Surprises 4 Sandy

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Sandra wasn’t the prettiest of girls, not that she was ugly, far from it, just she suffered from teenage acne and wore braces on her teeth that did her no favours and scruffily having her long black hair messily put up in a tatty old red band. Her work blouse and skirt worn out and shabby, a little grubby and creased too.

It was afternoon, I’d just finished my first task of loading the van when Sandy came strolling out the delivery area. She looked her scruffy self and been smiley all morning and giving me strange looks. My task now, with Sandra’s help is run the van up to the storage facility and drop everything off and spend the rest of the afternoon tidying the place up.

Staff were already up there, but they had to come back to the store for lunch. One was the redhead Louise, she looked good with her hair in plaits and I found myself complimenting saying I liked her hair like that. The four of us got the van unloaded before Louise and Steve left in the van to return to base.

The garage door had to be closed for security reasons, so this was done. The place wasn’t that big, wide for four cars parked side by side and as long a single decker bus I supposed and two levels. On the ground floor there were shelfing units and clothe railings along with other shop fittings took up half of one side, and Easter and Christmas fitting and decorations on the other. In the middle at the rear some office equipment and other such items. In front of that, boxes of out of season stock and stuff that had to be returned.

To our right, the stairs that led up to top floor. The top floor housed an office with a simple table and chair and doubled up as a canteen with a two-seat sofa and a single armchair squeezed in. The rest of the floor was filled with boxes of coat hangers. Our task was to put them into their various sizes into separate boxes and stack them. güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri Most of it had been done already by the look of it, so it was going to be a boring 3 hours.

There were some other little jobs to do according to the check off sheet, a bit of sweeping the floors and mop. Sandy was happy doing the hangers while I swept and mopped the ground floor, I had it done in about twenty minutes.

Sandy had made decent progress on the hangers too and when I joined her, we chatted about everything and nothing. The conservation continued as we finished the task in hand and decided to have a coffee before we tidied up and sweep and mop the floor. We made our way into the office and got the kettle going, Sandra disappeared to the toilet situated behind the building.

She’d been gone about ten minutes and I noticed straight away she’d plaited her hair into two tales using elastic bands. She looked quite good with her hair like that even if it were messy, but why she’d bothered from her usual ponytail I didn’t know. I eyed her anyway thinking she could look nice if she made a bit more effort.

I sat on the single relaxing while Sandy sat on the sofa. She was all smiles and a little nervous. She grinned as I inspected her and asked if I liked her hair. I nodded telling her I liked that style and she looked nice, though thinking it was a bit messy. She uncrossed her legs with a smile saying ‘thanks for the compliments’ and slid her buttocks to the edge of the sofa and reached for her coffee.

She lazily slumped back and spread her thighs a little telling me guys didn’t pay her much attention. I could understand why. She continued to tell me her boyfriend hadn’t been anywhere near her pussy and he had only wanted her to give him oral lately and spurted down her throat even though she didn’t like that.

Her thighs güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri opened more, and she pulled the hem of her skirt up so her black knickers were visible as I told her I felt sorry for her and consoled her the best I could. She played it down saying it was alright, but I could tell it wasn’t. I could see her black knickers and now her camel toe. I got a twitch in my pants.

She blurted out she knew about me and Natalie. Oh, damn I thought recalling the comment a few evenings ago for Natalie to phone her later. I couldn’t think of anything to say as my cock swelled even more as I thought I should go over and treat her, especially as she was almost inviting me too.

She had an expectant look on her face as I put my mug down and slid onto the floor in front of her and knelt between her legs. What you doing she asked as I placed my hands on her knees. This I answered pushing my hands up her thighs and under her skirt. My fingers gripped her knickers and Sandy lifted her buttocks with a grin as I pulled her knickers down and off one leg. She laid back with her legs in the air and her knickers hanging off one foot.

I went straight in with fingers and mouth. She smelt of stale urine, but I wasn’t bothered. By the time I was finished with her, she’d smell a lot worse I hoped. I pounded her pussy with fingers and tongue hard, the girl groaned as I ate her and within minutes she’d exploded. She shook and moaned, her pussy wet and squelchy. The odour was overpowering.

I sat up and pulled her blouse open. My hands slipped her breasts out and my fingers explored them and at the same time pushing my tent between her quivering legs and started rubbing on her pussy. She leaned forward, her hands quickly undoing my trousers and my cock was soon out. I eagerly held my cock with one hand at the same time lifting güvenilir bahis şirketleri one of her legs up and wide.

Sandra lifted her other leg up and apart and laid-back eyes closed as I pushed the head in between her pussy lips. She nosily grunted as I eased my cock deeper into her. Her hands gripped the sofa and she moaned deeply as I didn’t hold back and squeezed her pussy wide and gave her every inch. I wrapped both my arms around her legs keeping them raised and apart and thrusted deep into Sandy.

She climaxed hard grasping for breath as I continued with pace. I increased pace, giving her inners every inch of my naked cock, my balls banging against her and getting close to my explosion. I stopped and pulling out went back to licking and eating her until she exploded again. I pulled at her, pulling her onto my lap.

Within seconds Sandy was riding me hard, her hands around my neck and we were kissing, my hands on her buttocks pulling her onto my cock. She thrusted hard and fast, I felt her explosion and the resulting wetness as it dripped from her. She moaned about having cramp and the session ended momentarily.

I pulled at her again, getting her on all fours. I grabbed her plait and pulling hard, fucked her fast and hard calling her a dirty slut and whore. I was getting close again, I quickly flipped her on her back and jerked over her face and breasts. She sat up on her elbows thanking me and she needed that. You can have some more anytime you like I told her. She smiled at the suggestion, a bit late she had told me, she was moving away, and this was her last shift.

We heard the garage door being opened. I shot back onto the sofa while red faced Sandy quickly rebuttoned her blouse and at least looked decent by the time Louise and Steve reached us. Louise eyed Sandy suspiciously as she carefully walked around. Steve and I removed a heavy unit from the van while the girls swept and mopped the top floor.

Louise eyed me and her eyes scanned across to Sandy and back to mine, she had a knowing grin on her face as we completed the job and headed out towards the van and back to base. Steve taking the girls first and returning for me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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