Surprise Surprise

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I’ve been blinded. Not truly, but the fact that all I can see is flickering shadows tells all. My shoulders ache, not to the point that I’ve been using them but more along the lines of they’ve held my weight for longer than they should. Cold, another sensation that tells me I’ve been captured to some extent. Full, realized by the fact that my ass is stretched around something that touches parts of me no finger has touched in a long time. I try not moan as my balls start vibrating faintly.

What the hell… oh gods…

I try not to make a sound and fail spectacularly as I reach my peak and realize I cannot cum. The pain of being unable to find release brings on another form of pleasure that I haven’t endured in ages. I never told my spouse of my times like this. I never told anyone of how much pain gives me pleasure and how denying me pleasure causes pain that when released from said pain causes blackouts as I’m flooded with pleasure. I didn’t know how to say it but someone obviously knows and now…

Good Heavens Above…

The level of vibrations has risen and now the plug in my ass has joined it. My jaw hurts from gritting my teeth even though my vocal cords keep emitting this low keening noise. Whoever has me has to know I’m awake by now and hopefully they will end my torment.

The quiet thump for bare feet over thick carpet was unheard past my vocal ministrations, how ever the wet pleased hum that surrounded my straining cock caused me to scream though from pain or pleasure was unknown. My torturer swallowed around my cock head taking me deep into their throat. Its an out of body experience to hear yourself begging as if from far away. Begging to fuck or be fucked, to cum, to see, to be released so as to earn your own release. I wail for lack of a better word as that talented mouth leaves me then hiss as the blindfold is ripped away.

Blinking to clear my blurry vision, I gasp at the sight of myself. In the mirror I see caramel skin covered in bite marks, arms bound canlı bahis above my head, legs spread wide with the edge of a thick butt plug visible behind my trussed up cock and balls. The sheer eroticism of the sight hardens my cock even more. Babbling again, for that’s all it can be called, I ask nay BEG, for relief from this torture.

Thin fingered hands tipped in purple paint crawl over my shoulders and down my chest flicking across clamp-covered nipples. I gape as I realize just who those fingers belong to. My wife, the love of my life who knows little to nothing about the things I crave, has done this to me. Somewhere during my mental ramblings she had removed the butt plug and was nudging my boy-cunt with something a little thicker. As she crouched down behind me, I barely caught a glimpse of it.

She was … wearing…a strap on…

Cue mental cheerleaders making impossible pyramid with fireworks and cheesy music… “Hello honey,” she says breathlessly as she stands and unhooks my hands from the ceiling. “Why didn’t you tell me you wanted this? Why did I have to find out from our friends? If I’d known I’d have shown you the toy chest I had you put in the attic when we got married.”

A hard shove between my shoulder blades over balances me causing me to fall to my knees with my hands on the bed. My loving wife takes advantage of the fact and without warning thrusts the six inch long strap-on into my ass to the hilt.

I choke as she holds still behind me letting me adjust. If I didn’t… I mean what could this…

‘You and I are gonna have a serious talk when we’re done.’ I thought, not realizing I spoke aloud.

At that point my loving wife pulls out and slams back in as she slaps my ass. “Yes, yes we will” she purrs, then proceeds to imitate a jackhammer as she pounds my boy pussy. Crude unintelligible words spill from us both as she slows her thrusts. As she comes to a complete stop with her wonderful toy fully in my ass I realize that the back of my bahis siteleri thighs are wet.

‘Oh holy damn, she’s enjoying this just as much as I am.’

Heavy panting fills the room as she slowly removes herself from my back. “Get on the bed and lay back darling, we’re gonna finish this right.” Wondering if I should tempt fate and refuse, the ache in my balls says I’ll pay if I don’t, I stand and turn then sit on the bed carefully as the cold silk slides under my flesh. Watching my temptress of a wife as she removes the strap-on and sets it on a nearby towel, I shiver at the heat in her gaze. Despite everything she’s done I know she’s not finished with me yet.

As she steps forward, her purple tipped digits wrap around my heated flesh causing me to sigh as her grip tightens. She pushes on my shoulder with her free hand and I comply with the silent order to lay back. She releases my dick and climbs on top of me before grabbing me again and pointing my stiff rod at her dripping cunt. She has never looked more beautiful to me. Without warning my next few words make this whole experience worth it.

“Please Mistress, let me cum.”

The pleased look in her eyes tells me that I said the right thing as she places the tip of my penis into her dripping snatch. Nothing else needed to be said as she released her grip on me and let gravity take over. We both groan, me from the impossibly heated tightness surrounding me and she from the stretch of being filled so fully.

Now the lady I call my wife is no virgin, but her pussy has always been snug even after gracing me with two children. Finally as our breathing calms this look crosses her face that tells me I’m in for it. For who knows how many times this night I choke out a moan, this time its cause by her vaginal walls squeezing me even though she’s not moving. I know not where she learned this and frankly I don’t care. I just want, no need to cum and I tell her so.

“Mistress, please, I need to cum. Let me cum, I beg you.” bahis şirketleri I repeat this litany over and over as she continues to massage me without pause.

“Can you follow orders, slave,” is whispered so faintly I almost miss it, but when I do catch it my head nods so fast I feel faint. “Good, fuck me and maybe I’ll let you cum” she says as she stops her wonderful ministrations.

I don’t need to be told twice. I grab her hips and lift her till only the head of my cock remains inside the let gravity help as I thrust upwards knowing at this angle I’ll nail her g-spot and rub it with at least an inch of me. She cries out as I strike the spot causing me to smirk. ‘I’ll get my release’, I think as I roll us over carefully and pull her legs over my shoulder practically folding her in half. From this position I know she will cave quickly. Planting my feet I thrust shallowly at first then I take a page out of her book and piston my hips so quickly that her moans change pitch with each forward and backward movement.

I’m so lost in the pain filled pleasure I almost miss her command to stop. I want to keep moving but I have a feeling if I do she’ll prolong my agony. She commands me to step back, and reluctantly I remove myself from her heavenly folds. She turns us around so the bed is behind me, and I clasp my hands behind my back as my cock bobs longingly. I grit my teeth as she wraps her hand around my cock and completely miss her releasing me from my confines. “Cum for me, slave,” she says then seals her mouth around the head of my penis.




Slowly I wake and realize that I passed out. My skin is overly sensitive and I shiver as I feel the cloth being dragged over my skin. Looking to my loving wife, I notice that she hasn’t taken care of herself like she has taken care of me. Moving is a little difficult but I do it and grab her hands. “Thank you for taking care of this slave, Mistress. Allow me to take care of you,” I say and smile as she moves back to allow me to get up.

I move slowly to the bathroom as I regain feeling in my legs. I begin setting up the bathroom for a relaxing bath for my Mistress. Hopefully we can discuss this more while she relaxes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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