Sympathy or Love

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Warning — This story contains parts of incest. If you are offended by it, please continue reading with caution.

As I looked out the window while thinking about my life so far, I saw the child with an adult body, playing around with two other children in the garden. My life in the past few years, had been an emotional roller-coaster. I spent a very normal childhood as a girl except for that my parents died in a car crash when I was twelve and lived my teen years in the protection of my aunt. I lived happy life with my aunt and she was very caring. Everything started to go out of ordinary, when I was nineteen. This is my story; Melissa’s story.

My body started to bloom like a flower after I passed my seventeenth birthday. By the time I was nineteen, I was a fully bloomed, very desirable girl. It wasn’t like I was like a super model. I was the owner of a 5’5″ tall, slim and petite body. It had curves where they were needed and I was a proud owner of a pair of C cup size firm breasts. Having a pretty face with long straight blond hair, also didn’t hurt at attracting lot of attention from guys. Being true to my innocent looking face, I was a very shy girl and had very few relationships by the time I finished high-school and started working at a small restaurant. There, I met Dave.

Dave was a small time training music producer and worked at a music recording studio. He seemed like a nice and stable guy. When he asked me for a date, I didn’t have a reason not to accept. We had fun being together and soon it became stable relationship. He was still living at his mother’s home, even if he was able to easily move out to a new place. The reason was, Dave had a mentally disabled younger brother. So it was impossible for his mother alone, to take care of him at home while going to work. The normal routine was, she was at home during the day and Dave was at home during the night.

After three months of dating Dave, I was introduced to his family. His mother Lisa was a very charming and a proper lady. She looked much younger than I had imagined. Even if Dave was 21, she was 38 years old. She had had him when she was only 17. She looked at least 3 years younger than her age and was a very beautiful woman. She had a much curvy body with bigger breasts compared to mine. She was attractive enough to make me insecure about my looks. I thought that she must be what guys always identify as a MILF.

Dave’s brother Dan was 18, but he looked older than Dave. He had a 6’1″ big body that towered over my small frame. Not only he was tall, his body looked to be very sturdy too. Despite his looks, from inside, he was like a 3 year old. He was a small kid trapped in an adult body. When I first met him, he was very friendly and asked me to play a video game with him. Being fond of kids, I immediately started to like him too.

After few months, I was basically a part of their family. Lisa was one of the nicest women I had ever met and I was Dan’s best buddy. He spoke very few words and understood very few words. He rarely listened to other people, but he was responding well to me; almost as well as he listened to Lisa. I really enjoyed being around and playing with him. It took some getting used to at first, but after some time, he was nothing more than a cute little boy who always wanted to play. I noticed that Dave didn’t actually liked his brother much and took care of him out of obligation. I could really sense the distance between them as Dan didn’t want to play or do anything when Dave was around. Few times I even had arguments with Dave about treating his brother badly.

One night, Lisa had gone for work and I stayed with Dave to help him babysit his brother. Once together in the room, things eventually started to heat up. When things were getting to the point of no return, I said,

“Dave, we can’t. You know I’m very loud when things get hot. Your brother might hear.”

“Don’t worry, that retard doesn’t even know the difference between a man and a woman, let alone sex,” Dave replied coldly. He was obviously too turned on and was getting mad with his brother for delaying the much needed sex from him.

I got really upset at his use of words to call his brother, but I was also too turned on to start an argument. And I too, thought that Dan was like a kid and wouldn’t even know what was happening. I honestly thought that he cannot even get a hard-on. So from then on, I had sex with Dave whenever we were alone at his house while babysitting Dan.

After few weeks, I lost my job at the restaurant and was looking for a new job. But luckily Lisa got promotion at her working place. The only problem was that the promotion required her to be working the day time shifts. So she was considering about hiring babysitters or care takers for Dan. Given the circumstances with Dan, people were only willing to take the job for a high payment. Then Lisa suggested that I babysit Dan and she would give me a better salary than the restaurant did. I didn’t have to look for Jobs anymore and Lisa got a babysitter that she can pendik escort really trust for a much cheaper price. It was a win-win situation for everyone. I happily took on her offer as I also really enjoyed being with Dan.

As the babysitter, all I had to do was give him his meals and keep an eye on him while helping with minor things that he couldn’t do by himself. So it was basically just hanging out with him and I got paid well for it. It would have gotten much harder if I was someone he wasn’t used to or liked. Luckily for me, he liked me very much and listened to me well.

Most of our day was normally spent watching TV together. The channels he watched always rotated around kids channels. So one day, while watching the discovery kids channel, it suddenly showed mating horses in the wild. For me I didn’t find anything special about it, but I saw a sudden change in Dan’s face. He really started to focus and watch very interestingly at the mating creatures. After the scene changed, he leaned back on the couch again. Then I noticed something I though Dan was never capable of. There was a swell in his pants’ crotch area. He had a hard-on.

I was confused. Men can get hard-ons for many reasons other than sexual feelings. So just to clear my doubts, I took the remote controller and unlocked the parental control of the TV and put on a very hot music video that had lot of hot girls with very sexy clothing. Dan’s face again changed quickly, and with a smile, he started to rub his crotch with his hand while watching the video with wide eyes. I quickly changed the channel back to cartoons and turned on parent controls. His face changed in to a very sad expression and leaned on the couch again to blindly keep looking at the cartoon.

I was amazed by finding out that Dan does have some kind of sexual feelings. I started to feel an overwhelming feeling of pity toward him. Everyone in his family failed to notice it, but Dan was a teenager. Most teenagers by his age were horny creatures. In mind, he might be a child, but his body was working perfectly and so were his hormones. With hormones, comes desires. And he must be suffering with all the hormones and a single girl would never look at him. He would die without feeling the warmth of a woman or even seeing a naked woman. Maybe that’s why he liked me. When I thought back, I was the only girl around his age that ever even talked to him. It wasn’t surprising that the nature took over and made him like a nice looking female immediately. I felt so guilty about having loud sex with Dave all the time, with him around. Then I thought that the least I could do for him as girl was to treat him as a teenager rather than a child.

I reached in and touched his cheek before saying,

“You are a big boy aren’t you Dan?”

He looked at me smiling innocently.

I was very shy of showing my body and used to wear very conservative clothes. Jeans and baggy t-shirts were like my uniform. I rarely wore a skirt, something short or tight. But the next day, when I came to babysit Dan, I wore an innocent knee long summer dress with straps. Lisa was waiting for me in her office attire, to leave for her work.

“Wow, Melissa sweetie, you look lovely in that dress. What’s the big change?” Lisa said while giving me a hug.

“Just felt like changing my clothing habits a bit. Nothing special,” I said smiling.

That day, Dan was acting super happy. He kept looking at me smiling. He was almost shy when we were close and watching TV. I noticed once in a while, the innocent look in his eyes changed and kept looking at my legs. I felt really happy that a simple dress was able to make his whole day happy. Most importantly, his looking at my legs encouraged me to carry on with my little act of sympathy.

After few days of wearing my summer dresses and long dresses, I went to his home one morning, wearing my usual jeans and baggy t-shirts. But, I was carrying a back pack. The look of disappointment in Dan’s face when he saw me wearing the jeans, made me laugh. He was so transparent and innocent. I went in to the bathroom and put on the clothes that I brought in the back pack. When I entered the room where Dan was watching TV, his eyes went wide and kept looking at me with surprise. I was wearing a denim mini skirt that showed my toned legs nicely and a tight low cut tank top that highlighted my chest beautifully. The tank top was hugging tightly around my full breasts while the low cut showed about an inch of the valley created by my breasts. They were two of the few clothes I bought recently specially for him. After all, I got enough money to go for shopping sprees by babysitting him. So he deserved it. Also, I was also starting to get a little thrill out of showing off my body to a male. Dave wasn’t very romantic when it came to sex. He wanted me naked fast and finish fucking quickly. So I never had the chance to show off for him.

I thought the poor guy would have a heart attack from the way he was looking at me. He was like a deer caught in headlights. I had to laugh escort pendik and at the same time I felt happy that someone in this world found me that much attractive.

“How do you like my new dress Dan?” I said as I put my hands on hips and turned around showing him my body.

“Pretty, pretty, Melissa pretty” He said aloud while clapping and smiling wide.

That day, he wasn’t taking his eyes off from me. To much of my amusement, he seemed to drop things a lot on the floor for me to pick up. The innocent trick to see up my short skirt was very cute. Even when I went to the kitchen to get lunch ready, he followed me and watched me without missing a single movement I made. The revealing outfit that I wasn’t much used to and the constant stares, were starting to get me a little excited too. Each minute he kept looking at me like at a woman, I started to see him as more of a man.

After the lunch, we were watching TV together. When I sit on the couch, my short skirt rode up higher, showing more of my smooth thighs. Normally, I would have lifted myself up a bit and pull the hem down before sitting again. But, I was wearing the revealing attire to show Dan how girls look. So nervously, I put one leg upon the other, making the skirt ride up even higher. If the skirt had rode up one more inch, it would have showed my underwear. Soon, Dan eyes were glued to my toned thighs, especially at the junction where my thighs and the hem of the skirt met. This sudden exposure of my legs to eagerly watching eyes made me blush a bit and I was getting a bit turned on.

In the heat of the situation, I made the biggest mistake I ever made. I opened the Pandora’s Box. I turned off the parental lock and gave the remote back to Dan before going to the kitchen to clean the mess I made. This time he didn’t follow me as he understood that I turned the lock off for other channels. When I went back check on him, he was watching a movie scene where a semi naked couple passionately kissing each other. He was rubbing himself through the pants while watching it without blinking. I thought for a moment if I should change the channel, but I decided against it. It was just a kissing scene, so I though it should be ok and sat beside him on the couch. The kissing scene ended and he suddenly realized I was sitting beside him. He was looking at me with an expression that I had never seen from him. I gently smiled and with a confused expression asked.

“What?” there was a playful tone in my voice.

He didn’t say anything and suddenly reached in and kissed me on the lips. I was shocked at first and was about push him off telling that he was being naughty. Then I thought, he must have never kissed a girl and might not ever kiss a girl. The least I can do for this poor guy was to at least let him experience a real kiss.

With that decision, I opened my mouth and sent my tongue in to his mouth to touch his. He stopped for a second with the new change but quickly followed my lead and soon we were French kissing. Soon, he was exploring my whole mouth with his tongue. It crept in to every space in my mouth like it was searching for something. This was a new experience for me in kissing and I kind of liked the special attention my mouth was getting.

He didn’t touch me with his hands even once. We were kissing for about 15 minutes and to be honest, he wasn’t a good kisser. He was sloppy and I felt our mixed saliva trailed down my chin, down my neck and in to the valley of my breasts. But this was the first ever time he was kissing and he was like a child. So I didn’t mind. After we ended our little kissing adventure, he looked like he had won a lottery. I smiled and went to the washroom to clean my face and between my breasts. In the washroom, I peeled of my tank top. The between of my breasts were soaked and I was surprise to find the trail of saliva had even reached down to my belly button.

Soon things were back to normal watching cartoons and playing video games. Then suddenly he would lean in to kiss me. I would kiss back and kiss him for about 10 minutes each time. I enjoyed it. But it didn’t sexually turn me on. For me I was just kissing a kid in a big body. By the time Lisa arrived home, we had kissed four more times. I had to change back to my normal clothes before she arrived.

“My god, look at him. What did you do to make him so happy?” Lisa asked seeing the happy face of Dan.

“Nothing much, maybe it’s my charms,” I said smiling.

“You really do make him happy Melissa. I can’t thank you enough for this. He was depressed until you showed up. Let me treat you to something nice later. Ok?” Lisa said hugging me. Only if she could guess why he was so happy, she’ll faint from the shock.

For another week, we played our small secret game. I was wearing short skirts and short dresses for Dan, and was showing off my long toned legs. He was dropping so many things on the floor; I was starting to fear I might get a back pain after bending down so many times. And we kissed a lot too. We spent time kissing so much, pendik escort bayan he became an acceptable kisser and even I improved my kissing skill. Even Dave noticed that I was a better kisser. And during all those kissing, Dan progressively started holding my body, but didn’t go as far and reaching in to my clothes. I thought that maybe he respected me too much to pass that point. I was like his second mother and I thought that bond would keep him behaved within a limit.

Then one day, while browsing for through channel guide to find something to watch, my attention went to an X-rated movie title that was being broadcasted. I looked at Dan who was sitting beside me and thought for a moment. I decided that it was about time he watch some big boy things, and I was curious about how he would react too. So I put on the movie and let it run.

He watched through the whole movie without looking away for even once. But he didn’t touch himself this time. I thought maybe he was too immersed in to it to touch himself. He was sitting on the left corner of the couch and I was sitting in the middle. Immediately after the movie, he pulled me next to me and started kissing. This took me by surprise. Before this, he came to me for the kisses and never used any kind of force. But this time he grabbed my arms and pulled my lips to his eager mouth. As we were kissing, I felt one of his hands let of my hand and land on my knee. I was wearing a short pleated skirt and a camisole. As his other hand wrapped around me the one on my knee started to move up my thigh. I feared for a moment that he might reach in to my short skirt, but he stopped his hand when it touched the hem, and kept it there. I decided that if it was only that much, it would be safe and I would play alone.

Then he broke the kiss while standing up and slowly but firmly, pushed me down to the couch until I was lying on it. I pulled my legs on to it, but the couch wasn’t long enough for me to stretch my legs. So I had to bend my knees and lift them up to fit my legs in the limited space. The disadvantage of wearing a pleated skirt was that, unlike a tight skirt that would have held wrapped around my thighs, disregard of the gravity; the front of the pleated skirt slid down my angled smooth thighs exposing my legs, and the back of the pleated skirt that should be covering my round ass and the back of my thighs, lied loosely dropped on to the couch. This left my legs and the panty exposed from the above, and the bottom part of my ass cheeks and my panty clad sex completely exposed at the right angle. In a feeble attempt to hide my near nakedness, I held my knees tightly together and with my two hands, held the skirt up my thighs to cover them from Dan’s eyes. Still, I didn’t have a way to cover my exposed bottom.

Luckily, Dan wasn’t interested in moving down to the lower part of my body to find out my near nakedness. He knelt on the floor near my face and bent down to place his lips against mine from side, like giving CPR. This was the first time I was getting kiss from this angle and our mouths seemed to fit well in this way. He put one his big palms underneath the back of my head to support my head while he kissed me deep. His other arm was harmlessly lying on my flat belly and rubbing it through the camisole once in a while. This was the deepest I had ever been kissed before, and his tongue was dancing in my mouth so aggressively, I soon gave up kissing back and held my mouth open for him to explore with his tongue and mouth. While I laid submissively with my mouth opened to him, he went to town in my mouth. It wasn’t a kiss anymore. He was licking every part of inside my mouth with his long tongue. His tongue sometimes went so deep, I felt like he was licking my tonsils. Sometimes, he caught my tongue between his lips and sucked it in to his mouth like a Popsicle. I closed my eyes and started to concentrate fully on the new and strange feelings my mouth was experiencing.

As my mouth underwent this bizarre administration, my full attention went in to the tongue that was rampaging inside my mouth. Soon I even forgot that it was Dan who was doing this and started to slowly moan, as he lick-cleaned my whole mouth.

Suddenly my attention was torn away from my mouth to my exposed bottom. The hand he had on my belly was now on where my thighs and buttocks met. He was gently caressing the area since he liked the smoothness and the softness. As his caressing went wide, he brushed along my panty covered mound, bringing a gasp mixed with a moan from my mouth. The sudden deep kiss was one thing, but this was crossing the line. So I took one of my hands that was holding the skirt on the top and used it to push away his hand that was rubbing on my ass and pussy. He seemed to have get the message and removed his hand from my exposed bottom.

After removing his wondering hand from my bottom, he laid it back on my belly. Then he started to snake hand upwards, rubbing along my flat mid-drift, over my soft breasts and along the neck to grab my chin hard and forcing me to keep my mouth open. Then he suddenly stopped licking and kept his lips tightly locked on to mine like in CPR. I was confused what he was doing and thought that he must be trying to imitate a CPR scene he had seen in the TV.

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