Sunday Morning

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It’s a Sunday morning where we were in no haste to get up; it had been a long week, and we were just enjoying the downtime we had once we woke up and were just entwined and pressed against each other.

As we lay there, you turn your head back towards me and I lean in and start kissing you heavily with my tongue darting in and out of your mouth as your tongue comes out and plays with it. Our tongues wrestle with each other, I feel you move your hips towards me; which at that point I feel your ass pressed against my cock as it hardens; which you must know because you grind against it harder. I grab your hips and begin pushing my hard cock back against you with one thing on my mind. You tear away and get up and look at me and tell me not now and that you will make breakfast and head out.

I lay in bed with my erection throbbing in disbelief that you walked out and get a shower to get my mind off it; which didn’t work as I stood there my cock started throbbing as I thought about sliding into your warm tight wet pussy as you moan asking for more.

I come out of the shower and head downstairs and bahis firmaları seeing you standing at the counter with only your panties; I realize the shower didn’t take my mind off it and the thoughts of taking you were still there.

You are standing at the counter in just your panties hugging your ass as the rest of you is bare; only the panties were like an invitation/temptation as the only part of you covered. I walk up behind you and start rubbing and pinching your ass as I nibble your neck. You allow a moan escape as you try to say I’m making us breakfast and I tell you I want to eat something else as I spin you around and prop you onto the counter.

You’re sitting on the island looking at me as I reach up and grab each side of your panties and slowly drawing them down your legs until I drop them on the floor. I then lean in and kiss and bite my way up your thigh slowly, and as I approach your pussy, I pull away and move to your other thigh and do the same thing to the other thigh coming close once again and I then kiss up the side of your pussy and go to the other and kiss down again.

I kaçak iddaa then kiss your pussy up and down and slide my tongue inside feeling how wet it is as I ram my tongue up to your clit feeling it under my tongue as I lick it hard and run circles around it and suck it into my mouth. As I pull your legs closer to me, you grab my hair as you grind yourself against my tongue.

I can feel you shaking as you lock your legs around my head and between gasps and groans, you beg me for my cock to fill your dripping pussy.

I pull down my boxers so my rock hard cock is on full display. I pull you closer and grab your hips as I line up my cock and thrust in a single motion into your dripping pussy. You let out a cry of passion as I enter you while holding onto your legs; and you grab my back, as I thrust in short and hard thrusts, so I don’t come out of your tight pussy.

I lean forward and whisper in your ear, let’s move to the table and I slowly tear out of you and give you a hand down, then lead you to the table and push you in front of me.

You stop and smirk as you get onto your knees and kaçak bahis bring my cock into your mouth and slowly slide it in and out of your mouth, while just licking the tip. You take it out and give me a smile, then you suck it harder and faster while I stand there and moan. You stop and stand up and smirk at me again looking over your shoulder as you set yourself down flat on the table leaving your ass on display for me.

I step forward and run my hands up your back and down again, pinching your ass hard as you feel my cock just touching you. I slide just the tip in and run my hands back up your back, then out to your shoulders and up your arms until I was at your hands, which I then grab and hold as I shove the rest of my length into you. You can feel it throbbing inside you as I start the process of slowly pushing it and dragging it partly out over and over, speeding up each thrust.

I tell you to get up and roll over, to where you are lying on your back facing me. I then grab your legs and bend them back into you and hold them as I slide my cock into you, but this time with no slow thrusts I go straight for the hard fast drives. I feel your pussy grip me and start throbbing and my cock throbs quicker until I feel you coat my cock with your cum. As my cock is deep in you I cum filling you up with my cum.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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