Sun Worshiping at 6500 Feet

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March in the Lake Tahoe area is usually cold and clear. Magnificent for winter sports but lousy for moving into a new house. Fortunately, it wasn’t me who was doing the moving. It was Thursday and I was getting new next door neighbors without warning.

I’ve moved myself several times in the past and I know what it’s like to do it in bad
weather, so I decided I’d wait a day or two before introducing myself. Friday afternoon, I picked up a wine and cheese basket at the local “gourmet” shoppe and ventured next door for introductions.

The door opened briskly and before me spread throughout was nothing but boxes and furniture askew. From behind the door, stepped a very attractive woman about 45 years old. She stood about 5’6″, a trim athletic figure and brunette hair with small tinges of gray.

“Hi there, I’m your next door neighbor and I just thought I’d welcome you aboard. My name’s Bill…Bill Harrison. ‘Hope I didn’t catch you at a bad time.”

“Oh, no. I was just takin’ a break, tyrin’ to figure out what to do next. I’m Carol Hix. How ’bout some coffee? C’mon in, but watch your step.

“Thanks, don’t mind if I do.” As I stepped through the door, I noticed she wore no wedding ring. I shrugged off my coat and dropped it on an unopened box. then she led me into the kitchen area. “Is your husband working today?”

“I don’t know. We’re divorced and he’s the reason I’m here and he’s not. I just moved from Tulsa.”

“Wow, what a change of address.” I said as she poured me a cup.

Over the next hour, we chatted like crazy and discovered most of the really important details about each other without getting too personal. She had two grown sons and she was travel writer by trade. One boy in the Navy and the older son working in Chicago, her husband left her for another woman as soon as the youngest joined the service. She divorced the pig and decided a fresh start was in order. “So here I am! How ’bout yourself?” she asked. “I’ve told you most of my secrets, now its your turn.”

“Similar stories to yours,” I said. “Got three grown kids. My Ex left me for Jesus about ten years ago. I got downsized and decided to run away to these mountains, buy a little business and start fresh. I’ve been here now for about five years.”

I volunteered to help her move her furniture around on Saturday and help unpack if she needed it. She gratefully accepted the offer and reciprocated with an offer of dinner on Saturday night. I left her house about five that afternoon thinking “Hmmm…I think she likes me a little and damn, she’s sexy as hell!”


Saturday morning arrived and so did I, with the strongest back I could muster. I rang the bell and heard her holler “C’mon in…it’s open.”

As I stepped into the foyer, there she was sitting in the middle of the livingroom floor, literally up to her ears in packing paper, surrounded by dishes and glassware all over the floor. “What a pain in the butt this is! Hope I don’t have to do this very many more times in my life.”

‘You probably won’t,” I said. “You’ll find that Tahoe really grows on you, and pretty soon you’ll be calling this home forever. Where do I start?”

“Kitchen and dining room. We’ll definitely need those if I’m gonna make you dinner tonight.”

“Ok, you just point where you want things to go and I’ll take care of the rest.” By 3:30 pm, I had finished the kitchen, dining room, living room, washer/dryer, and two bedrooms.

“How can I ever thank you, Bill? What you’ve done today would have taken me two weeks on my own, if not forever.”

My mind began to wander off toward the bedroom I’d just put together. “Oh, don’t worry about it, you’ll get my bill when the weather warms up a bit.” I said jokingly. “But you do owe me a fabulous dinner, tonight. Really though, a little of that wine and cheese will do me fine. We’re both pretty tired.”

“Not on your life,” she said. We’re doin’ steaks and salad. You can open the wine and I’ll get the cheese and crackers.”

And a great dinner it was! But by the time we finished off the second bottle of Red, I was totally relaxed and desperate for sleep. I bid her goodnight and crashed hard when I hit my own bed. Carol left the next Wednesday for Rio on a ten-day tour assignment for some travel magazine. What a neat job!

After she returned and wrapped up her story, we met again and again, dating out about once a week and dining in at least every third or fourth night. We began to develop a pretty close friendship over the following three months. We’d share our stories and opinions for hours on end, even though mine weren’t nearly as exciting or romantic as her’s were. But we found that we had many common interests …things like taste in food and wine, good conversation, our long-distance kids, our forgettable spouses. Anyway, we always had plenty to chat about and rarely left moments unspoken.


Carol traveled a lot by anyone’s standards. She’s literally explored the four corners and seven wonders of the world and she had güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri published articles in a wide variety of magazines, ranging from PLAYBOY to BOY’S LIFE. I was truly impressed by her talents and skills as a writer. But she also liked to talk about me as well (thank god) and I enjoyed sharing war stories about my previous career of professional photography. We never seemed to get bored with each other and the longer we knew each other, the more playful we got…tickling, petting, teasing, practical jokes, and personal jibes.

It wasn’t long before I felt like she was becoming my best friend. But the longer I knew her, the more conflicted I became. The last time I’d had sex with any woman was about eighteen months ago. I got a buzz on and picked up a nice looking girl at the local Fire Fighter’s Ball. We danced and drank. She took me to her place and we romped. We both knew it was just a three-hour thing. I’ve seen her a few times since, usually in the grocery store or stopped at street lights…no sparks at all between us.

I guess I was strongly attracted to her sexually, ever since the first step I took through her front door last March. When she was gone, my mind would run wild with thoughts of her naked in all kinds of situations and circumstances. I’d imagine her bathing nude under an African waterfall with the porters looking on lustfully, or I’d be making love to her on the prow of a great sailing yacht pounding the seas of the Fiji Islands. My favorite fantasy was being with her relaxing in the hot tub on my enclosed patio. Nothing else mattered but starlight, candlelight, and rich red wine, massaging her legs and arms, her back and her breasts. I would support her with one hand in the small of her back while she would float effortlessly, arms outstretched with her bare breasts pointing toward the stars and the cooler breeze keeping her nipples erect for only me to devour.

I was definitely wanting this woman as my lover, but I had so much respect for her as my friend, I didn’t want to do anything to jeopardize the trust she had placed in me as her friend. And yet, I couldn’t help wonder if she had any attraction towards me. There wasn’t much difference in our ages, although I was older by a few. I’m not bad looking, 6’2″ at 193 pounds, reasonably physically fit, at least strong enough to move her furniture around her house. Salt and pepper hair? I’ve been told by others that it looks pretty good. I decided to let it ride for the time being because I could definitely survive my fantasies but I knew I couldn’t survive the loss of a good friend like her because of saying or doing something dumb.


A beautiful Saturday morning in June, I was sitting at my kitchen window enjoying the morning sun, having breakfast and reading the paper. KAPAAK KAPAAK I had no idea what that sound was but it sounded like a large staple gun. I looked out my window and saw Carol out on her deck with a staple gun in her hand. I decided I should be nosey so I went out my back door and walked over to her deck. Looking up away from the sun, I said ” Whatchya doin’?”

“Well, I’m tryin’ to give myself some privacy for sunbathing. I found out that it’s not too cool when a white woman shows up in Brazil to interview the natives, looking as white as the Tahoe snow”. Both of our back yards back up to the local park with a basketball court and tennis courts. “I’m tryin’ to tack up this green plastic sheeting so people can’t look up and see me naked.”

“Well,” I said, ” that’s a good idea but you might not have to go to all that trouble. Wait! Did you say ‘naked?’

“Yeah. My Ex and I joined a nudist club back in Oklahoma and I really got used to an overall tan. I hope that doesn’t embarrass you, Bill.”

“Well, I have to tattle on myself too. Ever since I’ve lived in that house, I’ve been sunning ‘nekid’ myself. Remember my enclosed patio where the hot tub is?” She nodded.

“In the Summer time, I put a large double chaise lounge out there. It’s perfect…total privacy. You’re welcome to use it any time you want. I’m not home most of the time anyway. In case you’re worried. But, If you’re using it and don’t want me to stumble in, just leave the radio on and I’ll holler coming through the garage entrance.”

“That sounds wonderful, and it sure saves me a hell of a lot of work on this project.”

“Look, if you want to give it a try, c’mon over this afternoon. I have to down the hill to Carson about one o’clock. I’ll be gone about an hour and a half. The sun will be high and it won’t take you too long to get your fill. Make sure you use plenty of SPF though. At 6500′, it doesn’t take much to fry.”

“It’s a deal,” she said.

“Here’s my house key. I should have given you this weeks ago, in case of emergency.” I took it off my key ring and handed it to her without making a big deal. I knew I had an extra back in my kitchen cupboard.

” That’s a good idea. I’ll have an extra one too, and I’ll bring it over next time I think of güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri it. I’ll be over this afternoon.”

As I walked back over to my own house, my mind wandered again, off into the world of naked Carol and I wondered if I’d ever get the opportunity to appreciate her beauty in real life instead of my fantasies.

Pretty soon, it was time for me to leave. I decided that I’d make the patio as accommodating as possible so I put fresh bottles of red and white wine in a small cooler with ice and I left my portable radio on the table next to the chaise. I also put a couple of smallish bath towels next to the hot tub. Then I left.

I was actually finished shopping earlier than I expected, so I bought a hot dog and a beer at the stand outside the store. I drove back up to Tahoe at a leisurely pace so not to appear at the house too early…a dead giveaway of my silent lechery.

At 2:30, I pulled into my garage and unloaded my purchases. Opening the door to the kitchen quietly, I listened for the radio, but nothing was to be heard. I figured she was all finished and had gone back home. So in I went. My dining room picture window looks out on to the patio. When I walked by, I stopped dead in my tracks. There she was in all her glory. She was stretched out on her back with her toes pointed and her arms extended over her head. What a fabulous figure before me! Her skin was mildly tanned and her nipples were nut brown, the size of silver dollars. My heart was racing. I couldn’t tear my eyes away from her beautiful body.

She wasn’t entirely naked, however. She wore eyecups and a headset connected to a portable CD player. But below her ears, she was beautifully nude. I marveled at her trim athletic figure, the curve of her rib cage leading down to a perfectly flat stomach. Except for a patch of pubic hair, which seemed to be natural length and size, the rest of her body gleamed with suntan oil. Her breasts, the size of apples, fell slightly towards her sides as she was stretched out flat but they were still firm enough to hold their natural shape. I was amazed at the largeness of her relaxed areolae relative to the size of her breasts. My voyeuristic tendencies were at full throttle!

As I gazed upon her, both lovingly and lustfully, it suddenly occurred to me “Oh shit! How the hell am I going to let her know I’m home, without her knowing that I’ve been spying on her??. Damn! What could I do but walk back to the garage entrance door and holler her name and hope she heard me. “CAROL…I’M HOME”. I stepped back into the kitchen, opened the door of the fridge and popped a can of cold beer.

“Well, hello there. How was your shopping trip?” She stood behind me leaning against the counter, wrapped in a towel I’d left by the hot tub.

“Perfect,” I said. ” I got in and out as planned and even had a chance to grab lunch. Well, you look comfortable and well oiled. It looks like the sun was good to you. Did you find the wine in the cooler ok?”

“Thank you. It’s glorious out there but it does get hot, being so protected from the wind. Would you mind if I take a dip in the hot tub, just to cool off?”

“Hey, not at all, but you gotta promise not to peak. I’m gonna catch a few rays myself before the sun gets over the roof line.”

I walked out on the patio, sat down on the chaise, and proceeded to strip off my shirt and shorts. Even though my back was to her, I knew she was watching me through that same dining room window. I stood up again, to slip off my boxers, and I bent over to stack all my clothes in a small pile. Sitting down on the chaise, I took a last chug of beer, turned and laid down on my stomach and cradled my head in my arms.

The sun was high and hot; it felt great on my back and butt. However, so was my cock. I knew I couldn’t turn over and give myself away, but I was so turned on by the thought of this beautiful woman watching me. I spread my legs a few inches, letting the bottom of my balls feel the warmth of the sun and got a little more comfortable for my hardon.

A couple of minutes later, she appeared at the patio door and said “I think I’ll jump in the tub now, OK?”

“Suuure,” I said lazily without looking up. I hadn’t turned the hot tub on since it was warm and I wasn’t planning on using it, so the water was probably only about 85 degrees.

That turned out to be a good decision. She unwrapped the towel and stepped in saying “this feels absolutely wonderful! I gotta get me one of these someday but ’til I do, can I just use yours?”

“Any time you get the urge,” I murmured. I was starting to feel more relaxed, my mashed erection starting to subside. After a couple of minutes, I heard her getting out of the water.

“Oooh, you’re going to burn if you don’t put some lotion on. Want me to do your back?

“Mmmm hmmm.” I’d forgotten that I had spread my legs a little, and that I had nothing covering my butt.

“You’ve got a nice butt for an older man,” she teased. “But I think that’s goin’ to get güvenilir bahis şirketleri burned first…its so white.” I opened my eyes without moving my head, still in the crook of my arm. Still nude, Carol walked over to table in the shade, picked up the sun block and walked back over to the chaise, sitting down on the edge. Catching a glimpse of her nakedness out of the corner of my eye started the blood immediately rushing back into my now-flat cock. Suddenly there was cold lotion being dribbled onto my back and shoulders. Her hands started a slow sensual massage of the lotion into my hot skin. All I could do was moan.

“I’d better do your legs too,” she quipped. I liked the fact that she didn’t ask, assuming it was ok with me which it certainly was. Again she dribbled the lotion down my leg, from my butt to my calf. Now that I look back on it, that was an obvious signal that she was going to do my butt, however she started with my calf and slowly worked her way up to mid-thigh and stopped. Then she dribbled more lotion from butt to the calf of my other leg and repeated the massage.

Now I was completely aroused and had to shift my position on the chaise. My dick needed straightening. I decided to take this opportunity to offer a little more temptation. “Excuse me a sec…I need to shift a little.” She let go of my leg, I unweighted and lifted my hips, reached down and straightened things out, and spread my legs just a little bit more, this time lightly touching her thigh with my newly lubed calf.

“More comfortable now?” she purred.

“Much better.” I purred back. Instantly, her hands were on my cheeks. Instinctively, I flexed my butt muscles.

“Hey, no fair! Relax, I’m not going to spank it, ya know.”

“Sorry,” I said, “just not used to non-Bill hands down there.”

“I’ll be gentle.” She began a slow but firm massage with her well-lubed hands. Her thumbs were dangerously close to my butt crack, but I decided to trust her to do what ever she pleased.

Carol poured a little more lotion on my butt and upper thighs and continued kneading with both hands. This was such a foreign feeling for me. In the past, I’ve always been the one on the aggressive side of a seduction; but now, I felt my self control begin to crumble. Fears flashed through my mind of our friendship being hurt somehow, when suddenly everything changed.

Her hands were at the tops of my legs and I could feel her thumbs touching the hairs in my crotch, getting closer and closer to my balls with every circular motion. Her hands were so slippery with lotion. Her breathing began to quicken unconsciously and it was taking every ounce of strength I had to not raise my head and look over my shoulder. But I thought it might spoil the mood if I did.

Her left hand disappeared but her right hand continued with the close-aboard massage. Slowly but surely, her hand had now risen to my crotch, and then I felt her gently cup my balls from behind. Instinctively, I spread my legs further and raised my hips off the towel on the chaise. Carol now had my whole scrotum cupped in her hand, so gently rolling my balls back and forth. My butt rose further in the air and she slid her hand up and encircled my now erect cock and rubbed its length back and forth several times.

In a deep husky whisper, she said ” Oh, Bill honey, do you know how long it’s been since I’ve been with a man?”

I resisted no longer. As I rolled over on my side, she withdrew her hand from between my legs. I saw the hunger in her eyes and looked down at her left hand.
Sitting just on the edge of the chaise, with her feet flat on the ground, her legs were now spread wide. Carol’s fingers were holding her cunt lips open and her thumb was rapidly stroking her erect clit. “I’m sorry for being so bold, but you turn me on so much and I’m almost ready to cum. Oh god!” Her other hand now joined the left and now both worked frantically towards an explosive orgasm.

At this point, I just placed my hand on her shaking leg and let her continue towards her climax. She threw her head back violently, never losing contact with her clit and her labia. Reclined on one elbow and absolutely mesmerized by this beautiful sight before me, I took my hard cock in my hand and said “Carol, I’ve dreamt of nothing but you since the first day I met you. Please cum for me, baby.

She looked me straight in the eyes, her face then contorted with a combination pain and absolute bliss and her eyes opened wide and she let out a squeal which descended into a deep loud moan and she clenched her eyes shut. She exploded and a stream of yellowish white liquid squirted out from her vagina landing between her feet. She wasn’t even aware she had squirted and her hands began to slow to soft stop with her eyes still closed. She was panting hard and perspiring from every pore.

I sat up quickly and wrapped my arms around her shoulders and chest, stroking her soft skin and kissing the side of her head. By now the roof shadow had crossed over the chaise and the temperature had begun to cool. With my arms around her, I gently pulled her full up on to the chaise and laid her down with me on the towel, her back and butt to my chest and groin. We laid still for two or three minutes as her breathing subsided to a normal rate. I just continued to gently stroke her arm with my left hand.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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