Sweet Submission

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The bet was made, the coin was tossed, and the lady had called heads. The coin landed spinning many times before the outcome had shown tails.

The loser of the bet? “Slave for a day.”

She had to follow his instructions to the letter. Should she go against His wishes, she would be punished.

She was to show up promptly at 3:00 PM wearing a short dress, panties or thong and no bra.

They kissed passionately with the anticipation of what was to come. She only knew that she must submit to His every need or be punished.

He handcuffed her wrists in front of her taking special care not over tighten the restraints. The metal handcuffs were only temporary as they would be replaced with fur lined satin restraints.

He led her outside to his secluded backyard. There he raised her arms above her head to an awaiting rope and then fastened the other end of the rope to a nearby branch.

He kissed her softly again before he slid the blindfold over her eyes.

She could feel the moistness between her legs as she anticipated a touch, but there was none. She was helpless.

Her senses were now heightened, without her sight. She could feel the sun on her body, the soft breeze blowing up her dress and the taste of their last kiss still on her lips. She could hear a bird sing in the distance, the rustling of the leaves, and the smell of her own sweet perfume now seemed to fill the air.

Her body shuttered as she felt his hands on her legs for the first time. He slowly ran his fingers up her legs, pulling her dress up to the waist and showing off her beautiful body.

His fingers soon made their way to the inside of her thighs. Slowly they lightly touched upwards until he felt the edge of her wet panties. Her knees went weak as he tugged gently, then pulling the panties to one side exposing her moistness.

She was clean-shaven and he could hardly wait to taste her sweet juices.

She felt his hot breath nearing her now swollen clit and begged him to lick it. She felt his tongue at the edge of her panties. Very slowly, he separated her labia. He nibbled on one, then the other, tugging and sucking over and over.

Her knees weakened as he plunged his tongue deep inside her throbbing pussy. She met each stroke violently as he lapped up every drop. Faster and faster he licked until her body started to spasm, and then he stopped.

She wanted to beg him to continue. She wanted to feel his cock deep inside her, but she also knew that if she did not do what she was told, that she would be punished. To obey her Master would only lead to rewards of ecstasy.

She felt his hands on her body, squeezing her ass, working their way up the body to her breasts. His fingers lightly touching the skin, her neck, then lightly tugging on her hair.

She felt his hands raising up her arms and then undoing the handcuffs. He massaged each wrist, kissing them softly, slowly lowering them down to her sides.

She felt his breath on her lips, then slowly they kissed. The metal cuffs were to be replaced with soft satin restraints, but as long as she followed his orders, there would no longer be a need for them today.

He helped her to her knees where she was told to put her head down and was not allowed to touch herself.

Still blindfolded, she could hear the sound of the briefcase opening. She knew this sound and it made her smile. Inside the case were all her toys. There were vibrators, vibrating eggs, bullets, plugs, anal toys and more.

There was also her whip for when she disobeyed. He had never hurt her with it; in fact it stimulated her to orgasm again and again. It was more of a tease than anything.

She felt her dress raise up exposing her tight ass. She squirmed as he pulled her panties down enough to expose her wet pussy.

She moaned softly as she felt his hot tongue on her asshole.

She felt his finger bahis firmaları slowly separate her awaiting pussy as he licked her ass. As slowly as his finger entered, he removed it even slower.

She pushed backward trying to get it deeper, but he had pulled it away. Again, she felt her lips separating, deeper and deeper it went. Again, she could feel his fingers slowly pulling out.

One more time, this time spreading her lips wide. She felt it being pushed in deeper and deeper. Her back arched as she pushed hard against his fingers until it was deep inside her.

Suddenly, without any warning, she felt a vibration from deep inside. The vibration was a vibrating, remote control egg. He now could control her from a 100 feet away.

She found herself reaching back, wanting to rub her clit, but as she did, the vibration would quit. She knew she had to obey her Master.

She felt his hand raise her head, and slowly guide her hands to his belt. She knew that she had to service him in order for the egg to be turned on.

She undid his pants and slowly pulled down his fly. As she kissed the bulge in his pants, she felt the egg turn on.

She tugged on his pants and they dropped down around his ankles. Without underwear he was ready to be serviced by his slave.

As she reached for his cock with her right hand, the vibration deep inside her stopped. She knew then that no hands were allowed.

Again, he guided her to his throbbing cock. She licked thoughtfully, tasting his pre-cum. She felt the vibration again as she took him into her mouth. He removed his hands from her head knowing that she did not like her hair touched nor needed the help.

She moved her tongue up and down the base of his cock and then again sucked on just the head. She wanted to rub her throbbing clit as she sucked him.

Several times she found herself reaching back, and the vibration stopped. The on and off sensations drove her into ecstasy and she wanted him inside her.

She sucked his cock harder and harder, taking his seven inch cock deep in her throat. She heard his moans as she took as much of him as she could handle.

Without warning, he pulled away. He knelt in front of her, brushed the hair away from her face and gently kissed her lips.

He turned off the vibrating egg and again kissed her passionately. He praised her performance so far, but after all, the bet was “slave for a day,” and the day was young. He had a lot more in store for sweet Lisa.

He carefully helped her to her feet. She felt her panties fall the rest of the way to her ankles. She leaned on him for support as he removed them completely.

Still blindfolded, He led her across the yard. She squeezed her muscles hard trying to retain the egg still inside her.

She was confused to hear the truck door opening. He helped her into the 4×4, watching her head carefully. He reclined the seat all the way back and told her to raise her dress so that he could view her wet pussy.

With anticipation of his touch, she immediately obliged. He parted her legs wide with one foot resting on the dash. She could feel his fingers on each side of her awaiting lips. Slowly they pulled her labia wide as she felt the heat of his hot tongue touching the inside of her. His tongue licked faster and faster working it’s way up to her awaiting clit as she felt the vibrator turn back on.

Her hips thrust upward trying to get his tongue on her clit. She grabbed his head hard, trying to guide him right where she needed him, but the vibration and licking stopped.

She felt the truck door close, then the driver’s side open. As she lay there, naked from the waist down, blindfolded, she heard the engine start.

He comforted her, telling her that she need not be frightened, but as a reward, she would finally be allowed to touch herself, to masturbate for him. The catch was, only while kaçak iddaa the egg was vibrating. When the egg stops, she must also stop.

The egg almost immediately turned on and she wasted no time rubbing her clit. Her breathing became heavy as she rubbed her pussy hard.

Suddenly the vibration stopped. She hesitantly stopped. She rested her hand over pussy waiting, wanting to rub. He pulled her hand away. Several miles went by before she heard the words Let me taste you.”

The vibrator turned back on as she stuck two fingers deep inside of her and then let him suck on them. He allowed her to continue to masturbate, faster and harder she rubbed.

She rubbed her clit back and forth hard as she felt his two fingers part her awaiting lips deep, pushing the egg deeper inside of her. He thrusts his fingers back and forth until her legs clamped violently on them. Her hips thrust back as she tried to pull him out.

He shut off the vibrator but left his fingers inside her. Her body spasms every time he would even slightly move his fingers.

She still had his hand firmly clasped. He had seen women having shallow orgasms before, but never quite like this. He even felt her squirt deep inside.

As she regained some of her composure, she felt the vehicle pull over.

He told her that she could now remove the blindfold. To her surprise, she was in some town, what looked like a main street. Even though that there was no one around, she still was parked on main street, naked from the waist down and still had his fingers deep inside of her.

He pulled out his fingers slowly. They were dripping wet. He tasted her sweet cum, then shared a kiss with her.

He helped her with her seat, then handed her, her panties and asked her to put them on. She went to pull out the egg, and was told, “No,” but to replace her panties.

Doing so, she looked in the visor mirror. Her face was flushed, almost a guilty, loss of innocence air about her. Her eyes almost seemed to turn a deeper blue.

He walked around the vehicle, opening the door for her. They were heading for a bar, and a bar full of people.

As he opened the door for her, she still could feel the egg inside her, and aware of her very wet panties.

They shared a secret smile between them as they walked inside. All the rules still applied. She was still his slave for that day, and he still held the remote.

He held the door for her as they walked inside. She felt a little uneasy as she felt the eyes of the patrons upon her, yet she was a little turned on feeling the egg still inside her and her panties wet with pleasure.

As he ordered their drinks, she headed towards the back room and the pool tables. On her way, she was met by two young men who started up a conversation.

She stood there very seductively, flirting using only her body. Her short dress showing off her legs, her breasts and those eyes you could get lost in.

He should of felt jealous, but she did come in with him and he still had the remote control.

She winced as he turned it on from across the room. She squirmed and tried to squeeze her lips together trying to maintain in front of her new friends. As he handed her a drink, as quickly as the vibrator turned on, it went off. She knew then, that he was still in control.

The back room of the bar was quiet. There was only one couple and they were getting ready to leave.

Standing in front of her, he grabbed her hands softly, starred into her eyes and they kissed very passionately. They decided to play a game of pool, at a price of course. If she would win, she would no longer be his slave for the day, but he would be hers.

Should she lose, she was to remove her panties right there in the bar in front of him. Eight ball, last pocket.

She had won the coin toss, then slowly bent forward for the break. Her dress slowly raised up kaçak bahis enough just to drive him crazy. As she pulled back on the cue, she felt the egg again deep inside her. The cue ball veered off but the one ball rolled slowly into the corner pocket.

She wanted to touch herself. She leaned forward on the cue, or leaned over a corner pocket just to feel anything against her clit.

As he shot, she would stand in front of him, lifting her dress, just teasing him and breaking his concentration. Several shots went by as the balls remained on the table. It was time for a short break.

He turned the egg off as they stood in front of the jukebox. He stood directly behind her, arms around her waist and whispered to her, “I want to taste you.”

The only people around were in the other room and they had their backs to them. Slowly, she lifted her dress slightly, and pulled her panties to one side allowing access to her swollen lips.

Her knees got weak as she touched herself. He whispered to her, “All the way in.” She complied.

She could feel his hard cock behind her as she came to the realization that she was masturbating for him in public. This only turned them both on more. He told her to slowly remove her fingers so that he could taste them.

Her breathing was heavy as she removed them. She lowered her dress, turned around and put her fingers to his lips. The scent of her overwhelmed him, as he tasted her sweet juices.

He shared her fingers with her, then kissed her soft sharing all of her wetness

After regaining some composure, they had played their songs and decided to finish the longest pool game in history. The solids and stripes were about even on the table when he confronted her about changing the bet.

He suggested that if she won, she would still get him for the rest of the day to do what she pleased. If she lost, she would no longer be under his control.

It was a win, win situation she thought. What was the catch?

She was to remove her thong and the egg somewhere back in that poolroom where no one could see. She would be able to shoot pool without the egg vibrating inside her, but then she would be almost naked. Hesitantly, she agreed to his terms.

She loved the feel of the vibration inside her, but she needed more control.

She found a small corner of the room where no one could see, but the voices sounded somewhat near. He backed her up against the wall as he ran his hands up the outside of her thighs raising her dress.

She tugged quickly at her thong as it dropped down around her ankles. There was just one task left. She reached between her legs and grabbed at the antenna to pull out the egg as she felt it turn on.

He kissed her deep as he guided her hands to pull it out. As they slowly pulled it out he guided it, still vibrating to her swollen clit. He pressed firmly against it as she bit his lip trying to stop.

As he shut it off, she stood there, out of breath, and her thong still around one ankle. She composed herself, gathered up her toy and panties and proceeded back to the pool table.

He stood there, trying to catch his breath. He was harder that he could ever remember. Her sweet perfume still lingered as he tried to compose himself.

Neither one could remember whose shot it was, but it really didn’t matter. As he shot, she would rub his hard cock from behind, or lift her dress enough to show off that perfect shaven pussy.

As she would shoot, she would bend over far enough to show off that tight ass and he would rub his hand up underneath her dress and gently part her lips.

This went on until he grabbed her from behind; He pulled her hair away and gently kissed her neck.

He whispered to her, “Call it a draw?”

Without hesitation, she said, “Yes,” and they walked hand and hand through the bar to the door.

As they reached the door, she raised the back of her dress for a second and flashed the bar.

They laughed at what had happened today and smiled of what was to come. She was no longer his slave. He was no longer her Master, but they were as one.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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