Surprise Massage

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Paul arrived at the building that his supervisor had directed him to, he had been feeling overworked lately. His back, neck and shoulders had been extremely tense the last week, it was starting to affect his performance at work. He sighed and walked inside, “I’m here for my appointment,” he said to the receptionist.

Tamika stood at the counter smiling, hoping that her appointment would be on time. Money had been tight lately and she needed the extra cash. Smiling as she saw a man walk in her eyes danced over his body taking it all it. He had a nice build and was not to bad looking either. She had to admit to herself that she just might enjoy this. Although she doubted he had any idea as to what he was in store for. “Hi I’m Tamika.. I am guessing your Paul?” she asked.

“Yes I am, I’m here for my 4pm massage,” replied Paul.

Smiling sweetly she checked the books. “Alright sir follow me. I will show you to your room and there you can undress there are towels available for your use and then I will be right with you.”

“Ok, thank you,” said Paul as he followed the black woman down the hall.

Stepping out behind the counter she led the way down the hall and to a room at the very end. Paul was her first customer that she had since she started her job here and she hoped that he would be pleased with his massage this afternoon. Stopping at the door she looked at him. “Here we are.”

“Thank you,” said Paul as he stepped inside and looked around the room it had a shower and table with a stack of fluffy white towels and a rack for hanging clothes. He pulled off his shirt and looked around again it reminded him a lot of a spa rather then a massage parlour.

Waiting a few minutes outside the door, Tamika knocked lightly, “Paul are you ready?” she asked.

Paul slid off his boxers and grabbed a towel and wrapped it around his waist. “Yeah, just a moment,” he called out as he tied the towel. He opened the door and stepped out.

Tamika could not stop her eyes from wandering or her mouth from watering. To see such a gorgeous specimen in front of her was something that she had not expected. As she could now see how well toned his body truly was. Her eyes trailed up and down his body as she softly licked her lips. Then snapping back casino oyna to reality she looked up to him and smiled softly. “Alright let me show you to where we will be doing the massage.”

Tamika made her way down the back hallway to one of the rooms. All were empty, so she decided to go with her favourite. It was the largest room on her floor. The decorations were soothing but a bit on the erotic side of things. Hoping that this room would suit him she opened the door and showed him inside.

“Thank you,” said Paul as he stepped into the room to see the subtle erotism in the room, the paintings were almost indecent as he laid down on the table.

Smiling softly Tamika walked over to the counter and took off her rings and the rest of her jewellery. “If you will excuse me for one moment, I need to wash my hands before we begin sir,” she said.

“Fine by me,” said Paul as he tried to get comfortable but his neck and shoulders were so tense he couldn’t stay still.

Tamika left the room for a few moments. When she returned her hair was pulled back neatly and she had changed into one of her work uniforms which was simply a mini skirt and a nice tank top. The goal here was to please and so in turn the managers felt the girls showing a little skin would not hurt a thing. Walking back into the room she walked over to the table where Paul laid tossing and turning. Having warmed her hands she grabbed a bottle of heated massage oil and began to slowly massage it into his back. “How does this feel..?” She asked the man kindly. As she was unable to tear her eyes away from his amazing body.

“Feels great,” he groaned.

As she continued the massage she could feel the tension between his shoulders and across his back. There were knots through out his back and she could not understand what he did to have so much tension and stress in his muscles. Curiosity grasped her and although she was suppose to keep him relaxed she could not help but to ask. “Paul do you have a lot of stress in your life?” She asked as she worked on kneading one of the knots out of his back.

“No, it’s just my work keeps me really busy. I’m a fireman, it’s difficult to find much time to relax,” he said as her hands glided across his back the oil sinking into his skin.

Listening slot oyna intently to what he had to say she was a little surprised when he told her that he was a fireman. Biting her lip to keep from saying anything more she continued to massage his back hoping that this pleased him, the way it was suppose to. He groaned as he fingers worked magic on his tense muscles. Finally after a half hour of working out the knots Tamika decided it was time for him to roll over on to his back. Smiling to herself she looked down, “Ok Paul I will hold the towel in place and then I need you to roll over onto your back for me.” Paul thought that this was a bit different, not that he’d ever had a professional massage before. He pushed up from the bench and rolled over onto his back. It felt so much less tense now.

Smiling Tamika placed the towel back to where it belonged. Taking a little more massage oil in her hands she began rubbing it into his chest. She could feel his muscles pulse under her and it took her everything she had not to jump him right then and there. But she knew that was not apart of her job so she knew where she had to draw the line. But that did not mean she did not want to.

He groaned as the warming oil was spread across his chest he leaned back against the bench. This was heaven, he had to book another massage for another time it would certainly help relieve the tension he built up.

Tamika continued massaging his chest and then his arms and hands down to his calves and his feet. Then as she finished all the base areas she removed the towel and began to massage his thighs.

Paul was enjoying the massage immensely until he felt a tug on his waist as the towel was pulled away. He was shocked to say none the least but the oil had jellified all his muscles. He couldn’t move if he wanted to, her continued strokes on his thigh muscles were heavenly. He had to come back here some other time.

As Tamika felt his muscles relax in his legs one of her hands embraced his cock and began stroking up and down as the other massaged his balls.

Paul gasped as she grasped his cock in one hand and started a careful stroking motion. He moaned as she stroked him. Never in his life had he been in such an unusual situation.

Tamika continued working canlı casino siteleri her hands as she was supposed to until she made him come. She was unsure how long that would take but this was the special package deal.

He groaned, prickles of sensation washed over him. He couldn’t believe he had such a goddess stroking his cock like she was while he laid practically immobile on the table. Her other hand caressing his balls send more waves of pleasure flooding through him

Tamika continued her massage on his balls as the hand stroking his cock began to go faster. Looking up to him she smiled softly, “Is everything alright?” She asked softly.

He moaned long and croaked “Fine.. it’s.. all good.”

Smiling Tamika continued working faster and longer strokes focusing on the head of his cock while her other hand continued its manipulation of his balls. Licking her lips she swallowed hard and continued on with her job.

His breathing increased steadily as the rest of his body felt extremely relaxed, his cock throbbed and ached from the devilish hands on him. He groaned again as the pleasure surged through him.

Feeling his cock twinge in her hands she continued going faster and faster.

He threw his head back and cried out as his cock throbbed once again before his orgasm washed over him and he exploded in the talented grip of her hands. He groaned as her hands milked him, he collapsed against the table as his orgasm faded away.

Smiling as she finished Tamika went over to the sink in the room and washed her hands. Grabbing a heated towel she walked back over to the table he was laying on and wiped him down so that he would be all nice and clean. “There you are Paul. Was everything up to your expectations?” she asked.

“Wow.. more then, nobody told me that is what the “special” meant,” he panted

Tamika looked at him a little confused and then took a step away. “Oh sir I do apologize then. I thought you knew.”

“No no, it’s ok. One of my work colleges probably thought it would be funny to play this kind of joke on me, don’t be embarrassed you were only doing your job,” he assured her.

Tamika nodded and then smiled softly, “There is a robe hanging on the door for you…Then you may use the shower facilities, Have a wonderful day.” She said to the man before leaving the room. She had never been so embarrassed in all her life! But she had enjoyed herself. She hoped her future clients were just as good looking as that guy was.

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