Sweet Little Janie

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She liked it in the ass. She liked it hard, soft, and goddamn crazy in the ass.

She was a wild little bitch. Wasn’t quite five and a half feet tall, but she was like a damn animal. She had the softest skin but under it all was nice, toned muscle. That’d all be gone some day, so she was using it as much and as best she could – today. Janie’s one wild little girl.

“Put it in,” she said between her teeth. Her jaw was clenched and her eyes were wild. She kept pushing the short brown hair away from her face as she looked back. “Put it in, now!” Like I needed her to tell me that. I never know who’s feeling it more. All I know is that when she’s like that, I just grab hold of them hips, put tab A in slot B and hold on for the ride.

Now, even though she gets a little nuts about the whole thing, she never makes a big noise. Just her breathing. You can hear her building up in quick gasps and such. Sounds like she’s running the last leg of a long race. And man, she knows how to go to town on it. She arches her back, digs her hands into the mattress for traction and pushes into me hard. ‘Bout enough to make me shoot off right away, but you get to learning little tricks. Once you can go the distance – man, she’s the best fuck in the world.

So, Janie and I are walking down the street. From the store or some kinda thing. It’s the middle of the goddamn summer and she wants to go for a walk in the sun to güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri show off her new shoes. I don’t mind telling you, I was not enjoying the trip one damn bit. But watching her strut around in shorts that show half her perfect ass, and one of those little white spaghetti string tank tops, well goddamn if it wasn’t worth the trip. She was sweating in the sun just like everyone else, but I bet most were sweating ’cause of her. I was. I don’t even remember what he damn shoes looked like.

When we got back to her place the only thing she could take off before I had her ankles up around my ears and the back of her legs against my stomach, was that little pair of shorts. God bless her, she didn’t wear any underwear. Her pussy was good and wet. Like nothing I’d ever known. Small as she was, it made the whole thing that much better. Tight and hot. Like goddamn perfection.

At some point I switched from that little snatch of heaven to her ass. She was biting her lower lip and was holding onto the head board on the bed with her hands. Her eyes were wide open and she was just staring up into the ceiling. So damn quiet. She was squeezing her legs so tight that I thought she’d strangle me. The hard rubber of her new sneakers kept cracking me in the ear. Something about the heat and the little bundle of pure fuckability flat on her back in front of me was drivin’ me nuts. I could güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri feel it. Another second and I was going to lose it. I pulled out and sent a couple arcs over her tight little belly and all over her new shirt. I was exhausted. I thought I’d just collapse.

She didn’t give me the chance. She shot up, grabbed my hand and started sucking on all the fingers. I’m not talking about nice and neat, I’m talking about sloppy, dripping spit. She licked my palm and then the top of my hand. Before I could ask her what she was doing, she turned around and got on her elbows and knees. I could see right into her ass from the fucking I just gave it. It was red and dripping. She reached back and grabbed the hand that dripped with spit and started pulling it to her. She stopped when the knuckles of my half-closed fingers hit her asshole.

“Right now,” she said.

Now I want to explain something. Small as she is, I’m a pretty big guy. I can close my fist around hers. Now knowing that, she still wants me to do it. Add to that the fact that I’ve never done it before. Like I say, I’m a pretty big guy. Every girl before her just laughed or slapped me when I suggested it. And little Janie – she was telling me to do it. Well, goddamn yes, ma’am.

I started with two fingers. She started moaning just waiting for the whole thing. I could see her little hands gripping the güvenilir bahis şirketleri loose sheets. I pushed my fingers in up to my knuckles. She started to squirm and move against my hand. I didn’t know exactly what I was supposed to be doing, but she liked it.

I could hear her whispering and mumbling something to herself. Her head was turned on its side and I could see her eyes were closed and she was biting down on her fist. I’d move my fingers a bit and just watch the shivers go up her back. Her belly twitched and her toes curled up. I decided to go for the gold. Squeezing my fingers together and compressing my hand as much as I could, I got my thumb in. I could feel the inside of her ass pressing hard against my hand. Janie was moaning and making little noises I’d never heard her make. Her legs were starting to shake, so she lowered her ass so she was kneeling with her legs folded flat against themselves. That just made everything more intense.

Her body was folded tight and the smooth, round cheeks of her ass wiggled a little as she worked around my hand. I used my free hand to massage her dripping snatch. Fingers as big as any two of hers worked as gentle as possible on her clit. She started moaning even louder. I’d never heard her make this much noise in all the time we’d been together. Then she did it. Had the biggest damn orgasm I’d ever seen her have. Her whole damn body started to tremble. Actual damn trembling. I worked my way out of her ass and just let her ride it out. She stopped, finally and just lay there – still all folded up, with her kneed pressing her tits flat, her sweaty face jammed against the twisted sheets of the mattress – and tried to catch her breath.

Sweet, good-goddamn.

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