Summer Ride

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The wind felt soft and warm against her skin as the bike traveled down the twisty roads of some of Texas’ best hill country. Up and down the hills, winding back and forth across the beautiful landscape. The green grasses swayed and glistened in the breeze as longhorns continuously fed themselves. She leaned closer to the Mark, letting her breasts brush against his back as she ran her hands over his smooth chest. She could feel the wind pulling against her body, trying to push her back. Not gonna happen she giggled to herself.

She eased herself gently forward so as not to upset the balance. She tightened her knees around his legs as she ran her hands up under his shirt. Not enough to fully distract him, just enough to urge him on to his destination. She was in hurry to feel more of his flesh in the Texas summer sun. In the meantime, she contented herself with enjoying the scenery, both in front of her and all around. Enjoying the warmth of the sun on her face and the warmth of his flesh against her hands. Mark took one hand off the handlebars for minute to gently squeeze her leg, letting her know he was fully aware of her effect on him.

Finally the bike slowed and Mark pulled off main road and slowly cruised down a no more than a dirt rut between the trees. They rounded a corner and came to a sheltered clearing. Nothing but trees and hills all around. Their own small Garden of Eden nestled in the hills. They dismounted and she had to stretch her legs and re-introduce her thighs to each other. Her ass felt numb from the constant vibration of the motor between her legs. A little walk around was required to work some blood back into her limbs.

As she walked around admiring the view, Mark began unpacking his camera. He finally had everything unpacked and camera loaded. She began unpacking their picnic supplies and blanket and found a nice place under one the trees. She spread the blanket on the ground while Mark casino şirketleri walked around trying to find a good angle and something to catch his discerning artistic eye. She uncorked the wine and let it breathe for a moment as she watched his firm ass strutting in front her. It constantly amazed her that he didn’t know how sexy he was, especially while he was so engrossed in his art. The only other time she had ever seen him that engrossed was when he was naked lying next to her.

Lying back on the blanket, propped on one arm, she began thinking about laying him on the blanket with her stripping him of his clothes. She imagined his firm chest under her fingers and began to run her hand over her tank top, teasing her as she rubbed one of her own nipples. She thought of him between her thighs and soon her hand followed, letting her fingers trace the path she wanted his tongue to take. She unbuttoned her shorts and slipped her hand beneath the waistband. She let her head fall back as she stroked her swelling clit, unaware that Mark had just turned to ask her a question.

His breathe hitched in his chest as he watched the dappled sun filtering through the trees and woman lying on the blanket. He could feel his groin tighten. He brought the camera to his eye with out even thinking. He began taking photos of this woodland nymph caught in the throes of pleasing herself. He watched her chest rise and fall, and although he wasn’t close enough to hear, he knew the little mewling sounds she would be making now. His hand shook on the shutter button as he watched her. The bulge in his jeans was growing uncomfortable.

He began walking toward her, like a lion stalking his prey. He thought of alerting her to his presence but was enjoying the view too much. He continued snapping pictures; he could develop and view these for his own private collection. He stepped on a twig and the noise caused her head to snap up. He watched casino firmaları the blush travel from her cheeks downward to the top of her chest. Almost the nicest shade of pink he had ever seen. But he knew that where her fingers were now was the prettiest shade of pink nature has ever invented.

Oh God, she couldn’t believe he had just caught her getting so carried away. She froze for a moment and looked up to were he was standing by her feet, camera in hand. “Don’t stop baby, ” he whispered huskily, “your beautiful.” Oh my gosh, could she keep this up with him watching? Her breath was coming hard and fast and she could feel the heat in her cheeks and not from the sun either. She started to withdraw her hand but the look on his face kept her spell bound.

“Please baby, don’t stop.” Mark begged softly. How could she resist? Sliding her shorts off and flicking them at his feet, she looked up grinning. She had never felt so wicked or so free. She leaned back; keeping her eyes on him and began stroking herself again. She watched his eyes following her fingers as she slowly circled her clit. With one hand, she parted her pussy lips, giving him a better view. Mark dropped to his knees, camera still clicking in his shaking hands.

She rubbed her fingers over her swollen clit, and then dipped one finger inside her tight pussy, pulling out a dew soaked finger, which she trailed back up to her clit. She could here the shutter clicking and knew she should be embarrassed. But how could she possibly feel embarrassed with the look of adoration and lust on his face just now. She decided to totally let go of any feelings that didn’t center on her increasing pleasure.

She began stroking her clit faster, increasing the pressure. Mark watched as her pussy began dripping with dew. She drew her legs up to place her feet flat on the blanket, lightly lifting her hips at the same time. She would much rather be digging them güvenilir casino in to his shoulders right now, but this would do. It was hard to imagine who was enjoying this more. She brought two fingers down and around her clit. She arched her hips as she began working her clit faster and harder.

Mark could her hear the little moans coming from her heaving chest. “Come on baby, there’s no one around, let it go, scream for me, ” Mark urged her on. He watched in fascination as she began stroking her clit harder and faster. The faster she went, the louder she moaned. She slid one finger inside again to moisten her clit. She started moving her hips in rhythm with her fingers, moaning and throwing her head back.

“No, baby, look at me, ” Mark begged, “I want to see your face when you cum for me.” Feeling her clit swell under her fingers, she raised her head up, looking between her legs and deep into Mark’s eyes. Sweat glistened across his brow as he shifted positions. She looked down and saw the bulge in his crotch. No wonder he needed to move. The thought struck her suddenly that her pleasuring herself just for him for the reason for his straining hard on. That thought spurned her on. She began stroking faster and harder, arching her back off the blanket. Her hips bucking wildly, her clit swollen with need, she looked back up to Mark’s eyes and with one final stroke brought herself to screaming orgasm. Her cries echoed off the hills as wave after wave of orgasm washed over her.

From his position, Mark could see her pussy clench and contract with her orgasm. He couldn’t resist sliding one finger inside to feel her pulsing. As soon as he did, another wave washed over her. He felt his finger squeezed between her throbbing wet walls.

She lay there panting as he withdrew his finger and began to bring it up to his mouth. She quickly sat up and grabbed his hand. She drew his finger into her mouth and sucked her own sweet juices off him. He could feel her hot mouth around finger, sucking and pulling. She licked the last of her juices off his finger and then leaned back. “If you want to taste me, then your gonna have to do it yourself, ” she said grinning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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