calculating the amount of work I had due for tomorrow, when I turned my key into the lock and pushed open the door. As soon as I did, work was no longer on my mind as I saw him spread out in the sofa, hands clasped behind his head, lights on low, casting a golden glow over his well-toned body.

He didn’t speak but allowed his body and his actions to speak for him. I glanced up and away from him and saw dinnerware laid out on the table. I inhaled and my favorite scents came to me, drifting through the air, letting me know he filled the tub for me. He really was the perfect man, everything I could ever want to pick up my evening, he had done.

“Was I that obvious?”

I questioned and I stepped inside, dropped my bags and proceeded to remove my shoes.

“To me it was.”

He replied, flexing his body, abdominal muscles rippling, pulling taunt and relaxing under the light, solely for my benefit, armed with the knowledge of what doing that does to me. The reaction he wanted he got, as I felt my core moistening, and I know based on the look on my face he knew I was getting wet for him.

“You ready to get wet?”

He asked, a smirk lifting his lips as he rose from the sofa and held out his hands to me. I stepped forward, my bare toes crushing into the plush carpet that covered the living area, and laid my hand into his.

‘I am already..

I murmured quietly as he led me towards the bathroom. He didn’t speak as he led me, ass cheeks clenching deliciously, dimples above his cheeks winking at me.

Stepping into the bathroom I glanced at the shower and remembering what happened this morning made me even wetter. As I suspected the tub was partially filled and the bubbles were floating inviting me to just come in and wash the stress off. He let my hand go and turned on the hot water letting the tub fill and sat at the edge.


His voice had dropped and that husky growl of his made my nipple stand up and tighten, their commander giving them orders. I placed my hand to the bottom of the blouse I was wearing, drawing my hand slowly up to the top of the front zip, grabbed the tab and slid the zip down. The rasp of the zip becoming undone, was heard clearly, the sound amplified over the water, as the sexual heat between us grew.

His smirk broadened as my breasts became visible, incased in lace, nipples pointing their guns forward, ready for war as I bared my top to him. As I dropped the shirt on the ground, he reached behind him and shut off the tap. The silence made the bathroom feel even more humid, as my uneven breathing became more noticeable against his steady calm breaths. My hands sped up and my skirt was unzipped and pooling at my feet before my mind could catch up and keep pace.

Standing before him in a bra and panty, he took his time looking at me and I stepped towards him, right in between his legs, needing to feel him touch me. Standing so close, his breaths touched my skin, my eyes shut, savoring the air.

The first kiss he laid on my tummy, the next a whisper of a touch a little higher, a firmer touch with a slight suck a little lower, his hand on my front at the bra clasp. In one squeeze, the bra unclipped and the tension of having them up all day was gone. His bahis firmaları hands removed the bra, one arm at a time all this while leaving little kisses over my tummy. One on the left, soft, one to the right, harder, in the middle, a little suck and swirl of his tongue, amping me up slowly.

His hands steady on me as they went to the edge of my panty, the lacey light wisps of material pretending to be a boy shorts. He slid his hands over them and down they went, joining the shirt pooled at my feet.

The kisses stopped and he stood, swished his hands through the water and deemed it good. He climbed in, arms flexing as he sat down in the warm water.

“Get in.”

I stepped into the tub and positioned myself between his legs and sat down, body covered, water up to the top of my breasts, bubbles caressing my neck. The warm water and his body heat at my back, soothed a part of me I didn’t realized was tense.

He let me sit, just breathing, letting my body unwind. My head rested back against him. I could feel his whole body, chest, stomach and his weapon, hot, hard, thick and getting thicker as he breathed, against me. I breathed out, mind numbing in pleasure in the hot water. He was giving me a break, time to relax and unwind.

So I thought.

He reached his hands down and lightly squeezed my ass, slid his fingers under the tops of my thighs that were sitting flush in the tub and I rose a little to assist him, thinking he was just repositioning me to get more comfortable. The slight lift I gave him raised me up allowing him to slide the tips of his fingers into me, spreading my outer lips open and as I shifted back down, down right on top of him, I felt him spear me open.

His weapon, his dick, hard, hot, thick drove straight up my pussy, stretching me totally, hitting that spot inside that made me clench and cream on him, the burning sudden fullness pushing me to the edge of an orgasm. He shifted his body and that slight action did it for me as I felt the tip press more firmly in me, inching higher, on that one place. I cried out, head fell back, tensing up as I felt myself clench over and over, cumming, wetness streaming out of me to mix in the tub.

Mind totally wiped by the intensity of how hard he had just made me cum, nerves firing on pleasure, feeling his dick throb inside, brought me right back to the brink. He withdrew and thrust, grinding his dick in a circle inside, mind barely comprehending the sloshing of water, I grabbed on the edge of the tub and knew this was going to end me.

He slid his hand up to my neck, holding my throat in a tight yet comfortable hold, and I felt his legs flex under me. He withdrew and thrust again, so slowly, I could feel his dick drag on my insides, feeling my pussy get empty and craving his reentry. Again he thrust in, harder than the first, feeling him hit deep, tightening his hand on my throat, slowly dragging out.

“Brace yourself…”

That was the only warning I got. He then set a punishing pace, each thrust feeling faster and harder and longer than the last. I broke into pieces, cumming, my hand clawing at his, trying to get air to scream and finding none. The lack of air has me keenly feeling each deep thrust as my body got more and more sensitive the longer I was without air. He relaxed his hold on my throat to allow me a scrap of air and gurgles came out my mouth, the slight bit of air tensing my body further, edging my orgasm on.

Water kaçak iddaa in the tub overflowed as he shifted his other hand to go between my legs, finding my clit. One twirl of his fingers over me and again I came, clenching down so hard on him that he stopped moving, allowing him to feel the rotation of my hips as I came.

Just his fingers danced on my clit, around and around, the water and oils in the tub plus the wetness of my pussy making his actions easy. Around and around and around they went and as he went for one more pass, I felt him tense, his hand tightened at my throat, fingers began to pick up the pace as I felt him throb and flex, throb and flex inside and I felt the fullness and heat of him increase.

Feeling him come, rubbing my clit quickly, set me off again, my hand grabbed at his, one hand holding for life on the edge of the tub the other, nails sunk deep in his arm, trying to escape from the severity of the feelings. Feeling him go still, hand around my throat, fingers on clit, my body and mind went still. My body was feeling complete and the stress of the day completely left me.

He removed his hands from my throat and began placing small kisses on my skin to sooth me, he wiped under my eyes. I hadn’t realized that my eyes had watered when I came.

“You ok baby?”

His voice sounding even deeper in the silence of the room. I had to clear my throat and swallow repeatedly to get my voice to sound.

“Yes I’m good.”

I was good, I felt good, so damn good and so damn confused when I felt him say “good” and begin to slowly stroke anew. He wasn’t finished!!

“Wait… Wait… Waittt… baby… Didn’t u come???” I spluttered out as he stroked in and out, short strokes and swirls of the hips.

“I did but you didn’t have enough. You still feel tense.”

He stopped stroking and tapped me on my legs and pointed out of the tub. I shifted off of him and stepped out the tub and walked towards the vanity, bubbles still on my breasts and legs. I looked into the vanity mirror and saw him step out, water streaming down, looking like a god with bubbles on him. If anyone said bubbles are a feminine thing, never saw him in bubbles.

He watched me watch him watching me in the mirror. His gait steady as he approached me, dick bobbing and bouncing from side to side as he walked. He stepped behind me and eased my legs apart all the while looking me in the eye through the mirror. Feeling his dick slide between my thighs and angled upward, he began to rub his thick tip over and on my clit, pressing on it … gathering all the wet and all the liquid that was trickling out of me and some of the water that is still on my skin running down on his cock and I can hear the wet slicking sounds of his dick rubbing my lips. With his dick in hand, he began to press his head in; letting an inch sink into me while still looking at me in the mirror, his face a determined mask. I felt my cunt stretch anew even though he was inside me before and as wet as I was, I still struggled to take him.

He slid further into me slowly while watching me watch him, made my knees weak and I braced myself with both hands on the vanity. He sank all his inches in, right until he hit the end of me, his hips coming to slap solidly against my ass cheeks, the choked scream cut off as my hand flied off the vanity to his leg, trying to ease him back a bit. He looks at me and says

“No… kaçak bahis You can handle this baby. This is nothing…”

Trying to listen and follow his directions, I pushed my ass back trying to take him. I put my hand back on the vanity to brace myself and began pushing back and easing forward.

Back and forward, back and forward, moving slowly, fighting to take him, feeling my pussy tighten up all around his dick. I feel the pressure build in me and I knew I wasn’t going to survive this. He leaned into me, body closer to mine, his hands under my ass cheeks, spreading them and I felt him slide further in; feeling pleasure starting to tinge with a bit of pain.

He pushed forward when I rocked back and sent him in even deeper, I angled by body forward slightly and he then rubbed on that spot again and again and again until I tightened up around him even further as I felt the biggest orgasm of the night creep closer.

The harsh moan left my mouth as I felt him swell inside me and he continued to rub that spot again and again as he withdrew and thrust, swirled and swirled his dick in my soaking wet pussy and thrust again. He shifted and started thrusting harder, each hit harder and longer than the last…

Pain and intense pleasure blurring until I didn’t know which was which… the sounds of my wet sloppy pussy was in the air as the humidity of the bathroom cause the mirror to fog, trickles of sweat started to run down his skin and mine…

Slamming himself home, he upped the tempo and stroked deep and fast and I begged for mercy


My voice cracked and shattered in the air as I moaned it out and yet he didn’t stop. He kept up that same unforgiving rhythm, in out…in out… deep, hard, fast… making me feel every single inch he had to give. The sound of his hips colliding with my ass cheeks, louder than gunshots.

His hand left my ass cheeks, one circled my hip and the other came up and surrounded my throat, under my jaw, taking my hands up from the vanity and squeezed as he kept thrusting in and out, in and out, deeper and deeper, faster and harder, his tip knocking on my cervix on each thrust. Pleasure singing through me as pain was blurred out. Small moans where all the sounds coming from me as he continued to demolish my pussy.

His weapon was doing as instructed, damaging this pussy beyond repair.

As he withdrew and dug in, setting his trench, I tightened my walls around him and felt his dick start his telltale throbbing. He started to feel even thicker and longer, hotter and harder, he then whispers in my ear…

“I’m going to come…”

His strokes got rougher and harder yet still stronger and he felt even thicker, his harsh breaths in my ear he moaned out

“F-uc-kkk…” The hand that gripped my hips got tighter and he really starts to hit me. Hard.

His stokes, I’m feeling them all and then he shifts and nudges that spot again and I tried to ease forward, but there was nowhere to go, nothing to do but take it. He hits that little spot again and again and again and again and I feel him starting to come. The jerking of his dick inside and that last strong flex that settled him hard and hot and pressing on that place, sent me into the most intense orgasm of the night.

My eyes locked with his in the mirror, my toes bend, the silent scream ripped from my throat, my body collapsed and my mind had no choice but to shield me from the intensity of it…

And my mind and I, knew no more. Last thing I could make out was vaguely hearing his voice say

“I’m sorry I made work so hard for you today…”

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